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Photo by Joyce M. Tice 20 AUG  2000
Photo is NOT in Swartwood. Those Aug 21 photos
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Swartwood Cemetery is located in the Town of Van Etten, Chemung County, New York on the east side of State Route 224, southeast of McDuffy Hollow Road (County Route 14).  This listing is a compilation of a record made in the 1930s by DAR member, Mrs. Hugh Staver (Sorry, her name not given. Identified only by husband's name) and other recordings made by several unidentified persons.  These names are on cards (and microfilm) on file in the Chemung County Historical Society.  This record originally typed October 1989.
ADAMS John B. 2/9/1847 1/5/1926    
ADAMS Margaret R. 2/19/1856 6/30/1926    
ANDERSON Abagail   9/15/1881 81y 24d  
ARMSTRONG Henrietta 3/7/1837 1/15/1891    
BARNES Bennett 1849 19__    
BARNES Maria 1841     Wife of Bennett BARNES
BARNES Cyrus H.   1913    
BARNES Elizabeth   1930   Wife of Cyrus BARNES
BARNES Moses T. 1820 1905    
BARNES Maria 1826 1905   Wife of Moses BARNES
BLAKE Sara H.   3/25/1882 45 y Wife of J. H. BLAKE
CATCHIN John    6/10/1856 71y 7m 9d  
CATCHIN Julia   11/18/1865 73y 3m Wife of John CATCHIN
CHAFFEE David 1861 1937    
CHAFFEE Elnora 1865 1921    
CHAFFEE Robert 1894 1952    
CLARK Fred   3/2/1950 70y  
COGSWELL Ruel   9/19/1864 45y Co__, Reg. __, PA. Vol.
COLLINS Francis N.   10/16/1863    
COLLINS Harrison 8/11/1827 7/3/1909    
COLLINS Jane H. 10/22/1838 7/16/1919   Wife of Harrison COLLINS
COLLINS Samuel 6/9/1818 4/1/1882   Co. D. 107 Regt., NY Vol.
COOK Herman J. 1863 1942    
COOK Jennie B. 1862 1921   Wife of Herman COOK
CORNELL Lorinda   1/27/__ 61y Wife of Nathan T. CORNELL
CORNELL Nathan T.        
CORNISH Rosie M. 1871 1901    
DAVIS Etta        
DECKER Rachel   12/17/1830   Second wife of Jacob SWARTWOOD (See entry for Rachel SWARTWOOD)
DENSE Arthur 1873 1950    
DENSE Gertrude   1967   Wife of Arthur DENSE
EARL Freddie 1872 1905   Wife of Frank E. CORTRIGHT
EARL Isaac K. 1851 1929    
EARL Ida B. 1835 1930   Wife of Isaac K. EARL
EARLY Elmeda A. 11/22/1816 7/16/1952   Wife of William EARLY
EDWARDS Asher 1776 11/8/1843 67y 10m 9d  
EDWARDS Mehetibel   6/2/1865 79y 3m 9d Wife of Asher EDWARDS
EDWARDS Jerome   10/23/1853 10y 6m  
ENNIS Catherine 1815 1884    
ENNIS George 1850 1924    
ENNIS Emma 1854 1916   Wife of George ENNIS
ENNIS John J. 1842 1902    
ENNIS Madison 1844 1892    
ENNIS Miles G. 3/5/1829 2/10/1875    
ENNIS Theresa D. RUGER 2/14/1835 2/25/1893   Wife of Miles ENNIS (See entry for Teresa D. RUGER)
ENNIS Velma S. 1856 1937    
ESKOIA         (No data)
FISH William G. 1847 1939    
FISH Fiorilla G. 1858 1903    
GATES George 1852 1913    
GATES Velma S. 1856 19__   Wife of George GATES
GATES Ruth   3/3/1892 65y Wife of Guy GATES
GEORGIA Elnor  1833 1903    
GREGORY Mathew B. 10/25/1803 10/27/1890    
GREGORY Martha 7/7/1823 1/8/1892   Wife of Mathew GREGORY
GROOM Egbert 11/1/1847 3/27/1907    
GROOM Susan Cornell 7/25/1848     Wife of Egbert GROOM
HESS Leonard 1833 1915    
HESS Julia 1847     Wife of Leonard HESS
HORTON George W. 1852 1940    
HORTON Capetoia 1859 1899   Wife of George HORTON
HUDDLE David   7/26/1833 58y  
HUDDLE John S. 1859 1935    
HUDDLE Lula E. 1855 1944   Wife of John S. HUDDLE
KIRKENDALL Paul 1806 1880    
KIRKENDALL William  1884 1812    
KIRKENDALL Philancy 1848 1940   Wife of William KIRKENDALL
KNOWLES Perry 1853 1922    
KNOWLES Garrie 1860 1946    
KOSKI Gustar 1887 1952    
KRESGE Elias 5/31/1838 7/25/1902    
KRESGE Susana S. 7/17/1840 1/4/1919   Wife of Elias KRESGE
KRESGE Lewis 1869 1935    
LINDSAY Robert G. 2/18/1803 9/21/1884    
LINSAY James S. 5/19/1835 7/1/1911    
LINSAY Mary Jane 9/20/1844 6/17/1911   Wife of James LINSAY
LINSAY Willis L. 1865 1940    
LINSAY Lina Hart 1869 1939   Wife of Willis LINSAY
MATHEW Henry       (No data)
MATTSON Herman  1862 1923    
MATTSON Mary Jane 1874      
MAURITSI         (No data)
MOFFITT Albert   4/11/1861 24y  
MCDOWELL Byron Burr 1862 1937    
NELSON Elvira J.   6/26/1869 19y Wife of Emanuel NELSON
NOBLES Benjamin 1840 1900    
NOBLES Phebe 1848 1910   Wife of Benjamin NOBLES
NOBLES Peter G. 1797 1870    
NOBLES Eleanor 1801 1862   Wife of Peter G. NOBLES
NOBLES Hannah 1827 1862    
NOBLES Moses  1831 1854    
NOBLES Mahala 1833 1856    
NOBLES Hinman 1835 1854   Hannah, Moses, Mahala, Hinman children of Peter & Eleanor NOBLES
NURMI M.H. Jalmer 1883 1936    
NIRMI Alma 1883 1923   Wife of M.H.J. Nurmi
OSGOOD George M.   9/7/1882 56y  
OSGOOD Mary  7/9/1835 1/23/1912   Wife of George M. OSGOOD
PICKERING Lelia F. 1869 1951    
RUGUR Elijah   4/11/1896 84y 6m 2d  
RUGUR Rebecca R.   12/7/1862 50y 11m 17d First wife of Elijah RUGUR
RUGUR Lydia   1/10/1884 55y 6m Second wife of Elijah RUGUR
RUGUR Jerome B.   1/27/1864 25y 5m 29d  
RUGUR Teresa 2/14/1835 2/28/1893   (See entry for Theresa D. RUGAR ENNIS).
SANER Joseph G. 1867 1950    
SEARS  Ely L. 1859 1928    
SEARS  Frances A. 1854 1932   Wife of Ely L. SEARS
SEARS  John D. 1891 1918   Co. C. 7th U.S. Inf.
SHOEMAKER Phebe 2/6/1806 10/12/1882    
SMITH Elizabeth   1/1852 71y 2m   
SWARTOUT Jerry 1862 1928    
SWARTOUT Della 1872 1954    
SWARTWOOD Alfred J. 1849 1920    
SWARTWOOD Andrew 1836 1904    
SWARTWOOD Chauncey 1824 1910    
SWARTWOOD Henrietta A. CURTISS 1822 1884   Wife of Chauncey A. CURTISS
SWARTWOOD Elizabeth J. 1844 1925    
SWARTWOOD Erastus   3/9/1876 43y 10m  
SWARTWOOD Fanette R. 1872 1949    
SWARTWOOD George H. 1854 1937    
SWARTWOOD Alice A. 1854 1936   Wife of George H. SWARTWOOD
SWARTWOOD Jacob 1816 1901    
SWARTWOOD Griszell 1819 1848   Wife of Jacob SWARTWOOD
SWARTWOOD Grace G. 1875 1922    
SWARTWOOD Harry B.   9/14/1952 84y   
SWARTWOOD Isaac    1/12/1849 73y   
SWARTWOOD Jacob   6/1/1838   (A soldier of the American Revolution and the War of 1812). Son of Peter & Elizabeth SCHOONMAKER SWARTWOOD.
SWARTWOOD Catherine   2/23/1807   First wife of Jacob SWARTWOOD
SWARTWOOD Johanan        
  Betsey       Children of Jacob & Catherine SWARTWOOD
SWARTWOOD Hannah   10/1810   Daughter of Peter & Catherine SWARTWOOD
SWARTWOOD Rachel DECKER   12/17/1830   Second wife of Jacob SWARTWOOD
SWARTWOOD James C.   3/14/1905 87y  
SWARTWOOD Mary       Wife of James C. SWARTWOOD (No data)
SWARTWOOD Johanas 1781 6/22/1839 48y 5m  
SWARTWOOD Elizabeth   8/15/1876 80y Wife of Johanas SWARTWOOD (Daughter of Alexander & Catherine SWARTWOOD).
SWARTWOOD Capt. John   3/18/1901 87y  
SWARTWOOD Susan F.   6/17/1884 68y Wife of Capt. John SWARTWOOD
SWARTWOOD John J. 1866 19__    
SWARTWOOD Minnie B. 1867 1926    
SWARTWOOD Miles R. 1868 1934    
SWARTWOOD Clara L.  1866 1922    
SWARTWOOD Peter    5/22/1841 97y 3m 7d (A soldier of the American Revolution).
SWARTWOOD Peter 10/20/1805 12/23/1855    
SWARTWOOD Margaret  1/22/1804 3/20/1846   Wife of Peter SWARTWOOD
SWARTWOOD Robert C. 3/8/1858 12/29/1926    
SWARTWOOD Lillian TRAVER 9/21/1857 1/11/1915   Wife of Robert SWARTWOOD
SWARTWOOD Sylvester 1834 1903    
SWARTWOOD Mary M. LINDSAY 1837 1914   Wife of Sylvester SWARTWOOD
SWARTWOOD Alexander 1831 1917    
SWARTWOOD Mary 1839 1905   Wife of Alexander SWARTWOOD
SWEZAY D.N. 1855 1894    
SWEZAY Dewitt 1860 1927    
SWEZAY Nelia 1860 1927   Wife of Dewitt SWEZAY
VAN ETTEN Catherine   2/23/1807   First wife of Jacob SWARTWOOD (Children: Johannas, Laney, Betsey). (See entry for Catherine SWARTWOOD).
VAN ETTEN Joshua 1789 1/19/1830 40y 10m  
VAN ETTEN Eleanor   2/21/1847 52y Wife of Joshua VAN ETTEN
VERGASON Lewis H. 1852 1949    
VERGASON Mary E. 1857     Wife of Lewis VERGASON
WOOLEVER John 1821 1899    
WOOLEVER Elizabeth 1824 1898   Wife of John WOOLEVER
WOOLEVER May G. 1873 1951    
WOOLEVER Otis R. 1885 1947    
WOOLEVER Edith N. 1886     Wife of Otis R. WOOLEVER
WOOLEVER Rachel   11/18/1889 70y Wife of Jason P. WOOLEVER
WOOLEVER Samuel J.   7/16/1883 32y  
WOOLEVER Tyler 1861 1934    
WOOLEVER MAY D.   10/20/1893 31y Wife of Tyler WOOLEVER


CHAFFEE Philip Thomas
Age 88, passed away at St. Joseph's Hospital in Elmira, NY on November 27, 2009. Phil was born on August 29, 1921 in Van Etten, NY to L.R. Chaffee and Bernice Shappee. He was a devoted husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, retired Marine, and was loved and respected by all who knew him. Myra, his wife of 57 years, and their son, David, predeceased Phil. He is survived by Steven (Michelle) Chaffee of Van Etten, NY, Carolyn Hodges Chaffee, and Sue Chaffee of Spencer, NY; grandchildren, Christina (Lawrence) Pierce, David (Lindsey) Chaffee, Mike Chaffee, Lauren (C.J.) Downes and Brian Hodges, and Philip Van De Voorde; great-grandchildren, Lawrence, Mary, Joseph, and Christopher Pierce and Jackson Chaffee; and brother, Donald (Janice) Chaffee and nieces and nephews. Upon graduating Cornell University in 1942, Phil enlisted in the US Marine Corp. During WWII, he landed with the 2nd Bat. 8th Marines on Red Beach III and fought in the Battle at Tarawa. He was a recipient of the Silver Star Medal from World War II and received this most prestigious military honor awarded by the United States of America for his actions in Saipan on June 15, 1944. Phil was also the recipient of two Presidential Unit Citations and three Battle Stars. In 1945 he received orders to go home and was later promoted to Major while a member of Reserve Unit in Elmira, NY. In 1950, he and his wife Myra purchased the family farm where Phil eventually operated a large-scale poultry business until he retired at the age of 78. Over the years, Phil was a member of the Van Etten Spencer VFW Post 8139, the Van Etten Methodist Church, the F&A Masonic Lodge of Spencer, Farm Bureau and Kitchen Conference. He was also a member of national fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon. Calling hours will be held Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at the Van Etten Methodist Church from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. Funeral services will immediately follow calling hours starting at 6:00 pm. Interment will be in Swartwood Cemetery in Van Etten. In lieu of flowers, donations in Phil's memory may be made to the Van Etten Spencer VFW, the Van Etten Methodist Church, or a charity of choice.  Published in Star-Gazette from November 29 to November 30, 2009

Of Van Etten, NY, went to be with the Lord on Saturday, November 24, 2007. She leaves behind her devoted companion and best friend, Philip T. Chaffee, her loving husband of 57 years. Born on June 21, 1928, she was the daughter of Guy West and Beatrice West Walker of Lockwood, NY. Myra was predeceased by her son, David, her "heavenly angel." She is survived by Steven (Michelle) Chaffee of Van Etten, NY, Carolyn Hodges, and Sue Chaffee of Spencer, NY; grandchildren, Christina (Lawrence) Pierce, David (Lindsey) Chaffee, Mike Chaffee, Lauren and Brian Hodges, and Philip Van De Voorde; and great-grandchildren, Lawrence, Mary, and Joseph Pierce. They will all miss their loving "Nana." She was very dear to all of them. In 1945, Myra graduated from Van Etten High School and began working at the Blue Swan as a "conveyor girl." She then attended flight attendant school and as a young woman moved to New York City to work for Pan American Airlines. She returned to the area and married Phil in 1950. Over the years, Myra was an active member in the Van Etten Methodist Church, the Van Etten Spencer VFW, and was a lifetime member of the Eastern Stars. She was also a member of Farm Bureau, Kitchen Conference, and was a 4-H Leader. A devoted wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, neighbor and good friend, Myra will be remembered for her love of singing, baking pies for her husband, chocolate chip cookies for her grandkids, taking morning walks, volunteering in the community, her positive attitude and unresounding faith. Calling hours will be held Sunday, November 25, 2007, at the Van Etten Methodist Church from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Funeral services will be held on Monday, November 26, 2007, beginning at 3:30 p.m. at the Van Etten Methodist Church. The family will receive friends at the church prior to the service beginning at 2:30 p.m. Interment will be in Swartwood Cemetery in Van Etten. In lieu of flowers, donations in Myra's memory may be made to the Van Etten Spencer VFW, the Van Etten Methodist Church, or a charity of choice.  Published in the Star-Gazette from 11/25/2007 - 11/26/2007.

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