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Fall Brook Presbyterian Church, Tioga County PA
Bradford County PA
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Tioga County PA
1863 - 1878 
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Church: First Presbyterian Church, 1863-1878: Fall Brook, Tioga County, PA

File contributed  by Daphne Evans


The village of Fall Brook was founded by the Fall Brook Coal Company in the autumn of the year 1859 and in the cause
 of the following year the resident population had increased to five or six hundred, of whom a considerable number were
 Roman Catholic, but the majority were Protestant of different denominations, and chiefly of the Presbyterian body.

The want of religious ordinances being much felt by a part of the Protestant Community recourse was for some time had
 to the services of ministers or preachers of different evangelical denominations who could be induced to visit the place;
 but towards the close of the year 1860, or the beginning of the year 1861, it was resolved to petition the Presbytery
 of Susquehanna to take immediate steps with a new to the organization of a Presbyterian Church (old school) at
 Fall Brook.  A petition to this effect was accordingly pursecuted to the Presbytery a fores and, at the meeting of
 that reverend court which was held at Towanda on the ? (day badly faded and can't be read) day of February

The following are the names which were on this petition.
Alexander Pollock
James Heron

Alex Pollock, jun                 Humphries Brewer
James Pollock                     David Pryde
Peter Cameron, junior             Evans J. Evans
Robert Logan                      William Watchman
James Logan                       George Snedden
John Dunsmore

NAME                    WHEN & HOW RECEIVED          WHEN & HOW DISMISSED

Robert Baird            11/30/1863-Certificate     4/13/1865-Certificate
Jane (his wife)          ditto  - Examination             ditto
Nicol McNicol           12/3/1863-Examination           Deceased
Agnes (his wife)              ditto                 1873  - Certificate
Christina Pollock       12/4/1863-Examination          Certificate
Mrs John Walker         12/4/1863-Certificate           Deceased
Ann Dick                3/28/1864-Certificate           Deceased
Alexander Henderson      4/1/1864-Certificate         gone Cambria
John Williams           6/21/1864-Certificate         gone Morris Run
Thomas McNeish          7/31/1864-Certificate
Mrs Thomas McNeish            ditto
Margaret Cook           9/30/1864-Certificate         gone Ohio
Elizabeth C Watson      10/6/1864-Certificate         gone Arnot
Jane Shearer McNeish    10/24/1864-Certificate        gone Kansas
Walter Mason            10/24/1864-Examination      Certificate/came back
Mary (his wife)                ditto                    Deceased
William McNeish         10/24/1864-Examination         Certificate
Jean (his wife)                ditto                      ditto
Alexander Wilson        8/12/1865-Examination
Margaret (his wife)           ditto
John Nelson                   ditto                        away
Andrew Wilson                 ditto
William Wilson                ditto
Isabella Easton         8/13/1865-Examination
Alexander Allen         8/14/1865-Examination           away Ohio
Mary Ann Grant          8/16/1865-Examination          Novia Scotia
John Pollock                  ditto                 Dismissed to Mansfield
William Pollock         8/17/1865-Examination
Jane Walker                   ditto
Mary Kelly              8/19/1865-Examination
Sarah Ann Heron               ditto
Ellen M. Allen                ditto                 12/22/1873-Raleigh,NC
George Watson                 ditto
Robert Russell          8/13/1865-Certificate
Ann (his wife)                ditto                      Deceased
Agnes Forbes                  ditto                 Returned to Scotland
Alexander Pollock,Jr    8/15/1865-Certificate          Certificate
Christina (his wife)          ditto
James Allen                   ditto                       Dead
Isabella (his wife)           ditto                     Scotland
James Hynds             8/19/1865-Certificate
??? (his wife)                ditto
??? Hynds                     ditto
James Paterson          12/6/1866-Certificate           away
Margaret (his wife)           ditto                     away Bloss
Robert McNeish                ditto                 3/20/1876-Carbondale,KS
Jean (his wife)               ditto
George Forsyth                ditto                 Dismissed to Arnot
Ann R. Wilson                 ditto                     away Ill
James Nelson                  ditto                 8/18/1869-certificate
Alexander Allen               ditto                     away Ohio
Marion (his wife)             ditto                       ditto
Christina Grant Boyd          ditto                 12/22/1875-Letter
Janet Forsyth           12/6/1866-Examination
William Wardrop               ditto
Elizabeth (his wife)          ditto
Andrew Adams                 ditto            12/26/1871-Certificate/Arnot
Isabella (his wife)           ditto                      ditto
Mrs. M. P. Kenneth      06/12/1867-Certificate         to Barclay
Mrs Ely Barrows         6/12/1867-Examination          away Tioga
Mrs Marg Cooper               ditto                    Certificate
Alexander Chalmos             ditto              3/16/1875-letter to Arnot
John Reed               12/06/1866-Examination   8/19/1867-Certificate
Janet (his wife)                                          ditto
Eliza A. Pollock                                 12/06/18?? to Clearmont
William Allen           06/1867-Certificate      4/27/1875 to Releigh, NC
Janet (his wife)              ditto                      ditto
John Wardon                                      by letter to Mt Zion Ch
Isabella (his wife)
Robert Dick             12/1867-Examination               away
Walter Dick                   ditto              Dismissed on Certificate
Mary C. (his wife)            ditto                      ditto
Joseph McNeish                ditto                      ditto
Ursela (his wife)             ditto                      ditto
William Chambers & wife 02/18/1869-Certificate   1/27/1876-McIntyre,PA
Robert Brownlee & wife  02/18/1869-Certificate           letter
James Brownlee                ditto
Archabald Chambers            ditto              2/28/1876-Osciola
Elizabeth (his wife)          ditto                       ditto
James Burt & wife             ditto              letter-Presby.Ch Arnot
Andrew Nelson           08/18/1869
Margarett (his wife)
George Watson                                    12/22/1873-Scotland
Rachael (his wife)                                      ditto
Mrs Janet Blair (his mother)                            ditto
Walter Mason
Mathew Marshall & wife   03/03/1870                   Scotland
James Nichol                                         gone to Arnot
Elizabeth (his wife)
Robert Boyd             03/03/1870-Certificate   12/22/1873-Certificate
Mrs Mary Nicol                  ditto            2/08/1876-letter
James Fleming & wife            ditto            gone to Scotland-died
Mrs S. E. Smith                 ditto            1/25/1875-letter
Rick Hunter & wife      09/08/1870-Certificate    gone to Scotland
James Montgomery                ditto            12/22/1873-letter
Isabella (his wife)             ditto                  ditto
?? Nichol               09/08/1870-Examination   2/08/1876-Certificate
William Young            4/2/1871-Certificate          ditto
Ann (his wife)                  ditto                  ditto
James Hinds                     ditto            6/16/1872-letter
Martha (his wife)               ditto                  ditto
Janet Pollock           3/13/1872-Certificate    3/16/1875-letter
Mrs C. E. Camp                  ditto            3/26/1876-letter
David Anderson          3/14/1872-Certificate    1/23/1875-letter
Jane (his wife)                 ditto                  ditto
Mrs Jane Wilson         3/14/1872-Examination
Robert Muir             8/21/1872-Certificate    12/22/1873-letter
Agnes (his wife)                ditto                  ditto
William Aitken                  ditto            12/30/187?-letter
William Nichol                  ditto            5/24/1873-deceased
Janet (his wife)                ditto            12/22/1873-letter
Alexander Pollock,Sen.Elder                          Certificate
Jean (his wife)                                         ditto
James Heron                                      9/22/1872-deceased
Ann Jane (his wife)                              5/4/1873-Wellsboro
Alexander Pollock,Jr.                                Certificate
James Pollock                                    12/6/1880-letter
Peter Cameron,Jr.                                    Certificate
Christina (his wife)                                    ditto
Robert Logan, Elder                                     ditto
Barbara (his wife)                                      ditto
James Logan                                  killed-battle of Wellsboro
Robert Kelly                                       Lovington, PA
William Watchman                                     Certificate
Catherine (his wife)                                    ditto
David Pryde                                          Morris Run
Isabella (his wife)                                    ditto
Elizabeth Pryde                                        ditto
John Dunsmore
Janet (his wife)
George Snedden                                      gone to Saranto
Margaret (his wife)                                     ditto
Mrs Fyler (widow)                                     Morris Run
Mrs William James                                     Morris Run
James Sturrock                                       Certificate
Alexander Russel        4/2/1873-Examination
Sarah (his wife)                ditto
Daniel May                      ditto
Marion B. (his wife)            ditto
William Pollock         6/1/1873-letter          2/5/1879-Certificate
Emma (his wife)                 ditto                   ditto
Andrew Leslie Nelson    6/29/1873-Examination           left
Alexander Pollock       8/3/1873-letter            1/9/1876-Wellsboro
Jane (his wife)                ditto                    ditto
Christina (Nichol) Shearer 8/13/1873-Examination   12/22/1873-letter
John Shearer            8/16/1873-Examination           ditto
John Pollock            8/16/1873-letter
Samuel Chambers         4/5/1874-Profession       3/10/1876-McIntyre
Thomas Mulholen         4/12/1874-Profession
Esther (his wife)               ditto
Alexander Smith         6/28/1874-Profession      3/2/1876-McIntyre
Jean (Couser)(his wife)    ditto - letter               ditto
Robert Boyd, Elder      8/30/1874
Christina (G) Boyd
John Couser & wife      12/19/1874-letter         3/2/1876-Mt Zion Ch
Alexander Pollock, Jr.        ditto
Christina (his wife)          ditto
James Montgomery              ditto
Isabella (his wife)           ditto
John Shearer            12/19/1874-letter         3/2/1876-Mt Zion Ch
Christina (his wife)          ditto                      ditto
Peter Boyd                    ditto
Agnes Boyd                    ditto
Mrs Eliza Clark         1/5/1876-Profession
Andrew J. Pollock             ditto
Mary A. Pollock               ditto
James Griffin           10/28/1878-Profession
William Burgar                ditto
William Frauce          4/8/1877-Profession
George Griffin                ditto
Mrs John Frauce               ditto
Mrs Margaret (Nichol) Hay 8/21/1872-Certificate   12/22/1873-Scotland
Robert Hay              8/21/1872-Examination            ditto
John Scotland           8/21/1872-Certificate     12/22/1878-Certificate
Janet (his wife)              ditto                      ditto
James Nelson & wife     10/6/1872-Arnot
Jane C (his wife)             ditto
John Watson                                       3/10/1876-Carbondale,KS
Margaret (his wife)                                      ditto
James White             10/13/1872                       Arnot
Janet (Miller) (his wife)   ditto                        ditto
Alexander Allen & wife  10/13/1872
George Snedden & wife   12/29/1872-Certificate
Joseph McNeish                ditto             3/10/1876-Carbondale, KS
Ursela (his wife)             ditto                      ditto
John Revie              2/23/1873-Certificate     1/24/1876-Rulston
Jane (his wife)               ditto                      ditto
John Sommerville         1869-letter              12/22/1873-Scotland
Grace Alsten Sommerville      ditto                      ditto

                              REGISTER OF BAPTISMS
NAME OF BAPTIZED                SPONSORS                            DATE

Mary Ann Jones             Jacob Jones & wife                    12/5/1861
Emilia Jones                    ditto                              ditto
Isaac Jones                     ditto                              ditto
Peter Watchman             William Watchman & wife               4/20/1862
Anne Richardson Cameron    Peter Cameron & wife                    ditto
Anne Richardson Marvin     Mrs Marvin(or Cameron)                4/27/1862
Maria Cameron              James Cameron & wife                  5/11/1862
William Gilmour            William Gilmour & wife                  ditto
Alexander Pryde            David Pryde & wife                    5/14/1862
Agnes Logan                Robert Logan & wife                    6/1/1862
Bepie Richardson           William Watchman & wife               6/28/1863
Agnes Finillaten           Alex,Jr.&Christine Pollock            10/4/1863
Elizabeth Mary             Robert & Jane Baird                  11/22/1863
Margaret                   John & Mary Little                     1/8/1864
James L.                       ditto                               ditto
Thomas Wilson                                                     2/8/1864
Jean Watson                John Watson & wife
Agnes Watson                   ditto                             6/10/1866
James Chalmos              Archibald Chalmos&wife                7/22/1866
Andrew Forsyth             George Forsyth & wife                 4/27/1863
Ann E. Dick                Walter Dick & wife                      ditto
James Hynd                 James Hynd & wife                     8/23/1863
Isabella Hynd                ditto                                 ditto
Alexander Pollock          James Pollock & wife                 12/13/1868
Ellen Allen                Alexander Allen & wife                2/21/1869
Samuel Williams            Rise Williams & wife                    ditto
James Nelson               James Nelson & wife                   7/11/1869
William Wardrop            William Wardrop & wife                  ditto
Archibald Chambers         Archibald Chambers & wife               ditto
Isabella Pollock           Alexander Pollock & wife              11/7/1869
Robert McNeish             Joseph McNeish & wife                 11/7/1869
Robert McNeish    died 10/1879
Thomas Smith               James Smith & wife                    11/7/1869
Alexander Pollock          William Pollock & wife               11/27/1869
Sarah J. Kennedy           E.Kennedy & wife                        ditto
Walter Dick                Robert Dick & wife                   11/28/1869
Clementine Forsyth         George Forsyth & wife                 1/16/1870
Ann Nelson                 John Nelson & wife                      ditto
Robert B Brownlee          J.Robert Brownlee&wife                2/27/1871
Elizabeth Burt             James Burt & wife                     3/18/1870
Ann Burt                     ditto                                 ditto
Sarah Burt                   ditto                                 ditto
Jane Burt                    ditto                                 ditto
Janet N. Paterson                                                2/28/1870
Thomas S. Warden           John Warden & wife                    1/27/1870
Alexander P. Adams         Andrew Adams & wife                    5/1/1870
William Montgomery         James Montgomery&wife                  7/3/1870
Thomas Watson              John Watson & wife                    10/7/1870
Robert Dick    son of      Reese & Isabella Williams
Mary      daughter of      John Nelson                           3/25/1871
Jennett Marion Allen on faith of Mrs Wm Allen grdmother           2/4/1871
G.L.Findleton   son of     Alex & Christina Pollock,Jr           4/30/1871
Thomas Hind                James Marhta Hinds                     6/4/1871
Thomas Hind  deceased 4/24/1872
Jane Shearer Chambers      Samuel & Marion Chambers               6/4/1871
Archibald Aleseander C.    Archibald & Elizabetth Chambers        8/6/1871
Archibald Aleseander C.  died 4/23/1872
James Chambers    son of   Robert & Elizabeth Dick                8/6/1871
Andrew Walker     son of   Andrew & Isibella Adams                  ditto
John Wardrobe     son of   William & Elizabeth Wardrobe             ditto
Ann Boyd     daughter of   Peter & Agnes A. Boyd                11/19/1871
Clementina Nelson          Andrew & Margaret Nelson              12/4/1871
Jane McNeish               Joseph & Ursla McNeish                2/18/1872
James Forsyth              George Forsyth & wife                 9/30/1866
Thomas Shearer             John Shearer & wife                   10/7/1866
Elizabeth McNish           Nicol McNish & wife                     ditto
James Allen                Alexander Allen & wife               10/10/1866
Martha Wardrop             William Wardrop & wife                  ditto
Adam B. Adams              Andrew Adams & wife                  10/14/1866
Elizabeth Pollock          Alexander Pollock & wife             11/11/1866
Christina M.Cameron        Peter Cameron & wife                 12/23/1866
Mary Watson                George Watson & wife                  1/19/1866
Jean F. Pollock            James Pollock & wife                  1/20/1866
Duncan F. Rupel            Robert Rupel & wife                   3/17/1866
Andrew Wilson              Andrew Wilson & wife                   5/5/1867
Cath Mogan Barrows         Fredrick Barrows & wife               7/28/1867
John A. McDonald           Robert McDonald & wife                 7/?/1867
Andrew A. Wilson           Matthew Wilson & wife                  9/3/1867
Elizabeth McNeish          Joseph McNeish & wife                10/13/1867
Walter Mason               Walter Mason & wife                   11/7/1867
Jane Mason                    ditto                                ditto
Isabella Mason                ditto                                ditto
Margaret Mason                ditto                                ditto
Robert P. Heron            James Heron & wife                    12/?/1867
Margaret Paterson          James Paterson & wife                12/27/1867
John Wardon                John Wardon & wife                    2/23/1868
Alexander Pollock          Alexander Pollock & wife
Agnes Baird                Robert Brownlee & wife                4/28/1872
Janet Hay                  Robert & Margaret N. Hay               6/2/1872
John Montgomery            James & Isabella Montgomery             ditto
Janet Nichol               James & Elizabeth Nichol               6/9/1872
James Carborns Nelson      James & Jane C. Nelson                6/16/1872
Mary Evans                 John Evans & Ellen (Allen) Evans       7/7/1872
William (Allen) Reese      John Reese & Janet (A.) Reese            ditto
James Muir                 Robert & Agnes Muir                   8/11/1872
Thomas McNeisch Mason      Walter & Marion Mason                    ditto
Mary Kirkwood Young        William & Agnes Young                    ditto
William Reeves             Joseph & Mary Reeves                 11/18/1872
George Forsyth Nelson      John & Mary Nelson                     9/1/1872
Daniel Williams            Reese & Isabella Williams             9/18/1872
William James Sneddon      William & Ellen Sneddon               9/19/1872
James Watson               John & Margaret Watson                9/29/1872
James Pollock Chambers     Alexander & Janet(Pollock)Chambers   10/27/1872
John Levi Dick             Walter & Elizabeth Dick                 ditto
Hector McKenzie Revie      John & Jane Revie                     2/23/1873
Robert Sommerville         John & Grace A. Sommerville           2/27/1873
Robert Sommerville deceased 2/28/1873
Duncan Sommerville (twin)  John & Grace A. Sommerville           2/27/1873
Thomas Nelson              James Nelson & wife                    3/?/1873
John Chambers              Archibald & Elizabeth Chambers
James Anson Pollock        James & Eliza A. Pollock              3/30/1873
Mary Kolb Pollock          William & Emily E. Pollock             4/3/1873
John Nichol Scotland       John & Janet N. Scotland              4/13/1873
Mary May                   Daniel & Marion May                    5/4/1873
John Watson                George & Rachael S. Watson             6/8/1873
John Watson     deceased 8/12/1873
Janet Sneddon              George & Janet Sneddon                6/22/1873
James Andrew Nelson        Andrew L. Nelson & Martha S.           7/2/1873
Andrew Nelson Wilson       Mrs. Jane N. Wilson (widow)             ditto
Jane Wardrop               William & Elizabeth Wardrop           7/13/1873
Margaret Boyd              Peter & Agnes A. Boyd                 7/30/1873
William McNeish            William & Jane McNeish                8/24/1873
Janet Couser Shearer       John & Christina N. Shearer             ditto
Elizabeth Pollock Dick     Robert & Elizabeth Dick                 ditto
James Russel               Alexander & Sarah Russel              8/27/1873
Janet Russel                     ditto                             ditto
David Russel                     ditto                             ditto
Robert Hay                 Robert & Margaret Hay                  9/7/1873
Matthew Montgomery         James & Isabella Montgomery          10/19/1873
John Johansen              Andrias & Christine Johansen          11/3/1873
Jane Anderson              David & Jane Anderson                 12/7/1873
Catherine Bruce May        Daniel & Marion May                   2/15/1874
James Chambers             Samuel & Marion Chambers              4/12/1874
Jane Findlater Pollock     William & Emma Pollock                6/28/1874
Gustov Harry Valdemar Larsson  Gustov & Hadde Larsson             7/3/1874
Gustov Edward Johannisson  Edward & Anna Johannisson               ditto
Jean Gould Smith           Alexander & Jean Smith                 7/5/1874
Sarah Dick                 Walter & Elizabeth Dick               7/26/1874
Walter Dick Williams       Reese & Isabella Williams               ditto
Andrew Barr Young          William & Agnes Young                10/18/1874
Mary McNeish               Joseph & Ursla McNeish                11/1/1874
Robert Russel              Alexander Russel                     11/15/1874
Jane Forsythe Nelson       John & Mary D. Nelson                 1/31/1875
Emma Elizabeth Pollock     Alexander & Christina Pollock         3/28/1875
Thomas Carbarns Nelson     James & Jane L. Nelson                 4/4/1875
John Mason                 Walter & Marion Mason                 4/18/1875
William Chambers           Archibald & Elizabeth Chambers         6/6/1875
John Reese                 John & Janet (A.) Reese                 ditto
Bruce Nichol               David & Janet (Bruce) Nichol          6/11/1875
David Snedden              George & Janet Snedden                 7/4/1875
Robert Chambers            Samuel & Marion Chambers              8/22/1875
Mary Shearer               John & Christina Shearer                ditto
Audie Eliza Pollock        James & Eliza A. Pollock             11/14/1875
William Jervis Dick        Robert & Elizabeth Dick              12/26/1875
Thomas Wardrop             William & Elizabeth Wardrop            1/4/1876
Mrs Eliza Clark  was baptized on proffesion                       1/9/1876
Elizabeth Revie            John & Janet M. Revie                 1/22/1876
Duncan May                 Daniel & Marion May                   2/13/1876
Joseph Watson              John & Margaret Watson                3/10/1876
Robert Boyd                Peter & Agnes Boyd                    7/23/1876
Alexander Revie            John & Jane Revie                    10/25/1878
Mary Flemming Nelson       Jas. & --- Nelson                     4/27/1879
Margaret Stunock Stevenson Jno. & --- Stevenson                 10/19/1879
Mary Hunter                Alex & Jane Hunter                     3/6/1881

                          REGISTER OF MARRIAGES
NAME OF GROOM                NAME OF BRIDE                     DATE

James Hutchison             Anne Sampson                       12/25/1861
Nicol McNicol               Agnes Alexander                      9/4/1863
David Brown                 Helen Wallace                        9/1/1863
Burrle Hoagland             Anne Farrar                         10/5/1863
William McNeish             Jean Hall                          10/27/1863
Charles N. Crammer          Lucy H. Stratton                    3/16/1864
John Yeoman                 Elizabeth Walters                   2/21/1864
Alexander Allen             Catherine Powl                       6/1/1866
Matthew Wilson              Christina Duncan                    9/19/1866
Walter Mason                Marion C. McNeish                   9/22/1866
Myron S. Stratton           Sarah A. Heron                      11/7/1866
Joseph Bateman              Jean Gilmore                       12/29/1866
Joseph McNeish              Ursla Hatherill
John Warden                 Margaret Shearer                     1/2/1867
Rise Williams               Isabella Easton                     3/20/1867
Robert Dick                 Elizabeth Chalmer                   1/31/1868
John Evans                  Ellen M. Allen                       6/4/1868
James White                 Janet Miller                       10/29/1869
Daniel May                  Marion Bruce                        6/16/1870
Robert Cummings             N???? Forrest                       10/6/1870
Alexander Chambers          Janet Pollock                       12/7/1871
John Shearer                Christina Nichol                   12/29/1871
Andrew Leslie Nelson        Martha Spence Wilson               10/11/1872
John Shephard               Anna Booth                         11/22/1872
Elnathan Hughes             Sarah McNeil Pride                   1/1/1873
William Blair               Jane Brock                          6/13/1873
Walter Mason Allen          Rebecca Denton Brewer               7/23/1873
John McFarland              Jane Patterson                       7/3/1873
Alexander Smith             Jean Couser                          8/1/1873
George W. Griffith          Jane Richards                      12/15/1873
William Patterson           Ellen Jeffrey                      12/31/1873
John Baird                  Jane Nelson                        12/31/1873
Johannis Johannisson        Christina Hansdotter                1/24/1874
Charles Johannisson         Maria Louisa Landberg                2/9/1874
Andrew Brown                Augusta Anderson                    4/17/1874
John Mathison               Elin Larsson                        5/16/1874
George Wilson               Clementina Overend                   7/3/1874
William Crichton            Margaret Nelson                    10/29/1874
J. Clayton Lilley           Augusta Pierce                     11/12/1874
Andrew J. Pollock           Mary A. Allen                      12/10/1874
John L. McNeish             Mary Ann Revie                     12/31/1874

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Tioga County PA

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