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Do You Know that you can search just the Legal Documents on the site by using the Legal Documents button in the Partitioned search engine on the Current What's New Page? This section of the site includes wills, deeds, pension applications, township records and minutes and other related subjects.

Tioga County, Pennsylvania Records

Helpful Genealogical Data Abstracted From Docket Books A B C

1804 - 1880

With the exception of a few Typographical errors copied ver batim

To be presented to The Genealogical Department Daughters of The American Revolution Library, Washington, D.C. compliments of The Wellsboro Chapter.

Mrs. Darwin Neal, Regent, Mansfield, Pa.

Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, Genealogical & Lineage Chairman, Wellsboro Chapter. Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 16901 (Address now obsolete)

The enclosed material copied and compiled by :Lola WETHERBEE Franke, Chapter Librarian; Hilda Chance, Family Genealogist


Please accept my apologies, for typing errors in this book, found while indexing. If I donít get them corrected, please do so.

p. 25 - Pond, Phineas - Wit. Ephraim Golden omitted

p.31 - Cady, John - Daughter Emily, wife of Thomas Knopp, not Copp

p.47 - Hymes, not Hynes

p.77 - Chamberlain, first name Isaac, omitted

p.86 - Parkhurst, Son - Philemon, not Pjelemon

p.103 - Neal - Daughter - Charlotte Neal

p.103 - Dickson - Sister - Clarissa, was omitted

p.111 - Cannedy - not Cannedym

p.113 - McIntyre, re omitted

p.114 - Nims, Edward, not Edard

p.118 - Marvin, Son - George C. Marvin, not Mavin

p.124 - Boyes - Daughters - Annette Hunter and Louise Gee

Wit - Exec. - Son - Milton Boyes

p.126 - Sisson - Son - Putnam C.

p.140 - Holden, Rheuben Holden, incomplete

p.142 - Watkins, Grandson

p.145 - Claus, Benjamin

p.149 - Crandall - Daughter - Cora, not Coar

p.149 - Frost, Ashton - first name omitted

p.149 - Koon, Catherine - C. omitted

p.150 - Stull - That is all

p.151- Whitaker, Peter - first name omitted and Relative Seth - not Deth

p.163 - Scott - Son - Leander and Esther - who must have remarried

The omissions are due to blotting out mistakes and forgetting to return for corrections.

Abstracts Of Wills and Administrations Of Tioga County, PA.

Copied at the Court House in Wellsboro by -

Book one, copied by Lola Wetherbee Franke, Wellsboro.

Registers Docket A, B, C, D copied by -

Hilda Chance, Liberty, Pa.

Printed by mimeograph by

Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd of Wellsboro, Pa.

Permission Granted by Rhoda for reprint on Tri-Counties Site

Spelling of names and places are copied as in the books, though they may look like mistakes. In some cases, the name is spelled several different ways. Father and son, will have different spellings.

The date at the heading of will or administration is the probate date.

Date of death was not required until 1874. I have put in, in quotes dates of death taken from our cemetery books, where I was sure.

Bonds, Bail, and Sureties were money put in for security by the administrators.

Abbreviations of words, most are as follows -

Exec. - Executor or Executrix

Adm. - Administrators

Wit. - Witnesses

Appr. - Appraisers

The first book of wills of Tioga County only went to 1860 and the index was poor. It also included some Orphans Court, naming guardians for minor children.

The Registers Docket has interspersed with the wills this information.

Docket A-1 Docket B-1 Docket B-3 Docket C
Docket A-2 Docket B-2 Docket B-4 Docket D
Note from Joyce: I have sent Nicole Parker my copy of this book and she is typing them up for us as her time permits. Coming Soon !!
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