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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker

Nelson Borough Directory.
For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Nelson unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis).

Allen David, r 14, farmer on shares for N Preston, 67

Allington Hattie, r 5, widow Henry

AMERICAN EXPRESS CO, J Bottom & Co agt F B Ry station

Anderson Andrew, r 15, tobacco grower 6 acres and farmer on shares for E B Campbell, 125

Armstrong Hallock Rev, r 5, pastor Presbyterian church

Ayres George, r 1, tobacco grower 2 acres and farmer, 90 owned by wife

Babcock Floyd W, r 5, jeweler

Badman Henry, off r 11, farmer on shares for J Bottom, 300

Baker Ray, r 6, telegrapher F B R R station

BATES ELDRED E (Newcomb & Bates) h Cowanesque

Baxter Calvin S, r 5, physician and farmer, 150

Baxter Florence, r 15, school teacher

Baxter Harry, r 7, farmer, 10 and 246 in New York state

Baxter Jessie, r 15, asst postmaster and farmer, 75

Baxter William H, r 15, postmaster

Blackwell Enoch C, r 15, grist and cider mill, poultry breeder and farmer, 200

BLANCHARD OLIVER B, r 5 cor 6, furniture dealer and undertaker (See adv page 369

Bliss Lyman, r 11, farmer, 6 1-2

Boller William, off r 4, farmer, 80

Bosard Jerome L, r 1, carpenter, tobacco grower 4 acres, and farmer, 200

Bostwick Marshall S, off r 4 n R R, section foreman F B R R

Bottom Fred, r 4, farmer on shares for J Bottom, 60

BOTTOM J & CO (J D Campbell) r 3, station and express agt F B Ry, dealers in coal, lime, cement, salt, plaster, hay, flour, etc.

Bower Arnie, r 8 son of D C

Bower David C, r 8, tobacco grower 4 acres and farmer, 50

Brimmer Mariah Mrs, r 4

Brockway Herman L, r 15, pastor M E church

Bronson Mary H, r 5, widow Rev Edwin, 89 years old

Brooks Clark, off r 11, tobacco grower 3 acres and farmer, 150

Brooks Floyd, off r 13, farmer, son of Clark

Brooks Jacob W, off r 11, farmer, 20

Butler Keziah, r 15, widow Andrew J

Cady George, r 18, carpenter and farmer, 10

Cady James A, r 6, blacksmith

Cady Jennie, r 7, widow Melvin

Campbell John H, r 13, insurance agt

CAMPBELL JOSEPH D (J Bottom & Co) r 13, councilman, also farmer, 200

Carr Eugene (Elkland) r 10, tobacco grower 4 acres and farmer, rents of Job Rathbun 120

CHAMBERLIN BENJAMIN C, r 6, barber and harness maker

CHAMBERLIN B C MRS, r 6, millinery

CHAMBERLIN CHARLES W, r 13 cor 14, dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, &c.

Coates Nancy, r 10, widow David

Cole Charles H, r 7, carpenter and builder

Cole Frank, r 17, laborer

Cole Jerome B, r 14, laborer

Cole Sylvenus, r 7, laborer

Copp Edgar R, r 7, tobacco grower 4, and farmer 7

Costley Howard, r 5, laborer

Crawford Albert J, r 7, laborer

Crawford Carl (Elkland) r 1, laborer

Culver Esbon (Elkland) r 10, farmer 50

Daily Fred (Elkland) r 10, tobacco grower 4 and farmer 180

Davis Bert W, r 8, laborer

Davis Hiram, r 14, retired farmer

EATON CHARLES R, r 13, farmer, son of James

Eaton George F, r 15, miller

EATON JAMES, r 13, tobacco grower 4 and farmer 40

Eldred Albert, r 17, h and lot, laborer

Eldred William, r 5, laborer

Elliott David, r 5, janitor Presbyterian church

Elliott Edwin W, r 1, tobacco grower 3 and farmer on shares for B Shaw, 93

Fall Brook Ry Passenger Depot, r 3, J Bottom & Co, agents

Farr Alonzo E, r 10, farmer

Farr D Alonzo, r 10, laborer

Finch Alexander M, r 8, farmer, rents of John R Mack, 70

Finch Charles A, r 13, tobacco grower 5 and farmer 125

Finch Luther, r 7, farmer on shares for A VanDyke estate, 150

Finch Myron, r 12, farmer, son of Samuel

Finch Samuel, r 12, tobacco grower 7 and farmer on shares for J D Campbell, 204

Fowler George, r 14, laborer

Goodrich David Z, r 7, clerk D M Seely

Goodrich Henry D, r 7, mail contractor and farmer, 1 1-2

Hall Lyman, r 14, blacksmith, wagon maker and farmer in Farmington, 112

Hallock Charles, r 6, laborer

Hallock Hannah, r 7, widow Gabriel

Hammond Charles, r 7, laborer

Hammond John M, r 7

Harding Darwin, r 7, laborer

Harding Myrtle J, (M J Harding & Co) r 7

Harding M J & Co, r 7 (M J H & Mrs Ella Hodges of Mansfield) grocers and restaurant

Harris Albert M, r 6, dealer in agricultural implements, blacksmith and farmer, 39

Harrison John H, r 13, laborer

Hazlett Catharine, r 6, widow Samuel

Hazlett Edgar H, r 6, tobacco grower 2 acres and farmer, 70

Hazlett Eleanor (Elkland) off r 1, widow Marenius

Hazlett Ernest M, r 6, son of Edgar H, died since canvass

Hazlett James Edward, r 5, tobacco grower 6 acres and farmer, 150

Hazlett Samuel, r 9, laborer

Heysham Eliza, r 2, widow William

Heysham William K, r 2, tobacco grower 4 acres and farmer, estate of William, 200

Hoaglin Harry, r 13, cor 14, laborer

Hooker Stella Mrs, r 15

Horton James, r 6, meat market

HOWE LEE R, r 4, feed and shingle mill

Hoyt Curtis, r 5, farmer

Hoyt David B, r 7, farmer

Hoyt Phebe, off r 4, widow William

Hoyt Joseph D, r 13 cor 14, general merchandise

Hutchinson Edward E, r 1, farmer on shares for J Bosard, 200

Jaquish Joseph, r 6, painter and paper hanger

Johnson Sarah A, r 13, widow Myron A

Kelly John, r 7 cor 6, clerk R K Skinner

Knapp J Pulaski, r 16, farmer, 50

Knapp Rundle, r 16, farmer, 50

Knapp Sallie J, r 5, widow William R

Libby Lewis, r 5, farmer on shares for W Merritt, 100

Loop Albert M, r 5 cor 6, physician

Loop Bert, r 14, clerk J D Hoyt

Loop Wallace B, r 5, com trav

Loop William, r 14, laborer

LOSEY JAMES T, r 13, justice of the peace, saw, feed and planing mills

Losey Mary, r 13, school teacher

Lugg Charles B, r 14, tobacco grower 5 and farmer 100, and on shares for Mrs R Lugg 25

Lugg Rebecca, r 14, widow Robert, farmer 25

Luther Albert, r 7, laborer

Luther Byron, r 5, laborer

MACK JOHN R, r 4, constable and farmer 75 on r 9, h and lot owned by wife

Mack William, r 13, farmer on shares for E B Phillips 100

Manley Edwin, r 2, farmer, son of Mimbert

Manley Mimbert, P M, r 2, farmer 40

Manley Wallace, r 2, farmer, son of Mimbert

Margraff Charles F, r 15, prop tannery at Wellsboro

Martin Eleanor, r 6, widow Reuben B

Mattison Florence Mrs, r 5

McCollum Jane, r 13, widow Peter

McGory George B, r 17, mason

Merritt Charles F, r 5, tobacco grower 8, and farmer 136

Merritt Mary, r 15, widow Hiram

Merritt William, r 5, farmer 100

Miller Amariah, off r 3, moved to Lawrence

Miller Norman, off r 3, farmer, son of A

Millis Frederick, moved to Elkland

Mourey Henry, r 15 cor 14, retired framer

Mudge Clinton A Rev, r 4, pastor M E church at Tompkins

Nelson Graded School, r 14

Nelson Separator Butter Co (limited) r 15, C B Lugg pres, C F Merritt sec’y, manuf butter and cheese

NEWCOMB & BATES (W A N and E E B) props Nelson House, breeders of barred Plymouth Rocks, gold laced Wyandottes, white Wyandottes, white and black Minorcas and brown Leghorn fowls, and farmers 43 Cowanesque

NEWCOMB WELLINGTON A (Newcomb & Bates) h Cowanesque

Niver Otis, r 13, laborer

Niver Weller, r 13, laborer

Oakden Emily N, r 6, widow Hope D

Oakden Hope D, r 5, farmer

Oakden Hollis, r 6, emp F B R R at Corning

Oakley Mary, r 13, widow Solon

Paul William, r 14, laborer

Pepper William, r 5, tobacco grower on shares for J E Hazlett 6 acres

Peters Emma, r 13, widow John

Phillips Mary, r 13, widow Erastus B

Pierce Catharine, r 6, widow Michael

Pierce William, r 6, farmer, 2

Presbyterian Church, r 5, Rev H Armstrong pastor

Preston Charles L, r 5, barber

Preston Charles M (Elkland) r 1, tobacco grower 3 acres and farmer, 100

Preston John (Elkland) r 10 1-2, laborer

Preston Lockwood, off r 14, carpenter

Preston Norman, r 13, retired farmer


RATHBUN GEORGE D (Elkland) r 1, tobacco grower 4 acres and farmer on shares for Mrs M Rathbun, 96

RATHBUN MARIAM (Elkland) r 1, widow Henry

Rathbun School District, r 1

Rice Catherine (Elkland) r 10 1-2, widow Luther

Rice Luther, r 16, tobacco grower 5 acres and farmer, 40

Rice Newell, off r 14, laborer

Rice Stephen (Elkland) r 10 1-2, farmer

Riley John, r 6, laborer

Ronalder Henry, r 7, laborer

Rowley Benson, r 4, farmer, 20

Ryon Harris T (Elkland) r 10, farmer, 80

Savey John, r 6, laborer

Seeley Joel J, r 10, tobacco grower 8 acres and farmer, 200

Seely Marcus B, r 7, burgess, general merchant

Selph Fred H, r 5, tobacco grower 8 acres on shares for Charles Merritt

Selph George W, off r 44, laborer

Shaw Byron, r 7, agent

Schulenburg Carl S, r 12, laborer

Skelton Fred W, r 15, principal Nelson Graded School

SKINNER RICHARD K, r 7 cor 6, dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, clothing &c.

Slade John (Elkland) r 10, laborer

Smith Cephus, r 13, farmer, 2

Smith Charles, r 4, laborer

Smith Fred, r 8, farmer, son of Theodore

Smith Harry, r 6 cor 7, laborer

Smith Theodore, r 8, tobacco grower 3 acres and farmer on shares for A Van Dyke estate, 200

Stanton Martin, r 17, laborer

Stewart Albert B, r 4, laborer

Stevens Arthur, r 12, laborer

Stevens Philo, r 12, farmer, 132 1-2 owned by wife

Stevens William B, r 6, physician and boro treasurer

Stewart William W, r 4, farmer, 130

Strait Perry, r 5, stone mason

Sturdevant Thomas B, r 14

Thomas Elmer, r 3, farmer, 70

Tubbs Betsey (Elkland) r 1, widow Philip

Tubbs George, r 1, tobacco grower 1 acre and farmer, 62 and 62 in New York

Tubbs Samuel (Elkland) r 1, tobacco grower 6 acres and farmer, 250

Van Dusen Ernest, r 15, laborer

Van Dusen Harry, r 15, laborer

Van Dusen Jerome, r 15, laborer

Van Dyke Laura, r 7, widow Aaron

Van Zile Elmer (Elkland) r 10, laborer

Van Zile Henry, r 9, farmer, 20

Van Zile William, r 7, laborer

Warren James, r 13

Warren Sherman, r 11, farmer on shares for C A Finch 130

Weeks Charles Rev, r 14, retired minister

WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO, Ray Baker operator, F B depot

Wiles Luther, r 5, laborer

Wiles M A, r 5, laborer

Wiles William A, r 5, laborer