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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
08 JUNE 2001

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Name of Cemetery:   Glenwood Cemetery
Read By:
Date Read:  May 26, 2001
Typed By: Connie SIMS Petris
Other comments: Section 7
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS SRGP
Benson Sarah D Oct.10.1863 Apr.19.1947    
Benson George S Oct.11.1857 Nov.11.1920    
Sambrook Mable E 1893 1971    
Sambrook Agustus K 1895 1951    
Holcomb K O 1840 1926   GAR 1861-1865 marker and flag
Holcomb Addie 1849 1919   (same stone as K O)
Sawyer Paul R 1900 1988   WW I Marker & Flag
Sawyer Helene E 1899 1993    
Sawyer Hiram V 1870 1960    
Sawyer Anna J 1873 1964    
Sawyer Mildred C 1899 1920    
Preston William Jan.14.1857 Mar.1.1923    
Preston Lottie E Nov.27.1863 Oct.23.1912   (same stone as William)
Fisk Myra A 1882 1963    
Fisk Arthur L 1892 1988   (same stone as Myra A)
Rockwell Caroline 1924 1924   Daughters of G.V. & M.D. Rockwell
Rockwell Ruth A 1929 1931   Daughters of G.V. & M.D. Rockwell
Rockwell Leamon Elliott Aug.31.1926 Apr.21.2001    
Rockwell Mary Alice Nov.10.1929 Dec.24.1993   (same stone as Leamon Elliott)
Rockwell James Victor 1879 1914    
Rockwell Caroline Ninegar 1855 1931    
Rockwell Victor Elliott 1849 1905    
Rockwell George V 1902 1990    
Rockwell Marian D 1904 1979   (same stone as George V)
Patterson Edwin H 1874 1925   (on stone w/2 Patterson, 2 Cummings, 4 Newell)
Patterson Grace M 1872 1929   his wife (same stone, 2 Patterson, 2 Cummings, 4 Newell)
Cummings Floyd M 1908     (same stone; 2 Patterson, 2 Cummings, 4 Newell)
Cummings Dorothy P 1906     (same stone; 2 Patterson, 2 Cummings, 4 Newell)
Newell Lewis P 1804 1895   (same stone; 2 Patterson, 2 Cummings, 4 Newell)
Newell Caroline M 1808 1883   his wife (same stone, 2 Patterson, 2 Cummings, 4 Newell)
Newell Daniel C 1841 1916   Co K 15th NY Eng (same stone; 2 Patterson, 2 Cummings, 4 Newell)
Newell Betsey A 1838 1915   his wife (same stone, 2 Patterson, 2 Cummings, 4 Newell)
Kinch Thomas L 1860 1942    
Kinch R Belle Lyon 1870 1950   (same stone as Thomas L)
Kinch Karl Layton 1904 1915   (same stone as Thomas L & R Belle)
Page Lyle Jan.1.1905 Oct.26.1986   (back of Thomas & R Belle Kinch stone)
Page Arian Kinch Dec.16.1899 Sept.11.1972   (back of Thomas & R Belle Kinch stone)
Dwyer C S MD Oct.9.1856 Apr.15.1919    
Dwyer Edna Teeter Feb.27.1863 July.3.1916    
Dwyer Clara Simkin Dec.20.1897 Jan.20.1959    
Dwyer Ermuld D Aug.21.1891 Dec.10.1979   WW 1917-1918 marker and flag
Wood Leland A   June.6.1922 25 yr Sergt Co B 1 Div 18 US Inf
Beach Albert    1912   son of AB & RP Beach
Beach Richard 1918 1924   son of AB & RP Beach
Beach Rebekah P 1890 1942   wife of Albert B
Beach Albert B 1890 19   son of B Frank & Mary B
Beach Mary B 1866 1939    
Beach B Frank 1866 1928    
McClelland Casper Shepard 1907 1982    
McClelland Matilda Jupenlaz 1910 1996   (same stone as Casper Shepard)
McClelland Sid 1877 1934   sheriff Brad Co 1928-1932
McClelland Anna Wilson 1877 1945   (same stone as Sid)
Corey Leman S Nov.14.1875 Nov.21.1908    
Corey Edith J 1876 1970   (same stone as Leman S)
Corey David L 1903 1966   (same stone as Leman S & Edith J)
Palmer Smith 1846 1925   Co A 287 PA Inf GAR Marker and flag
Palmer Emma Aug.9.1855 May.18.1913   wife of Smith Palmer
Case Henrietta V May.31.1868 Apr.3.1965    
Case Frank P Mar.11.1859 Mar.30.1937    
Case Lydia Smith Dec.10.1857 Jan.5.1932    
Case Margaret Davidson Jan.22.1901 July.30.1933    
Colburn Louise J Apr.6.1813 July.11.1892    
Colburn Asaph Feb.21.1813 May.4.1897    
McCormick Kevin Michael May.1.1958 Sept.7.1985   son
McCormick Maxine Larcom Jan.31.1935     mother (same stone as Kevin Michael)
Larcom Ivan E 1909 1964    
Larcom Lillian C 1906 1986   (same stone as Ivan E)
Bird Jerome R July.16.1933 June.18.1983   A2C US Air Force Korea Marker and flag
D'Abbracci Bernice Larcom 1913 1949   mother
Bird Jack Alvin 1932 1981   son (on stone w/Bernice Larcom D'Abbracci)
Bird Jack A Apr.20.1932 Apr.24.1981   AIC US Air Force Korea (back of stone) Second stone-same as above
Larcom Floyd B 1883 1947    
Larcom Nellie K 1885 1955   (same stone as Floyd B)
Miller Jesse L 1879 1920    
Miller Orpha A 1879 1938    
Watts Eva Cornell 1889 1918    
Bristol Egbert F 1864 1930    
Bristol Elizabeth C. 1862 1942   (same stone as Egbert)
Peters Fred 1860 1920    
Peters Pyrthania 1862 1923   (same stone as Fred)
Currie Byron L 1877 1947    
Currie Lulu P. 1881 1962    
Lee Gilbert R Feb.7.1925 Jan.30.1997   Pvt US Army WW II purple heart US Veteran marker and flag
Lee Myrtle Wheeler July.9.1917      
Wheeler Halsey F. 1887 1985    
Wheeler Sylvia A. 1892 1982   (same stone as Halsey)
Wheeler Robert J 1923 1929    
Wheeler Roy R 1910 1923    
Parsons Ira A 1859 1938     59606
Parsons Bertha S 1858 1923   (same stone as Ira A) 59605
Parsons Clara Lydia 1887 1936   DAR Marker 75593

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/17/2001
By Joyce M. Tice