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It will be noted that there were no church records kept before 1861, making it impossible to give a complete list of all the pastors who have served the charge. We have mentioned in the foregoing historical sketches the few names of pastors that could be found before 1861, but the dates of their pastorate on the Circuit for the most part have been lost. The following list is complete and accurate from 1861 to the present (1919). These pastors who have served the charge are:

Rev. G. J. DuBois 1861-1863  
Rev. E. H. Cranmer 1863-1866  
Rev. M. C. Dean 1866-1868  
Rev. Harvey Lamkin 1868-1870  
Rev. N. S. Hall 1870-1871  
Rev. R. S. Stilwell 1871-1873  
Rev. C. M. Gardner 1873-1874  
Rev. I. B. Hyde 1874-1879  
Rev. S. A. Chubbuck 1878-1884  
Rev. C. E. Ferguson 1884-1887  
Rev. O. D. Davis 1887-1890  
Rev. Herbert Carpenter 1890-1891  
Rev. S. P. Houghtaling 1891-1892  
Rev. M. E. Bowman 1892-1893  
Rev. Charles Figles 1893-1898  
Rev. F. W. Sessions 1898-1900  
Rev. C. L. Shergur 1900-1902  
Rev. George Britten 1902-1905  
Rev. W. A. Stackhouse 1905-1908  
Rev. D. E. Stiles 1908-1909  
Rev. A. H. Youell 1909-1912  
Rev. W. F. Fitzgerald 1912-1914 father of Laura Fitzgerald, teacher
Rev. Frank G. Andrus 1914-1916  
Rev. Alfred Baratt 1916-1917  
Rev. Ezra O. Morgan 1917-  
Membership Roll of Chemung Church    
Henry Brady Elmira, R. D. 2  
Brady, Mrs. Mary E. Elmira, R. D. 2  
Balmer, Mrs. Lillian Wilawana, Pa  
Bodine, Eli Chemung, N.Y. Geoff's and Brett's grandparents
Bodine, Mrs. Edith Chemung, N.Y.  
Beers, Alexander H. Chemung, N.Y.  
Beers, Mrs. Etta Chemung, N.Y.  
Campbell, Mrs. Archie Chemung, N.Y.  
Carner, Benson H. Chemung, N.Y.  
Carner, Mrs. Jean Chemung, N.Y.  
Carey, Miss Ruth Lowman, R. D. 1  
Carey, Miss Florence Lowman, R. D. 1  
Cooper, Charles Elmira, R. D. 2  
Cooper, Mrs. Emma Elmira, R. D. 2  
Cooley, Nathaniel Chemung, N.Y.  
Cooley, Mrs. Maude Chemung, N.Y.  
Douglass, Mrs. James Chemung, N.Y. teacher Dorothy Douglass' mother
Dailey, Mrs. Eva K. Chemung, N.Y.  
Elliott, Miss Phoebe Chemung, N.Y.  
Emblen, J. W. Chemung, N.Y.  
Emblen, Mrs. J. W. Chemung, N.Y.  
Fitzgerald, Rev. W.F. Chemung, N.Y.  
Fitzgerald, Miss Laura Chemung, N.Y. future teacher
Foulke, Mrs. Rebecca Chemung, N.Y.  
Frost, Filmore D. Chemung, N.Y.  
Frost, Mrs. F.D. Chemung, N.Y.  
Frost, Miss Elinor Chemung, N.Y.  
French, Harry Elmira, R. D. 2  
French, Mrs. Lottie Elmira, R. D. 2  
Garrabrant, Mrs. Laura Chemung, N.Y.  
Green, Mrs. George Chemung, N.Y.  
Hood, Frank L. Chemung, N.Y.  
Hood, Mrs. Minnie Chemung, N.Y.  
Hood, Deo Chemung, N.Y.  
Hulett, Elmer E. Waverly R. D. 3  
Hulett, Mrs. Helen Waverly R. D. 3  
Hulett, Miss Marjorie Waverly R. D. 3  
Hicks, Frank C. Chemung, N.Y. teacher
Hicks, Mrs. Cornelia Chemung, N.Y.  
Havens, Mrs. John Chemung, N.Y.  
Inmann, Miss Kate Chemung, N.Y.  
Joslin, Morgan Chemung, N.Y.  
Joslin, Mrs. Lydia Chemung, N.Y.  
Lenox, J. G. Chemung, N.Y.  
Lenox, Mrs. Belle Chemung, N.Y. teacher
Larsen, Sam Chemung, N.Y.  
Morgan, Rev. E. O. Chemung, N.Y.  
Morgan, Mrs. Edith E Chemung, N.Y.  
Manning, Mrs. Harriet Chemung, N.Y.  
Marvin, Jared Chemung, N.Y.  
Masterson, E. I. Chemung, N.Y.  
Meeker, Henry Waverly R. D. 3  
Meeker, Mrs. Cynthia H. Waverly, N.Y.  
McCutcheon, Miss Anna Chemung, N.Y.  
Osborn, Rodney B. Chemung, N.Y.  
Osborn, Mrs. Mary A. Chemung, N.Y.  
Orcutt, Mrs. Nancy A. Elmira, R. D. 2  
Pratt, Frank C. Chemung, N.Y.  
Peppard, Miss Rose Waverly R. D. 3  
Price, Fernley Chemung, N.Y.  
Price, Mrs. Bernice Chemung, N.Y.  
Phelps, Mrs. Sarah Chemung, N.Y.  
Straitor, G. Merton Chemung, N.Y.  
Straitor, Mrs. Lillian Chemung, N.Y.  
Straitor, Frank M. Chemung, N.Y.  
Straitor, Mrs. Elizabeth Chemung, N.Y.  
Straitor, Linn Chemung, N.Y.  
Straitor, Mrs. Jennie Chemung, N.Y.  
Stanton, Miss Hazel Chemung, N.Y.  
Stanton, Miss Floy Chemung, N.Y.  
Squires, Mrs. Thad Chemung, N.Y.  
Swain, William Chemung, N.Y.  
Swain, Joseph Chemung, N.Y.  
Swain, Mrs. Elizabeth Chemung, N.Y.  
Tanner, Mrs. Emeline Elmira R. D. 2  
Van Duzen, Henry Wilawana, Pa  
Van Duzen, Mrs. May Wilawana, Pa  
Williams, Ralph Elmira R. D. 2  
Williams, Mrs. Ethel Elmira R. D. 2  
Wynkoop, Miss Harriet Chemung, N.Y.  
Wynkoop, Mrs. Sarah Chemung, N.Y.  

Membership Roll of Owens Mills    
Collins, Mrs Adelaide Lockwood R.D. 2  
Collins, Miss Mabel Lockwood R.D. 2  
Cornell, Mrs. Susie Lockwood R.D. 2  
Doane, Mrs. Myrtie Waverly R. D. 3 teacher
Guild, Mrs. Prudence Lockwood R D. 2  
Guild, Floyd Lockwood R D. 2  
Guild, J. Willard Lockwood R D. 2  
Guild, Mrs. Ella Lockwood R D. 2  
Grace, Ward Lockwood R D. 2  
Mrs. Mable A. Lockwood R D. 2  
Grace, Loren B. Lockwood R D. 2 See Cooley Cemetery
Grace, Mrs. Ida Lockwood R D. 2  
Grace, Mrs Hattie Lockwood R D. 2  
Grace, Willis Lockwood, N. Y.  
Grace, Mrs. Eloise Lockwood, N. Y.  
Grace, Ambrose Lockwood R D. 2  
Grace, Mrs. Mary Lockwood R D. 2  
Grace, Frank Lockwood R D. 2  
Grace, Mrs. Pearl Lockwood R D. 2  
Guild, Clarence E. Lockwood R. D. 2 out of alphabetical sequence
Guild, Mrs. Grace Lockwood R. D. 2  
Green, Charles Lockwood R. D. 2  
Green, Mrs. Charles Lockwood R D. 2  
Loomis, Mrs. Nancy Lockwood R D. 2  

Membership Roll of Wilawana Church    
Burlingame, Mrs. Mary Wilawana, Pa  
Elliott, John Wilawana, Pa  
Elliott, Mrs. Martha Wilawana, Pa  
Elliott, Miss Gladys M. Wilawana, Pa  
Jones, Mrs. May B. Wilawana, Pa  
Kilpatrick, Mrs. Sarah Wilawana, Pa  
Kilpatrick, Mrs. Mary R. Elmira R. D. 2  
Kilpatrick, John Elmira R. D. 2 future Justice of the Peace
Lupton, Miss Lillian    
Lupton, Miss Jeanette Wilawana, Pa  
McElwain, Levi Wilawana, Pa  
McElwain, Mrs. Matt Wilawana, Pa  
Meeker, Miss Frances Wilawana, Pa  
Smith, Mrs Amy Wilawana, Pa  
Squires, Murdock H. Wilawana, Pa  
Squires, Mrs. Ruth Wilawana, Pa  
Vaughn, Mrs. Ida Wilawana, Pa  
Woodward, Lee G. Wilawana, Pa  
Woodward, Mrs. L. G. Wilawana, Pa  

Membership Roll of The Oak Hill Church  
Ameigh, Julius Lowman R. D. 1
Carey, Mrs. Florilla Lowman R. D. 1
Drake, Mrs. Alberta Lowman R. D. 1
Smith, Frank J. Lowman R. D. 1
Smith, Mrs. Fanny Lowman R. D. 1
Smith, Miss Louise Lowman R. D. 1
Smith, Miss Melvina Lowman R. D. 1
Smith, Roy Lowman R. D. 1
Smith, Mrs. Lottie Lowman R. D. 1
Shelford, Thomas Lowman R. D. 1
Shelford, Mrs. Mary C. Lowman R. D. 1
Shelford, Lavina Lowman R. D. 1
Shelford, Alex H. Lowman R. D. 1
Shelford, Mrs. Sarah E. Lowman R. D. 1
Shelford, Wylie Lowman R. D. 1
Roll of Probationere  
Virginia Price  
Wilford Reynolds  
Christina Stanton  
Irma Hood  
Eloise Hulett  
Bernice Brady  
Martha Lenox  
Wilson VanDuzen  
Edna Grace  
Elwood Grace  
Ambrose Grace  
Margaret Guild  
Pauline Guild  
Cecil Green  
Dorothy Green  
Ethel M. Smith  

Register of Non Resident Members of the Circuit  
Mrs. Bertha Brady  
Ellis Marshall  
Mrs. Loraine Peterson one "r" in Loraine
George Straitor  
Clifford Straitor  
Miss Anna Shafer  
Mrs. Jesse Bean  
Mrs. Bernice Cooper  
Mrs. Bertha Loomis  
Miss Lillian Loomis  
Earl Price  
Merton Stanton  
Mrs. Rachel Stanton  
Miss Marjorie Stanton  
Glycon Stanton  
Charles Gregg  
Mrs. Lillian Gregg  
Baptisms 1919  
Marian Bodine  
Milton Bodine  
Ezra W. Morgan Pastor's son
Francis Price  
James VanDuzen  
Charles Grace  
Ruth Grace  
Robert Grace  
Christina Stanton  
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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