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Joyce's Search Tip - December 2007 -
Do You Know that you can search just the search just the 860 pages of Chemung County Cemetery Records on on the site by using the Cemeteries -Chemung button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? If you use that partition follow these steps to search just one cemetery
1. Choose Cemeteries - Chemung
2. Enter part of the cemetery name [ie Comfort or Carr] AND a surname.
3. Choose the Find ALL Words option. Then it will find just the pages with that surname in the one cemetery you indicated. 

You will also want to search the three county level Obituaries by Cemetery partitions

Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Knowles Mary Jane       Baby plot - no dates
Byron Harold Allen       Baby plot - no dates
Hill Ronald LaVerne       Baby plot - no dates
Russell Infant       Baby plot - no dates
Perry Infant       Baby plot - no dates
Perry Infant       Baby plot - no dates
Sawyer Thomas Howard   Dec.14.1961   Baby plot
Hruda Infant girl   Apr.8.1959   Baby plot
Marshall Infant girl   May 1.1959   Baby plot
Palmer Carl Rodney   Dec.23.1959   Baby plot
Hanson Infant boy   Jan.4.1960   Baby plot
Brewer Cheryl Linnette   Jan.18.1960   Baby plot
Berg Hope Renee   Sep.5.1960   Baby plot
Bixby Glenn M.   Oct.9.1960   Baby plot
Hollenbeck Infant boy   Nov.1.1960   Baby plot
Stanton Renee   Dec.9.1960   Baby plot
Wells Infant boy   Jan.9.1961   Baby plot
Chaffee Infant girl   Mar.6.1961   Baby plot
Morrison Clifford   Apr.10.1961   Baby plot
Collins Infant girl   May 22.1961   Baby plot
Patocka Gerald Thomas   Jun.15.1961   Baby plot s/o Joseph C. Patocka
Paugh Joanne Grace   Jun.17.1961 3 wk Baby plot d/o Jack Paugh
Garris Dawn Rachel   Dec.3.1961   Baby plot
VanWormer Infant twin   Dec.6.1961   Baby plot s/o Lawrence VanWormer
VanWormer Infant twin   Dec.6.1961   Baby plot s/o Lawrence VanWormer
Heist Infant   Dec.18.1961   Baby plot
Hollenbeck Judy   Apr.2.1962   Baby plot
Morrison Billy Jo   Apr.14.1962   Baby plot
Morrell Jeffery Carl   Apr.22.1962   Baby plot s/o Richard A. Morrell
Turner Darla Jean   May 7.1962   Baby plot
Wilson James   Jun.29.1962   Baby plot
Kilburne Jack K. Jr.   Jul.30.1962   Baby plot
Webber Robert Lee   Sep.7.1962   Baby plot
Swartwood James D.   Sep.15.1962   Baby plot
Sawyer Duane   Nov.9.1957   Baby plot
Jeffery Infant boy   Nov.29.1957   Baby plot
Higginbotham Allan   Jan.2.1958   Baby plot
Quinn Bradford   Mar.16.1958   Baby plot
Mechalec Infant boy   May 25.1958   Baby plot
Kole Infant   Jan.28.1963   Baby plot
Swartout Infant   Apr.10.1963   Baby plot
Ames Teri Lee   Aug.11.1963 8 mo. Baby plot - d/o Harold T. Ames
Lattin Infant girl   Aug.20.1963   Baby plot
Harris Baby girl   Aug.31.1963   Baby plot
Harper Infant girl   Oct.4.1963   Baby plot
Avery Debbie Kay   Nov.8.1963   Baby plot
Foulk Katherine Anne   Dec.26.1963   Baby plot
Larrison Coe   Dec.3.1963   Baby plot
Larrison Viola       Baby plot - Buried Jan.25.2000
Farwell Paul Michael   Jul.7.1958   Baby plot
Barber Baby girl   Nov.11.1958   Baby plot
Quinn Annette Rose   Dec.20.1958   Baby plot
Thir Infant boy   Jan.1.1959   Baby plot
Locke Charles Frederick   Jan.17.1959   Baby plot - s/o Dale Locke
Davis Nola Lee   Jan.27.1959   Baby plot - d/o Rupert A. Davis
Hayes Susan   Jan.29.1959   Baby plot - Melvin Hayes
Hayes Infant girl   Mar.3.1959   Baby plot - d/o George Hayes
Bardo Infant girl   Mar.15.1959   Baby plot
Hawkins Daniel   Dec.29.1963   Baby plot
Clark Infant girl   Feb.15.1964   Baby plot
Morgan Infant boy   Mar.11.1964   Baby plot
Farr Linda Sue       Baby plot - no dates
Slocum Susan Kay       Baby plot - no dates
Noble Rubert Louis       Baby plot - no dates
Taylor Baby boy       Baby plot - no dates
Knowles Infant       Baby plot - no dates
Turner Infant       Baby plot - no dates
Darman Infant       Baby plot - no dates
Summers Lucinda       Baby plot - no dates
Sabran Infant       Baby plot - no dates
Scriven Carol Ann       Baby plot - no dates
Holliman Thomas Earl       Baby plot - no dates
Barr Thomas       Baby plot - no dates
Derry Dale       Baby plot - no dates
Towsley Dane Lee       Baby plot - no dates
Hauppenburg Harold        Baby plot - no dates
Hollenbeck Baby boy       Baby plot - no dates
Ford Harold E. 3rd       Baby plot - no dates
Kea Ronald P.       Baby plot - no dates
Farr Infant boy       Baby plot - no dates
Yapees Baby girl       Baby plot - no dates
Dunlap Baby       Baby plot - no dates
Calarey (?) Nancy Lee       Baby plot - no dates
Stebbins Baby       Baby plot - no dates
VanRiper Baby       Baby plot - no dates
West Evelyn   Mar.15.1991   Baby plot
West James M.   Jul.26.1990   Baby plot
Georgia Baby   Jul.17.1964   Baby plot
Miller Rene Mark   Jun.7.1967   Baby plot
Strong Baby B-Twin   Nov.3.1964   Baby plot
Ashley Infant girl   Jan.1.1968   Baby plot
Quinn Kent   Aug.8.1967   Baby plot
Strong Boy A   Nov.8.1964   Baby plot
White Michelle Renee   Aug.13.1966   Baby plot
Michuck Kelly Rae   Apr.2.1967   Baby plot

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 02/26/2002
By Joyce M. Tice