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1900 Bradford County Directory


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Turn of the Century Burlington Postcard 
from collection of Joyce M. Tice

1900 Burlington Borough Directory

For explanations, &c, see page 17.

Post office address, Burlington

Allen, Harry B. Rev, pastor M. E. Church, h Smithfield

Allen, Myron P., prop saw mill with M. F. Hulslander, bds Elm

Andrus, Walter W., laborer, h Smithfield

Bird, Alfred C., postmaster and general merchant, Main, h do

Bloom, Lucinda, dressmaker, h Smithfield

Booth, Emory, laborer, bds Elm

Broman, James, laborer, h Towanda

Burlington Dairy Co., Limited, H. L. Holmes pres, mgr and butter maker, manuf. butter, Towanda

Burlington Hotel, W. H. Cogswell prop., Main cor Elm

Campbell, Derrick M., clerk and farmer 77, h Elm

Campbell, J. Herbert, general merchant, Elm cor Towanda

Campbell, John W., farmer in West Burlington 80, h Elm

Campbell, Oliver, widow William A., h and lot Smithfield

Cogswell, William H., prop Burlington Hotel, livery attached, farmer in Pike 125 (for sale lot No. 35, block 34, Twelfth St., Elmira Heights, NY) Main cor Elm

Dart, John M., (Stanton & Dart), h Towanda

Davis, George, laborer, h Towanda

Dickerman, Ezra, farmer, estate of S. M. Dickerman 55, h Main

Dickerman, Walter A., newspaper reporter, h Main

Dickinson, Elmer B., prop photograph gallery, enlarging and copying outside work, family groups, and all kinds of artistic work done, Towanda cor Smithfield, h r 21, West Burlington

Downs, Almond A., stone and brick mason, apiarist 40 colonies, h Smithfield

Essenwine, Gus (Essenwine & Ross) apiarist 30 colonies, h Main

Essenwine & Ross, (G. E. and D. A. R.) blacksmiths, Main

Everitt, Edward A., physician and surgeon, h Main

Gale, Eli W., soldier in Co. G 50th Reg Pa Vols, boro councilman, farm in Monroe 92, h Elm

Gale, Mary H., widow Charles, h and lot Elm

Gerould, Abial F., farmer 200, h Elm

Gerould, William M., farmer 50, bds Elm

Hamilton, Henry, merchant, h Main

Hanes, J. Harry, laborer, bds Elm

Heath, George W., dealer in hay and grain and farmer 28, h Towanda

Hedrick, Herman P., carpenter, h Elm

Henson, Frank O., constable and laborer, h Main

Herrington, Alonzo, laborer, h and lot Towanda

Herrington, William A., laborer, bds Towanda

Hill, John H., farmer, works on shares for S. H., 50, h Towanda

Hill, Lorenzo D., contractor and builder and farmer 50, h Smithfield

Hill, Sherman H., farmer 200, h Main

Holmes, Henry L., boro clerk, school director and butter maker, h Towanda

Hulslander, Frances M., school teacher, bds Elm

Hulslander, Marion F., prop planing, shingle and portable saw mill, manuf of and dealer in lumber, shingles and lath, manuf cider, apple jelly and apple butter, prop meat market, dealer in live stock, sec’y and local agt United States Benevolent Accident Ins. Co., Elm, h do; See page 180

Kellogg, Clarence T., prop barber shop Smithfield, h Towanda

Lane, Dighton A., blacksmith Towanda, h do

Lane, Mary A., widow Eck, farmer 100, h Smithfield cor Towanda

Lane, William T., blacksmith, h Towanda

Lent, T. Fleming, justice of the peace and wagonmaker, h Elm

Lewis, William A., farmer 6, h Elm

Litzelman, George, laborer, bds Smithfield, cor Towanda

Marsh, John, clerk Burlington Hotel, h Elm

McDonald, Bell, widow James, h Smithfield

Mead, Harrison P., shoemaker, r 9

Mead, William T., shoemaker, h Elm

Meade, Frank S., manuf and dealer in harness Main, h do

Morley, Job, farmer 2,000, h Main

Nichols, Smith L., mason, h and lot, Smithfield

Phelps, Andrew J., laborer, Smithfield

Phelps, Eliza, widow A. J., h Smithfield

Pultz, Henry, farmer, h Smithfield

Pultz, J. Scott, farmer 49, h Smithfield

Rice, John V., book agent, h Elm

Ripley, J. Wilson, laborer, h Towanda

Ross, David A., (Essenwine & Ross) h Main

Ross, Sloan K., farmer, h Smithfield

Shepard, Ernest N., physician and surgeon Elm, h do

Stanton & Dart (F. L. S. & J. M. D.) dairy 12 cows, farmers 220, Towanda

Stanton, Fletcher L., (Stanton & Dart), h Towanda

Stanton, Jerome, laborer, h Main

Swain, Philo W., butter maker, h Towanda

Swingle, Anna A., widow Dalles H., h and lot Elm

Union Church, Rev. H. B. Allen pastor, Towanda

Vroman, Fred W., laborer, h Towanda

Weldy, Alva P., dealer in dry goods, groceries, hardware, boots and shoes, Main cor Smithfield, h Elm

Wooster, Herbert V., laborer, h Smithfield

Wooster, John L., laborer, h Smithfield

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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