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Parsons Cemetery, Town of Veteran, Chemung County NY
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Photos by Joyce M. Tice 1998
Page formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 1998
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Parsons Cemetery

Town of Veteran , Chemung County, New York 
Copied from DAR records by Ralph Weller and retyped by Mary PARIS Copp, formatted for the web by Joyce M. Tice . List date probably in the 1930s. 
On the Middle Road, north of Horseheads, between Horseheads and Catherine, Schuyler Co. Completely overgrown with young trees and brush. Some stones altogether destroyed, and many broken.
ALLEN Caleb   10 Oct 1850 49yr 9mo 11da  
ALLEN Anna   28 Feb 1843 29yr his wife (Caleb)
APPLETON Walter F.   21 Mar 1860 18yr s/o Charles & Mary Appleton
BANKS David 1 May 1791 19 Sep 1845    
BANKS Clarissa PARSONS   18 Feb 1873 80yr 6mo w/o David Banks
BARTRON Joseph   26 Sep 1820 50yr 10mo  
BEDIENT Nathan   10 Jul 1823 44yr 4mo 22da  
BEDIENT Marida   9 Aug 1820 1yr d/o Nathan & Hannah PARSONS Bedient
BALDWIN Roann   12 Mar 1857 33yr 4mo w/o A.B.Baldwin
BREWER Oscar   14 Sep 1837 1yr 8mo 20da s/o David & Sarah Brewer
CAMPBELL Lorana   30 Sep 1854 17yr d/o Judson & Abigail Campbell
CAMPBELL Judson   10 Jul 1850 59yr 10mo 14da  
CARTER Wm. H.   7 Aug 1889 69yr  
COE Asa   3 Sep 1805 28yr 4mo 20da  
COE Marcy H.   22 Feb 1808 28yr 4mo w/o Asa Coe
COE Luther 16 Jun 1786 14 Feb 1859    
COE Hulda   13 Mar 1825 42yr 7mo 23da w/o Luther Coe
COE Sarah   31 Jan 1832 31yr 10mo 8da w/o Luther Coe
COE David   1Dec 1865 83yr 9mo  
COE Mary   9 Sep 1856 63yr 2mo 4da w/o David Coe
COE William B.   23 May 1838 10yr 9mo 17da s/o David & Mary Coe
COE Daniel   22 May 1813 4mo s/o David & Mary Coe
COE Mary Jane   17 Mar 1851 5yr d/o Luther & Sarah Coe
COE Lewis   19 Mar 1844 1yr 3mo s/o Luther & Sarah Coe
CARTER Wm. H.   7 Aug 1889 69yr  
DAVIS Wm   7 Apr 1889 80yr  
DAVIS Delancy W.   29 Jul 1857 21yr 9mo 23da  
FALLS Alexander   28 Jul 1840 70yr  
FALLS Alexander 31 Jul 1817 1 Mar 1864    
FALLS Maria G. 28 May 1890 74yr 10mo 4da  
FALLS Marcus   29 Aug 1879 59yr 7mo 28da  
FALLS Sarah J. 1 Jan 1871 41yr 1mo 9da w/o Marcus Falls
GOODWIN Minerva   10 Apr 1874 43yr 15da w/o Nathaniel Goodwin
GOODWIN Jane   21 May 1851 7yr d/o Nathaniel & Minerva Goodwin
GREENE Polly   7 Jan 1823 40yr 5mo 1da w/o Oliver Greene
GARY Sophia   26 Mar 1841 19yr 6mo w/o Samuel Gary
JUDD Marie   24 Apr 1841 13yr 25da d/o Farley and Sally MOREHOUSE Judd
LOCKEBY David   19 Dec 1841 50yr 5mo  
LOCKEBY Betsey   4 Dec 1859 64yr w/o David Lockeby
LEWIS Harriet R.   28 Oct 1881 49yr 8mo 20da w/o C.H.Lewis
MOREHOUSE Emma PARSONS   31 Dec 1849 52yr 9mo 26da w/o Zacheus Morehouse. "In Memory of"
MOREHOUSE John   10 Apr 1844 81yr (See list in Rev.)
MOREHOUSE Grace WHEELER   24 Nov 1842 84yr w/o John Morehouse
MEEKER Ichabod   8 Mar 1812 5yr 10mo s/o Elijah Meeker
MALLETT Isaac J. 13 Nov 1813 7 Jun 1842    
MALLETT Ann 26 Jun 1810 10 Mar 1884   w/o Isaac J. Mallett
MALLETT Phebe 10 May 1842 27Jun 1860   d/o Isaac & Ann Mallett
MALLETT Daniel   13 Apr 1840 10yr 3mo  s/o D.W. & Elsey Mallett
MCDOUGLE John   12 Aug 1836 56yr 9mo 10da Rev.
MCDOUGLE Samuel       s/o John & Sarah McDougle
MCDOUGLE Harriet       d/o John & Sarah McDougle
MCDOUGLE David   1 Aug 1842 4yr 1mo  s/o David & Sarah McDougle
MCDOUGLE David   18 May 1866 63yr 8mo 5da  
MCDOUGLE Prattilla WELLER   23 Mar 1836 28yr 5mo 27da w/o Harry McDougle
MILES Ira   31 Aug 1842 62yr 5mo 28da  
MILES Ira I.   28 Feb 1829 24yr  
MILES Maryetta   22 Sep 1848 7yr d/o Ira I. Miles (2nd)
MILES Curtiss H.       Stone sunk very deep - badly broken
MILES Rebecca   20 Aug 1841 26yr 5mo 21da w/o Curtiss H. Miles
MILES Mary   3 May 1873 56yr 6mo w/o Curtiss H. Miles
MILES Sarah   18 June 1900 75yr 2mo 28da w/o Henry Miles
MILES Henry   25 Sep 1862 8yr 4mo s/o Henry & Sarah Miles
PARSONS Daniel Apr 1841 79yr 1mo See list in Rev.
PARSONS Eunice   1851   w/o Daniel Parsons (stone broken)
PARSONS Daniel B.   1 Mar 1847 42yr 7mo 15da  
PARSONS Fanny E. WELLER   28 Jul 1869 66yr  
PARSONS George   21 Mar 1827 7yr 15da s/o D.B. & F.E. Parsons
PARSONS Aaron   20 Apr 1848 23yr 5mo s/o D.B. & F.E. Parsons
FITZGERALD Adam C.   30 May 1837 1yr 1mo 27da s/o Adam & Mahala Fitzgerald
POPES Jonathan   16 Aug 1812 6yr s/o Jonathan & Elizabeth Popes
POPES Henry   12 Mar 1840 1yr s/o Jonathan & Elizabeth Popes
POPES Elizabeth   25 May 1842 4yr 9mo d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth Popes
POPES Polly   5 Apr 1838 6yr d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth Popes
ROSEBROOK Charles   4 Jan 1852 1yr 10mo 4da s/o Emery & Amanda Rosebrook
CRIST Sophrona   13 Jul 1843 39yr 5mo w/o William A. Crist
SOPER Thomas   8 Jan 1875 79yr  
SOPER Betsey   Oct 1858 62yr w/o Thomas Soper
SOPER Stephen   26 Jun 1848 22yr  
SOPER Clarissa   11 Jan 1855 22yr w/o Stephen
SOPER Elozia   14 Nov 1868 43yr w/o Thomas Soper, Jr.
SOPER Georgianna   11 Aug 1850 2yr d/o G.H. & Amanda Soper
SOPER Martha Jane   11 Sep 1850 2yr d/o G.H. & Amanda Soper
SOPER Carrie M.   12 Mar 1874 8yr 2da  
SOPER Frankie L.   24 Jan 1860 5yr s/o Leonard & Ella Soper
SEXTON Rhoda   4 Aug 1827 26yr 11mo w/o Norman Sexton
TOMKINS Fortunatus   26 Jul 1843 23yr s/o David & Sally Tompkins
WHEELER Polly Ann   25 May 1838 22yr 6mo 21da d/o Boswe(?)H.B. & Linda Wheeler
WELLER Jacob   28 Apr 1835 60yr stone says Jacob Wellar, Esq
WELLER Mary   3 Oct 1832 60yr wife of Jacob Wellar
WELLER Geo. W.   13 Feb 1841 14yr s/o Jacob and Mary Wellar
Photos is this block by Joyce M. Tice 1998
Date:  12/09/2003 2:55:25 PM Eastern Standard Time
To:  JoyceTice

Hi Joyce,
       Don't know the date of the survey of Veteran Cemeteries but the Parsons Cemetery was cleared a couple of years ago. Can't remember the woman's name - have it here in a "pile" somewhere.  Two years ago it looked very neat with a list of the graves on a bulletin type board at the entrance.
Ralph Weller

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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Parsons Cemetery, Town of Veteran, Chemung County NY
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Photo by Tim Rodabaugh 2005
List formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 2005

Parsons Cemetery

Town of Veteran , Chemung County, New York

This cemetery is located on the West side of the Middle Road, 0.2 miles North of Church Hill Road, Town of Veteran, Chemung Co., N. Y.  The cemetery starts 112' from the creek.  It is 170' across the front and 120' deep.  There is a large sign, which was done a few years ago, at the front of the cemetery listing those buried there.  There are several stones grouped together and some broken.  Some stones have been re-set, others will follow as time allows.  A couple different walk throughs and verification of stones was done Friday 24 June 2005 & Sunday 3 July 2005 by Tim Rodabaugh, Town Co-Historian.  This listing is of course subject to change and/or revision as other stones are found.

*Allen, Anna b. 28 Feb 1843 ae 39y3m27d w/o Caleb Allen
*Allen, Caleb d. 10 Oct 1850 ae 49y9m11d
*Allen, Daniel E. d. 16 Oct 1832 ae 2y2m6d s/o Caleb & Anna
Appleton, Walter F. d. 21 Mar 1860 ae 18y s/o Charles & Mary Appleton
**Babcock, ????, d. Jan 1839 ae ?y8m?d d/o A. F. & Anna M. Babcock
*Baldwin, Roann d. 12 Apr 1867 ae 33y4m19d w/o A. B. Baldwin
*Banks, David b. 1 May 1791 d. 19 Sep 1845
Banks, Clarissa (Parsons) d. 18 Feb 1873 ae 80y6m w/o David Banks
Bartron, Joseph d. 26 Sep 1820 ae 50y10m
Bedient, Nathan d. 10 Jul 1823 ae 44y4m22d
*Bedient, Marinda d. 9 Aug 1820 ae 1y2m10d d/o Nathan & Hannah Parsons Bedient
*Brewer, Oscar d. 14 Sep 1837 ae 1y8m20d s/o David & Sarah Brewer
(face of stone completely gone - small stone with initials O. B. found behind)
**Burnham, John d. 21 Jan 1872 ae 4m1d s/o James W. & Mary A.
*Campbell, Judson d. 10 Jul 1850 ae 59y10m14d
*Campbell, Lorana d. 30 Sep 1850 ae 17y6m5d d/o Judson & Abigail
*Carter, William H. d. 7 Aug 1889 ae 69
*Coe, Asa d. 3 Sep 1805 ae 28y4m20d
*Coe, Daniel d. 22 May 1813 ae 4m s/o David & Mary
Coe, David d. 1 Dec 1865 ae 83y9m
**Coe, Eliza d. 16 Feb 1858 ae 50y8m16d
*Coe, H. L. d. 9 Oct 1861 ae 3y s/o Luther S.& Mary E.
*Coe, Hulda d. 13 Mar 1825 ae 42y7m23d w/o Luther
Coe, Lewis d. 19 Mar 1844 ae 1y3m s/o Luther & Sarah
*Coe, Luther b. 16 Jun 1786 d. 14 Feb 1859
*Coe, Luther S. d. 15 Aug 1861 ae 47y
Coe, Marcy H. d. 22 Feb 1808 ae 28y4m w/o Asa
Coe, Mary d. 9 Sep 1856 ae 63y2m4d w/o David
*Coe, Mary Jane d. 17 Mar 1851 ae 5y d/o Luther & Sarah
*Coe, Sarah d. 31 Jan 1832 ae 31y10m8d w/o Luther
Coe, William B. d. 23 May 1838 ae 10y9m17d s/o David & Mary
Crist, Sophrona d.13 Jul 1843 ae 39y5m w/o William A.
*Davis, Harriet d. 12 Jun 1862 ae 23y4m23d
*Davis, William W. d. 7 Apr 1889 ae 80y
*Davis, Delancy W. d. 29 Jul 1857 ae 21y9m23d
*Falls Jr., Alexander d. 28 Jul 1845 ae 70y
*Falls Sr., Alexander b. 31 Jul 1817 d. 1 Mar 1864
*Falls, Louise G. date eroded w/o Alexander Jr.
*Falls, Marcus d. 29 Aug 1879 ae 59y7m28d
*Falls, Margaret date eroded w/o Alexander Sr.
Falls, Maria G. d. 28 May 1890 ae 74y10m4d
*Falls, Sarah J. d. 1 Jan 1871 ae 41y1m9d w/o Marcus
Fitzgerald, Adam C. d. 30 May 1837 ae 1y1m27d s/o Adam & Mahala
*Gary, Sophia d. 26 Mar 1841 ae 19y6m w/o Samuel
**Goodwin, Janie d. 21 May 1851 ae 7y3m5d d/o Nathaniel & Minerva
*Goodwin, Minerva d. 10 Apr 1874 ae 43y15d w/o Nathaniel
*Greeno, Polly d. 7 Jan 1823 ae 40y5m14d w/o Oliver Greeno
*Judd, Maria d. 24 Apr 1841 ae 13y25d d/o Farley & Sally (Morehouse) Judd
Lewis, Harriet R. d. 28 Oct 1881 ae 49y8m20d w/o C. H. Lewis
Lockeby, Betsey d. 4 Dec 1859 ae 64y w/o David Lockeby
*Lockeby, Catharine d. 2 Jun 1838 ae 12y d/o Betsy & John Lockeby
*Lockeby, David d. 19 Dec 1841 ae 20y5m
*Malette, Ann A. b. 26 Jun 1810 d. 10 Mar 1844 w/o Isaac J. Malette
Mallett, Daniel d. 13 Apr 1840 ae 10y3m s/o D. W. & Elsey Mallett
*Malette, Isaac J. b. 13 Nov 1813 d. 7 Jun 1842
*Malette, Phebe J. b. 10 May 1842 d. 27 Jun 1860 d/o Isaac & Ann Malette
McDougle, David d. 1 Aug 1842 ae 4y1m s/o David & Sarah
*McDougle, David d. 18 May 1866 ae 63y8m5d
*McDougle, Harriet d. 14 Apr 1841 ae 1y6m16d d/o John & Sarah
*McDougle, John Rev. d 12 Aug 1836 ae 56y9m10d
*McDougle, Prattilla (Weller) d. 23 Mar 1836 ae 28y5m27d w/o Harry
McDougle, Samuel s/o John & Sarah
*McKenney, Ursula d. 4 Jul 1812 ae 1m5d d/o William & Martha
*Meeker, Ichabod d. 8 Mar 1812 ae 5y10m13d s/o Elijah Meeker
*Miles, Curtiss H. d. 25 Sep 1862 ae 8y4m3d s/o Henry & Sarah
*Miles, Henry d. 6 Oct 1871 ae 47y s/o Ira
Miles, Henry d. 25 Sep 1862 ae 8y4m s/o Henry & Sarah
**Miles, Ira I. d. 28 Feb 1829 ae 24y
*Miles, Ira d. 31 Aug 1842 ae 62y5m28d
*Miles, Ira 2nd d. 22 Sep 1846 ae 7y11m14d s/o Curtiss & Rebecca
*Miles, Mary d. 3 May 1873 ae 56y6m w/o Curtiss H.
*Miles, Maryett ae 22d d/o Ira I.
*Miles, Rebecca d. 20 Aug 1841 ae 26y5m21d w/o Curtiss H. Miles
*Miles, Sarah A. d. 18 Jun 1900 ae 78y2m28d w/o Henry (see obituary below)
Morehouse, Emma (Parsons) d. 31 Dec 1849 ae 52y9m26d w/o Zacheus
*Morehouse, Grace (Wheeler) d. 24 Nov 1842 ae 84y6m24d w/o John
*Morehouse, John d. 10 Apr 1844 ae 81y
Parsons, Aaron d. 20 Apr 1848 ae 23y5m s/o D. B. & F. E. Parsons
*Parsons, Daniel d. 30 Apr 1841 ae 79y1m
*Parsons, Daniel B. d. 1 Mar 1847 ae 42y7m15d
*Parsons, Eunice d. 30 Sep 1851 ae 86y1m27d w/o Daniel
*Parsons, Fanny E. (Weller) d. 28 Jul 1869 ae 66y
*Parsons, George d. 21 Mar 1827 ae 9m15d s/o D. B. & F. E. Parsons
Popes, Elizabeth d. 25 May 1842 ae 4y9m d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth
*Popes, Henry d. 12 Mar 1840 ae 1y2d s/o Jonathan & Elizabeth
*Popes, Jonathan d. 16 Jan 1842 ae 6y2m13d s/o Jonathan & Elizabeth
Popes, Polly d. 5 Apr 1838 ae 6y d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth
Rosebrook, Charles d. 4 Jan 1852 ae 1y10m4d s/o Emery & Amanda
*Sexton, Rhoda d. 4 Aug 1827 ae 26y11m28d w/o Norman
*Soper, Betsey d. Oct 1858 ae 62y w/o Thomas
Soper, Carrie M. d. 12 Mar 1874 ae 8y2d
*Soper, Clarissa d. 11 Jan 1855 ae 22y6m25d w/o Stephen
*Soper, Elozia d. 14 Nov 1868 ae 43y w/o Thomas Jr.
Soper, Frankie L. d. 24 Jan 1860 ae 5y s/o Leonard & Ella
*Soper, Georgianna d. 11 Aug 1850 ae 3y d/o G. H. & Amanda
*Soper, Martha Jane d. 11 Sep 1850 ae 2y d/o G. H. & Amanda
*Soper, Stephen M. d. 26 Jun 1848 ae 22y
*Soper, Thomas d. 8 Jan 1875 ae 79y
Tompkins, Fortunatus d. 26 Jul 1843 ae 23y s/o David & Sally
*Weatherby, Ira M. d. 16 Jun 1857 ae 21y
*Weatherby, James M. d. 10 Sep 1858 ae 55y
*Weatherby, Mahlon d. 16 Sep 1857 ae 20y s/o James M. & Martha
*Weatherby, Martha d. 30 May 1873 ae 64y2m20d w/o James M.
*Weatherby, Phebe T. d. 13 Aug 1857 ae 15y d/o James M. & Martha
*Weatherby, William M. d. 9 Dec 1860 ae 27y
*Weller, Jacob d. 28 Apr 1835 ae 60y stone says Jacob Wellar, Esq.
*Weller, Mary d. 3 Oct 1832 ae 60y w/o Jacob (stone broken)
*Wheeler, George W. d. 13 Feb 1841 ae 6y s/o Joseph & Mary
*Wheeler, Polly Ann d. 25 May 1838 ae 22y6m24d d/o Boswell H. B. & Linda
**Wilbur, Hannah d. 18 Feb 1832 aw 34y w/o Abijah
**Wilbur, Sarah L. d. 18 Mar 1851 ae 2m d/o Abijah & Hannah 

July 2005: Joyce, Parsons cemetery on the Middle Road has been cleared of the brush, branches, etc. so is "done" for the Spring/Summer.  We will be sending you an updated listing for that cemetery soon.  There were several stones that were buried, stuck in trees, unrecorded so the list is greatly improved.  Did you get the updated photo I emailed you too?  Tim 

DUNN - Sarah Miles -
Sarah Miles, familiarly known as "Aunt Sarah" died in her home in Pine Valley yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock, aged seventy-eight years.  She is survived ny three brothers and two sisters - Christopher Dunn of Wiscoy, N. Y., Elijah Dunn of Hume, N.Y., Algert Dunn of Dalton, N.Y., Selina Doane of Ohio and Mrs. Wood of Dalton.  The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon at the M. E. Church in Pine Valley, Rev. Mr. Shugg officiating.  Interment will be in Parsons cemetery, Middle Road.  Van Buskirk Brothers of Horseheads are in charge of the arrangements.  (Elmira Star Gazette and Free Press, Page 6, Tuesday Evening, 19 June 1900)

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By Joyce M. Tice

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