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Read by  Pat SMITH Raymond, July 1999
Typed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Photo by Joyce M. Tice July 1999
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 1999
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Name of Cemetery:    Oak Grove Cemetery, Burlington, PA
Read By:  Pat Raymond
Date Read:   July 26. 1999
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Turn on Mac Road in Burlington, first road on left toward Towanda from Berwick Tnpk. go .4 of a mile to Cemetery Rd. This road circles around a home.
Other comments: Some very unusual monuments in this cemetery, shaped like tree trunks.
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Allen Myron P. 1877 1962    
Allen Leah L. 1875 1919    
Bailey Boyd B. 1880 1957    
Bailey Frances H. 1880 1946    
Bourne Sara A. 1880 1928   Sara A. Wrisley
Bourne Jessie 1891 1952   Jessie N. Wrisley
Bourne Danvers A. Feb.29.1888 Dec.22.1972    
Bourne Ellery L. 1859 1938    
Bourne Sophia S. 1862 1927    
Bourne Lela 1896 1947    
Bourne Ethel 1890 1949    
Bourne Allen F. 1898 1991    
Bourne Katharine M. 1898 1991    
Bourne George L. 1901 1962    
Bourne Dorothy J. 1915 19??    
Burlingame Infant dau   Aug.13.1966   Infant daughter of E. & B. Burlingame
Burlingame Ervin Apr.26.1933      
Burlingame Blanche Jul.17.1935 Aug.18.1983   w/o Ervin Burlingame (Blanche Wells)
Burlingame Blanche Aug.3.1940     2nd w/o Ervin Burlingame (Blanche Calkins)
Burlingame Wilson 1852 1901   FATHER
Burlingame Flora A. 1852 1933   MOTHER
Burlingame Charles D. 1891 1901   BROTHER
Burlingame Arthur M. 1884 1917   BROTHER
Burlingame Edith H. 1877 1945    
Burlingame W. Alvah 1879 1957    
Burlingame Owen J. 1889 1977    
Burlingame Margaret C. 1898 1979   w/o Owen J. Burlingame
Campbell James W. 1853 1927    
Campbell Carrie L. 1868 1948   Carrie L. Forrest
Campbell Burley A 1878 1945    
Campbell Janette A. 1876 1954   Janette A. Darrow
Campbell Alice R. 1905 1925    
Campbell Nettie 1890      
Campbell Robert A. Aug.18.1878 Mar.8.1918    
Campbell Paul R. 1915 1920    
Campbell Philetus Feb.11.1845 May 6.1912    
Campbell Amanda R. Oct.19.1858 Dec.5.1935   w/o Philetus Campbell (Amanda Bostwick)
Case Paul A. 1902 1976   IOOF Flag
Case Viola L. 1905 1969    
Clark Charles E. 1881 1935    
Clark Maynard Jr. 1936 1938    
Clark Ella M. 1919 1997    
Clark Maynard J. 1919 1965    
Conklin James Edward 1910 1965    
Conklin Bessie 1905 1980   Bessie Burlingame Conklin
Darrow Josiah G. Sep.25.1846 Apr.30.1916    
Darrow Cynthia Sep.22.1852 Jun.29.1939   w/o Josiah G.
Dickerman Stiles M. Mar.25.1828 Feb.1.1882    
Dickerman Margaret R. May 3.1834 Oct.2.1898    
Everett Harriet L. 1837 1917   Harriet Phelps Everett
Franklin Theodore Jun.20.1912 May 31.1997   Theodore Roosevelt Franklin
Franklin Elsie Waters Sep.29.1909 Nov.12.1996   w/o Theodore Franklin (Elsie Waters Kavanagh)
Hall Lydia H.   May 22.1849 32 yr w/o Jona D. Hall
Hall Nancy   Apr.7.1854 44-6-0 w/o J. D. Hall
Hall Stephen P. 1850 1923    
Hall Sarah  1850 1922    
Hall Ernest O. Mar.15.1872 Oct.27.1944    
Hall Effie L. Sep.4.1875 Dec.10.1920   w/o Ernest O. Hall
Hedrick Herman P. 1872 1912    
Hedrick Julia A. 1878 1950    
Hedrick Robert T. Sr. Sep.19.1902 May 31.1968    
Hedrick Lydia         
Hedrick Della     44-7-5  
Hedrick Howard     64-11-3  
Hill J. Howard Jun.27.1853 May 30.1918    
Hill C. Delphine Apr.25.1853 Nov.30.1897   C. Delphine Black Hill
Hill Lydia S. Nov.12.1864 Jul.7.1946    
Hill Samuel Mar.22.1783 Nov.14.1844 61 yr  
Hill Laura Mar.23.1786 Sep.30.1854 68 yr Laura Pitcher Hill
Hill Randolph Jan.23.1850 Nov.3.1918   Randolph Porter Hill
Hill Celia  Nov.14.1850 Aug.29.1920 Celia Pratt Hill
Hill Sherman Sep.11.1814 May 18.1903 88-8-7 Sherman Hawley Hill GAR Marker
Hill Julia A. Feb.9.1824 Apr.21.1905 81-2-12 Julia A. Porter Hill
Hill Caroline E. 1884 1960   w/o Sherman H. Hill (Caroline Peterson)
Hill Helen Frances 1880 1927   Helen Frances Ryan Hill w/o Sherman H. Hill
Hill Sherman  1876 1951   Sherman Hawley Hill
Hill Dean W. 1871 1934    
Hill Linni D. 1872    
Hill L. D. Nov.5.1840 1908   GAR Marker
Hill Emma A. Jul.29.1840 Mar.7.1903    
Hulslander Horatio   Jul.31.1892 14-7-15 Killed July 31, 1892
Hulslander Marion   Sep.23.1918 67 yrs  
Hunsinger Ida M. 1889 1971    
Kartsholtzen V. T.       "Our Darling" No dates
Kellogg C. T. Jun.6.1851 Oct.19.1904    
Kellogg Corda Jan.10.1856 Jun.11.1915   w/o C. T. Kellogg
Kelsey Chaplain Louis F. 1888 1919   World War I
Kelsey Mary Ross 1887 19??   w/o Chaplain Louis F. Kelsey (Mary Ross)
Kendall Robert D. Jul. 1.1828 1843    
Kendall Charlotte M. Feb.12.1843 Jul.29.1909   Charlotte M. Black w/o Robert D. Kendall
Kneebone Ian T.   Jul. 4.1992   Fly on my sweet angel 
Lampman William W. 1854 1927    
Lampman Ida 1859 19??   Ida Brown Lampman
Lane Alexander 2nd 1835 1882    
Lane Mary Ann 1844 1927   Mary Ann Heverly w/o Alexander Lane
Langford Franklin A. 1856 1931    
Langford Delia 1857 1917   Delia Whitehead w/o Franklin A. Langford
Ling Roy E.   Feb.2. 1964   Child
Ling Verd E. 1887 1966    
Ling Amy A. 1896 1972    
Ling James Ira 1921 1975    
Ling Inez L. 1928     Inez L. Wiles
Long John F.   May 14.1861 0-2-22 s/o Mason & Martha Long
Long Albert   Mar.8.1891 50 yr  
Long John F.   Sep.2.1867 0-11-4 s/o Martin & Lydia Long
Long Lydia H.   Dec.5.1866 28-3-5 w/o Martin J. Long
Long Hannah M.   Apr.13.1885 80-9-2 w/o John F. Long
Long John F.   Nov.24.1865 58-10-10  
Long Albert E.   Apr.16.1865 3-4-19 w/o Philander & Harriet Long
Long Harriet L.   Jul.29.1866 25-0-23 w/o Philander Long
Long James   Mar.29.1854 74-4-9  
Long Lydia H.   Apr.24.1853 62-7-0 w/o James Long 
McIntire William F. 1856 1919    
McIntire Celinda 1858 1918   w/o William F. McIntire
McIntire Fred R 1891 1956    
McNeal Leon  Jul.12.1901 Jan.29.1970    
McNeal Nila Aug.13.1895 Dec.21.1976   w/o Leon McNeal (Nila Roof)
Miller Elmer Nov.12.1909      
Miller Myrtle R. Jun.10.1909 Jul.9.1994   w/o Elmer Miller (Myrtle R. Burlingame)
Miller Richard A 1930     Married July 26. 1975
Miller Marie A.  1924     (Marie A. Ewain)
Morley Everitt E. 1890 1968    
Morley Mary M. 1892 1966    
Morley Harold 1879 1957    
Morley Gertrude C. 1882 19??    
Morley Park 1880 1954    
Morley Joseph F. Dec.29.1835 Apr.19.1903    
Morley Frances Anna Mar.22.1857 Apr.2.1916   w/o Joseph E. Morley
Moscrip Harriet L.   Nov.5.1871 26-8-16 w/o George Moscrip
Moscrip Sarah   Aug.27.1891 27-11-10 w/o George Moscrip
Moscrip Clarence Albert 1887 1905    
Phelps Martin V.B. Mar.6.1840 Feb.22.1893   Enlisted Aug.6, 1862-Co. E 141st Pa.Vol.Inf. - discharged June 6, 1865
Phelps Dora S. Nov.23.1843     Dora S. Brown w/o Martin V. B. Phelps
Phelps Plynne Dec.11.1828 Oct.22.189?   Death date buried
Phelps         Large marker in the form of a tree trunk with broken axe in a sawed off limb. No name --only "Lord if thou had been here by brother had not died. JOHN 11:32
Phelps Andrew J. Oct.17.1832 Sep.2. 1899    
Phelps Eliza M. May 29.1837 May 5.????   w/o Andrew J. Phelps
Phelps Plynn Ralph 1880 1960    
Phelps Dora Elsie 1893   Mother
Phelps (?)         2 Stones "Mother" and "Alice" no names or dates
Pultz Henry Jul.12.1816 Feb.18.1910    
Pultz Adaline Jan.20.1816 Sep.3.1898   w/o Henry Pultz
Pultz J. Scott Dec.10.1847 Dec.22.1908    
Pultz Ella L. Oct. 2.1858 Jun.20.1908   w/o J. Scott Pultz
Rakestraw Wilmer 1856 1901   "Father"
Ross Sloan K. 1838 1923    
Ross Mary E. 1836 1914   w/o Sloan Ross
Ross Mabel A. 1888 1910    
Ross Flora R. 1868 1933    
Ross David A. 1868 1947   IOOF Flag
Ross Glenn M. Mar.30.1902 Mar.8.1903    
Spencer Laura B. 1893 1981    
Spencer Harry 1878 1958    
Spencer Herbert 1872 1949    
Spencer John Nov.10.1843      
Spencer Janette A. Dec.7.1846 Dec.7.1923   w/o John Spencer
Spencer Abram D. 1833 1912    
Spencer Mary W. 1837 1926    
Spencer Lucy E. 1875 1949    
Stanton F. L. 1845 1905    
Stanton Rebecca R. 1846 1910   w/o F. L. Stanton
Steel James E. Nov.19.1902 Dec.22.1902    
Steel Jennie E. May 19.1895 Jan.6.1898    
Steel James C. 1862 1922    
Steel Grace M. 1875      
Turner Frederick J. 1909 1983   US 14th Infantry Army Band
Turner Mertie I. 1912 1978   Mertie I. McNeal
Vroman James Feb.21.1845 Mar.24.1901   Co. B 26 Reg. Mil. Inf. GAR
Vroman Maria Jul.10.1850 Mar.8.1893   w/o James Vroman
Waters Josephine M. 1883 1970   "Mother"
Weldy George A. 1887 1961   IOOF Flag
Weldy Ada M. 1895 1900   w/o George A.
Weldy George E. 1920 1974   World War II Maarker IOOF Flag
Weldy Hallie T. 1924      
Weldy Isaac May 17.1827 May 15.1927    
Weldy Cora L. Apr.4.1892 Jul.22.1912    
Weldy Alva Nov.14.1864 Oct.21.1940    
Weldy Frankie A. Apr.13.1867 Dec.13.1928    
Weldy Isaac May 17.1827 May 15.1907    
Weldy Minerva L. Dec.3.1835 Feb.6.1916    
Weldy Robert Joseph 1952 1978    
Weldy Mariam  1923 1996   Mariam Jeanne Keller
Weldy Robert Alva 1918     US Air Force 1941 - 1945
Woodward Clinton Lloyd May 16.1906 Mar.25.1983   S Sgt. US Air Force
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/26/1999
By Joyce M. Tice
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