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Submitted by Pat SMITH Raymond 2005
From Unsigned paper 
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2005
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Surname First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Served In Dates of Service Organization Rank Cemetery Location of Cemetery Widow
Andrus/Andress William Mar.4.1785 Nov.18.1885         Alba  Canton Twp.  
Allen L. M. Jun.19.1793 Jan.9.1870         Tioga Point Athens Boro  
Allen Warren             Harkness Springfield Twp.  
Bull John May.21.1774 May.13.1852         Lake Wesauking Wysox Twp.  
Bailey Ezra 1879? Apr.22.1820 Army Oct.15.1814-Nov.25.1814 Mason's Co. Private Granville Center Granville Twp.  
Barnes Churchill May.3.1784 Dec.5.1847 Army       Glenwood Troy Twp.  
Barrett Sarlls   Sep.14.1864 Army       Mosherville Wells Twp.  
Bradshaw William 1785 Jun.17.1857   Oct.27.1814-Nov.25.1814 Mason's Co. Private Stevensville Stevens Twp.  
Cole Samuel 1787 Apr.6.1861 Army Oct.27.1814-Nov.25.1814 Mason's Co.   Macedonia Asylum Twp.  
Chaffee Sullivan Jan.22.1786 Sep.13.1846         Hornbrook Sheshequin Twp.  
Carr James 1764 May.29.1850         Herrickville Herrick Twp.  
Capron Joseph Jun.28.1793 Jul.21.1840 Army       Mosherville Wells Twp.  
Clark William 1793 Mar.2.1856         Luthers Mills Burlington Twp.  
Cobb Derrick Feb.1.1790 Jun.17.1868         Stevensville Stevens Twp.  
Cole Solomon Jr. Apr.4.1797 Oct.7.1876 Army       Macedonia Asylum Twp.  
Corser Bliss 1795 1889       Capt. Militia at Reception of Lafayette,Concord NH Tioga Point Athens Boro Hannah Farmer 1794-1853
Curry William Sr. 1748 1844   Rev.War & War 1812 Col.Nathorn's Regt.NY Troops   Milan Ulster Twp. Charity d.Oct.12.1832
Dunmore Larry May.25.1771 Mar.2.1853 Army       McCan Overton Twp.  
Forbes Elisha Mar.13.1776 Sep.27.1834         Hornbrook Sheshequin Twp.  
Foss Daniel Jul.28.1790 Aug.5.1870         Leroy Leroy Twp. Mitilia b.Feb.22.1792 d.Mar.26.1874
Fretts Abraham Mar.17.1794 Jan.5.1851         Hornbrook Sheshequin Twp.  
Goodsell Orman Feb.26.1792 Jan.7.1879 Army       S. Litchfield Litchfield Twp.  
Green James F. May.19.1789 Dec.28.1887 Army       Alba  Canton Boro.  
Griffin Samuel Jr. 1775 1821   Oct.27.1814-Nov.25.1814 Mason's Co. Private Goff-Griffin Canton Boro  
Horton David   Jan.22.1875   Oct.27.1814-Nov.25.1814 Mason's Co. Private Hornbrook Sheshequin Twp.  
Harder John 1794 Jul.13.1855         Old Athens Athens Boro  
Hogeboom James   Mar.4.1871 Army       Ackley  Tuscarora Twp.  
Ingals William S. 1792 Feb.14.1868 Army       Mosherville Wells Twp.  
Keeler Charles W. May.18.1789 Jan.6.1861   Oct.27.1814-Nov.25.1814 Mason's Co. Private Stevensville Stevens Twp.  
Kingsberry J. 1775 Jan.22.1849       Colonel Sheshequin Sheshequin Twp. Anna d.Sep.18.1864
Kissel Frederick 1788 1823 Army Served til end of war     McCan Overton Twp.  
Kellogg Amasa Apr.18.1776 Nov.30.1851   Oct.27.1814-Nov.25.1814 Mason's Co.   Kellogg Monroe Twp.  
Lamberson Isaac Feb.1798 Nov.5.1866 Army       Old Athens Athens Boro  
Lane Alexander 1st 1761 Nov.25.1844   Rev.War & War 1812     Luthers Mills Burlington Twp.  
Lane Zephaniah Dec.14.1796 Feb.9.1873         Luthers Mills Burlington Twp.  
Ladd Horatio Jan.20.1780 Jan.12.1850 Army Oct.27.1814-Nov.25.1814 Mason's Co. Private Miller/Laddsburg Albany Twp.  
Lent Joseph 1789 Mar.3.186(?)9 Army Oct.27.1814-Nov.25.1814 Mason's Co. Private Sheshequin Sheshequin Twp. Mary Ann Johnson b.1789 d.Aug.5.1855
Luther Enoch Jan.8.1797 Jun.26.1859         Luthers Mills Burlington Twp. Polly d.Jan.13.1879
Mix Amasa Hotchkiss Dec.29.1783  Mar.27.1864 Sgt. N.Y. Aug.1814-Nov.1814  Capt.Cone's Co. Col.McMahon's Regt. Sgt. Main St.Canton Canton Twp. Asenath Wilcox b.Mar.21.1787 d.Sep.18.1842
Moore Isreal Nov.15.1790 Jul.22.1862 Army       Mosherville Wells Twp.  
Miller Daniel     Army Oct.27.1814-Nov.25.1814 Mason's Co. Private Miller/Laddsburg Albany Twp.  
Mattocks James Jul.27.1770 Jul.12.1858 Army       Grove Hill    
Newland Joseph   Mar.31.1851         Granville Center Granville Twp.  
Orton Lemuel Jr. Jun.27.1789 Jun.8.1835     3rd Regt.(Smiths)   Milan Ulster Twp.  
Parsons Rev. James Jun.20.1791 May.21.1854         Main St.Canton Canton Boro Anna d.Jun.1.1874
Pettengill Samuel 1790 Jul.29.1867         Gillett (Lower) South Creek Twp.  
Pratt Beriah Jr. Jul.9.1779 Feb.11.1853         Hilton W. Burlington Twp.  
Preston Colburn Mar.29.1792 May.30.1881         Hunt Troy Twp.  
Rowlee Shubael Jr. Mar.15.1797 Apr.5.1879 Army       Mosherville Wells Twp.  
Rowley William Aug.19.1795 Dec.31.1888         Stevensville Stevens Twp.  
Robinson Benjamin   Aug.14.1814         Harkness Springfield Twp.  
Reynolds Samuel   Dec.28.1873         Alba  Alba Boro  
Rich Rev.Elisha Jr. Dec.10.1780 Oct.14.1845 Army       Glenwood Troy Twp.  
Scouten Jacob 1755 Mar.15.1842   Rev.War & War 1812     Mt. Lake Burlington Twp.  
Sellard Stephen D. 1781 May.13.1852   Oct.27.1814-Nov.25.1814 Mason's Co.   Main St.Canton Canton Boro  
Sharp William Feb.15.1789? Apr.4.1859         New Albany Albany Twp.  
Sleeper Robert Jr. 1795 May.20.1865 Army       Sleeper Hill Warren Twp.  
Sloan Col. John 1791 Jan.6.1865       Colonel Tioga Point Athens Boro Altemira N. d.Aug.13.1875
Shumway Darius Jun.1791 Aug.5.1845 Army Oct.27.1814-Nov.25.1814 Mason's Co.   Lyon Tuscarora Twp.  
Stevens Dea Aden Apr.1770 Jul.28.1858         Stevensville Stevens Twp.  
Thompson Jonathan   1850         Hornbrook Sheshequin Twp.  
Titus German Jan.17.1796(NY) May.12.1873 Army Sep.8.1814-Rosbury,Del.Co.NY/Feb.17.1815
-Manhatten Is.NY
NY Militia Private Spring Hill Tuscarora Twp.  
Tozer Guy Mar.7.1799 Sep.20.1877   Ft. Erie 1814 Swifts & Dobbins Regt.NY Militia   Tioga Point Athens Boro Wealthia d.Aug.18.1868
Tozer Julius Jun.16.1764 Dec.7.1852     Continental Army Art.Swift & Dobbins NY Vol. Colonel (Captain) Tioga Point Athens Boro Hannah d.Mar.5.1832
Tozer Julius Jr. 1796 Mar.8.1874     Swift & Dobbins Regt. NY Militia at Ft.Erie   Tioga Point Athens Boro Meribah d.Apr.26.1867
Upham George 1787 Mar.15.1870 Navy Argus,President,Chesapeak Ships     Hilton W. Burlington Twp.  
VanDyke Jonathan 1795 Dec.26.1866         Hatch Hill Albany Twp.  
Viall Nathanial 1774 Mar.20.1845         Terrytown Terry Twp.  
Vibbert George W. Jul.4.1798 Nov.20.1863 Army       S. Litchfield Litchfield Twp.  
Watts John 1787 Sep.8.1859         Spalding   Polly d.Jun.10.1866
Wells General Henry Nov.7.1780 Dec.22.1833     Aide to Gov.Snyder General Tioga Point Athens Boro Sarah b.Aug.26.1794 d.Dec.19.1877
Williams Chester Aug.16.1791 Mar.2?.1869 Army       Glenwood Troy Twp.  
Wood Josiah   Nov.30.1879 Army       Ackley (Old Plot) Tuscarora Twp.  
Ward Eliphalet 1789 Aug.11.1865         Alba  Canton Twp.  
Wilber Reuben May.21.1785 Nov.5.1881       Paymaster Lt. Glenwood Troy Twp.  
Wilcox Stephen             Harkness Springfield Twp.  
Wilcox Rowland       Nov.1.1814-Nov.28.1814 Mason's Co. Private Stevensville Stevens Twp.  
Ward Aldrich     Army       Glenwood Troy Twp.  
Hi Joyce,
    I just wanted to thank you and Pat Smith Raymond for posting the Veterans of the War of 1812. However I do not see my ancestor listed there. I am not complaining, I am complimenting. I know many folks were probably missed and I am very happy to see this list posted. Every little bit helps someone. I just wanted to add one of them. His name was Jacob Hoose 1787-1866. He has a marker in the Riverside Cemetery, Athens, PA. and has his Veteran Flag standard for 1812 beside it. John Morley had given me a copy of the military papers but I lost them in the fire. John organized all of us Hoose's and got a new headstone for both of them quite a few years back. The original headstone was two pillars of concrete with a metal pole between them.
He is listed on
War of 1812 Service Records Record about JACOB HOOSE
Rank - Induction: PRIVATE
Rank - Discharge: PRIVATE
Roll Box: 102
Roll Exct: 602
    My notes tell me that Jacob and Sarah Curtis Hoose  purchased land in Athens township in May 1842 from W. W.  Patrick, They brought with them five sons from Coxsacki, New York. They  settled on Sutliff Hill, Athens Township.  They located on the South West Corner of South Lamberson  toward the line of H Willotson, Sutliff Hill, PA which is what they call the Alley Hoot now.  Census records show me they were here  before the 1840 census.
Carol HOOSE Brotzman
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 12/10/2005
By Joyce M. Tice
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