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Submitted by Gary Parker
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Date:  08/25/2004 8:48:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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Information from the 50th Anniversary bulletin August 5 1945


Most of the early records were lost, if, indeed they were at all recorded. The early Lutheran pastor was not as transient as many other pastors, but he did have to face frontier conditions that many times made him dilatory and careless  in keeping his records. What early bookkeeping was done was recorded in the church’s native tongue-German. German was used constantly until 1852 and then for a few years English was used, but the pastors and people liking their old tongue, again turned to sprinklings of German until 1863. Since that time English has been used exclusively in keeping the records.

In the Hart’s Schoolhouse and in the first Church the Evangelical Lutheran and German Reformed congregations worshiped together.

German Reformed Pastors:

Pastor Schultz 1831-1837

Pastor Jarret

Pastor D. P. Saurs 1847-

Pastor L.S. Shade 1854-1858

Pastor Daniels

Evangelical Lutheran Pastors

Pastor Schultz 1831-1837

Pastor J.P. Schindle

Pastor E. Peixeto 1837-1840 (Zion’s Church Record)

Pastor L. Dietzsch 1840- 1845 (Zion’s Church Record) Died while in service here, buried at Freidens

Pastor I. Moocker 1845-1848 (First Salem Church built 1847)

Pastor Deich

Pastor Dultman

Pastor Gritzinger1852-1858

Pastor E. Studebacker1858-1865

Pastor I. G. Bruninger Jan. 1865-

Pastor Frey

Pastor I.P. Neff May 1868-Feb. 1873 (His one year old son , Jonnie, buried at Salem)

Pastor A.B. Miller Apr. 1873-Sept. 1890

Pastor A.H. Shertz Sept. 1890-Jan. 1892

Pastor A.H. Weaver Jan. 1892-1895 ( Present building erected and dedicated Dec 9 1894, fifty years ago, Mr. Weaver died this winter, Jan. 17 1945 at Hudson , ? )

Pastor D.B. Lau MA Apr. 1, 1985- 1898

No regular pastor 1898-Apr. 10, 1901

Pastor D.E. McLain Apr. 10, 1901-July 20, 1909 (Second pastor to die while in the parish, the first pastor to be buried at Salem Cemetery. A son, Paul, was buried by him while serving this pastorate. Mrs. McLain also is buried at Salem Cemetery)

Pastor D.S. Weimer Jan. 16, 1910-1912

Pastor A.B. Miller May 2, 1912-Sept1914 (The second time he served this parish)

Pastor Chas. R. Streamer 1914-Apr. 1, 1918

Pastor W.A. Moser June 2, 1918-Oct. 10, 1938

Pastor Chas. E. Staub Mar. 1, 1939-Mar. 1, 1943

Pastor W.J.Klinger July 1, 1943-Pastor incumbent

Church Councils

Eighty years ago: Elders; Philip Fulkrod, Daniel Ertly, Deacons; Henry Brion, Emual Ritter

Fifty years ago: Elders; John Fick, John Heyler, John Haggerty, Deacons; Charles Heyler,John Zeafla, Trustees; Henry Brion, James Dennison, Frederick Heyler

Building Committee fifty years ago; William Schneider, Aaron Ritter, John Heyler, Melvin Hart, Daniel Schneider

Church Council Today Elder Frank Zeafla, Trustees Leon Brown, Wilbur Brion, Deacons John Zeafla Jr, Orrin Brion


One of Salem’s finest contributions has been the early religious training of the parishes’ only ministerial son, The Reverend Daniel J. Snyder DD who has made outstanding strides in the Lutheran Church and in the service of our Lord.

Builders fifty years ago: Ambrose and Geo. Cochran, architect and contractor; Murry Smith, carpenter; Abe and Jacob Reed, masons. Jacob is still living. Many others contributed labor, materials and money. The cost of the building was $ 1900, paid immediately by subscription.

Those living today who attended the cornerstone laying and dedication services: Verne Phelps, Robert and Cletus Smith, Maynard Youdes, Q.C. Hartsock, Mrs Laura Youdes( only known living member of The Ladies Aid of fifty years ago) Ed.W. Brion, Sadie Coppersmith, Ward,Ed, and Daniel Snyder, Mrs. Maynard Forer, Emaline Youdes, Grant Gleckner, Chas. F. Maneval, Hilary Smith, and C.U.Maneval. There are undoubtly others whose names we did not get.

Date of cornerstone laying: Apr.1, 1894. A very heavy shower came during the ceremonies. Date of Dedication Dec. 9, 1894.

Improvements through the years: Re-shingled and repainted several times, interior renovations eighteen years ago, concrete walk laid, removed old horse and buggy sheds, cemetery placed under perpetual care in 1932, lawn in process of being graded, new fluorescent lights, and new Common Service Hymnals in 1942.

 FIRSTS According to Salem’s records

Baptism: July 29, 1838 ( name not legible)

Wedding: October 25, 1840 ( names not legible)

Funeral: Jan. 18, 1838 ( name not legible)

Holy Communion 1849

Synod Meetings mentioned occasionally. An important meeting recorded at Lancaster, May 22, 1842

Salem’s first place of worship: Hart’s Schoolhouse

Salem’s first church building: 1847, wood constructed by sections

Salem’s first constitution: May 30, 1847

First to be killed in Battle (Fifth death to be recorded): Henry Hitchcock, 22 years old, buried at White Oak Swamp, VA, Aug.6, 1864

First and only Confederate Soldier buried at Salem: A.R. Wilson, Beuter’s Church, March 24 1917, age 78 years

First Pastor buried at Salem: D.F.McLain, July 20, 1909. His wife also is buried here

Son of Pastor buried here: Paul Luther McLain,age 8 years. Died July 20, 1906. Rev. Dunlop officiated

Another Pastor’s son: Jonnie H. , son of Rev. Isaac Neff, buried beside McLain boy

First Church Council installed: Jan. 22, 1865

First recording in first Church record book in Parish possession: ( probably from Zion Church) Aug 7, !831. A baptism, John Seigchrist, son of Henrich Seigchrist and Sara Benner, who was born March 24, 1831

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