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St. John's Church in Troy, Bradford County PA
I have a St,. John's Postcard SOMEPLACE. Will add when I find it. 
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History of St. John’s Catholic Church, Troy, PA

In 1834 O. P. Ballard gave money to build an Episcopal Church, which was accomplished in 1842.  Due to a number of reasons in 1853 this church was purchased by the Philadelphia Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church. On October 9, 1853 this church was blessed by St. John Nepomucene Neumann, C.S.S.R., the fourth Bishop of Philadelphia, and dedicated to his own patron saint and name-sake, St. John Nepomucene. The first Priest to celebrate the Eucharist at St. John’s was Father Ahearn.  The first resident Pastor was Father C. Maugan in 1859. Construction of St. John’s Hall began in 1983 and was completed together with a renovation of the church interior in December of 1984. [From the 15th Annual Summerfest booklet August, 2002]

Joyce - This is an undated account of the redecoration of St. John's Catholic Church in Troy, which is mentioned in the short article of the Church's history.  The account mentions that it was redecorated in 1984, but this article is much older than that - so apparently it was redecorated more than once. Don Stanton
 (Annie Pomeroy died 1940, so this ocurred shortly after that)

Beautiful Redecoration at St. John’s

To the Members of St. John’s and all who attended Mass on the 27th, “Feast of Christ the King,” also the last Sunday of October – month of the “Holy Rosary,” it was a day of rejoicing in the renewal and decoration of the little church, transforming it into a gem of rare beauty, lifting the heart and inspiring devotion even as you enter…..On entrance, there is a vestibule, and placed there is the lovely marble Holy Water Font, donated by Mrs. Sarah B. Willett, deceased, who with her brother, Mr. W. E. Carnochan, always was good friend of the little church on the hill, showing it many favors……Leather doors open to the church proper, and in the center back is the confessional, modern and convenient.  As you advance toward the main altar, from the beautiful ceiling where-on “the dove” is painted, a soft light falls, symbolic of “the descent of the Holy Spirit”… The main and side altars are of marble white, with reredos or background of red and gold plaques having also the appearance of marble.  The separation of the main and side altars is very attractive, as in a frame-like construction of carved wood – all in exquisite white…..On the right is the statue of The Sacred Heart of Jesus; also the statue of St. Joseph, “Guardian of the Holy Family,” while on the left, the statue of Blessed Virgin Mary in her robe blue of the sky, with its border silver of the stars; also statue of St. Therese, known as “The Little Flower,” wearing the habit of her Order.  The communion rail is full width of the church with center opening at main altar – a great improvement.  The carpet in aisles, a dark crimson, all the pews retouched – everything to perfection.
The congregation is indeed very grateful to Reverend Father McHugh for the interest he has manifested in this work, and the knowledge he has used in making the repair and the decoration so attractive without in any way depriving St John’s of that which has always been its greatest attraction – its simple beauty. – Contributed
The members of the congregation extend deepest sympathy to the family of the late Mrs. Annie Pomeroy Holcombe.  She had an abiding interest in the progress of St. John’s and in the work of redecoration.  She was enthusiastic in her praise of Father McHugh’s plans and of the artist, who accomplished their completion.

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