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Submitted by Gary Parker
Photo by Gary Parker 2004
Page Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2004
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Date:     08/27/2004 9:40:41 AM Eastern Daylight Time   
From: (gary & theresa parker)

June 19, 1895
A congregation meeting was called by the church council to meet at the residence of J.F.Schanbacher , to make preparations to build a new church. J.F.Schanbacher was chosen chairman of the meeting and Robert Heyler recording secretary. A motion was made by John Mase and seconded by William Heyler, that we as Lutheran members make preparations to build a new Lutheran Church. A motion was made by Rev. D.B.Lau that the Lutheran Church council act as a committee, to consult with the members of the other branch of the church whether they will buy our portion or sell their portion of the church to us. The council appointed John F. Schanbacher and David Heyler to consult the Evangelical Association at their next quarterly conference at East Point. Rev. D.B.Lau proposed to see what amount could be raised and the following is the result.
Gottleib Heyler $100, John Schanbacher $60, John Messner Jr. $60, Geo. Messner $60, Henry Roupp $50, William Heyler $20, David Heyler $30, Robert Heyler $15, Aunie Heyler $15, Laurence Heyler $5, Rev. D.B.Lau $10, Mrs. D.B.Lau $10, Mrs. William Heyler $5, John Mase $5, Mrs. Gottleib Heyler $5, Orville Schanbacher $15, R.V.Schanbacher $5
Then the chairman appointed the following soliciting committee; R.G.Heyler, Mrs. Henry Roupp, Aunie Heyler, Geo. Messner and J.F.Schanbacher. The meeting was adjourned by prayer.
July 12, 1895
A meeting was called to elect a building committee. Meeting was opened by prayer. Minutes of the previous meeting read and approved. The following is the report of the consultation committee. We met with the Evangelical Association at quarterly conference at East Point and stated our business to conference which was what will you give or take for the church property? The reply was ; the offer of give or take must come from same party that goes out. Consultation committee continued, not leaving a quorum the meeting was adjourned to meet Aug. 3, 1895.
Aug. 3, 1895
A meeting was called to elect building committee. Meeting opened by prayer, after which minutes of previous meeting were read and approved. Then a motion was made to take a vote on the location of building ground. The vote being taken, the location selected was a lot north of Henry Moyer’s. A motion was made to select a building committee of five. The following were elected William Heyler, John Schanbacher, John Messner Jr, Gottleib Heyler, and Geo. Messner. It was decided by vote that the dimensions of the church be 30 X 40 feet, vestibule and pulpit projecting. Vestibule to be on the corner of church. The meeting was then adjourned by prayer.
Feb. 27,1986
A meeting was called for to make arrangements in regard to building the church. Meeting was opened by prayer, after which minutes were read and approved. Mr. Henry Roupp was elected Treasurer to hold church money. The meeting was then adjourned.
Mar. 21, 1896
Commenced getting out timber for church
April 21, 1896
Commenced digging foundation for church
May 6, 1896 Commenced laying wall for new church
May 28, 1896
Commenced carpenter work for new church
May 31, 1896
Corner stone laying of new church. Service preached by Dr.Dimur(?) of Selings Grove ,PA. Paid $8 to Dr. Dimur.
Subscription List
Geo. Snyder $5, Laurence Heyler $5, William Heyler $10, Libbie Roupp $5, Rosie Heyler $5, William Fogleman $1, Simon Sindlinger $1, O.L.Schanbacher $10, Jacob Rauscher $1, Lydia Roupp $1, Mrs. A.E.Ritter $1, A.E. Ritter $1, Mrs. Henry Weaver $2, Mrs. G. Krise $2, Chas. Zink $1, Mrs. J. Guy $2, Mrs. H. Ridge $.50, Gottleib Krise $5, John Messner Sr. $5, Mrs. R.G.Heyler $1, Jacob Messner $5, Mary Heyler $3, Harriet Messner $5, John Messner Jr. $5, Clara Messner $5, Grace Schanbacher $5, David Heyler $5, Mrs. J.F.Schanbacher $5, Gottleib Heyler $5, Alice Messner $5, Curtis Schanbacher $5, Mrs. John Messner Sr $5, Henry Roupp $5, Geo. Messner $5, Mrs. Jacob Messner & daughters $5, Rading Schanbacher $5, John Schanbacher $5, Mrs. B.F.Werline $5, Collection $7.49
June 1, 1896
Raising of new church
Sept. 1, 1896
 Death of Mrs. Gottleib Heyler, first Lutheran member since building new church. Sermon preached by Rev. D.B.Lau, assisted by Rev. D.U.Miller.
Nov. 8, 1896
First sermon preached in church by Rev. D.B.Lau, Pastor.
Nov. 29, 1896
Dedication of church by Dr. Wieber of Sunbury ,PA
Subscription List
John Schanbacher $25, Gottleib Heyler $25, William Heyler $25, John J. Messner $25, Geo. Messner $25, David Heyler $25, Jacob Messner $25, Sadie Snyder $10, Mrs. John Messner Sr. $10, Mr. John Messner Sr. $10, Fred Biser $10, A.S.Messner $10, Laurence Heyler $5, Orville Schanbacher $5, Robert Heyler $5, Peter Weiner $5, Mrs. Robert Heyler $5, Henry Roupp $5, Eva Messner $1, Nathan Roupp $1, Winnie Raker $1, Adam Messner $1, Curtie Schanbacher $1, Maud Roupp $1, Ida Maneval $.50, Susie Alger $.50 Geo. Hartly $1, Rading Schanbacher $1, Jacob Zeafley $1, Mrs. Henry Roupp $5, Chas. W. Kohler $5, Jacob Messner $5, Mrs. John Messner Jr. $5, Mrs. Fred Biser $3, Mrs. Mary Heyler $3, Mrs. Chas Zink $2, Mr. Chas. Zink $2, Bidget Brinser $1, Auntie Heyler $1, Eariest Rauscher $1, Sophia Biser $1, Mrs Harrison Ridge $1, Chas. Beck $1, Clara Messner $1, Cora Matthews $1, Martha Roupp $1, Roda Patterson $1, Henry Roupp $1, Aaron Harer $1, Jennie Wylie $1, Henry Fulkerson $1, Elmer Messner $1, Chas. Plank $1, Chas. Frank $1, William Frank $1, Less Heyler $1, Mrs. William Mase $1, Libbie Roupp $1, Collection $3.54
Subscription List
David Kohler $5, Mrs. Robert Heyler $5, Gottleib Heyler $5, Sadie Snyder $5, Mrs. William Heyler $5, John Messner Jr. $5, Mrs John Messner Jr. $5, William Heyler $5, David Heyler $10, Geo. Messner $5, Mrs. Geo. Messner $5, Grace Schanbacher $5, Mrs. Lewy Ferguson $1, Grant Wilson $1, Barney Krise $1, John Mase $1, Bell Wylie $1, Mary Heyler $1, Mrs. William Bastian $1, Ida Maneval $.50, Auntie Heyler $.50, Laurence Heyler $1, Jacob Messner $1, Susie Messner $1, Aunnie Snyder $1, Katie Snyder $1, Sadie Snyder $1, John Messner Jr. $3, Simon Sindlinger $2, Rev D.B.Lau $1, William Ault $1, Clara Miller $1, Mrs. John Mase $1, Frank Heyler $1, Mrs. Geo. Artley $1, Mrs. I.B.Werline $1, Collection $2.55
Gottleib Heyler ( price of timber $500)
Dec. 13, 1896
First Sunday School organized, J.F.Schanbacher as Superintendent. Curtis Schanbacher appointed Janitor for 1897 for $3.90. First Baptism, Roland Heyler, first communion in new church. Death of Mrs. John Messner, service preached by Rev. D.B.Lau. Death of Mrs. Jacob Heyler, sermon preached by Rev. D.B.Lau.
Jan. 6,1897
The land on which Zion Building is erected was recorded in the Tioga County Deed Book, Wellsboro on Epiphany Day Jan. 6 1897
May 30, 1897
Second communion in church
Oct. 17,1897
Third communion in church. Amount of Benevolent collection $7.49. Names of members confirmed and united with church as follows: Nathan Roupp, Maud Roupp, Grace Schanbacher, Miss Keifer, Virgie Messner, Julia Guy, Ellie Messner. Second Baptism, Julia Guy. Twenty six sermons were preached during the year.
Jan 9, 1898
Paid Curtis Schanbacher $3.95 for janitor work. David Heyler appointed janitor for 1898 at $3.70. Sunday school re-organized, J.F.Schanbacher re-elected Superintendent.
Feb 6, 1898
 Fourth communion in new church, O.F. Schanbacher elected as Trustee for new church.
May 14, 1898
Preparatory services held in old church
May 15, 1898
Fifth communion held in new church.
July 28, 1898
A Congregational meeting was called in regards to selling old church. John Schanbacher was elected chairman. A motion was made and carried to sell the old church, 75 X 84 ft, by the Trustee for $75. A motion was made by Bro. Lau to build six church sheds and out buildings and Trustee purchase necessary ground, motion carried.
W.E.Champaign $5, F.E.Watrous$5, Henry Landrus $5, David Manval $5, Sam Miller $5, H.E.Raisly $5, Geo. Wheeland $5, Richard Hughes $10, David Alberta $1, James Duff $1, Arch Harnie $1, Bev Mase $1, John Mase $5, F.M.Sheffer $5, Henry Cox $5, Dr. Z.E.Kimble $5, Israll Forer $10, C.U.Maneval $5, Richard Smith $2, Mrs.J.McVoy $2, Chas.Smith $5, Mrs. Wheatly $.50, R Harnie $1, Minnie Paul $5, Jane Mase $.50
Oct 1 1898
Preparatory services held in old church.
Oct 2, 1898
Sixth communion held in new church
Feb. 5, 1899
Curtis Schanbacher elected janitor for $4.90
Mar.18, 1899
Preparatory services held in old church
Apr. 2, 1899
Seventh communion held in new church
Dec. 10, 1899
Eighth communion held in church
Jan 7, 1900
Sunday school re-organized, J.F.Schanbacher re-elected Superintendent.
Feb. 11, 1900
R.G.Heyler elected janitor for $5.00
May 24, 1900
First marriage held in church, Laurence Heyler and Virginia Messner
July 8, 1900
Ninth communion held in church
July 20, 1900
Meeting held in old church
October 1, 1900
We the undersigned Trustees (?) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church at Sebring being authorized by said church do hereby give notice to all whom it may concern: That whatever work may be done to Zion’s Church at Sebring is done under protest of the Lutheran Church and further that whatever bills may be incurred by tearing down or rebuilding they (The Lutheran Church ) will not be responsible for and further still that the Lutheran Church will not continue to hold these rights in said Zion’s Church until there is a satisfactory settlement made.
The following notes are from the Leave Taking Service Bulletin, Dec 27, 1987
For a short period of time no church services were held. We have no exact dates of this period. About 1935, the Church was re-organized. The organizational committee consisted of John Alexander, Ginnie Nicholas, Emma Heyler, Thomas P. Jones and Bertha Kraus. Most likely during that period of no services and re-organization, Rev. W.A.Moser, according to the record of his pastorate, was the pastor of the Liberty Valley Parish.
The 50th anniversary of Zion Lutheran Church was held on September 8, 1946 with the Rev. Woodrow Jennings Klinger as Pastor.
During the summer of 1987, a van-type automobile traveling north on Route 15, traveled across the highway, up the embankment and damaged the bell tower/entrance way. As a result, temporary repairs needed to be made for safety reasons. On September 20, 1987, a congregational meeting was held to discuss the future of Zion Lutheran Church.
The meeting was conducted by the Assistant to the Bishop, the Rev. Dr. Theodore Lindquist. The people were faced with a hard decision. They had two options for consideration: 1) shall the church do major repairs and remain open; or 2) shall Zion close out its ministry with a date to be decided for closing?
After much discussion a vote was taken with the following results: 6 votes to remain open, 11 votes to close/dissolve the congregation, 2 votes abstained.
The Central Pennsylvania Synod Executive Board was informed of Zion Lutheran Congregational action of September 20,1987The Executive Board of the Central Pennsylvania Synod appointed the present Church Council of : Thomas Jones Sr., Irene Cuda, Margaret Raker, Marie Krause, Thomas Jones Jr., and Deanna Knecht to serve as Trustees of Zion Lutheran Church to set the date for a leave taking service, dispose of all properties, give members of the congregation first choice on any property items or suggest a congregation to receive worshipful items and to keep the parish register open for at least six months for people to request a letter of transfer to a congregation of their choice. With in the year, the Parish register shall be deposited in the Archives of Gettysburg Seminary. Finally after the building is dismantled, the Trustees plan a marker at the site to indicate to future generations the life, mission and ministry of Zion Lutheran Church, Sebring PA for its 91 years of existence.
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