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Campbell Cousin’s Correspondence

Vol. IV, 1926, edited by William E. Self.

Jordan, John W., Genealogical and Personal History

Of Northern Pennsylvania, 3 volumes, (Lewis Historical Publishing Co., New York, N.Y. 1913),

Paper by Lucy Dunham Hazlett, read at reunion Aug. 22, 1901.

F.W. Beers, Atlas of Tioga Co., New York, 1875.

Minutes of Session, Volumes I, II, III, IV, 1844-1944.

Minutes of Trustees, 1882-1916

Minutes of First Presbyterian Society, 1852-1903.

Register of Members, Baptisms, etc. 1902-1924.

Genealogical Chart of Jos. D. Campbell Descendants (Furnished by Att’y Jos. W. Buck, Elmira, N.Y.)

Jewell, by Joel Jewell, 1895.

Correspondence of Joseph W. Buck.

Interviews with Mr. And Mrs. O.B. Blanchard.

List of Pastors -----------Installed Register of Elders
Joel Jewell Jan. 1846 Joel Jewell  
E. D. Wells Dec. 7. 1848 Joseph Campbell  
S. J. McCullough Mar. 22. 1848 James Campbell  
John Sailor Dec. 2, 1848 Harris T. Ryon  
B. Foster Pratt Jan. 18, 1850 Robert Casbeer  
H. E. Woodcock Feb. 2, 1851 Enoch Blackwell  
J. Gordan Carnachan Jan. 31, 1857 Frederick Thorpe  
Francis Rand Nov. 12, 1859 Charles Bottom  
Frederick Graves Apr. 23, 1865 Samuel Hazlett  
S.A Rawson June 21, 1867 Charles Blanchard  
Benjamin Russell Dec. 6, 1873 G. Henry Baxter  
C. R. Gillett Sept. 3, 1881 Marcus B. Seely  
R. G. Williams Nov, 29, 1885 George L. Hurlbut  
Stephen P. Gates Nov. 13, 1889 James F. Losey  
Hallock Armstrong Sept. 6, 1891 Otis F. Richards  
John H. Davies Jan. 1, 1902 O. B. Blanchard  
Joseph Colelough May 24, 1904 L. W. Brown  
John McCohan White Apr. 30, 1911 Edwin Hall  
Thos. E. Barr Jan. 16, 1916 Max Chilson  
Ralph Rowland Sept. 9, 1917 Justice Leonard  
Max C. Putney Apr. 9, 1922 Leon Losey became a  Minister
James A. Hamilton   Clifford J. Young  
Raymond E. Muthard   Mrs. Lena Howe,  Granddaughter 
Franklin K. Tomlinson   Of Robert Casbeer was  A missionary in South
Victor C. Detty Oct. 7, 1943 America.  

---- Trustees ----

Harris T. Ryon J. D. Campbell
George W. Phelps Robert S. Lugg
James Campbell Perry Strait
Daniel Shumway C. F. Merritt
Artemus Locey C. E. Stevens
Enoch Blackwell George Richards
Joseph Campbell Byron Shaw
Frederick Thorpe John Hurlbut
Charles Blanchard C. F. Margraff
Samuel Hazlett Benjamin Blanchard
David Hoyt Daniel P. Close
Charles Bottom A. G. Bower
Henry Robertson C. B. Lugg
Anthony W. Lugg J. E. Hazlett
G H. Baxter L. W. Brown
Hamilton Darling James Brennan
William Campbell W. P. Blackwell
Philip Hanvill Present Trustees
George Hurlburt William A.. Davis
George Loop William Schotts
. B. Campbell ************* Marion Croft
. B. Seely ******** Oscar Smith
C. P. Wright Robert P. Lugg
D. H. Hughey James Croft
James. T. Locey  
J. R. Campbell  
F. Cass *******  

In addition to the charter members who have been named, and those who joined within the next year, who have been already listed above, a complete list of all members to date is given.

Members Joining Since Feb. 3, 1845

David Hoyt 1846 Sarah Rockwell 1863
Frederick Thorp " Sarah Bogart "
Phoebe (wife Chas.) Bottom " Adeline A. Manly 1864
Laura E. Smith 1850 Celia Horsely "
Maria Smith 1851 Harry Baxter "
Parnella Marks 1852 Phebe Maria Baxter (wife) "
Emeline Losey " Sarah A. Graves 1866
Eliza Mapes " Emma Congdon "
Harriet Campbell " Malvina S. Nicholas "
Catherine Losey " Helen Cameron 1858
Sally Jane Horsley 1853 Antoinette Vangorder 1866
Richard Marks " Maria Cook "
Helen Marks " Tella Baxter "
Mrs. Dolly Bottom " Jane M. Horsley "
Jane Darling " Ida Cook "
Anthony Lugg " Lenora Baxter "
Ann Lugg " Ann Paul "
Jacob Brooks 1854 Lydia Ann Hoyt "
Philip Hanvill " James Whitfield "
Jane Hanvill " Eliza Whitfield (wife) "
Eliza Beiver " Betsy Lloyd "
Julia Daily " Mary Green 1867
Ann Frank " Susan L. Rawson "
Lucy H. Woodcock " Lydia Thorp "
Harriet Parks 1855 Lyman Hurlbut "
Henry Robertson " Alice Cady 1868
Jane Robertson " Julie Campbell "
Mrs. Amanda Kemble 1857 Caroline Blackwell "
Mary M. Carnaehan " James T. Losey "
Jerome Cole 1858 George Loop "
Helen Hanvill " Mrs. Maria Loop "
Anna Richardson " Elizabeth Hughey "
William Smith " Adaline Manly "
Phoebe Smith " Enoch B. Campbell "
Caleb Smith " Martha M. Campbell "
Helen Eliz. Campbell " Lucinda Parks "
Jane Manly " Mrs. Dolly Campbell "
Malvina Dureath White " Pollio A. Casbeer 1869
Emily Blanchard " Mary Fish "
Lucy M. Hazlett 1860 Byron Shaw 1970
Hannah L. Badman 1861 Augusta Shaw "
Joel Campbell " Charles B. Mowry "
Sybil L. Redfield " James R. Braman 1871
Emily Green " Sarah Jane Russell 1872
Mrs. Alice Cady 1862 Lois A. Paul "
George L. Hurlbut " Jennie Van Gorder "
Lucius N. Manly 1863 Wayne M. Lugg "
Susan Smith " Marcus Seely "
    Susan E. Seely "
Jennie Losey 1873 Mary Heysham 1880
Mrs. Harriet Russell " Mrs. C. B. Gillette 1881
Miss Hattie Russell " Robert S. Lugg 1882
Edgar T. Congdon 1874 Rebecca Lugg "
John Atkinson " Mrs. James Warren "
Marian Cass " Miss Gertrude Warren "
Frank Braman " Miss Estelle Look "
John Bosard " Miss Grace Campbell "
Mrs. Jennie Bosard " Miss Myra Campbell "
DeWitte Baxter " Mrs. Aaron Van Dyke "
Mrs. Sarah Baxter " Daniel Van Dyke "
Mrs. Rhobie Baxter " Miss Olive Van Dyke
Mrs. Katie A. Horton " Mrs. Carrie Campbell 1883
Mrs. Caroline Wright " Miss Anna Lugg "
Mrs. Calfurnia Campbell " Alton Evans "
John Campbell " Phoebe Evans (wife) "
Chauncey P. Wright " Maud Campbell
Daniel H. Hughey " D. Henry Taft 1884
Mrs. E. T. Congdon " Isaac Howe "
Mrs. Kate Webb " Albert R. Fulkerson "
Otis L. Richards 1875 Charles Hurlbut "
Mrs. Sarah A. Richards " John Hurlbut
Mrs. Henrietta Fleming " Mrs. Anna E. Aldrich "
Effie Bell Jansen " Miss Amanda Aldrich "
Charles H. Heath 1876 Miss Lizzie Mack "
Mary H. Green " Miss Jennie Shaw
Clarence Sturner " Mrs. Mary A. Parks "
George Daughtery " Miss Carrie Miller Parks "
Eddie M. Hoyt " Miss Emma Kilbourne "
Calvin S. Baxter " Mrs. Mary E. Harris
Thomas C. Campbell " Miss Edna Maria Harris "
Miss Jessie A. Campbell " Miss Kate May Paul "
Miss Frank M. Parks " Miss Cora Gertrude Alba "
Miss Eva C. Baxter " Miss Dora A. Loop
Miss Susie M. Baxter " Miss Dellia a. Stewart "
Miss Fanny E. Richards " Miss Emma E. Eaton "
Celia N. Richards " Mary Luverne Campbell "
Julie Sturner " Miss Mary Emily Losey
Carrie L. Hurlbut " Miss Lena E. Seeley "
Emma Hurlbut " Emily Blanche Richards
Josephine Merritt " Mrs. Lydia Clark "
Myra Van Dyke " Mrs. William Merritt
Charles F. Merritt " Miss Frances Manley "
Fred W. Richards " Miss Emma A. Manley
Willie C. Fleming " Calvert Manley
Emma M. Scofield " Mrs. Elizabeth Bates 1885
William C. Campbell " Mrs. Mary Gould "
Mary H. Green " John Bates
Mrs. Sarah Stephens " Mrs. Sarah R. Williams 1886
David C. Bowers " Andrew Brown 1887
Mrs. Mary Bowers " Anna Eliza Brown "
Marion Hurlbut 1879 Mrs. Matilda J. Gates 1889
Louisa Kelley 1880 Sarah F. Gates "
Jennie Van Dyke " Mrs. E. J. Bostwick
Perry Strait 1889 Beatrice Davies "
Susie Strait   Earl Davies "
Allen Merritt   Mrs. Nellie Elliott
Isabelle Kline 1890 Charles Allington "
Mrs. Elenor Bosard 1891 Rhea Van dyke "
Claud Stevens " John Heyshan "
Ralph Gillette " Lettie Romain "
Wm. C. Armstrong  " Wylie Van Dyke
Ruth H. Armstrong " Marguerite Stevens "
Anna Owlett 1892 Fanny Stevens "
Susie Finch " Mabel Finch "
Jane Rowley " Ethel Finch "
Dr. M. B. Stevens " Mrs. Frances Hoyt
Anna Mulford Stevens " (wife of Jos. D.)
Jerome L. Bosard " Mrs. Bertha Park 1903
Alice M. Bosard " Miss Mary Van Dyke "
Myra L. Bosard " William Van Ziles "
George Richards 1893 Mrs. Wm. Van Ziles "
Cora Finch " Charles Cole "
Leon A. Losey 1894 Ida M. (wife of Chas.) "
Emily A. Seeley " Philo Stevens "
Mrs. Sarah Bogart 1895 Susan (wife of Philo) "
Alice Louise Bogart " Mrs. Helen Colelough 1904
Eva Foster Hazlett 1896 Mary Goodrich "
Mrs. Emma Lugg 1898 Lottie Hoyt "
Mrs. Stella Hooker " Lillian A. Preston 1905
Andrew Anderson " Sarah B. Plaisted 1906
Mrs. Andrew Anderson " David Goodrich 1908
Pearl D. Anderson " Sumner Copp "
Hattie J. Cook " Lockwood Blackwell "
Mrs. Lena Blackwell " Ruth Anderson "
Mrs. Mary Merritt " Maldon Farrington "
Mrs. Ellen Margraff " Jessica Hoyt "
Miss Emily M. Smith " Dr. G. C. Burnley "
Augustus F. Eaton " Mrs. G. C. Burnley "
Mrs. Ida Eaton " Miss Della Austin 1912
Miss Gertrude H. Kline " L. W. Brown 1913
Miss Mabel K. Wiles " Mary E. Brown "
Charles R. Eaton " Ellen Tubbs "
Charles F. Margraff " (Mrs. John Lockwood)  
Nellie Bostwick " Dorothy Bates "
Mrs. Charles Mowrey " (Mrs. Marion Croft)  
Mrs. Jerusha Newcomb " Catherine Genung "
Mrs. Bertha N. Bates " Elizabeth Hoyt "
Florence E. Baxter " Isabell Hoyt "
Mrs. Arvilla Hoyt 1899 A. B. Rowley "
Mrs. Mary Van Dyke " Mrs. Goldie Rowley "
Mrs. Cora Heysham " Wiley Church "
Arney Bower 1901 Benjamin W. Genung 1914
Mrs. Mabel Bower " Harriet K. Genung "
O. B. Blanchard 1902 Cora L. Genung "
Angio C. Blanchard " Louise Ruby Church "
William Elliott " Helen Kenney Bates "
Mrs. John H. Davies " Wellington A. Bates "
Enoch A. Blackwell 1914 Justice Leonard  
W. Preston Blackwell " Mrs. Nellie Leonard  
Lucien Ray Walker " Miss. Lillian Losey  
Vera C. Blanchard " Mrs. Cora Manley  
(Mrs. Lucius Baker)   Mrs. Ida Watkins  
Frank A. Lockwood " Thelma Heysham 1940
Juliette S. Lockwood " Jessie Heysham "
Rundell Knapp " Helen Heysham "
James Brennan 1915 Max Chilson 1926
Frances M. Aldrich 1916 Leona Kemp Chilson "
Lena L. Teachman 1914 Paula Phyllis Chilson 1940
Ruby E. Aldrich 1916 Alice Rosalie Close "
David S. Smith " Jean Harrower "
Robert Lugg 1918 Lula Belle Finch "
Ida H. Smith 1919 Richard Croft "
Marjory S. Blackwell   Jeanette Chilson 1941
Isabelle H.. Smith 1919 Marion Seeley "
Lucile Manley Victor Finch Jr. "
Oscar D. Smith " Mary Ann Close 1942
William Schotts      
Mrs. Ida Church "    
Edwin J. Hall 1923    
Mrs. Mary Hall "    
Etta Wanda Wheeler 1932    
(Mrs. Oscar Smith)      
Helen June Croft "    
(Mrs. Leigh Bowers)      
James C. Croft "    
John H. Shaffer "    
Anges Preston "    
Irma Preston "    
Ruth W. Leonard "    
Annabelle Stewart "    
Betty Jane Stewart "    
Mrs. Victor Finch 1934    
Mrs. Harry Croft "    
Ella Belle Lugg "    
(wife of R. P.)      
Mary L. Finch "    
Helen L. Croft "    
Marion Croft 1937    
Pauline Croft "    
Cora Rathbone Blackwell      
Lee C. Blanchard      
Leigh Bower      
Mrs. Edward (Diantha) Close      
Lena Seely Goodrich      

There are fifty-one on the roll at present, of whom thirty-five are resident. The records are not complete between 1922 and 1932.
Names On Whose Faith When By Whom
James Emily Locey Feb. 2, 1844 S J. McCullough
Maria Alzadia) Harris R. & Feb. 2, 1844 S. J. McCullough
Sarah Arthelia) Eliz, Ryon    
Ann Robert Casbeer June 3, 1844 E. Everett
  & Wife    
Martha James Campbell June 22, 1845 E. D. Wells
Lewis Mary Flint " "
John Hazlett " "  "
William " "  " "
Julia Joseph Campbell Jan. 4, 1846 Joel Jewell
Phebe Bottom Her own May 10, 1846 "
Dolly Charles Bottom " "
Jerome & Wife " "
Rebecca   " "
William Henry Joel Jew. " "
Benjamin Robert Casbeer Aug. 30, 1846 "
  & wife    
Catherine Robert Casbeer Jan. 30, 1850 B. F. Pratt
  & wife    
John James Campbell Feb. 2, 1851 H. E. Woodcock
  & wife    
Susan Emily Emily Losey " "
Emma Eudora Benjamin D. May 4, 1851 "
Thomas Edgar & Sarah Congdon " "
David & three Edward Mapes June 185_ "
Others & wife    
Daniel Robert & Susan June 5, 1853 "
Ann Lugg Her own Dec. 1853 "
Julia Daily Her own Aug. 2, 1854 "
Ann Frank Her own " "
Ann Campbell James Campbell Nov. 1854 "
Helen Parks Harriet Parks June 1885 "
Emily Casbeer Robert Casbeer " "
  & wife    
Mary Eliza Henry Robertson " "
  & wife    
William Hamilton Jane Darling " "
Charles Thayer H. E. Woodcock " "
Marcus Hanvill Philip Hanvill March 6, 1858 E. J. Carnachan
Edward Hanvill & wife " "
William Smith His own "
Phoebe Smith His own " "
Oliver Smith William Smith " "
James Smith & wife    
Caleb Smith His own " "
Anna Richardson Her own " "
Helen Hanvill Her own " "
Marcus Brooks Jacob Brooks March 7, 1858 "
Mary Brooks " " " "
Charles Harris Benjamin Congdon July 7, 1858 "
  & wife    
Mary Diantha Eliza Beaver July 11, 1858 E. J. Carnachan
Helen Elizabeth Her own " "
Malvina Dureath Her own " "
Dottie M. Kemp Harriet Kemp Apr. 3, 1859 Rev. O. Fitch
Lucy M. Hazlett Her own Jan. 1, 1860 Rev. E. D. Wells
James C. Mapes Edward C. Mapes Apr 1, 1861 "
  & wife    
Sybil L. Rodfield Her own Jan. 6, 1861 Rev. F. Rand
Susan Smith Her own July 19, 1863 "
Sarah Bogart Her own Feb. 6. 1864 "
Adeline A. Manley Her own May 1, 1864 "
Celia A. Horsley Her own " "
Harry Baxter Her own Oct 2, 1864 "
Phobe Maria Baxter Her own "  
Alice Cady Her own Feb. 23, 1868 "
Martha M. Campbell " Oct. 30, 1868 S. A. Rawson
Mrs. Pollie A. " Jan. 10, 1869 "
Augusta Shaw " Apr. 9, 1870 "

(From this point, the baptism of children only is given)

Child of Mrs. Joseph Parks, June 6, 1874, by Rev. Benj. Russell

Sept. 3, 1874.

Lena Edna, daughter of M.B. and Susan E. Selley by Rev. Benj. Russell

Mary Evelyn, dau. of John R. & Jennie Bosard by Rev. Benj. Russell

Dec. 5, 1874, Georgianna, dau. of E. T. & Emma E. Congdon

Alice, dau. of Samuel and Mrs. Bogart, June 5, 1875

Lizzie, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. John Atkinson, Sept 3, 1876

Joseph Atwood, son of Rev. C. B. & Addie Gillett, Mar. 16. 1884

Leon A. Losey, son of James and Jennie Losey

Emily A. dau. of Mark B. & Susan Seeley

Harold, born Mar. 11, 1889. son of Andrew and Ann Eliza Brown, baptized Sept. 13, 1889, S. P. Gates, Pastor.

Eva Estor, born Dec. 27, 1886 child of M. F. & Esther Cass, baptized Sept. 14, 1889

Florence Eva, born Dec. 1, 1886. child of C. S. Baxter, M.D.baptized Sept. 14, 1889

Willie and Ruby, children of Chas. and Ellen Merritt Oct. 6, 1889

Edith, born June 20, 1876, and Gertrude Kline, Born June 30, 1881, baptized Apr. 13, 1890, children of Mrs. Perry Strait

Jan. 2, 1892, Fordyce, Fay, Jessie, Johnny, children of Mrs. Anna Owlett

Edith May, Victor, and Mabel, children of Mrs. Susie Finch.

July 2, 1892. William and Perry, sons of Mrs. Jane Rowley

Jan. 6, 1894, Lillian Merritt, daughter of J. T. & Jennie Losey

April 2, 1898, Ruth May, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Anderson, by Rev. Hallock Armstrong.

April 3, 1898, Treva, infant dau. of Mrs. Stoll Hooker

July 9, 1890, Robert Newcomb and Dorothy Lorena, children of Mrs. Bertha Newcomb Bates

Oct. 6, 1902, Jessie, Elizabeth, and Isabelle, children of Joseph D. and Frances Hoyte Lockwood, Enoch, Preston, children of Mrs. Lena Blackwell

Jan. 4, 1903, Wellington Augustine, Helen, Daughter of Mrs. Blanche Bates.

July 10, 1906, William Donald, son of William Edwin and Blanche Boas Park

Oct. 2, 1909, Robert Preston, son of Mrs. Emma Lugg

April 3, 1913, Emma Lucile, child of A. B. and Goldie Rowley By Rev J. McCohon White

Aug. 16, 1916, Florence Eva, child of Mrs. Clara (Baxter) Smith by Rev. T. E. Barr

Oct 8, 1916, Dorothy, infant child of Rundell and Della (Austin) Knapp.

May 12, 1918, Edward Harrison, Jr., son of Edward H. & Eva Hooker Hills; Ann Taylor, dau of John and Treva Hooker

Hazlett; Sarah Ruth Blackwell, then living with E. C. and Lena Preston Blackwell.

June 10, 1919: Paul Manly, son of John and Ellen Lockwood;

James Clayton and Helen June, children of Marion and Dorothy Croft.

June 29, 1919: Jane Elizabeth, infant child of Mrs. Clara Baxter Smith by Rev. Ralph Rowland

Oct. 7, 1923: Enoch Dellivan Blackwell, son of Enoch A. And Cora M. Rathbone Blackwell

July 5, 1925: Caroline May, dau, of Enoch A. & Cora Blackwell

April 9, 1932: Ruth Arlene Leonard dau of Justus & Nellie Annabelle and Betty Jane Stewart, children of Annie And Minnie Stewart.

April 17, 1938: James Ralph and Eugene Benjamin Watkins Sons of Benjamin and Ida S. Watkins.

March 24, 1940: Larry Jim Croft son of Mr. and Mrs. James Croft

Nancy Lee Bower, dau of Leigh and June Bower

Charles Melvin Lugg, son of R. P. and Ila Lugg

Kay June Chilson, dau of Max and Leona Kemp Chilson

Deforrest, Leroy, Maria, Ernestine, children of Oliver Grant and Elizabeth Colegrove; Wanda Farr, Emma May And Elwyn Farr children of Herbert and Dolly Bliss Farr

October 17, 1941: Marian Seeley dau of Ralph and Hattie P. Seeley

May 3, 1942: James Arland, Gerald Rogers, and Thomas Richard

Sons of Mr. and Mrs. James Brown; Sylvia Dawn Watkins

Dau of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Watkins; Bonlin Louise Lugg, dau

Of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Lugg; Robert Wheeler and Gary

James, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Kirk; Carol Drusilla

Pease, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Pease.


President, Mrs. Benjamin Watkins

Sec-Treas., Mrs. William a. Davis


Superintendent, Max Chilson

Treasurer, Mrs. Leigh Bowers

Secretary, Miss Jeanette Chilson

In February, 1844, the following persons, members of the First Presbyterian Church of Elkland, Pennsylvania, united in a petition to the Presbytery of Chemung for the formation of a church at Beecher’s Island in the town at present known as Nelson, to be called "The Presbyterian Church of Beecher’s Island," – Joel Jewell, and Mary his wife; James Campbell, and Mary his wife; Joseph Campbell, and Ann his wife; John Hazelett; Charles Blanchard and Lovina his wife; Sally Campbell, Edward Mapes, Harris T. Ryon, Sarah Campbell, Mary Ann C**************** Blanchard, Esther Blanchard, Samuel Hazelett******* Blackwell; Robert Casbeer; Charles Lugg and his wife, Ann.

Presbytery having resolved to grant the request, appointed the Rev. S. J. McCullough to organize the church. This was done on Saturday, March 2, 1844, with the above named persons all from the church of Elkland, and with one more, Mahala Hazelett, wife of John, from the church at Lawrenceville, PA., there being a total charter membership of 22.

Joel Jewell, Joseph Campbell, James Campbell were elected elders, having held the same office in the Elkland church. Mr. John Hazelett, who had exercised the office of deacon in the Elkland church, was elected to the same office in this church. Elizabeth Ryon, wife of H. T., was received by letter from the Presbyterian Church of Millville, N.Y. on June 3rd. Charles N. Shumway and his wife, Margaret A., were admitted by letter from Addison, N.Y. on Oct. 26th, when the church elected Harris T. Ryon to the office of ruling elder, and Charles Blanchard as deacon. The sacrament was administered during the year by the Rev. E. Everett and the Rev. Egbert Roosa.

On Saturday, Feb. 1, 1845, the session met after the preparatory lecture given by Rev. S. J. McCullough, (pastor at Lawrenceville) and examined and received the following into membership upon profession of faith: Jane Blanchard, Rebecca Ann Blanchard, John Hazelett, Jr. , William Campbell, Sarah L. Phelps, **********Blanchard, Sylvester Bullock, Wm. L. Guer*********** Smith, Maria Hazelett, Elizabeth Hazelett, Joseph R. Jewell, David A. Jewell, Elizabeth Campbell, Phebe Campbell, George Loop, Wealthy Loop, John Richardson, Mrs. Junia Jones, Charles Bottom, David Beebe, Geo. J. Baseter, Emily Jane Blanchard, Orpha Prston Gibson, Sally M. Shumway, Charlotte P. Baseter, Susan Baseter, George W. Phelps, Catherine Tupper, Mrs. Mary Flint, Mary Jane Cook, Benjamin D. Congdon. The last sixteen of those were baptized and all received into the communion of the church on the next day, Sunday. In addition, Daniel Shumway and Betsey, his wife, were received by letter from the Presbyterian Church of Addison, N.Y.; and Emily, wife of Artemas Locey, from the Presbyterian Church at Elkland.

In view of the initiative and faith necessary upon the part of the charter members of the church to organize and maintain this church, a family history of each one is given, as far as the facts are available.

JOEL JEWELL was the son of Deacon Joseph and Bithiah (Tylyer) Jewell and was born Feb. 11, 1803 in Durham, Greene County, N.Y. At the age of ten he attended a camp meeting at High Peak two miles directly south of his home at castle Creek, and hear delightfully Joathon Ingalls loading the singing, including the song, "Come ye sinners, poor and needy," sung to the tune, "Celestial Watering". He moved with his family when eleven years old to Hector, N. Y, engaged in Sunday School work at sixteen, was teaching music at 17, and was a carpenter at 18. he became a church member in 1826, became active in temperance society work, organizing 252 young people into a total abstinence society in 1829. he married Miss Mary Adriance, Feb. 6, 1827. He became an elder in the Presbyterian Church in 1837, and was licensed to preach in 1843 by the Presbytery of Chemung. In 1895 he published a little booklet, giving a photograph and family sketch, with a sermon preached at the age of 80, another at the age of 90, and an historical sketch of American church music. He had a son, William Henry, baptized may 10, 1846. Other persons by the name of Jewell, Joseph Hiram and David Albert, were admitted members of the church on confession of faith, Feb. 3, 1845, and were dismissed by letter in February 1847. They were the two oldest of the seven children of Joel and Mary Adriance Jewell.

According to "The Jewell Register", published in 1860, a copy of which is in the possession of Miss Emma Jewell Bassett, Maryville, Tennessee, the children of Joel Jewell were: Joseph Hiram, born Dec. 7, 1827; resided at Troy PA, married June 19, 1853 Huldah J. Brewer; had a child Mary Frances born April 30, 1856.

David Albert, born March 7, 1829; married April 9, 1851, Nancy A. Keeney; resided at Ionia, Michigan.

Joel Spencer, born Feb. 14, 1832, lived unmarried at Woodland, Michigan.

Laura Abigal, born April 11, 1836; died May 29, 1836.

Calvin Parsons, born March 5, 1842; resided at French Mills, Pa.

Mary Bithia, born May 5, 1842; resided at French Mills.

William Henry, born Jan. 9, 1846. baptized May 10 at Beecher’s Island.

Joel Jewell’s wife, Mary Adriance, was the daughter of Theodore Adriance, a Revolutionary War soldier, who was one of the guards at Major John Andre, the British spy’s execution. Major Andre was taken on his way from an interview with traitor, General Benedict Arnold.

Joel Jewell’s brother, Calvin, married Elizabeth M. Davis, Feb. 1, 1841. their children were Helen Mary, Francis M., and Libby. Helen Mary resided at Reynoldsville, N.Y.

Mr. Jewell preached the fiftieth anniversary sermon at the Jubilee of the Church, March 2, 1894. Excerpts are herewith given:

"Hitherto hath the Lord helped us," ( I Samuel 7: 12) "Brethren and friends; this is the language of the Prophet Samuel, after Israel had obtained a triumphant victory over the Philistines, in answer to his earnest prayer for help. It was about 780 years after the call of Abraham, the father of all the faithful, and 350 years after the covenant at Mt. Sinai. On this occasion, Samuel offered a lamb for a burnt offering wholly unto Jehovah, and cried unto the Lord for Israel, and Jehovah heard him. And as the Philistines drew near o battle against Israel, the Lord thundered upon them and discomfited them, and they were smitten and destroyed before Israel. ‘Then Samuel took a stone and set it between Mizpeh and Shon, and called it Ebenezer (that is, stone of help), saying, Hitherto hath the Lord helped us’.

"As God helped his faithful people from the days of Abraham to Samuel, so has he always been ready, willing, and able to helpfuthem for three thousand years, since the time of the excellent judge.

"Since the organization of this church, notwithstanding our unfaithfulness and severe trials, we stand today and declare, "Hitherto hath the Lord helped us". As the Jews blew the jubilee trumpet every fiftieth year on the day of atonement, so we meet to raise our Ebenezer today at Nelson; and may the Almighty proclaim by his spirit, liberty from the bondage of sin to every person in this congregation, and through the entire community.

"The History of the Church in the Cowanesque Valley is involved in some mystery, for the township of Elkland included Osceola and Nelson; besides, early records are lost and the first settlers have departed to the Better Country. This place was called Beecher’s Island until it was taken from Elkland, and named Nelson, in 1857. The pioneers were a vigorous class, designed to plant all good moral institutions in the wilderness. The first grist mill in the county of Tioga was built here in 1805. The first school within our bounds was taught by Harriet Wright, consisting of about ten pupils, in 1822. Chester Giddings taught in this village in 1830; but there was no schoolhouse built until 1834. The Presbyterian Church was organized in Elkland, date uncertain. A precious revival of religion was enjoyed in 1834 and 1835, and house of worship erected in 1837 and 1838. All in this community so inclined united there, and enjoyed the preaching of the gospel here at the schoolhouse. Joel Jewell and family came from New York to Farmington and settled five miles from the island, and five miles from Elkland, where he united, and was chosen the fiftheruling older, there being two at Osceola and two at the Island. As Elkland had a flourishing Sabbath School under the care of Dr. Benedict, Mr. Jewell went to the Island and established one at nine o’clock in the morning, with a prayer-meeting to follow when we had no preaching. The first Sunday School picnic in this part of the State was held by him in 1838. This year the Southern portion of the Presbyterian church, having an accidental majority in the General Assembly, cut off or excinded four Northern Synods to get rid of Abolitionism. Mr. Jewell and the people here were attached to the Presbytery of Chemung and the Synod of Geneva; while the brethren at Elkland naturally inclined toward the Susquehanna. We have not a complete list of the pastors of the mother church; but recall as ministering there: Johnson, Fitch, Wells, Harower, Porter, and Williams; and since the division, E. Bronson in ’45-’48, B. F. Platt ’50, H. E. Woodcock in ’51, Lockwood in ’52-’55, Smith, Lane, J. Campbell, T. F. Dewing, E. Cennda, E. B. Bennedict, J. Cairns. Since the reunion, S. J. Moon, D. D., has been pastor for fourteen years.

"Jewell, the elder, continued his Sunday School and prayer meeting at the Island from 1838 to 1843; at the same time clearing land, building in Farmington and pursuing his studies under the direction of Rev. S. J. McCullough of Tioga. Sept. 6, 1843, he was examined and licensed to preach the gospel by the Presbytery of Chemung, at Athens. Because he had so much business at home for the first year, his salary amounted to $64.50, all paid in according to contract.

"At our request, the Church at Elkland very kindly dismissed twenty one of us by letter, and on application to the Presbytery at Chemung, S. J. McCullough was appointed to assist me in organizing the church of Nelson, March 2, 1844. There were two of the original members whose lives were so pleasant and uniform, that we mention the manner of their coming in, Samuel Hazlett, -- I saw the young man one morning hitching up his oxen and said, "Sammie, they seem to come kindly under the yoke’. He answered, "Yes sir, they do’. ‘Well do you know the Lord says to you, Take my yoke upon you, and learn of Me?’ Said he, ‘I suppose he does, ‘I then asked him if he would watch through the day while plowing, whether he was willing to obey as the oxen. He agreed to do so; and before night agreed to obey the Lord to the best of his ability. As to Charles Blanchard;-- In June, 1843 we got Rev. O. Fitch to hold with us some afternoon meetings at the house of James Campbell. Mr. Blanchard came with his wife the first day and the second, the third he was absent, because we were getting rather personal. Therefore, I walked down to his house; and when he saw me through the window he put out of the cast door for his cornfield. I followed, found a hoe, and was ready to strike in by his side; he tried hoeing fast, and I kept even and talking; if he hoed moderately, I did the same. Finally he threw down the hoe saying ‘Let us go up to the house.’ And as I could not persuade him to take another bout, I accompanied him, finished my talking and prayer, and then walked home seven miles. That night Mr. Blanchard was uneasy, until Mrs. Blanchard said, ‘Charles, what is the matter"’ He replied, ‘Lovina, you must get up and pray for me, I can’t live so.’ Thus in mutual prayers he found peace.

"January, 1845, Mr. Jewell gave notice of a series of evening meetings in Alvin Fry’s school room, commencing with a fast on Tuesday, the 14th, and a general visitation of the inhabitants, by the church, going two and two. The people fasted that day, without serving tables, in the most solemn manner any of us had previously witnessed; and truly the Lord heard our cries, and blessed us remarkably with the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Rev. E. Sherwood, a young licontiate, was with us, and assisted with the meetings. As a result, Re, S. J. McCullough assisting, we received on Lord’s Day, Feb. second, 32 on profession of faith. . . .

"In 1845 this sanctuary was built by a willing people and generous. The timber for the frame was hown one day, as a free-will offering, where the parsonage now stands; Mr. Jewell and John Hazelett, Jr. cutting the first tree. Then a subscription was raised, and Mr. Jewell got his younger brother, Calvin, to take the job, by agreeing to work for him four or five days in each week. The church was dedicated to the worship of God, and Mr. Jewell ordained Dec. 17,1845, rev. John F. Calkins of Wellsborough preaching from Ezekial 22:30.

"On account of severe bronchial difficulty, Mr. Jewell was obliged to close his three years preaching here August 30, 1846, with a membership of 57".

HARRIS T. RYON was the son of Judge John Ryon and his wife Susanna Tubbs. John Ryon was born on his ship enroute to America in 1748. Harris T. Ryon’s first wife was Maria Congdon, by whom he had two daughters, Maria Elzada, born in 1837, and Sarah, born in 1842, when her mother died, burial being made at the old Rathbone cemetery now owned by John Lockwood about two miles west of Nelson. Sarah married Captain Romanzo C. Bailey of the Union Army. They had a son, Fred Baily, M.D., who practiced in Fargo, North Dakota. A daughter, Mrs. Samuel Dale, lives at 118 West Henry Street, Elmira.

Harris T. Ryon married, second, Miss Elizabeth Sherwood who became a member by letter from a church at Millville, Orleans County, New York. Her brother, Rev. Elijah Sherwood, was active in establishing the church in the Middle West, Sherwood Hall at Park College, Missouri being named for him.

Mr. Harry Ryon living on a farm about two miles west of Nelson on the concrete highway (no. 49) is a grandson of Harris T. Ryon. Mrs. Emma Ryon Smith, postmaster at Elkland, is a granddaughter. Samuel Ryon, a brother of Harris T., was a great-grandfather of Mrs. Lewis Darling of Lawrenceville.

Both Harry Ryon and Mrs. Emma Smith are the children of John S. Ryon and his wife, Maria E. Hollis. John S. Ryon and his wife, Maria E. Hollis. John S. Ryon and a sister, Emma A. Ryon, who married James D. James of Elmira, had three children: Elizabeth (Mrs. Edward Metzer of New York, a great-grandmother); Grace, who married Dr. John E. Bacon of Wellsboro, died in Arizona; and John James, who lives near Los Angeles, California.

JAMES CAMPBELL was the 8th of the children of Joseph and Mary Harper Campbell. James was born July 11, 1798 in Ireland, married in 1822 a daughter of Enoch Blackwell, Mary Blackwell, who died in 1863 at Nelson. They had twelve children: Sarah, Robert, Mary, Harriet, Joseph, Emily, Enoch, Joseph, Martha, Anna (who died in infancy), John and Anna.

  1. Sarah (Sallie), born Sept. 15, 1825, was one of the charter member, died in 1849 of tuberculosis, survived by her husband, George H. Baxter, son of Ira and Betsy (Manly) Baxter. George H. Baxter became a church member Feb. 1, 1845; Married second, Miss Clarissa Manly, and had five children: Leonard, Zitella (married Truman Savey of Nelson), Eva Elizabeth (wife first, of Reed M. Foster, second, of J. Edward Hazlett), Susan Maria (Mrs. M. F. Cass), and Calvin Scott Baxter, physician at Nelson, father of Mrs. Paul Jones Davis of Mansfield and Nelson, and Clara, Mrs. Leland smith of Troy, N.Y.
  2. Robert Campbell, born Sept. 30, 1827, married Elizabeth Sullen (Aunt Lib), had three children:

  3. Charles B., Ida, and Sue. Charles B. Campbell married Eunice Howland and had three children. Ida married James Eaton, had children: Charles, Augustus, Emma, who married James Pray; and Clara Eaton. Clara married William Merritt, whose daughter Elma married Donald Avery and has two children: Patricia (8), and Marlene, (2), living at Nelson. Other daughters of William and Clara Merritt are Mrs. Ida Weeks and Mrs. Jack Brown. Sue Campbell married Thomas Baldwin, had a daughter Henrietta Baldwin who lives at Sunbury, Pa.
  4. Mary (1830-1866) married Benjamin Parks, had children: Martha (Mrs. Spencer Pratt), Frank Parks, who married Thomas Campbell, second cousin, had two children: Ruth and May; and James Parks, who married Emma Kilbourn, had one son.
  5. Harriet Campbell joined the church in December, 1853, married first Robert Parks, by whom she had a daughter Helen, who married Erastus Knapp, had a son William who married Carrie Shipman. Harriet married second, David Cook Kemp, a soldier of the 207th regiment, Penna. Volunteers. She took her church papers to Farmington in 1860. Children of David and Harriet (Campbell) Parks Kemp: Lettie, William, Sarah, Harry C., Bert, and John.



    Lettie married William Allen, had children: Jesse D. Allen; Gertrude Allen, who married Fred Farley, a college dean in Oakland, California, had three sons; David, Kemp, and Irwin Farley; and Marie, who makes her home with Farleys.

    William Kemp died unmarried at age 23.

    Sarah Kemp married Edward Johnson, Lived in Knoxville, Pa., had three children, Harold, Robert and Walter Johnson. Harold married Lula Sherwood, has two children, Betty and William, the latter in the Navy. Walter married Ruth Kilbourn, have an adopted son, Donald. Robert lives at Savona, N.Y. Harold and Walter operate a farm together at Brookfield, Pa.

    Harry C. Kemp married first, Mattie Miller, a school teacher, and daughter of a Methodist minister, Rev. John Wesley Miller. After her death he married Mrs. Sarah (Brimmer) Brant, resides in Lawrenceville, is a Presbyterian elder. Children by his first wife, born in Farmington township: Rosco, Curtis Alvord, and Mary Kemp. Rosco married Crena Chilson, lives in Farmington, has four children: Dorothy of Canton, Pa. Laurenza, a school teacher, who married Carlton Davis of the U.S. Army, has twins: Barry and Terry Davis born June 22, 1943; David and Robert M. both of whom are in the U.S. Army. Curtis Alvord Kemp married May Learn, has children: Caroline, Mattie, John Wesley, and Claude Harry, lives near Addison, N.Y. Mary Kemp married Emerson Rice, lives near Norfolk (Ocean Park, Lynn Haven, Va.), has two children: Lewis Emerson and Lenore Rice.

    Bert Kemp married Miss Kitty White, lives at Ransomville, N.Y., has a daughter, Helen, wife of William Arns.

    John A. Kemp married May Hughes, lives in Farmington, has six children: Maynard, Leona, Donald, Paul, Elnora, and Theodore. Maynard Kemp married Ruth Learn, has one child, Timothy, lives at Nelson. Leona married Max Chilson, Brother of Mrs. Rosco Kemp, lives at Nelson, has four children. Paula, Jeanette, Wynn, born Feb. 8, 1934, and Kay Chilson. Max is an elder in the Presbyterian Church, and the family faithfully attends all services. Donald Kemp married Verna Wilbur, lives at Elmira, has a child, Donald. Paul married Rosalind Cummings, lives with his father on the farm in Farmington. Elnora is married to a Mr. Vogt, lives in New York City, has a daughter. Theodore, in the Navy, is married and lives in San Francisco, California.

  7. Joseph Campbell, born in 1835, died in childhood.
  8. Emily Campbell, daughter of James, was born Mar. 16, 1837, married Vernon Green, Mar. 20.1857, had a son Edward, lived in Seattle Wash.
  9. Enoch Campbell, born Dec. 18, 1839, married Oct. 11, 1865, Martha Hewey, both of whom joined the church Oct. 4, 1868. They had two daughters, Mamie and Maud. Mamie married Frank Solf, lives in Elkland. Maud married Arthur Miner, had a son Douglas Miner, who married Laird, and has three children: Laird, Ann and Joe.

  10. Joseph Campbell, born June 16, 1843, married Jennie __________ and had a son, Harry, and daughter, Nina who married William Kanuttel of Saginaw, Michigan.
  11. Martha Campbell, born Feb. 19, 1845, was baptized June 22, 1845, by Rev. E. D. Wells.
  12. Anna Campbell died in infancy.
  13. John C. Campbell, born Mar. 22, 1850, baptized Feb. 2, 1851, married Harriet E. Clark, had children: Rose, Rena, Clyde and Mildred. Rose married Arthur E. Jones (deceased); Rena and Mildred teach school and live with their sister Rose Jones in Elkland. Clyde married Villa Ordway, had two sons, James and John Campbell, died in Elkland in 1942. His mother Harriet Clark Campbell, died Feb. 19, 1924. His son, John, married Dorothy McKenna. His son, James, married Betty Elliott, and has a child, Sandra.
  14. Anna Campbell, born Oct. 25, 1856, married George Ensell, had children: Ruth, and Anna
Ensell. Ruth married Arthur Miner, had a son George Miner. After death of Ruth, Arthur Miner married her sister Anna, by whom a son was born, John Miner. They live at Buffalo, N.Y. (4)Eleanor Campbell, born Apr. 17, 1828, married Malakin Bosard, had three children: John Mahlon, Laura, and Anna Bosard. John Mahlon married Jennie Crane in 1872, had three daughters: Mary Evelyn, Eleanor C. (died 1914 Elmira), and Florence Hortense Bosard. Laura married Charles W. Mowrey of Farmington, had a daughter Elma R. Mowrey who died in 1905. Anna, born Apr. 4, 1860, married in 1883 to Andrew Owlett of Chatham, PA., had nine children: Fordyce Deroy, Dollie Faye, Jessie Luella, John Bosard, Charles Ellsworth, Carleton Andrew, Burton Wesley, and Thomas Mac Owlett.
  1. Elizabeth Campbell, born in 1830, married Daniel Hughey, had two sons, Thomas (died in infancy) and Herbert Clinch Hughey. Herbert Clinch Hughey born 1857, married Hannah Jennie Bixby of Brainard, Minn, m had four children, all born in Brainard: Carie May, Judson Edgar, Harry Milton, Mary Estella Hughey.
  2. Phoebe Campbell, born Feb. 12, 1832, married William Hoyt, had two children: Joseph DeForrest and Inez Hoyt. Joseph De Forrest, born in 1860 in Farmington, married Frances Goodrich of Nelson, had three daughters: Jessica, Elizabeth, and Isabelle Hoyt, all born in Nelson. Inez Hoyt married William Boller of Wyoming, N. Y. who lives in Nelson. Their two children died very young.
  3. Jane Campbell, married April 10, 1852, George Tubbs. Both died in 1916. Children: Frank, Ann, and Minnie Orcella Tubbs. Frank married Kate Ouderkirk of Farmington, had seven children: Nettie, Omer, Leah, Diantha Rennie, George, and Frank Tubbs, all born in Osceola. Ann married Oscer A. VanDusen of Farmington, had four children: Emma, Harry, Burr, and Ross Van Dusen, all born in Farmington. Minnie married William Henry Clark of Woodhull, N. Y., had a son, who died in childhood.
  4. John Harper Campbell, born 1836, married 1858, Calehurna Bottom, had two children:

  5. Adelbert E. and Luella B. Adelbert married Carrie F. Sebring of Tyrone, N.Y., had two sons: John Harry and William S. Campbell, both deceased. Luella married Philip E. Young Jan. 11, 1888**** Corning, had ****** children, Ethel, Roswell P., Clifford J., and Edward. Clifford entered the Presbyterian ministry, resides at Baldwin, New York. Roswell married Katherine Pratt of Elmira, is connected with Stearn’s Department Store of Boston, Mass., has two sons and two daughters. One son, Phillip is an officer in the army. Another son, John, is at home. Edward Young is a director or music at Potsdam, New York.
  6. Thomas Campbell died in infancy.
  7. Joseph D. Campbell, born Dec 29, 1839, married in 1853, Dollie, daughter of Charles and Phoebe Pierce Bottom of Nelson, had three children: Grace, Myra, and Phoebe Ann. Grace born in 1865, married first, Alfred D. Mowrey of Farmington, who died July 28, 1885, leaving her with one daughter Pearl Mowery, who married Webster Wise, after whose death, she married his brother, Frederick Wise. They have one son in the navy, Grace married second, Attorney George Wallace Buck of Elmira in 1880, and had three children: Joseph Wallace, Ruth Campbell, and Jerome Campbell Buck, died 1931/ Joseph married Marjorie Eldredge and has three children: George Wallace, born in 1922, now in the Army in the Southwest Pacific; Joseph Campbell, born June 27, 1923, in Officers Candidate School, Fort Sill, Okla.; and Cornelia Elizabeth Buck, born in 1927, attending Emma Willard School Troy, N.Y. Ruth Campbell Buck, born in 1893, married William H. Mandeville, an attorney of Elmira, and has one surviving son, David C. Mandeville, in the army.
  8. Maria B. Campbell, born in 1842, married Feb. 1. 1862, James Loop, had two daughters: Stella Ann and Bertha Loop. Stella married William Hooker, had three children, Eva May, Bertha, and Treva. Eva born in 1885, married Edward Hillis, lives in Johnson City, N. Y., has a son John in the army, Bertha died in infancy.. Treva married John Hazlett, son of Frank R., lives in Elmira Heights, has a son, John Jr., in the Army, and a daughter Ann. Stella Loop Hooker married second, Nathan Wilbur.
  9. Julia P. Campbell, born August 22, 1845, married Jan. 16, 1869, William Edward Solf, had three children: Rena May (died in infancy), William Edward Self, Jr., and Jennie Mary Self. William Edward Jr., born Sept. 14, 1871. married Euphema May Tokes of Hall’s Corners, N.Y., second Edith Peck Loder of Brooklyn, N. U. Child: Doris Adele Self (Mrs. Philip Drake). Jennie Mary Self married James Alfred Cady, Aug. 23, 1891. She lives with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Merritt, near Nelson. She is one of the three living grandchildren of Joseph and Ann Clinch Campbell.

CHARLES and ANN LUGG came from England, Charles Lugg was born in 1791 in Gloustershire at Bisley. His wife Mary Ann Chandler, whom he married in 1818, came from the same shire. After one journey to America , he returned and settled in 1833 on Sobres Hill, Farmington township, on a 100 acre farm, four acres of which were cleared. He added 150 acres to this, and completed clearing of 200 acres. He died on his farm in 1874, now owned by Mark Stevens. His wife died in 1873, both members of the Presbyterian church for ************* century. They had these children: (1) Sarah, (2) Mary Ann, (3) Eliza, (4) Anthony, (5) Robert S., (6) Charles, (7) Caroline.

  1. Sarah married first a Mr. Whitehead, second, David Hoyt, who joined the church May 10, 1846; they lived and died in Nelson.
  2. Mary Ann, born in England, with three others of the children, married Elanson Hoyt, died in Farmington township. Ann joined the church in April, 1854.
  3. Eliza married Louis Beiver, of hugenot extraction, was grandmother of Bertha Closs (Mrs. William Davis) of Nelson.
  4. Anthony Wayne, who with his wife joined the church in 1853, was born Aug. 25, 1825 at Bisley, England. He married Ann K., daughter of Nathaniel and Lucy (Kelsey) Seely in 1851. He lived in Nelson till 1855, moved to Knoxville, Pa., where he set up a large merchantile business. Children: Wayne M. born in 1852, died in California; Elizabeth, died in infancy; Morgan, died 12 years old; Charles H., born in 1860, married Minnie Wilson, lived at Knoxville, had two children: Mildred Jean and George Wilson; Cora J., born in 1862, married L. J. Johnson, lived at Jamestown, N.Y.: Anthony Walde, born 1866, a merchant at Knoxville.
  5. Robert S., born Dec. 18, 1835 in Farmington, was the first of the children of Charles and Ann Lugg born in America. He married Rebecca Bottom, born 1843, the daughter of Charles and Phoebe Bottom, lived in Farmington Township till 1887 when they moved to a Nelson farm. Robert died in 1893; his wife in 1898. they joined the church in 1882. Their children: Phoebe, Anna *************and Mary V. Phoebe married Alton Evans, lived in Wellsboro, Pa. Anna R. married Oscar Cole, lived in Hammond, Pa. Charles Byron, born Feb. 2, 1864 in Farmington, lived in Nelson on the "island" farm, married Feb. 6, 1889, Emma L., daughter of Aaron Otis ********* and Ann (Alcott****Preston, He and his wife were members of *** Presbyterian Church. Their son, Robert Preston Lugg, born Dec. 29, 1904, married Miss Ila Hess, daughter of Melvin and Pearl (Short) Hess of Sabinsville, Pa. They have three children: Charles Melvin (5), Bonlin ***** (2), and Robert Anthony (1). Mary V. Lugg married Jesse L. Howe, had two sons, Charles R. and Jerome B. Howe. Charles married Rena Lamb, has two sons Ellsworth and Melvin, Both in the U.S. Army. Jerome has a daughter, Eloise Ruth, married to *********** and living in Elmira.
  6. Charles, son of Charles and Ann Lugg died young.
  7. Caroline, married Enoch Blackwell, had one child, died in 1868, second wife of Mr. Blackwell.
  8. Elizabeth, died Apr. 19, 1834 in 11th year.
Robert Casbeer, son of William and Catherine Jay Casbeer, was born Sept. 4, 1811, at Owego, N.Y. He married Nov. 11, 1839 at Beecher’s Island, Pa., Susan House, born Nov. 11, 1817 in Connecticut, the daughter of Leonard and Clarissa Brown House. Rev. E.D. Wells performed the ceremony. They lived on a farm in Farmington Township, two miles from Osceola. He was elected elder in 1852. He was dismissed by letter from the Beecher’s Island Presbyterian Church in 1860 to the church at Osceola. His family burying plot is in Pleasant Valley, Farmington Township. Robert died in 1891, his wife in 1885. His wife was a poet. Upon the coming of her husband’s mother, Catherine Jay Casbeer, to live in their home she wrote these verses, at Farmington, Aug. 27, 1847.

We glory to live by the sweat of the brow

On the fruits of the earth and the toil of the Plow.

Our fields and our herds thrive under our care;

Our Mother, you’re welcome these blessings To share.

May God by His grace bid us ever abstain

From wrong and oppression earth’s wealth To obtain

But happy and useful and honest to live,

And seek for His blessing on all He may give.

May we cheerfully bow to the will of our God.

He knows which we need here, His smile Or his rod,

And while we acknowledge He’s kind when He gives,

In sorrow remember that Jesus still lives.

The children of Robert and Susan House Casbeer were: (1) Ann, (2) Benjamin, (3) Catherine, (4) Daniel, (5) Emily, (6) Flora, and (7) Gratia.

  1. Ann, born Oct. 14, 1843 was baptized at Beecher’s Island June 3, 1844, died Sept. 27, 1909. About Ann, her mother wrote, in June, 1847 :



    My little Ann with cheerful talk

    Beguiled me on our summer’s walk,

    And when we’d passed the woods so green

    Out little cot so fair was seen,

    Among the garden trees

    As soon we reached the streamlet’s brink

    Where rapid floods do rise and sink

    She stepped upon the rude, rough beam

    To cross the rapid, narrow stream,

    Emblem of life’s short day;

    While as in pensive mood she stood

    Ey’ing the onward rolling flood

    Her mother spake with haste and fear,

    Oh! Look not at the water, dear,

    But look beyond the stream!

    On yonder bank so green and fair

    A pleasant home awaits us there.

    Father is there and brother dear,

    And we will stay no longer here;

    They’ll bid us welcome home.

    You’re entered on this mortal scene

    To cross life’s rapid narrow stream.

    O! may some heavenly power attend

    Your steps to guide and to defend.

    And point beyond the stream.

    On yonder bank so fair above

    Are mansions built by heavenly love.

    Our Elder Brother’s entered there

    And will a place for all prepare

    Who fix their hearts above.

    Ann Casbeer married Dec. 25, 1866, Aaron Baker, son of Sylvanus and Sally (Guile) Baker, had five children: Robert, Roy, Raymond, Victor, Lelia. Aaron died June 11, 1918.

    Robert C. Baker, born Aug. 30, 1860, married Phoebe Buckley, had two daughters, Frances and Anna. Frances married DeWitt Odle, lived at Knoxville, had a son, Lieut. Basil Odle, U.S. Army, who married Helen Ellison. Anna Baker married Cowden Brass, lived at Knoxville, had four children: Robert, who is married and lives at Cowanesque; Paul, in the Army, married in Florida, has a son; Phoebe, married to Wellington Colegrove, has a daughter, Monica; William eight years of age.

    LeRoy Baker, born Oct. 31, 1870, died at age two.

    Raymond E. Baker, born Feb. 24, 1875, married Alice Babcock, had son Buell W. Baker, who married Mary Hotchkiss, lives at Lawrenceville, has three children: James D., in the Army Air Corps, born in Sept. 1924; Alice May, born Dec. 4, 1930, and Buell Wesley Jr. , born June 1, 1934.

    Victor Hugo Baker, born June 23, 1877, married Lida Mourey, lives on a farm near Elkland, has three children: Aaron, a teacher in Port Republic, N.J.; Fannie, married to Amasa Wilson, Port Republic, N.J.; and Alice, who married Glenn Moore, lives in Elkland.

    Lilia Baker, born Mar. 2, 1884, married Guy Seamans, now deceased, has seven children, resides in Lawrenceville. Children, surnamed Seamans: Ralph Douglas, Waldo, Robert, Blanche, Clerice, Guy W., Bessie, Ralph Douglas, born June 11, 1906 is unmarried. Waldo, born Nov. 6, 1909, married Harriet McCabe, is in the Navy. Robert, born Apr 10, 1912, married in 1935, Elizabeth Thomas, has a daughter, Caroline, lives at Lawrenceville, where his wife is a music teacher in the public school. Blanche, born July 10, 1915, married Dorr Harvey who is now in the Army, Clerice, born Feb. 9, 1918, Married Earl Altman, has a son, Alan, lives at Westfield. Guy W., born May 8, 1920, is in the Army in Sardinia. Bessie, born April 15, 1923, married Guy Bailey, who is in the Army.

  3. Benjamin Casbeer, son of Robert, was born May 28, baptized Aug. 30, 1846, married Pollie Preston, died at 28, leaving a daughter, Katie (Mrs. Hungerford). When he was one year old his mother wrote an address to her son:



    Here comes my little boy so bright

    Smiling to view the morning light

    One year this twenty-eight of May,

    Your eyes first saw the light of day.

    ‘Tis eighteen hundred forty-seven,

    Since our dear Lord came down from Heaven.

    This proof mankind do freely give

    That Jesus Christ on earth did live.

    Your mother oft with tearful eye

    Looks on her son, then looks on high.

    And in the words of ernest prayer

    Asks blessings sought for only there.

    A voy’ger through a world of woe,

    As all who enter soon will know.

    Aou duty’s here, our interest there;

    May be in life for heaven prepare.

    Should God thy breath in wisdom spare.

    That in life’s din you bear a share.

    Oh! May He all your steps defend

    And guide and guard you to the end.

    I could not ask my son might know

    Excess of life in joy, or woe,

    But in an even path to tread,

    And ask of God his daily bread.

    Man’s life consisteth not below

    In his abundant wealth and show,

    For those who make this world their trust

    Do drown their souls in sordid lust.

    All Heaven below, and Heaven above,

    Is formed of Charity and Love;

    That being naught of Heaven can know,

    Whose breast ne’er feels a generous glow.

  5. Catherine Casbeer, born June 3, 1848, was baptized Jan. 30, 1850 by Rev. F.B. Pratt. Her mother wrote in 1852 of her:



    My Catherine dear, I’ll sing for thee

    A song of thy sweet infancy

    That thou mayst rend another day

    When time those scenes has born away.

    Thou wast the third of our little band

    More prized by far than house or land,

    And they little brother with joy and glee

    His place by his mother resigned to thee.

    Me thinks that time will never bring

    Days happier than thine early spring.

    Thy parents have sought with yearning care

    To plant in they footstep s flowers rare.

    To lure and guide thee in virtue’s way

    That thy path may end in heavenly day.

    But vain must be their wish and care

    To shield thee from temptation’s snare.

    Oh! Seek the Holy Spirit’s aid

    To guide thy way through light and shade.

    Sure then thy end shall triump be

    Blest through time and eternity.

    Catherine married John Smith of Farmington, had four children: Henry, Lena, Susan, and Phoebe Smith. Henry married May *********** Rogers and had three sons – Paul, Raymond, and Willard smith. Raymond is unmarried. Lena Married Vann Howe (deceased) went as a missionary to South America, is now living with her sisters Susan and Phoebe at Osceola. Her son John Howe, married a Spanish-speaking woman in South America, has four or five children, lives in Maryland. Susan Smith married Sylvester Lince (deceased). Phoebe is a teacher.

  7. Dan Casbeer, born Feb. 23, 1852, was baptized in the Beecher’s Island church June 5, 1853. His mother wrote these lines for him:

  8. May God direct your way, my son.

    Daniel, my dark-eyed boy,

    Craving for you this priceless boon

    Brings rest, gives peace and joy

    Full well your mother knows how vain

    Her ceaseless anxious care

    To guard the child she loves so well

    From every ill or snare.

    Yet there’s a power she can trust,

    While striving to obey.

    I’ll be a God to you and yours

    Your prospects here I stay.

    Fear God, my son, ‘tis wisdom’s way.

    Fools hate instruction’s voice.

    The gifts of earth all pass way;

    Make God your early choice.

    Daniel married Sarah Peters, had children: Benjamin, Fred, Grace, Charlie, Benjamin married Mamie Cady, died at 28. leaving three children: Donald, Robert and Dorothy. Robert had one daughter. Fred (deceased) married Lola Taylor, lived in Elkland, had one son, Clinton, who is in the Army, and married Catherine Elliott, has a daughter, Donna Jean. Grace married Charles Preston, county health inspector, lives at Lawrenceville, Charlie Casbeer died in childhood.

  9. Emily Casbeer, born Nov. 12, 1854, was baptized in June, 1855. The following was written for her:



    The inspiration of the hour

    While wandering in this woody bower

    I would improve my gentle dove

    To pen for you a line of love.

    Sweet balmy day so fair to soo,

    ‘Tis May, the first of sixty-three.

    November Twelfth of Fifty-four

    You to my life gave one more joy.

    Our path through life we may not know;

    May heaven this mind on you bestow,

    Where duty leads, with cheerful face

    I’ll love to walk in such a place.

    Emily married Jerome Spencer, had no children.

  11. Flora Casbeer married Ben Adams, had a child, Agnes, who married Rex W. Dimmick of Lawrenceville. They have three children: Betty, employed at Painted Post, N.Y., Willard in the Army Air Corps, and Richard, in the Navy.
  12. Gratia Casbeer, born March 12, 1860, was remembered by her mother with these lines:
Gratia, youngest of seven,

Dear, precious children all;

I’ve waited the inspiration

That from my pen might fall.

Some word for my last treasure

She might in memory hold

And think, "my mother loved me

When she was growing old."

That kind words truly spoken

Are weighty as the sand;

They calm the spirit broken,

Cast on life’s weary strand.

Ever this weapon carry;

‘Twill make a pleasant path.

Some ways are rough and Charry.

Calm with soft words the wrath.

Gratia Casbeer married Fred Gaige of Millerton (deceased), had five children: Robert, living at Millerton; Albert, with a wife and two children; Edna, married Leon A. Andrews, has a daughter; Emily, unmarried; Perry, a railroad operator, married and has children.


EDWARD MAPES and his wife Eliza had a son David and three other children baptized in 1850. Eliza joined the church in December, 1852. James C. Mapes was baptized Apt, 1, 1860, by Rev. E.D. Wells.

JOHN HAZLETT and SAMUEL HAZLETT were brothers. A family history, prepared in 1901 by Lucy Dunham Hazlett, wife of John Hazlett, Jr., is here quoted, with some additions.

About the year 1800, Joseph Campbell, Sire, and family sailed for America. In company with them were Samuel and John Hazlett (brothers), --John, a mere lad, Samuel, much older. Their father being dead, they left their mother, one brother, an only sister, Mary and Archibold, in their native country, Scotland. They came to seek homes in America, the land of the free. A few years later, the mother, sister and brother came and settled at Pittsburg. I can find no record of them only that they were both married, Mary I believe to a man named Gibson.

A little romance occurred during the voyage. Sally, (born June 18, 1777) daughter of Joseph Campbell, sire, and Samuel Hazlett were married by a minister of the gospel who was aboard the vessel. He then engaged them to work for him one year in the state of New Jersey. At the close of the year they then went to Lancaster, Pa. and set up housekeeping, his brother John going with them. They were not pleased with the country and after a year decided to look for a more desirable home as their dreams of America had not been fully realized so decided to penetrate more deeply into the wilds of Pennsylvania.

John and Samuel purchased a tract of land of Daniel Strait where he had resided two years and made a small improvement. In the spring of 1811 they started on their long and tedious journey through mud and rain for Beecher’s Island, as it was then known. Somewhere near Blossburg, one horse fell sick and died. Procuring an ox team they continued their journey. During their stay there, snow fell one foot deep. On account of the roads being heavy, some of the family were obliged to walk. Samuel driving the team, his young wife willing to share the burdens with her husband, walked the whole distance to their new home carrying her fifteen months old babe in her arms. That babe is now 91 years old, Jane Hazlett Ellison Andrews, living in New South Berlin, Chenango County, New York, well preserved in mind and body.

When they arrived at the place they were to make their home, they found no shelter but a hut constructed from logs very roughly put together. There was a place between the logs so wide a cat could crawl through, and no chimney, stones set up against the logs constituted their fireplace. They were obliged to take up four bushels of ashes before a fire could be made. The bark covering for a roof was all the protection they had from storms and wild beasts that stormed around in fearful numbers, wolves, catamounts, and bears. They were obliged to keep fires going all night to scare them away. The pigs, sheep and stock of all kinds had to be kept in high pens near the house, and sometimes when the wolves became very fierce the lambs and pigs were taken into the house until they would leave to seek food elsewhere. Their meat consisted of wild game and fish which was plentiful.

While the task was a heavy one, they went to work with willing hands to make a more comfortable home. A new log house was built and a small piece of ground cleared where the former occupant had felled the trees and left them lying on the ground. There a garden was planted.

John, sire, decided that a helpmate was necessary. On the 11th of April, 1811, he was married to Jane Campbell, also a daughter of Joseph Campbell, sire. They all resided in one house.

The wife of Samuel Hazlett again showed her courage by going 11 miles on foot to drive a cow that had been purchased for family use with only marked trees for a guide. She saw only one window with a lighted glass during her long journey.

There were no roads so the settlers followed the river and built their homes near the bank. Those people first built at a point well-known by lumberman as "Hazlett’s turn". In those days it was a dangerous point and much dreaded by men who floated timber down the river which then was their chief occupation.

Flax was raised, spun and woven into cloth for summer use, and woolen for their winter use. Their open air exercise and warm clothing made them strong and healthy. Sheets, pillow cases, tablecloths, and towel were all made of linen. The women made cloth for cash or exchange for other goods. Ithaca, New York being the nearest place where their cloth could be disposed of ring about 25 cents a yard taking as many as 500 yards a trip. It required four days to perform the journey, no transportation only by wagon with poor roads.

John and Samuel were truly brothers, living and working together, sharing each other’s joys and sorrows. There had been squatters there but these people had come to stay. Then roads had been established they built barns and houses, planted fruit of all kinds. A saw mill was built for which they manufactured lumber that greatly aided in putting up more substantial buildings. A few years before the death of John, sire, which occurred in 1848, he built the house where J. E. Hazlett, a grandson, now lives, and one of the third generation to own and occupy the grand old landmark of former years.

C. F. Merritt now owns and occupies the Samuel, Sire, farm. The buildings have all been replaced with more modern and substantial structures. At the present time the farm is owned by Clifford Merritt, Lawrenceville.

Samuel and John, sire, and their wives, are sleeping side by side in the little family cemetery, all that is left of these sturdy pioneers.

While many of the settlers were struggling for a scanty existence they had what will be remembered by some of the older people as the cold season. Very little vegetation grew. So like the Canaanites of old they were obliged to go into a foreign country to buy corn, the nearest place being Williamsport. A man and a team were hired to make the journey. Each man who could raise fifty cents more or less availed themselves of this opportunity. As the man rode along through the broken country, like Annanias and Sophia, Satan entered his heart. Being tempted to keep the filthy lucre, which he did. These honest people waited long and anxiously but he never returned.

Another man was intrusted with the selling of lumber that had been manufactured in their mill and floated down the river to Middletown, New York where a ready market usually awaited them. He, too, left for parts unknown taking the fruits of their hard labor with him which necessitated more privations and hardships, and yet through all these trials there were prospered.

The women would often go three or four miles through the dense forest with a bag of provision to visit the sick, many times finding them destitute with no flour or food in the house. They were honest God-fearing people adhering strictly to the commandment, "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy". All work was done, as far as possible, in readiness for the Sabbath. They were Scotch Presbyterians and strictly observed the doctrines of that faith. John, sire, gave largely as well as others toward the Presbyterian Church that stands on the ominence that overlooks our beautiful village which is so unchanged that if our forefathers should return they would immediately recognize it.

John, sire, gave the timber for the frame and his son, John, Jr., with old father Jewell, (as he is familiarly known) felled the first tree for the erection. He loaned the cooking stove to the carpenters, requiring his own food to be prepared over an old fashioned fireplace.

The family of Samuel Hazlett, sire, and Sally Campbell consisted of four children: Archibold, Mary, Jane and Sally. Archibold married Cynthia Hammond of Elkland and removed to Crooked Creek, known as Middlebury Center. To them were born eleven children: eight boys and three girls. The daughters are Mars, Mary Carpenter, Mrs. Elsie Sweet of Niles Valley, and Mrs. Sally Ritter of Wellsboro. Of the sons, four are deceased – Amma, John, Samuel, and Marine; living are George of Elmira, James of Wellsboro, William of Chicago, Illinois and David of Westfield.

Mary married Thomas Richardson. The fruits of their marriage were ten children: seven sons and three daughters. John, Samuel, Thomas, and Frank. Sleeping beside Mary, their mother, in the little cemetery James died at Berrin Springs, Michigan. Charles, William, and Anna, all of Michigan. Anna, wife of Charles Brooks, who will be remembered by many as teacher in the old school building near the Presbyterian Church. He is now a successful lawyer of Hart, Michigan.

Jane, of South Haven, Michigan, deceased. Sarah, wife of James Clow, of Indiana County, Pennsylvania.

Jane Hazlett Andrews, as I have already mentioned was married twice. Second wife of Richard Ellison, she also was second wife of Harvey Andrews. Of the first marriage there were eight children, five daughters and three sons; Hannah, wife of Robert Stewart; Sally, wife of Phileutes Crandall, and mother of Truman Crandall; Adele, first wife of Edward Buckley, Jennie, wife of James Glass, and Samuel of Eau Clare, Wis., all deceased, Mary, of Chicago, and James Ellison of Maringo, Ill. Of the second marriage Anna, wife of Wallace Sherman, and Frank and Willis Andrews.

Sally, now deceased, was the wife of the late Albert Fowler.

Of John Hazlett, sire, and Jane Campbell there were nine children:

Rachel married James Cook. Mrs. Mary Guernacy, beloved and respected by all who knew her was their oldest daughter; Elizabeth of Osceola, and Bertan occupying a part of the old farm; Myra of Elgin, Illinois; Ida of Genoa, Illinois; Archibold of Iowa; and Eugene of California.

Mary, wife of the late John Flint, now in the eighty-seventh year of her age, they emigrated to Illinois.

****** soon after their marriage. They, Too, endured the trials and privations of a new country. They raised a large family which are living in different parts of the far west, all prosperous and a great joy to their aged mother.

Samuel, son of Joh***, deceased, is worthy of more than a passing notice for his deeds of charity and exemplary Christian living. By his death, the old Presbyterian Church to which he belonged, met with an irreparable loss. His wife, Jane Knapp, still survives him, who has just celebrated her eighty-fifth birthday. Their children are Mary, wife of Judd Seeley of Osceola; Hope of Nelson; and John of Potter county, who had a son, Floyd.

John Hazlett, Jr. was born, lived, and died on the old farm that was so dear to him. He often related the struggles and hardships of his mother and father’s early life. His mother died in 1832, leaving several small children. He married Lucy Dunham. Of this union there were six children: Frank, who married Eula Taylor; and Fanny who married W. C. Monroe resides in Elmira Heights; J. E. Hazlett, who married Eva Foster; and Nancy, wife of William Popper of Presho; Herbert, at home; and Ella, deceased.

Eliza married William Merritt, Their children were Adele, wife of John Shipman of Farmington; Mary, wife of E. J. Hall of Farmington; Josephine, wife of Henry Taft, of Tuscarora; and Charles F. of Nelson.

Jane married Charles Hosley. Of this union were two children: Celia, now deceased; and Jane of Illinois. After Mr. Hosley’s death, she married William Knapp.

Myra, wife of Washington Richardson, four children: Edgar, Florence, and Lyda of Genoa, Illinois, and George of Wisconsin.

Jane died in childhood, 1824.

Let us compare the past with the present. What we enjoy today, these fine school grounds and churches dotted all up and down the beautiful valley, comfortable homes and many are elegant, ***are monuments and silent reminders that somebody had been here before and prepared the way for all those great blessings.

We meet at reunions but how often there is a missing link. Someone has gone to the Spirit Land, never to return.

To that great family of fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers that have gone on before let us not forget the prayers that have been offered for you and me that we may be ready when the summons comes to meet them in one everlasting reunion. May there be no missing links, unbroken families to dwell forever in that beautiful home our Saviour has gone to prepare for those who love and serve him"

Lucy Dunham Hazlett – August 22, 1901

Supplementing the facts contained in the above history of the Hazlett family are the following accounts of more recent members of the family descendents.

Charles Fowler Merritt son of William and Eliza Hazlett Merritt was born in 1856, at Nelson, resided there, operating his father’s farm, which he purchased. He married Ella Stoddard in 1881, who had been born in Woodhull in 1859 and had children: (1) William B., born in 1884, married Clara Eaton, had daughter Louise; (2) Ruby, married Loren H. Beers of Tuscarora, N. Y., had son Merritt Beers; (3) Harvey, born Nov. 25, 1891, married Blanche Cady, lives at Nelson, on farm east on the concrete highway; (4) Walter, born in 1893, lives in Dexter, N.Y.; (5) Clifford, born May 3rd, 1901, married first, Esther Freeburg of Elkland, has a son, Clifford, Jr., born Feb. 19, 1927, and he married second, Mrs. Irene (Green) Brown, who has two sons – Lawrence in the army and Elvin in the navy; (7) Gordon Merrit, born June 21, 1905.

Samuel, third named of the sons of Archibold Hazlett, was born in Nelson in 1830, died May 3, 1861. He married in 1852 Sarah, daughter of Walter and Content Culver Bottom, had two sons: Charles Walter and Samuel Clark Hazlett. Charles Walter, born in 1853, became a physician at Whitneyville. Being an orphan at eight years of age, he found a home with his Aunt Hannah Dorrance, Osceola. He married in 1881, Fanny Richards of Nelson, had two sons; Raymond A., who died in 1908, and Charles Walter Jr., born Oct. 31, 1900 now at Evansville, Wisconsin. Samuel Clark Hazlett married Catherine Brennan, had three children: Mrs. Mayme H. Dewey, 324 Larchmont Rd, Elmira; Ferris Brennan Hazlett, Savinsville; and Mrs. Sarah H. Baumgarten, 302 Guinnip Ave., Elmira.

Frank R. Hazlett, son of John, Jr., married Eula Taylor, had children: Clinton, John, Margaret, Blaine, and Lucy. Clinton lives in Detroit. John married Treva Loop, he lives in Elmira Heights, has a daughter, Ann and a son John, Jr., in the army stationed in Alaska. Margaret married Carl Rogue, has a daughter, Jean, in Cornell University, Blaine married __________ Swartwood, lives at Elmira Heights, has a daughter, Dorothy. Lucy is also married.

Nancy (Nan), born Nov. 1, 1859, married Aug. 13, 1889, William Pepper, remembers the old Hazlett far, now owned by James West, about a mile east of the Presbyterian Church at Nelson. She and her husband now live at Presho, N.Y. They have a son, John, who married Ruth Anderson, and has two children: Virginia, wife of Ervil Kittel, Addison, R.D. 3, N.Y., and Marian, who married Dale Snyder, lives at Montoursville.

J. Edward married Eva Baxter Foster had no children.

Fannie married William Monroe, had children, Edward and Donald. Edward married Rhea Mills, lives at the Heights as also does his mother.

Marine Hazlett, last named of the sons of Archibold, had two sons, Sam, now of Nelson, and Charles of Elkland; and three daughters. Mrs. Ida Watkins, Mrs. Albert Rowley of Nelson; and Mrs. Merle Mack Cook of Painted Post are daughters of Sam. Sisters of Sam: Mrs. Marville Stevens of Corning, and Mrs. Jay Baird of Chattanooga, mother of Lee Baird of Elkland, who has two daughters, Lucile and Cora.

ENOCH BLACKWELL was born in Jersey Shore, Pa. in 1814. His father died while Enoch was a child, and Mrs. Blackwell the wife of J. Campbell of Beecher’s Island. Enoch Blackwell Married first in 1838. Miss Mary Knapp of Wells, Pa. She died in 1865. Next year he married Miss Caroline Lugg, by whom he had one child. His second wife having died in 1868, he married Mrs. Caroline P. Putnam of Tioga, daughter of Dr. Simeon Power. A history of Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Blackwell, and a view of heir residence farm buildings, old homestead, store and flouring mill.

E. Charles Blackwell, son of Enoch, married Lena Preston (now Mrs. Morris Smith) and had children: Byron Lockwood Blackwell, Watrous Preston Blackwell, and Enoch Arden Blackwell. Lockwood died at the age of nineteen. Enoch married Cora Rathbone, lives at Elkland, has a son, ********, in the navy. A daughter, Caroline, is in training to be a nurse at Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester. Another daughter, Miriam, is at home. Preston Blackwell lives on a farm, R.D.1, Elkland. He married Marjoy Shaeffer.

GEORGE WASHINGTON PHELPS married Sarah Lucetta Staples and had one son, Volcut, who married Diantha C. Smith, daughter of Elijah and Marion L. smith. Volvut and Diantha Phelps had three daughters: Mrs. William Humphrey, who lived at Elkland, died about 1916; Mrs. Frank Seeley of Osceola, who died about 1927, and Mrs. Leah, wife of Joseph Oakden, now living in Lawrenceville.

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