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Book Compiled by Carol Brotzman, Church Historian
Beaver Meadows Historical Committee 2000
Carol Brotzman, Douglas Clapper, Jane McGee, Rev. William C. Nelson
Book Formatted for Tri-Counties Site by Joyce M. Tice
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Beaver Meadows - We Are the Church - 1850 - 2000
Signers of the Compact

The following is basic information compiled on the "Signers" of the Tuscarora and Rush Compact. There may be minor errors as a few of these people signed using only their initials. Since only men signed the Charter, included are the names of the wives and their burial locations, if known.

PLEASE NOTE: The top name is the way the name appears on the Charter. The second name is the way it was found on the headstone or some other documentation.

Historian's comments are in parentheses.

Chandler Bixbyxby, Chandler Born Sept. 5, 1796 (Bainbridge, N.Y.)- 1868. He died Angelica, Allegheny County, N.Y. Wife - Urania Stackhouse, age 43 in 1850. Born about 1806 in N.Y. 
Charles O. Bixby
Bixby, Charles O.
Born about 1828 in N.Y. Son of Chandler and Urania Bixby. Age 22 in 1850 when he signed the Charter. Age 36 in 1863 in Tuscarora Twp.
Morris P. Blakeslie
Blakeslie, Morris P.
Morris' name was found in Rush Twp. 1847 taxable listing. 
Wife - Eliza Angeline Seeley Miles Smith. They married September 9, 1884. He must have died before 1894 as Eliza wed Jerome Norton in 1894. She is buried in West Auburn.
Amasa Fowler
Fowler, Amasa
Born June 17, 1815. Died Aug. 28, 1891.Buried Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Morgan County, Missouri.
Wife - Permilla D. Sherman Dec. 6, 1816-Dec. 14, 1896
Theodore Clink
Clink, Theodore S.
Born Mar. 22, 1830. Died Oct. 11, 1864 at Fort Monroe, VA. Probably buried in Virginia.)
Wife - Minerva Cobb. Born 1833. (Divorced 1861)
(*Historian's Note:Theodore Clink wrote a letter to his mother describing his premonition that he would not survive the Civil War. He told her not to mourn him. He would meet her when she got to Heaven!)
Ferris Bennett
Bennett, Ferris
Born May 1, 1801 in Ct. - Died May 13, 1890 in Pike Twp (Alleged to be buried at Fowler Hill). His headstone is in Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Nancy Black. Born June 24, 1804 in Wyalusing, PA. Died Feb. 29, 1872 (68 yrs., 1mo.)
P. F. Hardy
Hardy, Philander
Born Jan. 29, 1816 - Died July 1, 1885. Buried in Michigan.
Wife - Margaret Clapper . Born Aug. 30, 1817. Died Jan. 29,1892. Age 74 yrs., 5 mos., and 6 days. Margaret is buried in Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
J. D. Sturdivant
Sturdevant, Judson W.
Born Dec. 3, 1841. Died Jan. 31, 1890.Wife - Elizabeth Ann Deremer. Born Nov. 14, 1830. Died Feb. 27, 1900. Buried at Sturdevant Cemetery on Clapper Hill.
(Historian's Note: Judson - If this is the J. D. who signed the Charter, he donated $3 a year to the minister and $1 a year to the Sunday School Library at Beaver Meadow. This was found in his Will at the Bradford County Courthouse. J. D. Sturdevant was Treasurer for the Silvara Progressive Temperance Reform Society in 1866. He was also a Trustee at Beaver Meadow in the mid-1880's.)
David Fowler
Fowler, David
Headstone reads Born 1817. Died 1909. The following information is from family records of Ben Zitomer. Born April 16, 1816 in New York. Death Certificate reads 11/24/03. Buried in Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Rebecca Coates. Born 1817. Died 1890.
J. B. Sturdivant
Sturdevant, Jesse
Born July 3, 1807. Died June 18, 1878 at 71 yrs, 11 mos, 15 days. Buried Sturdevant Cemetery on Clapper Hill.
Wife - Irene Black. Died Sept. 15, 1851 at 35 yrs., 5 mos., 17days.
Edward Marbaker
Marbaker, Edmund
Born Nov. 6, 1824. Died Mar. 8, 1912. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery. (Headstone Edmund but newspaper obituary says Edward.)
Wife - Thankful Cottrell. Born Dec. 16, 1821. Died Oct. 24, 1889.
J. C. Culver
Culver, James C.
Born Aug. 1, 1802. Died Nov. 5, 1885. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Margaret French. Born Mar. 12, 1807. Died Apr. 4, 1888.
Samuel Brotzman
Brotzman, Samuel
Born March 12, 1808. Died July 2, 1889. Buried at Jersey Hill Cemetery. 
Wife - Elizabeth Mosher. Born Dec. 14, 1805. Died July 12, 1860. 
Nathaniel Dowrick
Dowrick, Nathaniel
Born 1832. Died 1920. Funeral Aug. 8, 1920 from St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Stevensville, PA. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Mary E. VanGilden. Born 1840. Died Sept. 24, 1933.
Alonzo G. Whipple
Whipple, Alonzo G.
Born about 1818. Was age 44 in 1863 in Tuscarora Twp. Was on the 1890 tax list Tuscarora Twp. 
Wife - Susan. No other information.
Peter Clapper 
Clapper, Peter
Born 1814. Died 1899. Buried in Stevensville 
Wife #1 - Betsey Coates. Born 1821. Died 1846
Wife #2 - Sarah Hawley Kelley. Born 1839. Died 1904.
Nelson H. Roberts
Roberts, Nelson
Born about 1853. He was on the Tuscarora Twp. 1888 Draft list, age 35 yrs. Leo Bolles set his headstone on June 11, 1909 in the Bolles Cemetery, Auburn Twp., Susquehanna County, PA. No record of date of death.
Wife - Amanda Newman. No other information.
James M. Marbaker
Marbaker, James M.
Born 1849. Meadows Cemetery. ( In the 1850 Rush Twp. Census, James was 6/12th of a year old. He was son of Joseph and Susan Cottrell Marbaker.) Died March 27, 1923. Buried Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Mary Jane Herman. Born 1877. Died Nov. 27, 1962.
Frank Babcock
Babcock, Frank
Born 1806 in Rhode Island. Died Feb. 19, 1888. Resided at Beaver Meadow according to 1850 Census. Burial place is unknown
Wife - Cathy Malvina Johnson
J. D. Taylor
Taylor, J. D.
(Historian's Note: J. D. Taylor owned land bordering the William Whitney property in a description of land purchased by Dutton Cobb from George Atwood on November 25, 1884. There is no further information at this time.)
Reuben Matheson
Madison, Reuben
Born about 1818. He was age 30 in 1850 Census Tuscarora Twp. Burial place not certain. 
Wife #1 - Sarah was age 32 in 1850. Burial place unknown. (May be buried in the Madison Cemetery, Bennett Farm. Their daughter, Abbie Madison MaGee is buried there.)
Wife #2 - Cynthia Hardy Culver. Born about 1840. Widow of Aldophus Culver.
D. D. Bennett
Bennett, D.D.
(Davis Dimmock Bennett) Born (July 16) 1834. Died Apr. 29,1901.
Wife #1 - Harriet Hoadley. Died Nov. 1, 1863. Buried at Fowler Hill Cemetery.
Wife #2 - Mary Cornelia Very. Died age 42. Buried at the Fairdale Cemetery.
Wife #3 - Harriet Hall. Born 1857. Died May 12, 1922. Buried at the Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Theodore Sylvary
Silvara, Theodore
Born Oct. 21, 1825. Died June 8, 1903. Buried Quinby Cemetery in Silvara, PA.
Wife - Margaret Newman. Born 1834. Died 1930.
A. L. Pickett
Pickett, Almon L.
Born 1828. Died (June 25) 1906. Buried Beaver Meadows.
Wife #1 - Mary Smith. Burial place unknown.
Wife #2 - Martha Dawson. Died Apr. 23, 1905 at age 72 yrs., 7 mos., and 28 days. Buried Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Abner McCloe
McCloe, Abner
Born about 1795. Died May 20, 1872 at age 77 yrs. Buried at the Skinner's Eddy Ghost Hill Cemetery.
Wife - Phyllis. Died May 9, 1868 at age 75 yrs. 
Isaac Whipple
Whipple, Isaac
Listed on the 1890 tax list for Tuscarora Twp. No other information at this time.
James Sharer
Sharer, James B.
Born Apr. 26, 1838. Died Apr. 4, 1890. Buried at Stevensville Cemetery
Wife - Elizabeth Coleman. Born May 31, 1853. No date of death.
L. A. Pickett 
Pickett, Lyman A.
Died June 8, 1885 at age 36 yrs., 6 mos., and 21 days. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Rosa Marie Rinker. Born 1855. She married again in 1895 to Jacob Bond. Died July 8, 1933.
Joseph Marbaker
Marbaker, Joseph
Born Oct. 25, 1848. Died Oct. 22, 1891. Son of Edmund and Thankful. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
A. B. Culver
Culver, Aaron B.
Born Apr. 15, 1832. Died Feb. 12, 1925. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Estelle Buck. Born May 3, 1839. Died Mar. 16, 1911.
Lafayette Granges
Granger, Lafayette
Lafayette Granger was on the 1847 Rush Twp. Taxable list. No other information.
N. C. Cobb
Cobb, Nathan C.
Born (June) 1835. Died Sept. 15, 1915. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery. 
Wife - Josephine Culver. Headstone reads 1843 - 1922.(Family records state that she was born May 6, 1842 and died Jan. 6, 1923.)
Wriley Potter
Potter, Riley
Born about 1804. He was 59 on the 1863 Enumeration List of Tuscarora Twp. Died Apr. 18, 1886. Buried Beaver Meadows Cemetery. Has no headstone at this time. 
Wife - Lorena Palmer. Born 1813. Died Apr. 21, 1886.
R. W. Cobb
Cobb, Raymond Winchester
Born Oct. 23, 1849. Died Aug. 26, 1920. Buried at Stevensville Cemetery.
Wife - Mary M. Owens. Born Aug. 13, 1856. Died Dec. 27, 1942.
Pardon Potter
Potter, Pardon
Born 1805. Died Dec. 13, 1894. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery. There is no headstone.
H. O. Wage
Wage, Henry Orman
Born Feb. 13, 1855. Died Nov. 5, 1942. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife #1 - Rosetta May Kinne. Born Sept. 26, 1870. No other information.
Wife #2 - Nettie J. Gibbs Born Nov. 8, 1874. Died Apr. 21, 1921.
Hosea Billings
Billings, Hozy
Born after 1805 when his parents came to Auburn Twp. Was a resident of Auburn Twp., Susquehanna County in 1825. He was on the Rush Twp. taxable listing in 1845.
M. J. Pickett
Pickett, Marcus James
Born July 6, 1852. Died Feb. 18, 1942. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery Wife - Susan Edith Bond. Born June 16, 1857. Died Feb. 7, 1930.
Andrew Cobb
Cobb, Andrew
Born around 1826. Died March 26, 1866 at age 40. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Elizabeth (Culver). Born 1834. Died 1912. (She married Andrew's brother, Elmer, after Andrew's death. Both husband's names are listed on the headstone.)
E. P. Howe
Howe, Ephraim
Son of Hiram and Sylvia Cheever Howe of Brooklyn, Susquehanna County, PA. He was a member of the 52nd Regiment PA Volunteers. (From newspaper clippings - he was logging in Silvara in 1893.) No other information.
Jesse B. Stevens
Stevens, Jesse B.
Born 1806. Died 1895. Buried on the Susquehanna County Poor Farm, Rush Twp., PA. 
Wife - Sylva Fowler, widow of Samuel Fowler. Mother of Amasa and David. No further information.
R. M. Woodruff
Woodruff, Robert Morris
Born October 9, 1842 Creemore, Ontario, Canada. Died January 24, 1921 Both buried LeRaysvile, PA.
Wife - Thankful Marbaker Born 1853 Died 1938 (Edward and Thankful Marbaker transferred property in April 1876 to Robert and Thankful Woodruff. )
N. P. Babcock
Babcock, Nathan Petty
Born 1824. Died 1888. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery. 
Wife - Mary Culver. Born Apr. 24, 1830. Died Feb. 10,1917.
Jonas McLaud
McLaud, Jonas P.
Born Jan. 18, 1861. Died (May 15) 1947. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Marion Comstock. Born May 29, 1865. Died May 18, 1926.
Alexander Gibbs
Gibbs, Alexander
Born Aug. 26, 1821. Died March 31, 1889. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery. 
Wife - Sally Ann Clapper. Born Feb. 6, 1824. Died Sept. 10, 1895.
N. C. Strickland
Strickland, Nathan C.
Born Oct. 31, 1844. Died July 29, 1903. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery. Wife - Isilda A. Clapper. Born Aug. 12, 1849. Died Aug. 31, 1938.
John Clapper
Clapper, John
Died Nov. 10, 1895 at age 76 yrs., 11 mos., 6 days. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife #1 - Harriet Culver. Died June 1, 1869 at age 42 yrs.,11 mos., 10 days. Wife #2 - Melvina Bennett. Born about 1828. Died Aug. 20, 1912.
N. R. Jones
Jones, Newton R.
Died March 8, 1930 (West Auburn Grange records). Burial place unknown. (Probably somewhere in Auburn Twp., Susquehanna County, PA.)
Jackson Cogswell
Cogswell, Dr. Niram Jackson
Born June 15, 1823. Died Jan. 19, 1890. Buried Quinby Cemetery, Silvara, PA. Wife - Dr. Caroline P. Burch. Born Nov. 12, 1824. Died July 1, 1898.
J. J. Culver
Culver, James Jarvis
Born May 17, 1840. Died Jan. 11, 1922. Buried atBeaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Catherine E. Potter. Born Apr. 13, 1838. Died Feb. 19, 1906.
David Jay
Jay, David
Born 1806 in New York State. Died after 1880. Burial place unknown. 
Wife - Hannah Clapper. Born May 12, 1811. Died March, 1880.
J. F. Clapper
Clapper, John Freeman
Born 1856. Died Sept. 14, 1934. (Nickname 'Montie'.) Buried Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Phebe O. Strickland. Born 1858. Died 1946 (Sept 6).
D. C. Cobb
Cobb, Dutton C
Born May 18, 1860. Died June 22, 1919. Buried Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Ella Lois McLaud. Born Dec. 11, 1857. Died April 1935.
J. S. Stone
Stone, James
Born around 1851. He was on Military Draft List for Tuscarora Twp. 1888 - age 40 yrs. Was on the taxable listing for 1890 Tuscarora Twp. Had 1 cow and 2 acres.
C. E. Howe
Howe, Cyrus
(Historian's Note: If this is Cyrus Howe, he resided in Silvara and was working for William Whitney in August 1895. He was member of the 52nd Regiment of PA Volunteers. Son of Hiram and Sylvia Cheever Howe of Brooklyn, Susquehanna County, PA.)
John King
King, John S.
Born Apr. 18, 1845 (or 1847 Bennett History). May be buried at Moosic, Pa., where he resided.
Wife - Matsey Ann McLaud. Born Jan. 16, 1856. Died May 14, 1931.
D. L. Clapper 
Clapper, Daniel L.
Born Nov. 27, 1853. Died March 12, 1899. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery. 
Wife - Estella A. Place. Born Aug. 11, 1859. Died June 13, 1937.
O. D. Culver
Culver, Orin Daniel
Born May 11, 1838. Died Sept. 6, 1914. Buried at Quinby Cemetery, Silvara, PA.
Wife - Corintha Hazeltine Parker. Born June 2, 1836. Died Feb. 22, 1903.
C.R. Bennett
Bennett, Chester R.
Born May 25, 1862. Died April 2, 1908. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Minnie R. (Roxy) Hogeboon. Born May 24, 1869. Died 1935 (May 20).
Joseph Marbaker
Marbaker, Joseph
Born Aug., 1822. Died March 25, 1899 at age 76 yrs., 7 mos., and 13 days. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Susan Cottrell. Died Jan. 3, 1903 at age86 yrs., 1 mo., 3 days.
L. B. Marbaker
Marbaker, Luther B.
Born Oct. 3, 1858. Died Jan. 18, 1941. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery with no headstone. 
Wife #1 - Leonora Smith. Born Jan. 11, 1858. They divorced. Died Jan. 20, 1924. 
Wife #2 - Harriet Rickard. They divorced. No other information.
A. J. Potter 
Potter, Andrew
Born about 1855 in Tuscarora Twp. His name wason the 1888 Draft Listing for Tuscarora Twp.
E. L. Clapper 
Clapper, Elmer L.
Born in 1846. Died Aug. 28, 1914. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery. 
Wife - Sarah A. Marbacher. Born 1845. Died May 27, 1920.
S. J. Pickett
Pickett, Samuel J.
Born (Feb. 22) 1858. Died (May 1) 1925. Buried at Beaver Meadows Cemetery.
Wife - Katherine Welsh. Born in Canada (May) 1865. Died (Feb. 28) 1945.
Miles Bennett
Bennett, Miles
(Historian's Note: Miles Bennett did not sign the Tuscarora and Rush Compact but he was a trustee at Beaver Meadow. J. C. Culver and Edward Marbaker signed the Compact. At the same time, they were all members of the Freewill Baptist Church of Silvara. Beaver Meadow was a Union Church and these men represented our Baptist connection.) 

Born May 25, 1830. Was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Civil War. Died Jan. 25, 1901. Buried in Beaver Meadows Cemetery. 
Wife #1 - Lucy C. Bishop. Born Feb. 29, 1832. Died June 23, 1858. (Has a footstone at Fowler Hill Cemetery.)
Wife #2 - Mary E. Gilson. Born Nov. 14, 1835. (Nickname - Lib) Died April 4, 1922. Buried in Beaver Meadows Cemetery.

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