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Scanned & Formatted by Joyce M. Tice 
Retyped by Janice Walker


For explanations, &c., see page 13.

Postoffice address Brookfield unless otherwise designated in (parenthesis.)

ACKLEY FRANK A (Sylvester) r 19 1-2, township treasurer, farmer, leases of S P Plank estate 160, dairy 13 cows, 87 sheep, breeder of thoroughbred Berkshire hogs and owns thoroughbred Holstein bull

Albord William (Purple Brook) r 11, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 63

Allen Dwight C (Westfield) r 22, farm laborer

Allen Thomas N (Westfield) r 22, dairy 8 cows, and farmer on shares for N Sellick, about 100

Andrews Augustus A (Knoxville) r 30, lumberman

Atwell Daniel A (Westfield) r 10, farmer 20, and in Dakota 300

Atwell Loranie E. widow James E. (Austinburg) r 11, n 7, h and lot and farmer in Troupsburg N Y, 25

Austinburg School Dist No 1 (Austinburg) r 11, n 7

BAILEY ALONZO C. r 4, cor 16, blacksmith, woodworker and machinist

Baker Edward N, r 16, dairy 11 cows, apiarist 19 colonies and farmer, 142

Baker Emmit W (Cowanesque) r 29, 50 sheep, and farmer, 152

Baker John M (Phillips Station) r 30, laborer

Baker Phebe (Cowanesque) r 29, widow W Harrison

Baker William Wallace (Brookfield) r 16, farmer, leases of Edward N Baker 142

Baker Wesley (Phillips Station) r 30, farmer, 13, owned by wife

BAKER SCHUYLER M (Brookfield) r 1, cor 2, postmaster, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, whips, medicines, cigars and tobacco, also well driller and thresher, farmer on r 2, 17

Bean E A (Austinburg) r 7, n 11, cheese factory

Bell Sylvester (Austinburg) r 9, painter and farmer on shares for Jean Griffin of Knoxville, 50, and owns in Troupsburg N Y 12 1-2

Berean James D (Westfield) r 22, farmer in Clymer, 40

Bertch Gotthold M, r 15, dairy 10 cows, 3 acres tobacco, and farmer, 100

Bertch Gustav (North Fork Potter Co) r 4, asst cheesemaker

Bly LeRoy F (Austinburg) r 11, n 7, mason, h and lot

Bonney D Wallace (Austinburg) r 8, school teacher

Bonney Warren (Austinburg) r 8, cattle dealer and farmer, about 100

Boulio Eugene (Purple Brook) r 27, carpenter and farmer, 25

Boulio Rubie (Austinburg) r 12, inspector of election, farmer, 63

Brace Allen (Westfield) r 28, farmer, 45

Brace Chauncey (Westfield) r 28, farmer with James, 51

Brace Cleveland L (Cowanesque) r 28, laborer, son of Henry S

Brace Hollow School Dist No 10 (Cowanesque) r 28

Brace James (Westfield) r 28, 30 sheep and farmer, 46, and with Chauncey, 51

Brookfield Baptist Church (Sylvester) r 19 1-2, Rev F A Tidd pastor

Brookfield Free Baptist Church (Austinville) r 7, Rev H Beam pastor

Brookfield Methodist Episcopal Church (Austinville) r 7, Rev E G W Hall pastor

Brookfield School Dist No 4, r 16, n 4

Brookfield Vigilance Committee (Sylvester) W L Plank, J D George and J R Wakley

Brooks Charles M (Austinburg) r 9, farmer on shares for James Beagle estate, 160, owns in Troupsburg N Y 80

Buckley Daniel C (Knoxville) r 30, farmer 105, h and lot in Syracuse, N Y

Burch Frank (Purple Brook) r 24, farmer, son of John

Burch John, (Purple Brook) r 24, farmer on shares for John Bush, 15

Burnside George E (Austinburg) r 8, farmer, leases of Mrs Anna Patterson, 140

Bush Claudella E (Austinburg) r 11, music teacher

Bush Commondore J (Austinburg) r 7, farmer, son of Jackson

Bush Fred (Austinburg) r 5, dairy 15 cows and farmer, 160

Bush Jane M (Austinburg) r 11, widow Joseph, dairy 7 cows and farmer, 125

Bush Jackson (Austinburg) r 7, school director, dairy 11 cows, 2 1-2 acres tobacco, and farmer, 244

Bush Jesse (Sylvester) r 14, dairy 18 cows, and farmer with Nathaniel, 168

Bush John H (Austinburg) r 5, dairy 15 cows and farmer, 186

Bush L Minnie (Austinburg) r 7, school teacher

Bush Maud I (Austinburg) r 11, school teacher

Bush Nathaniel (Sylvester) r 14, dairy 18 cows and farmer with Jesse, 168

Bush Peter (Sylvester) r 14, dairy 21 cows and farmer, 165

Bush Ruth J (Austinburg) r 7, dressmaker

Butler Alpha D (Westfield) r 28, farmer with William F Seely, works on shares for Herman T Seely of Westfield, 100

Butler LeRoy D (Westfield) r 28, laborer

Butler Fon I (Westfield) r 28, laborer

California School Dist No 6 (Sylvester) r 23

Carpenter Edwin W., r 4 n 3, cheesemaker

Cartwright Jay (Austinburg) r 7 n 11, blacksmith, also cheesemaker, h and lot

Chapman Fred R (Sylvester) r 19 1-2, cheesemaker

Chase Charles W r 16 n 4, farmer, son of Stephen P

Chase Stephen P, r 16 n 4, justice of the peace, painter, farm, 25, er, farm 25, owned by wife

Clark Myron L (Potter Brook) r 20, farmer with his wife Emma J, 129 (see Note Below)

Clark Cecil A (Westfield) r 21, 50 grade Shropshire and Southdown sheep and farmer, 145

Clark Chester A (Westfield) r 28, farmer, about 90

Clark Frank (Purple Brook) r 27, dairy 6 cows, farmer, 65

Clark Herbert (Purple Brook) r 10, farmer, son of William H

Clark John (Purple Brook) r 10, farmer, son of William H

Clark William H (Purple Brook) r 10, farmer, 140

Coffin Peleg H (Sylvester) r 15, music teacher and organist, dairy 8 cows and farmer, 80

Coleman Joseph (Austinburg) r 5

Collins Charles L (Austinburg) r 11, supervisor, carpenter and farmer, 1

Cook Edgar (Austinburg) r 11, dairy 8 cows, farmer, 125

Cook Frank (Austinburg) r 11, cheesemaker

Cook Frank B (Austinburg) r 7, cheesemaker

Cook Lydia (Austinburg) r 11, widow John R., h and lot and farmer in Troupsburg, N Y , 50

Cook Rufus (Austinburg) r 7, h and lot, and farm in Troupsburg, N Y, 195

Cook Rufus D (Austinburg) r 6 n 7, travelling agent for Warder, Bushnell, Glessner & Co.’s harvesting machines, farmer, 8 and in Troupsburg, N Y, 87

COOPER WILLIAM H (Purple Brook) r 27, n 10, farmer 100, also owns cheese factory at Cowanesque

Costley Uriah L. (Austinburg) r 5, dairy 13 cows and farmer on shares for William Seeley, about 130

Cunningham Charles E (Knoxville) r 30, farmer, son of James P

Cunningham James P (Knoxville) r 30, farmer, 75

Daugherty Charles (Sylvester) off r 22 1-2, farmer, about 80

Daugherty Cynthia L Mrs. (Austinburg) r 3, dairy 9 cows, farmer, 120

Daugherty George W (Sylvester) r 19 1-2, farmer, 40

DAUGHERTY HETTIE A, Mrs George W. (Sylvester) r 19 1-2, dressmaker

Daugherty John (Sylvester) r 19 1-2, retired farmer

Davenport Cary r 2, well driller

Davenport George W (Austinburg) r 10, 44 sheep, farmer on shares for E Murdock, 140

Davis Ashley P (Purple Brook) 125, n 24, cheesemaker and farmer

Davis George J (Cowanesque) r 27, dairy 7 cows, 124 sheep and farmer, 130

Davis George N (Purple Brook) r 25, dairy 6 cows, school director and farmer, 83

Davis Gilbert H (Purple Brook) r 25, postmaster, dairy 11 cows, farmer, 123, also owns cheese factory with G James

Davis Glenn A (Purple Brook) r 25, farmer, son of Gilbert H

Davis Lorinda A (Purple Brook) r 25, widow George

Dibble Ester Mrs. (Westfield) r 15, cor 19, farmer, 50

Dibble Hill School Dist No 11 (Westfield) r 21

Dibble John (Potter Brook) r 20, retired farmer

Dorson Charles (Westfield) r 28, farmer on shares for Charles Butler, 56

Dougherty Alexander (Austinburg) r 11, farmer

Dougherty Davis S (Austinburg) r 11, dairy 8 cows and farmer, 88

Eddy Andrew J (Austinburg) r 11, laborer

Eddy David (Austinburg) r 11, farmer, 55

Eddy Ethen P (Austinburg) r 11, carpenter and farmer, 2

Elliott Lewis H (Knoxville) off r 3 in Deerfield, farmer on shares for O D & W F Beach of Knoxville, 33 cows and farm, 350

Erway Curtis F (Cowanesque) r 27, carpenter and farmer, 50

Finch Albert (Knoxville,) r 30, farmer, son of George W

Finch George W (Knoxville) r 30, farmer, about 180

Finch Theodore (Knoxville) r 30, farmer, son of George W

Fisk Horace A (Austinburg) r 10, farmer, 40

Fisk Jerome H (Austinburg) r 9, dairy 7 cows, farmer on shares for Charles Fitch, 60

Fisk Lester S (Austinburg) r 11, farmer, h and lot

Frazier Barney A (Knoxville) r 30, farmer 60

Frazier Frank B (Sylvester) r 23, farmer, leases of Anson Gunn, 30

Frazier Horace A (Cowanesque) r 27, carpenter and builder and farmer, 25

Frazier S J Sherman (Knoxville) r 30, farmer, son of Barney A

Fuller Aaron (Austinburg) r 6, dairy 9 cows and farmer, 108

Fuller W George (Austinburg) r 6

Gardner Alpheus (Austinburg) r 5, farmer on shares for Wesley Potter of Troupsburg N Y, about 80, owns in Troupsburg N y, 2 1-2

GARDNER EDWIN MILO (Westfield) r 22, n town line, farmer, 80, 40 sheep, also owns saw mill cutting from 300,000 to 500,000 feet yearly, and house and lot on Burch St. Westfield Boro

Gardner Loren W (Westfield) r 22, farmer, 35

GARDNER LYDIA C. (Westfield) r 22, n town line, school and music teacher

Gardner Nancy E (Westfield) r 22, widow Sylvanus, farmer 58

GARDNER SARAH D, (Mrs. Edwin Milo) (Westfield) r 22, town line, owns with sister Alice L, in Westfield 80

George John D (Purple Brook) r 27, cattle dealer and farmer about 100

George Leroy N (Sylvester) r 19 1-2, dairy 9 cows, farmer, 109 and on r 22 1-2, timber lot 16

George Lizell (Austinburg) r 13, secretary school board, dairy 10 cows and farmer, 140

Gill Charles P r 1, farmer 18, and in Harrison, Potter county 100, owns in Troupsburg, Steuben county, N Y, 50

Glover Jacob (Knoxville) r 30, n 29, farmer, 90

Goodwin Milton E (Knoxville) r 30, n 29, farmer 73

Grange Hall (Sylvester) r 19 1-2

GRIFFIN WELSEY C. (Sylvester) r 19 1-2, farmer 100, apiarist 60 colonies, 10 acre tobacco, agent for Warder, Bushnell & Glessner Co. of Springfield, Ohio, mfs of reapers, and binders, and champion horse rakes, Syracuse plows and harrows

Hamblin George E (Sylvester) r 19 1-2, farmer, grand son of Wesley C Griffin

HAMBLIN ORLO J. (Sylvester) r 23, n 22 1-2 dairy 5 cows, 33 Cotswold and Shrophshire sheep and farmer, 34

Hammond James B (Sylvester) r 13, farmer, 34

Hammond John H (Purple Brook) r 13, apiarist 19 colonies and farmer, 73

Hammond Wesley J (Purple Brook) r 24, farmer, 54

Hammond William R (Purple Brook) r 13, breeder of thoroughbred Light Brahma and Plymouth Rock fowls

Haxton George W (Sylvester r 15, son of M Leonard

Haxton M Leonard (Sylvester) r 15, dairy 7 cows, and farmer, 100

Hoffman Charles A (Westfield) r 15, dairy 23 cows, apiarist 30 colonies, farmer, 274

Hoffman William H (Westfield) r 15, son of Charles A

Holly Byron (Purple Brook) r 28, dairy 14 cows, farmer on shares for J B George of Knoxville, 120

Holmes Elmer E (Austinburg) r 11, justice of peace, carpenter, and farmer, 80

Holmes Rebecca M. widow John G. (Austinburg) r 11, farmer, 10

Hoose Hark H (Westfield) r 7, farmer, 50

Horler Jacob (North Fork, Potter county) r 18, son of J Jacob

HORLER J JACOB, (North Fork, Potter county) r 18, dairy 10 cows, 50 sheep, breeder of Poland China hogs and farmer, 90

Howland Charles P (Cowanesque) r 29, laborer

Hubbard Noah B (Austinburg) r 6, retired farmer, house and 2 acres

Hubbard Winfield S (Sylvester) r 15, dairy 10 cows, farmer 79

HUNT CHARLES, (Sylvester) r 19, school director, dairy 5 cows, 17 sheep and farmer about 80

Hunt Edwin J (Austinburg) r 7, retired farmer, house and lot

Hunt H Benjamin (Sylvester) r 19, farmer, 50, owned by wife

Hunt Inez C. (Sylvester) r 19, stenographer and typewriter

Hunt Lester B (Sylvester) r 5, auditor township, dairy 8 cows, 50 sheep and farmer, 115

Hunt Richard (Sylvester) r 16, retired farmer

Huyler Job M (Westfield) r 22, farmer 139, h and lot on First cor Elm, Westfield

Ives Catherine (Austinburg) r 7, widow Ambrose

Ketchner Louis (Westfield) r 17, farm laborer

Kilburn Jonas G (Austinburg) r 9 cor 31, farmer, 140

Kilburn Lola M (Austinburg) r 9 cor 31, school teacher

Kilburn Madge L (Austinburg) r 9 cor 31, school teacher

Kilburn Sophia (Austinburg) r 11, widow Peter

Kilburn Walter J (Austinburg) r 9 cor 31, farmer, son of Jonas G

King Ostrander (Westfield) r 20 n 15, farmer, about 75

Knell George (Purple Brook) off r 10, farmer on shares for William Stiles, about 50

Lane William G (Purple Brook) r 11 n 25, dairy 10 cows, farmer 81

La Roy Sanford H (Knoxville) r 30, carpenter and farmer, 25

Locke George B (Sylvester) r 14, farmer on shares for J S Grantier, about 90

Loper School Dist No 2, 75, cor 14

Loomis Melvin (Sylvester) r 13, farm laborer

Luce E Albertus (Cowanesque) r 28 n township line, dairy 9 cows and farmer 102, also works on shares for Ira B Luce in Westfield, about 50

Luce Merit B (Cowanesque) r 28, farmer, son of E Albertus

Mack Henry S (Purple Brook) r 24, farmer, 57

Mack I Wilson (Austinburg) r 10, dairy 16 cows, farmer, 150

Mascho Charles W (Sylvester) r 23, dairy 10 cows, 20 sheep and farmer, 120

MASCHO EDWIN (Sylvester) r 23n 22 1-2, dairy 15 cows, 103 Shropshire sheep and farmer 210

Mascho Francis L (Westfield) r 23, owns two houses and lots in Westfield

Mascho Harve N (Sylvester) r `13, dairy 9 cows and farmer, 100, and on r 23, 64

Mascho Vell (Sylvester) r 13, dairy 10 cows, apiarist 11 colonies and farmer, 88

McClure Permelia Mrs. (Austinburg) r 9 n 31

McFall Charles (Cowanesque) r 10 n 27, farm laborer

McLean Archibald (Westfield) r 22, dairy 6 cows, apiarist 16 colonies, breeder of thoroughbred Jersey cattle and thoroughbred Wyandotte, Plymouth Rock and Langshan fowls and farmer, 100

McLean Archibald E (Westfield) r 22

McLEAN DORA G MRS. (Westfield) r 22, school teacher

McLean Willard L (Sylvester) r 19 1-2, carpenter

McNinch Alonzo C (Sylvester) r 19, farmer, 120

McPeek Theodore (Sylvester) r 22 1-2, farmer, 30

Meade Charles C (Sylvester) r 23, postmaster, general merchant

Meade William D (Sylvester) r 19 1-2 township auditor, blacksmith, owns 1-4 interest in farm 42 acres in Caton, Steuben Co.

Metcalf Ira H, r 16, carpenter, dairy 5 cows and farmer, 111

Miller Philip (Cowanesque) r 29, farmer 50

Moor Caspar A (Sylvester) r 23, farmer, son of Michael

Moor Michael (Sylvester) r 23, 8 cows and farmer, about 85

Moore John D (Westfield) r 23, farmer, 130

Moore Samuel r 4 cor 2, farm laborer, owns store building and two lots

Mosher A Wing (Sylvester) r 4, apiarist 13 colonies, farmer, leases of Mrs M A Thompson, 96

Murdock Alden D (Austinburg) r 6, dairy 10 cows and farmer, 100

Murdock Herman B (Austinburg) r 6 cor 7, dairy 7 cows, 2 acres tobacco and farmer, 62

Murdock Lew H (Austinburg) r 6 cor 7, cheesemaker, son of Herman

Murdock Edwin C (Sylvester) r 19, farmer with Frederick E, Emelia C and Sylvinia E, 61, owns on r 22 1-2, 40

Murray Emelia C (Sylvester) r 19, farmer with Frederick E, Edwin C and Sylvinia

Murray Frederick E (Sylvester) r 19, farmer with Edwin C, Emelia C and Sylvinia E

Murray Sylvinia E (Sylvester) r 19, farmer with Edwin C and Frederick E

Nobles Cornelia (Sylvester) r 15, n 14

Nobles Walter L (Westfield) r 15, n 19, dairy 8 cows, 2 acres tobacco and farmer, 93

North Fork School Dist No 5 (Westfield) r 22

North Road School Dist No 8 (Austinburg) r 5 n 12

Northrop Fanton L (Westfield) r 28, apiarist 25 colonies, and farmer, 42

Nudd Archie (Austinburg) r 6, farm laborer

Outman George G (Austinburg) r 7, farmer, 15, h and lot

Owens Susan, widow James (Austinburg) r 6, n 7

Parker Huldah A, r 17, widow C Franklin

Parker Plumer E, r 16, 200 sheep, breeder Hampshier sheep and Poland China hogs, farmer, 230

Parker Ralph A, r 17, dairy 6 cows and farmer, 60

Parker William A, r 17, farm laborer

Pease Curtis D (Westfield) r 22, 50 sheep and farmer, about 100

Phoenix Calvin L (Austinburg) r 7, n 8, general merchandise, farmer, 75, dairy 8 cows, 2 1-4 acres tobacco, breeder of and dealer in Hambletonian horses

Pierce Theodore (Purple Brook) r 11, dairy 16 cows, farmer, 100, owned by Zenas Pierce

Plank Charles W (Sylvester) r 19, farmer, son of W L Plank

Plank Devaliance (Westfield) r 19, n 15, dairy 11 cows, farmer, 70

Plank John S (Sylvester) r 19, farmer, son of W L Plank

PLANK MINA (Mrs Devaliance) (Westfield) r 19, n 15, carpet weaver and breeder white Minorca fowls

Plank Welcome L (Sylvester) r 19, school director and treasurer of school, diary 15 cows, 1 acre tobacco and farmer, 212, and in Westfield 25

Potter James (Potter Brook) r 20, farmer on shares for Charles Simmons of Westfield Boro, 212

Pride Ransom L (Sylvester) r 23, dairy 5 cows and farmer, 93

Purple Brook School Dist No 7 (Purple Brook) r 21

Ramsay Robert R, collector, dairy 11 cows and farmer, 50

Reese John N (Westfield) r 21, farmer leases of C L Patterson estate of Elkland, 100

Reese Josiah C (Cowanesque) r 27, dairy 7 cows, 56 sheep and farmer, 232

Reese Robert W (Cowanesque) r 27, laborer, son of Josiah C

Reitter De Lano A, r 1, well driller, dairy 7 cows and farmer, 75

Reitter George, r 1, dairy 24 cows and farmer, 300

Reitter John F, r 1, farmer, works on shares for George Reitter, 300

Rice Asahel E (Westfield) r 21, auctioneer, hay dealer, apiarist, 46 colonies and farmer, 100 also one-half interest in 80 acres in Farmington

Rice Ernest D (Westfield) r 21, farmer, son of Asahel E

Rice Edgar R (Sylvester) r 23, dairy 20 cows, farmer on shares for Willard King of Westfield, 200

Rice Silas W (Austinburg) r 31, n 9, dairy 16 cows, 2 acres tobacco and farmer on shares for W G Fitch, 180

Robbins Edwin G (Westfield) r 22, 39 sheep and farmer, 150

Robinson Arthur (Austinburg) r 9, school teacher, h and lot

Rood Ethan (Austinburg) r 11, h and lot

Rowley Minerva, widow Josiah (Austinburg) r 8, h and lot

Rose Valley School District No 9 (Knoxville) r 29, cor 30

Rowland Solomon (Westfield) r 22, farmer, 20

Rude Marion E (Austinburg) r 5, dairy 10 cows, farmer, 113

Rumsey George H (Westfield) r 15, dairy 13 cows, 60 sheep, 2 acres tobacco, apiarist 20 colonies, lumber dealer, farmer, 198

Russell Charles A (Westfield) r 28, laborer

Ryder William L (Austinburg) r 5, farmer, 96, on r 4, also farmer on shares for Daniel McPherson of Fowlerville N Y, 320, dairy 17 cows, 40 sheep, apiarist 20 colonies

Sawyer H Clifford (Purple Brook) r 10, farmer, 50

Schoonover Norman A (Austinburg) r 7, cor 11, postmaster, also clerk emp R P Schoonover, h and lot

Schoonover Richard (Austinburg) r 8, farmer, Troupsburg N Y 114

Schoonover Richard P (Austinburg) r 7, cor 11, dealer in groceries, dry goods, flour, boots and shoes, tobacco, hats, drugs and medicines, etc, farm, 90, on r 8, also propr portable saw mill

SCOTT ADELBERT, (Sylvester) r 19, 80 sheep, apiarist 5 colonies, farmer with B Jay and John C, 160

SCOTT B JAY, (Sylvester) r 19, 80 sheep, apiarist 5 colonies, farmer with John C and Adelbert, 160

SCOTT JOHN C, (Sylvester) r 19, 80 sheep, apiarist 5 colonies, farmer with B Jay and Adelbert 160

Scott Melville E r 4, dairy 13 cows, farmer, leases of A J Montanye of Jamestown, N Y, 100

Seamans Ray D, (Westfield) r 15, n 18, farmer, on shares for John Simmons, 71

Seely Axa A (Austinburg) r 9, widow Benjamin A

Seely I Fletcher (Purple Brook) r 13, farmer, 25

Seely James (Austinburg) r 9, n 8, diary 7 cows, 50 sheep, 4 acres tobacco, farmer, 200

Seely Noah B (Austinburg) r 11, n 7, carriage and wagon repairer, h and lot

Seely Orma C (Purple Brook) r 11

Seely Polly (Purple Brook) r 11, widow Chester G

Seely Samuel C (Austinburg) r 11

Seely William F (Westfield) r 28, farmer, with Alpha D Butler on shares, for Herman T Seely of Westfield, 100

Seely William R (Sylvester) r 4, dairy 18 cows, farmer leases of Adam Loper, about 250

Sherwood George (Austinburg) r 9, farmer with Orren

Sherwood Orren (Austinburg) r 9 farmer, 80

Shirley Sidney W (Westfield) r 23, wood turner

Shumway Emmons (Austinburg) r 7, n 8, feed mill, h and lot

Simons Richard W (Austinburg) r 7, farmer in Troupsburg N Y, 81

Simmons Andrew J. r 4, dairy 20 cows farmer, 140

Simmons Frederick C, r 16, cattle dealer, farmer, 80

Simmons Gaylord B, r 15, return judge, dairy 11 cows, farmer, 110

Simmons George W, r 16, supervisor and farmer

Simmons John, r 15, retired farmer

Simmons Willie A, r 4, farmer

Skinner Perry D (Cowanesque) r 29, farmer, about 200, dairy 11 cows, 31 sheep

Skinner Ralph N (Cowanesque) r 29, farmer, 70, 2 acres tobacco, also hay presser

Smith Elizabeth M (Westfield) r 19, widow Ebeneezer G

Smith George A (Cowanesque) r 28, farmer, 57

Smith Gertrude C (Cowanesque) r 28, milliner

Snyder Otis H (North Fork, Potter Co) propr cheese factories, on r 4, r19 1-2 and r 25, cor 24

South Road School Dist No 3 (Purple Brook) r 13, n 12

Stahley Edward A (Sylvester) farm laborer

Stedman Clarence (Westfield) r 20, farm laborer

Stevenson Elmer (Sylvester) r 23, h and 1 acre

Stiles William I (Purple Brook) r 25, cor 26, dairy 9 cows and farmer, 98

Stocum Orin E (Cowanesque) r 10, n 27, farmer, leases of Frank Clark, 8, also lumberman

Swanley Caroline M (Cowanesque) r 29, widow Christopher

Swartwood Henry S (Cowanesque) r 28, farmer, leases of Mrs William Brace, h and 2 acres

Swartwood Jacob A (Cowanesque) off r 27, farmer, 80

Tanner Hiram (Austinburg) r 5

Taylor Charles K (Westfield) r 20, farm laborer and stationary engineer

THOMAS GILES (Austinburg) r 12, n 13, farmer, son of James B.

THOMAS JAMES B (Austinburg) r 12, n 13, clerk of township, dairy 14 cows, 33 sheep and farmer, 153

Thompson Frank (Potter Brook) r 20, farmer on shares for Waite Metcalf of Harrison, Potter Co, 65

Tompkins George M (Austinburg) r 31, stone mason and farmer, 25

Tubbs Charles F (Sylvester) r 23, farmer, 84

Tubbs Emma Jane, widow Samuel (Westfield) r 23, farmer, 40

Tubbs L Lewis (Westfield) r 23, dairy 9 cows and farmer on shares for Samuel Tubbs estate, 40, and for James Tubbs of Westfield, 25, and for Mrs Jane Tubbs 40

Vinson Isaac (Knoxville) r 30, farmer, 46

Wakeley Angie H (Austinburg) widow Herman A, r 6, farmer, 64, dairy 6 cows

Wakley Adeline (Austinburg r 11, widow Donald C, h and lot

Wakley Phebe Mrs. (Austinburg) r 7, dressmaker, h and lot

Wakley John A (Austinburg) dairy 8 cows and farmer, about 75

Wakley S Mortimer (Austinburg) r 10, farmer, 27

Walker Sarah M (Westfield) r 22 widow Robert, dressmaker

Watkins Charles (Austinburg) r 8, farmer on shares for Richard P Schoonover, 190

Weihoenig Conrad (Westfield) r 17, n 16, emp tannery, owns farm 175, dairy 13

Wilcox Mahlon E (Potter Brook) r 20, farm laborer

Wilkinson Katie, widow C Leonard, (Austinburg) r 6, owns in Troupsburg N Y 50

Winslow Andrew (Sylvester) r 4 1-2, laborer

Wood Horton (Westfield) r 15 farmer 237, dairy 13 cows grade Jersey and Holstein cattle

HOTEL WILCOX. Newly furnished. All improvements. Tables furnished with delicacies of season. J. W. SULLIVAN Proprietor. Free bus to and from all trains. WELLSBORO, PA

Subj:  Correction for 1899 Brookfield Township Directory - Byron L. Clark
Date:  7/5/2003 9:35:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Thomas C Currier)


Would it be possible to make a correction to your 1899 Brookfield Township Directory page?

My Great-Uncle Byron L Clark is listed as 'Myron' :

Clark Myron L (Potter Brook) r 20, farmer with his wife Emma J, 129

Thanks for your consideration.

Tom Currier

Note from Joyce - The book contains many errors which we transcribe as published. Corrections can be added at bottom of pages, not in the text itself.