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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker


For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Duncan. Unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis)

Ainsworth M Nathan (Brownlee) r 6, laborer

Alm Andrew (Antrim) Miner, h 6B

Alm Charles (Antrim) miner, bds 8 B

American Express Co (Antrim) W R Cameron agt F B Ry station

Anderson Adolph (Antrim) miner, h 13 A

Anderson Alfred (Antrim) miner, h 68 A

Anderson Andrew (Antrim) miner, h 12 Duncan

Anderson Andrew G (Antrim) miner, h 65 A

Anderson Charles B (Antrim) miner, h 73 A

Anderson Edward (Antrim) miner, h 40 A

Anderson Olaf (Antrim) miner, h 42 A

Antrim Hotel (Antrim) John F Dwyer Propr. Main

Antrim Reading Club (Antrim) Main n F B C Co’s store

Antrim Sand Co (Brownlee) (E A Hallock and L L Bailey) r 6, props, stone crusher and manufs sand fro glass, &c

Antrim Graded School (Antrim) A

Balfour George W (Antrim) justice of the peace and auditor, blacksmith emp F B C Co. h

7 A

Beausang August J Rev (Antrim) pastor Swedish Lutheran church, h 11 B

Bell John (Antrim) miner, h 65 A

Berger William (Antrim) laborer, bds 24 Main

Bergman Andrew (Antrim) off r 3 1-2, farmer 80

Bergman Eric (Antrim) miner, bds 7 B

Bergman Lars (Antrim) miner, h 7 B

Bertchie Arnold (Antrim ) baker, block 1, h 6 do

Blair Annie M (Antrim) dressmaker, bds 41 Main

Blair Matthew (Antrim) miner, bds 41 Main

Blair William (Antrim) miner, h 41 Main

Blencowe William (Brownlee) r 6, farmer

Blue Joseph (Antrim) laborer, h 55 A

Bockus William D (Brownlee) r 1, farmer 9

Borden Wesley W (Antrim) blacksmith emp F B C Co, h 49 A

Bowers Henry (Antrim) miner, also florist, h rear 15 F

Brague John W (Antrim) filer F B C Co’s sawmill, h 1 Duncan

Bramble Henry (Antrim) h 50 A

Brann Thomas (Antrim) miner, h 4 Maiden Lane

Breeze Anton (Antrim) miner, h 4 C

Breeze Frank (Antrim) miner, h 2 C

Brill Annie E (Brownlee) r 1, widow Jacob E, h and 1 acre

Brill Henry C (Brownlee) r 1, laborer

Brustrom John (Antrim) miner, h 5 A

Buckley William (Antrim) laborer h 5 B

Burdic Henry R (Antrim) farmer in Elk, 66, h block 1

Burgess Charles E (Antrim) secy school board, foreman coal cleaning F B C Co. h 7 Main

Butler Oscar W (Brownlee) r 1, lumberman

Cameron Margaret M (Mrs William R) (Antrim) off Main n F B R R station, asst in post office

Cameron William R (Antrim) postmaster, age F B R R Co and American Ex Co, also school supples, confectionery, cigars, tobacco &c, h off Main n R R station

Campbell James (Antrim) teamster F B C Co, h 41 A

Carlson August (Antrim) miner, h 8 B

Carlson Frank (Brownlee) r 1, emp quarry, h and 5 acres

Carlson Jacob (Antrim) emp F B C Co. h 9 A

Carlson Peter (Brownlee) r 1 cor 6, laborer, h and lot

Carlson William (Antrim) off r 3 1-2, apiarist 24 colonies, farmer, 80

Carson (Brownlee) widow Fleming, off r 7, farmer, 100

Carson Alfred (Brownlee) off r 7, farmer with Mrs Fleming

Carson Henry (Brownlee) off r 7, farmer with Mrs Fleming

Ceaflea Christopher (Antrim) foreman F B C Co. carpenter shop, h 31 Main

Chudzinski Frank (Antrim) miner, bds block 12

Chudzinski Lawrence (Antrim) miner, h block 12

Claparo Maurice (Antrim), h 3 Main

Clark Colon B (Antrim) principal Antrim school, h 38 A

Clark William (Brownlee) r 1, farmer, 50

Clifford John (Antrim) miner, h 42 Main

Cole George (Anrim) laborer, 47 Main

Cole James N (Antrim) teamster, emp F B C Co, h 48 A

Cole John (Antrim) woodsman F B C Co, h 64 A

Cole John Jr (Antrim) woodsman, h block 12

Collins Margaret (Antrim) widow Phillip, 22 Main

Collins Philip J (Antrim) bookkeeper mgr’s office F B C Co, h 22 Main

Coumbe John (Antrim) driver F B Co’s store, h 62 A

Coumbe John E (Antrim) driver F B C Co’s mines, bds 62 A

Coumbe William A (Antrim) auditor of township, miner h 12 B

Coupe Annie H (Antrim) dressmaker, bds 51 Main

Coupe Edwin (Antrim) miner, h 1 South

Coupe Elizabeth (Antrim) widow Thomas, H 51 Main

Coupe Ernest (Antrim) miner, bds 51 Main

Coupe Thomas (Antrim) miner, bds 51 Main

Cowan John M (Antrim) miner h 51 A

Crawford Samuel (Brownlee) off r 1, emp Antrim Sand Co

Crooks John (Antrim) miner, h 18 Main

Crooks Joseph (Antrim) miner, h 3 E

Crooks Joseph Jr (Antrim) miner, h 8 F

Curran James P (Antrim) emp Fall Brook Coal Co’s mill, h 18 Main

Curran Mary (Antrim) widow John, h 18 Main

Curtin Michael (Antrim) miner, also barber shop off Main, h 29 Main

Czerneski Emily (Antrim) widow Thomas, h 13 E

Czerneski Joseph (Antrim) laborer, h 13 E

Czerneski Walter (Antrim) miner, bds 13 E

Danielson Charles (Antrim) miner, h 8 E

Dalkin Joseph (Antrim) bds off r3 1-2, miner

Dalkin Thomas (Antrim) off r 3 1-2, school director and farmer, about 80

Davis Cornelius (Antrim) driver, bds 5 Maiden Lane

Davis Daniel (Antrim) driver, bds 5 Maiden Lane

Davis Joseph (Antrim) miner, h 7 F

Davis William M (Antrim) miner, bods 5 Maiden Lane

Dickerson Daniel S (Antrim) laborer, h 64 A

Dickerson May Mrs (Antrim) milliner, h 64 A

Domnitzki Joseph (Antrim) miner, block 5, h 6

Donlon Matthew (Antrim) president school board, sawyer, h 44 A

Donlon Patrick (Antrim) bds 43 A

Donlon Patrick Jr (Antrim) miner, h 43 A

Drabniski Frank (Brownlee) r 1, farmer, 30

Dransfield Thomas (Antrim) miner, bds 16 Main

Dransfield Titus (Antrim) laborer, h 16 Main

Dudgeon Andrew C (Antrim) constable and fish commissioner, machinist, h 30 Main

Dunnigan John (Antrim) miner, block 10, h 3

Dunnigan Peter (Antrim) block 10, h 3

Dunnigan Thomas (Antrim) miner, block 10, h 3

Dwyer John F (Antrim) propr Antrim hotel, Main

Dwyer Michael J (Antrim) miner, clerk F B C Co’s store, h 38 Main

Eckerson Horton ( Brownlee) r 1, farmer, 70

Edland Charles (Antrim) miner, h 6 E

Edstrom Andrew (Antrim) miner, h 56 A

Edstrom Eric (Antrim) miner, h 73 A

Eidsburg Olaf (Brownlee) r 1, farmer, 64

Erickson Charles A (Antrim) miner, h 3 B

Erickson Lars (Antrim) miner, h 3 B

Estep Charles (Antrim) miner, h 4 B

Estep Charles (Antrim) laborer, bds 9 A

Estep David (Antrim) school director, miner and farmer in Ward, 100, h 11 Main

Estep Inez E (Mrs Daniel) milliner, 11 Main

Estep William (Antrim) miner, h 38 Main

Evans John E (Antrim) laborer, h 33 Main

Fall Brook Coal Co, general manager’s office (Antrim) William Howell, general manager, Main

Fall Brook Coal Co, paymaster’s office (Antrim) James B Howell paymaster, Main

Fall Brook Coal Co’s Store (Antrim) W W Forrest manager, Main

Fall Brook Railroad Co (Antrim) Passenger and Freight Station, off Main n store

First Baptist Church (Antrim) Rev William Young pastor, Main

First Presbyterian Church (Antrim) B

Flaitz George (Antrim) teamster F B C Co, h 25 Main

Flaitz Louis (Antrim) barn boss, F B C Co, h 1 near F

Flaitz Thomas (Antrim) laborer, bds 1 near F

Flaitz Thomas C (Antrim) fireman, h 4 Railroad

Flaitz Thomas G (Antrim) emp saw mill, bds 4 railroad

Forrest William W (Antrim) manager F B C Co’s store, h 8 Main

Fox Ellis E (Antrim) night watchman F B C Co’s mill, h 45 Main

Fox Hugh (Antrim) miner, h 17 A

Frawley Morris (Antrim) miner, h 1 Wilson

Frick Andrew J (Antrim) miner, h 37 A

Frisk Christina (Antrim) widow Martin, h 51 A

Gilbert Phillip (Antrim) miner, h 5 E

Gilbert Philip Jr (Antrim) miner, h 5 E

Godek Thomas (Antrim) woodsman, block 11 h 4

Brabowski William (Antrim) laborer, h 55 A

Green William (Antrim) miner, h 9 Railroad

Grenell Frederick W (Antrim) blacksmith, bds 43 Main

Grenell Ira N (Antrim) carpenter, h 43 Main

Grenell Wilson S (Antrim) student, bds 43 Main

Griffiths Daniel (Antrim) miner, h 25 Main

Grinnell Charles L (Antrim) carpenter, h 39 Main

Gustoffson Charles (Antrim) miner, block 10 h 6

Gustoffson Oscar (Antrim) miner, bds block 10 h 6

Hagerty Martin (Antrim) laborer, h 8 Maiden Lane

Haight Fred D (Brownlee) r 6, laborer

Hallock Eva A Mrs (Brownlee) r 1 (Antrim Sand Co) general merchandise

Hallock Noble W (Brownlee) r 1, postmaster, manager E A Hallock

Harrower Elijah S (Antrim) supervisor, supt F B C Co mill, h 32 Main

Horrower Elizabeth C (Antrim) school teacher, bds 32 Main

Hassett Michael A (Antrim) section hand, h off Main n store

Havens Martin L (Brownlee) r 1, farmer on shares for Horton Eckerson, 70

Heatley James (Antrim) carpenter, h 28 Main

Heenan Patrick (Antrim) miner, h 66 A

Henry James S (Antrim) laborer, h 41 A

Hopkins Mary (Antrim) widow John, off Railroad n block 1

Hopkins Mary E (Antrim) teacher, off Railroad n block 1

Hopkins Thomas J (Antrim) miner, off Railroad n block 1

Howard Edward (Antrim) h 28 Main

Howell James B (Antrim) collector of township, paymaster F B C Co, bds 15 Main

Howell William (Antrim) treasurer of township, general manager F B C Co, h 15 Main

Isaacson Ida (Antrim) widow Frank, h 15 A

Ives Robert T (Antrim) school teacher, h 54 A

Jacobson Andrew (Antrim) miner, h 6 D

Jacobson Andrew 2d (Antrim) miner, h 6 F

Jacobson Lars (Antrim) miner, h 15 A

James Alfred B (Antrim) emp F B C Co’s mill, h 11 F

James Sarah (Antrim) widow William, bds 11 F

Janick Jacob (Antrim) miner, h 13 E

Jarco Thomas (Antrim) laborer, h 2 Independent

Jenkins David (Antrim) laborer, h 42 Main

Jenkins Margaret (Antrim) dressmaker, bds 42 Main

Johnson Andrew (Antrim) laborer, h 3 C

Johnson Andrew W (Antrim) miner, h 4 E

Johnson August (Brownlee) r 6, miner

Johnson Erick (Brownlee) r5, farmer, 75

Johnson Frank (Antrim) miner, h 42 A

Johnson John (Antrim) miner, h 48 A

Jones Eleazer (Antrim) justice of the peace, miner, h 45 A

Jones James E (Antrim) miner, bds 45 A

Jones William C (Antrim) miner bds 45 A

Kain Thomas P (Antrim) bartender Antrim Hotel

Karboski John (Antrim) miner, bds 9 Railroad

Karchonski August (Antrim) miner, block 3 h 2

Keating James (Antrim) boss F B C Co mine, h 71 A

Kealing Michael (Antrim) miner, h 5 C

Keating Sinie (Antrim) miner, h 71

Kelly Thomas F (Antrim) track layer, h 39 A

Kennedy Daniel J (Antrim) clerk, h 46 A

Ketchum Frederick W (Antrim) emp F B C Co’s mill, h 14 Railroad

Ketchum Isaac (Antrim) laborer, h 24 Main

Ketchum James (Antrim) laborer, h 6 Railroad

Klang Lars (Antrim) miner, h 19 Railroad

Klouse John (Antrim) miner, block 4, h2

Kosmitski Frank (Antrim) laborer, h 53 A

Kosmitski John (Antrim) laborer, h 14 E

Krystoff Paul (Antrim) miner, block 11, h 6

Lake Birney E (Brownlee) r 1, propr feed mill, wood turner, and manuf shingles, farmer, 100

Lake James O (Brownlee) r 1, apiarist 22 colonies, farmer, 25

Larson John (Antrim) miner, h 12 F

Larson John W (Antrim) miner, h 65 A

Levandowski John (Antrim) miner, h 17 Railroad

Lundgren Charlos (Brownlee) r 1, laborer, h and 1 acre

Lundgren Christina (Brownlee) r 5, widow Frederick

Lundgren Emil (Brownlee) r 5, farmer, 36

Lynch Annie I (Antrim) milliner, bds 20 Main

Lynch Edward J (Antrim) bds 20 Main

Lynch John F (Antrim) town clerk, clerk F B C Co’s store, h 20 Main

Lynough John (Antrim) miner, bds 9 E

Lynough William (Antrim) miner, h 9 E

Mack, Bridgie A (Antrim) dressmaker, bds 46 A

Makin Thomas W (Antrim) miner, h 3 Duncan

Marchinaik Andrew (Antrim) laborer, h 8 D

Markuski Casper (Antrim) miner, h 7 E

Markuski Joseph (Antrim) miner, h 12 E

Marnin Nellie T (Antrim) dressmaker, bds 1 Main

Marnin Michael (Antrim) laborer, h 1 Main

Marnin Robert (Antrim) laborer, bds 1 Main

Marvin Frank H (Antrim) meat market, cigars, candy, etc, also tin shop, Main, h 3 A

Matson Oscar (Antrim) miner, h 53 A

Mattoon Gilbert (Brownlee) r 1, laborer, h and lot

Mattoon Merton (Brownlee) r 1, laborer

Mayeski Albert (Antrim) miner, h 1, block 8

McConnell Emeline (Brownlee) r 1 widow Lewis

McConnell Martin (Brownlee) r 6, laborer

McDonnell Malachi (Antrim) miner, h 6 Rock Row

McDonnell Thomas (Antrim) night watchman F B C Co’s store h 10 H

McMahon Patrick (Antrim) laborer, bds 70 A

McMahon Thomas (Antrim) driver, h 70 A

McMahon Thomas J (Antrim) h 70 A

Mitchell Samuel (Antrim) miner, apiarist, h 15 F

Moore Alinson (Antrim) engineer, h 3 Morris

Moore Carl S (Antrim) laborer, h 8 William

Moore John J (Antrim) laborer, h 8 Railroad

Moore Silas E (Antrim) emp saw mill, h 2 Railroad

Morris James E (Brownlee) r 1, laborer

Morsman Hiram (Brownlee) r 1, laborer

Muncaster John (Brownlee) r 6, miner

Myers John (Antrim) bds block 12, h 6

Nash Francis M (Antrim) asst at R R station, bds 27 A

Nash James (Antrim) laborer, h 27 A

Nash Margaret G (Antrim) school teacher, bds 27 A

Nash Mary (Antrim) milliner, bds 27 A

Nash Sarah A (Antrim) school teacher, bds 27 A

Nelson John (Antrim) miner, h 8 C

Novitzski Frank (Antrim) laborer, h 7 Bridge

Novitzski Joseph (Antrim) laborer h 7 A

Novitzski Lawrence (Antrim) laborer, H 68 A

Noyd Andrew (Antrim) miner, h 10 B

Noyd August (Antrim) miner bds 10 B

Noyd Lars (Antrim miner, bds 11 A

O’Connell Timothy (Antrim) section foreman F B R R, h 49 Railroad

O’Connell William (Brownlee) r 7, farmer 80

Ogden Burton M (Brownlee) r 1, cigarmaker

Olenski Joseph (Antrim) miner, block 12, h 5

Olson Eli (Antrim) miner, h 21 Railroad

Olson Gust (Antrim) miner, h 11 A

Olson Olaf (Antrim) miner, h 13 Duncan

Owens William (Antrim) butcher, h 26 Main

Patt George (Antrim) miner, h 2 Wilson

Patt John (Antrim) laborer, h 10 E

Patt Stacho (Antrim) miner, h 2 Wilson

Pearski Jacob (Antrim) miner, h 2 Maiden Lane

Peake George W (Brownlee) r 1, farmer 18

Pearson Carl (Antrim) miner, block 4, h 3

Pearson Thomas (Antrim) miner, h 47 Main

Pedick John (Antrim) laborer, h 6 C

Peer Lewis (Brownlee) off r 1, laborer

Peer Marinus (Brownlee) off r 1, section foreman

Pell Samuel (Antrim) miner, h 14 E

Perry Arthur (Antrim) miner, h 5 Maiden Lane

Perry Fred (Antrim) livery, also stage to Morris 29 A, h do

Peterson Augusta (Antrim) widow Gustav, h 12 B

Peterson Gust (Antrim) miner, h 13 A

Pitchford Almira N (Antrim) widow Ernest, bds 8 William

Pollock Alexander W (Antrim) mine foreman, h 23 Main

Pollock James (Antrim) supervisor, supt mines, h 9 Main

Pollock James A (Antrim) weighmaster F B C Co. h 9 Main

Pope Alfred (Brownlee) r 1, apiarist 15 colonies, dairy 9 cows, farmer 300

Prothero Anne (Antrim) widow John, h 5 Main

Prothero Sadie (Antrim) school teacher, h 5 main

Prothero Thomas (Antrim) miner, h 47 A

Puldson Max (Brownlee) off r 1, laborer

Quero Sophia (Antrim) widow Joseph, h 16 Independent

Reader Andrew (Antrim) miner, h 10 E

Reader Florie (Antrim) miner bds 10 E

Renburg Swan (Antrim) miner, h 7 D

Ridell Edward (Antrim) off r 3 1-2, miner, emp F B C Co., bds with John

Ridell Frank (Antrim) off r 3 1-2, miner, emp Lars Erickson, bds with John

Ridell John (Antrim) off r 3 1-2, apiarist 25 colonies, farmer, 25

Robertson John (Antrim) miner, bds 10 William

Robertson Willliam (Antrim) miner, h 10 William

Robertson William Jr (Antrim) miner bds 10 William

Saint John’s Catholic Church (Antrim) A, Rev M J Manly pastor

Sandquist Frank (Antrim) miner, apiarist 20 colonies, h 3 South

Scase James (Antrim) miner, 5 Duncan

Scase James Jr (Antrim) woodsman, h 15 Duncan

Scase Walter (Antrim) miner, bds 5 Duncan

Scott Lewis (Antrim) woodsman, h 5 Railroad

Scott William (Antrim) laborer, h 10 Railroad

Serblum Peter (Brownlee) r 5, farmer, 35

Shea Timothy (Antrim) miner, bds 5 B

Shepanski Joseph (Antrim) laborer, h 7 F

Shultz Herman (Antrim) laborer, h 1 D

Simon John (Antrim) laborer, h 15 Railroad

Simmons Henry (Brownlee) r 1, farmer 9, owned by wife

Smith Frank (Antrim) miner, h 11 Duncan

Smith Fred (Antrim) miner, bds 11 Duncan

Smith John (Antrim) miner, h 4 F

Smith Matthew L (Antrim) laborer, h 35 Main

Smith Patrick (Antrim) laborer, h 7 Duncan

Sodergreen Alfred (Antrim) miner, h 67 A

Sopzaik Joseph (Antrim) laborer, h 4 D

Spear Frederick (Antrim) chutesman, h 49 Main

Spear Henry J (Antrim) miner, h 53 Main

Spence Isaac (Brownlee) r 5, farmer, 100

Spence John W (Brownlee) r 5, miner

Spence Robert, (Brownlee) r 5, blacksmith at Landrus mines, bds with John Wilson

Stafford Benjamin (Antrim) woodsman, bds 10 Duncan

Stafford Hannah Mrs (Antrim) 10 Duncan

Stafford William (Antrim) miner, bds 10 Duncan

Starkweather Jacob (Brownlee) r 1, h and 1 acre

Steinberg, John (Antrim) laborer, h 4 D

Strong Edward (Antrim) blacksmith, h 49 Main

Summit School (Brownlee) r 1

Swanson Augusta (Antrim ) dressmaker, bds 72 A

Swanson Charles M (Antrim) miner, h 66 A

Swanson John (Antrim) miner, h 72 A

Swanson Swan F (Antrim) student, bds 72 A

Swanstrom John (Antrim) miner, h block 4 h 4

Swedish Lutheran Church (Antrim) Rev August J Beausang pastor. B

Sweely William S (Antrim) section hand, h off Main n Store

Taylor Sarah (Antrim) widow Chandler, h 14A

Trinity Episcopal Church (Antrim) Rev S W Derby rector, Main

Tuletzki Walter (Antrim) laborer, bds 2 Independent

Vandergrift Joseph (Antrim) miner, h 9 Independent

Van Order John (Antrim) miner, h 5 Railroad

Van Wert John I (Antrim) physician and surgeon, Main n depot, h 13 Main

Warriner Delana E (Brownlee) r 6, widow John F

Warriner Lewis A (Brownlee) r 6, woodsman

Watson Rachel (Antrim) widow George, h 33 Main

Watson Rachel S (Antrim) dressmaker, 33 Main

Watson Robert S (Antrim) miner, h 33 Main

Wein Anton (Antrim) laborer, h 7 C

West Wilber F (Sweetbrier) off r 1, farmer 160

Whitman Newell B (Antrim) miner, bds r 15 F

Williams David (Antrim) watchman, h 37 Main

Williams David T (Antrim) driver, bds 37 Main

Williams Mary t (Antrim) widow Thomas T, confectionery 35 Main, h do

Williams Myron L (Antrim) miner, h 5 A

Williams Thomas T (Antrim) miner, h 35 Main

Wilson Edward (Antrim) fireman, h 35 Main

Wilson John (Brownlee) r 5, breeder of Jersey cattle and Chester White hogs, dairy 5 cows and farmer, 106

Wilson Tom (Brownlee) r 5, farmer, son of John

Wilson William (Brownlee) r 5, miner

Withey Oscar (Brownlee) miner, h 29 Main

Wood Thomas (Antrim) engineer steam plant, h 18 A

Woodall Thomas (Antrim) miner, h 9 B

Woznaik Frank (Antrim) miner, block 5 h 6

Wriechelt William (Antrim) laborer, bds 1 D

Young Andrew B (Antrim) miner, bds 57 A

Young Robert W (Antrim miner, h 40 Main

Young Sarah (Antrim) widow Thomas, dressmaker, h 27 Main

Young William (Antrim) pastor First Baptist Church, h 57 A

Ziernicki Anthony (Antrim) miner, h 20 Morris

Ziernicki Valentine (Antrim) miner, bds 20 Morris

Subj:  correction
Date:  01/16/2004 10:41:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  DMBakerPhD
To:  JoyceTice
1899 Tioga County Directory, Duncan Township
Pearski Jacob (Antrim) miner, h 2 Maiden Lane

This name should be Piekarski, Jacob.

He was my great grand father.
Debbie Baker
Terre Haute, Indiana