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Photo taken from the Cemetery by the Beaver Meadows Church
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Book Compiled by Carol Brotzman, Church Historian
Beaver Meadows Historical Committee 2000
Carol Brotzman, Douglas Clapper, Jane McGee, Rev. William C. Nelson
Book Formatted for Tri-Counties Site by Joyce M. Tice
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Beaver Meadows - We Are the Church - 1850 - 2000
Veterans of Beaver Meadows
  The list of veterans' graves in the Beaver Meadows Cemetery was compiled by Glenn Bennett, Mae Fassett, and Carol Brotzman.   
  (*means Honorary Veteran -Buried Elsewhere)  
Adams, Kenneth World War 11, PA. A2C US Air Force, Korea. Lot 121
Baker, Dorsey V. World War 1, PA. PFC 304 Ammo Train 79 Div. Lot 53
Baker, Paul K. World War 11, Sgt. Co. A, 317th Infantry 80th Division Killed in action in France Lot 53
Barrett, James W. Jr. World War 11, TEC 5, US Army Lot 98
Bennett, Gordon James World War I Lot 58
Bennett, Miles Private GAR, 1st Div., 1st Brig.,9th Army Corps, 1st Reg. Comp H, also 51st Reg. PA. Volunteer Co. H, also N.Y. 34th Infantry, 37th N.Y. Battery Artillery Brigade, 9th Army Corps. Served as a Veterinarian. Lot 138
Bennett, Richard C. World War 1, PA. 2nd Lt., Battery A, 40 th Fld. Artillery Lot 124
Bennett, Wayne C. World War I Lot 5
Benscoter, Gerald World War 11, US Navy Lot 131B
Button, Herbert Keith World War 11, US Army Lot282
Canfield, Clifford World War 11, US Air Force Lot 212
Culver, Adolphus C. Civil War, PA. Volunteers, Died at Base Hospital, Va. Lot 143
Culver, James J. Civil War, Co. C, 3 rd PA. Volunteers Lot 143
Culver, J. C. Captain, PA. State Militia Lot 142
Culver, Timothy M. Civil War, Pvt. Co. C 203 rd Died Fort Monroe, Va. Lot 143
Denson, Perry Civil War Confederate Soldier, Pvt. Co. G, 58th Regiment Indiana Volunteers Lot 90
Devine, Daniel Civil War A 57 PA.Volunteers Lot 85
Garris, James A. World War 1, Corporal Lot 46
Garris, James Arthur World War 11, 1st Lt., US Army Lot228
Goodwin, Stephen J. World War 11 Lot 214C
Gould, Harold Dean World War 11 Lot 104
Hall, Glenn B. World War 1, Co. 314th Infantry, American Expeditionary Forces Lot 77
Harsh, John Civil War, Co. G, 50th Regiment, PA. Volunteers Lot 40
Hitchcock, Leo Henry PA. PFC Co. A, 13 Bn. US Guards  Lot 49
Hoadley, Augustus P. Civil War, 143 PA. Volunteers  Lots 144 &145
  (Historian's Note: His military headstone is on one lot and his family headstone is on the other lot.)  
Hoover, George W. Civil War, Co. F, 53 rd Regiment PA. Volunteers Lot 28
Howey, Amos Civil War, Co. A, 190th PA. Infantry Lot 86
Hughes, Thomas W. GAR, PA. Volunteer, Co. K, 56th Rgmt. Lot 137
Lockwood, James R. World War 11, US Navy Lot 182
Marbaker, Edward Jr. Civil War, 51" PA. Infantry, Co. I Lot 101
Marbaker, James M. Civil War, 19th Wisconsin, Co. K Lot 138
Marbaker, Montie, World War 1, Pvt., US Army Lot 57
Marbaker, Oscar H. World War 1, PFC, Battery 243, Fld. Artillery Bn. Lot 104
Mase, Leon W., World War 1, No Lot # given, in the area of Lot 207  
Maxfield, Cyrus N. Civil War, Sgt., Co. K, 56 PA. Infantry Lot 146
Maxfield, Edward J. Spanish American War, Cuba Lot 149
Maxfield, Theodore R. World War 11, PA. Infantry, PFC Medical Dept. Lot 149
Millard, Robert Glen Vietnam, US Air Force Lot 203
Mitchell, David World War I Lot 39
Pickett, Almon Civil War, Pvt., Co. H, PA. Volunteers Lot 4
Potter, Riley Civil War, 141st PA. Volunteers, 57th Rgt.  Lot 18
  (Historian's Note: Family correspondence states he was in Va. serving near his son, Thomas. Family records indicate he was buried in Beaver Meadows but not Lot It is possibly Lot 18.)  
Proof, Donald Sr. Korean War, US Coast Guard Lot 118
Ross, Orrin US Air Force Lot 87
Scott, Bert David World War 11, PFC, N.Y. 383rd Military Police Lot 56
Singer, Samuel World War 1, PA., PFC, Co. M, 55th Infantry Lot 119
Sink, Alva Lyle World War 11, PA., 2 nd Lt, Air Corps. Casualty Lot 19
Sink, Harvey E. World War 11, PA., PFC, 133 rd Infantry, 34 th Div. Lot 19
Snell, Orlando B. GAR, Co. F, Pt Regiment, N.J. Calvary Died at a Washington D.C. Hospital Lot 133
Strickland, Nathan C. Civil War Lot 25
Thompson, Fred A. World War 11, US Navy Lot 157
Wage, Chester C. Enlisted US Navy Jan. 1835. Served on the USS Constitution Lot 27
West, Francis Sr. World War 11, US Army TEC 5 Lot 148
Westler, John Mexican War Lot 132
Wilson, Kenneth Howe World War 11, US Army, Cook Lot 92
Woodruff, David J. Civil War, PVT, Co. C, 203 rd Lot 135 & Lot 85
  (Historian's Note: Actually buried in Lot 135 but family moved the headstone to Lot 85.)  
  (Historian's Note: The original lists provided by Glenn Bennett and Mae Fassett include the following: Cyrus N. Maxfield, Jr.; Robert Shaw; and Clarence E. Marbaker. There was no information found at all on Cyrus N. Maxfield, Jr. Family records show Robert Shaw was buried in the Quinby Cemetery, Silvara, Pa. Clarence Marbaker probably did serve in World War 1. He was the right age and he does have a standard next to his name. However, his name in not on the WPA Map (Works Progress Administration) dated July, 1941.)  
  The following are military markers found in the cemetery but their names are not listed on the Veterans' List compiled by the Historians:  
Grannis, George World War I Lot 38
Smith, Max World War 11 Lot 62
Pickett, Wesley GAR (Born 1853, Lot 2
  too young for the Civil War)  
Potter, Isaac 141st PA. Volunteers, Co. B.  
Potter, Abram 151st PA. Volunteers, Co. A  
  (*Historians Note: Potter, Isaac and Abram, casualties of the Civil War. Sons of Riley and Lorena Palmer Potter. They may have been buried in Lot 134. Their home was located in the field across from the Stravatto property. Family records indicate they are buried in the Beaver Meadows Cemetery.)  

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 3/18/2001
By Joyce M. Tice