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Terry Hill Cemetery

     There is evidence of a cemetery which existed at one time near the Northern intersection of Terry and Veteran Hill Roads.  This cemetery was located South of the home very near the edge of the road.  We have given it the name "Terry Hill" cemetery, until a proper name can be located.  There is the possibility that this cemetery was known as the Terry's Corners or Pleasant Grove cemetery in years gone by.  This cemetery existed up to the mid to late 1940's.  The farmer who owned the land it was on took up the stones and used them in the foundation of the barn he built.  The cemetery itself was then plowed over.  That barn is still standing, the farm is now owned by Mrs. Axler.  The cemetery location and existence was described to me by my father.  He remembers as a youngster visiting the family who lived there and all of the children used to play among the stones.  He recalls the stones when they were still standing in the cemetery, and says the cemetery was fairly good sized.  As a young man he and his father often worked other farmers lands as that was the custom at that time.  My grandfather recommended to the farmer that he shouldn't desecrate the cemetery and remove the stones, but he did so anyway.  It is our belief that several of the older people who lived in this area may have been buried there.  It is our intention to ask Mrs. Axler's permission to investigate the location, the barn and to examine the abstract for the property.  By doing this we may be able to ascertain the exact location of the cemetery, and if we find any stones, who might be buried there.  We would then ask permission to identify the spot and place a sign there.  Any stones we find would be returned to the cemetery and placed along the perimeter.

Town of Veteran Historians Tim Rodabaugh and Rick Smith can be reached at

Rick & Joyce, I just spoke with Eleanor Wilson.  She and her family lived at the old Terry Farm at the point of Terry & Veteran Hills.  I asked her about that cemetery that was near the house there.  She told me that it was called the Terry Cemetery, as that is who was mainly buried there.  She remembered that the Terry family descendants would come every year and have their family reunion in their yard under the trees.  So now we have an actual name!  Wanted you both to know.  Tim
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On  26 JAN 2005
By Joyce M. Tice
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