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Section Six
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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
09 JUNE 2001

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Name of Cemetery:    Glenwood Cemetery - Section Six
Read By:  Ken Chapman, Susan Wittie, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   May 19. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Off Rte. 6, Troy, PA, Bradford County
Other comments: Section 6 All Veterans Had Markers & Flags
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Smith Howard J. 1898 1986    
Smith Eleanor R. 1902 1994   On stone w/Howard
Slingerland L. Elwood 1908      
Slingerland Doris K. 1902 1965   On stone w/L. Elwood
Kendall Austin C. 1905 1998    
Kendall Dorothy S. 1905 1982   On stone w/Austin
Manley Walter Scott 1906 1961    
Manley Eva R. 1908     On stone w/Walter
Manley Neva A. 1891 1986    
Shedden Dean A. 1906 1984   Married Oct. 21, 1931
Shedden Harriett I. 1898 1977   On stone w/Dean
Tiller Henry William Sr. Jan.26.1901 Feb.3.1999   Married Nov.8, 1921
Tiller Gladys R. Sumner Jan.11.1904 Dec.15.1993   On stone w/Henry
Harper R. Kenneth 1928 1964   NY Penn Fireman's Assn. Marker
Harper Bertha W. 1925     On stone w/R. Kenneth
Wiggins Grace L. Harper 1920     Nurses symbol with R.N. On it
Stone Judson B. Jul.15.1907 Jan.14.1978   Tech. 5. US Army WW II
Stone Irene P. 1917     On stone w/Judson
Schoonover William H. 1887 1963    
Schoonover Lena W. 1893 1994   On stone w/William
Harpster Raymond F. 1893 1967    
Harpster Eloise J. 1897 1974   On stone w/Raymond - DAR Marker
Van Vliet Lewis W. 1899 1989    
Van Vliet Addie S. 1899 1971   On stone w/Lewis
McClure Wayne Jr. 1918 2000   WW II Marker & Flag
McClure Virginia C. 1917 1963   On stone w/Wayne
McClure Alfred Wilson Jun.4.1917 Mar.15.2000   Married June 12, 1937 NY Penn Fireman's Assn.Marker
McClure Doris Kittle Dec.1.1919     On stone w/Alfred -Our Children -Ronald G.1939, Raymond L. 1951, Marla K. 1958
Serfass William H. 1912 1980    
Serfass Dorothy M. 1918 1984   On stone w/William
Schoonover Abbie  Jun.30.1923 May 8.2000   MOM - Troy Fireman's Aux. Marker
Allen Glenn T. 1888 1969    
Allen Edith Haines 1885 1966   On stone w/Glenn
Peters Hollan Jan.14.1888 Aug.27.1964    
Peters Lawrence Aug.17.1899 Mar.14.1984   On stone w/Hollan
Peters Helen  Dec.20.1911     On stone w/Hollan
Watson Nelson R. 1896 1990   WW I Marker & Flag
Watson Helen P. 1897 1964   On stone w/Nelson
Morse Julia Smith 1903 1975    
Case Eleanor Jean 1946 1969    
Case Thomas B. Mar.17.1912 Jul.30.1994    
Case Sara W. Jul.15.1916 Jul.19.1999   On stone w/Thomas
Manley F. Harry Dec.19.1920      
Manley Elizabeth B. Jul.3.1925     On stone w/F. Harry
Ripley Paula Jean 1951 1970    
Smith Leon J. 1895 1984    
Smith Larancie R. 1897 1985   On stone w/Leon
Slingerland Leo "Bud" Feb.18.1922      
Slingerland Mary W. Aug.27.1922     On stone w/Leo
Chamberlain William P. Feb.14.1896 Aug.28.1978    
Gustin Aletha "Tiny"Stone 1926 1973    
Gustin James Arthur 1923      
Gustin Annis Marie Smith 1931      
Kemp Wilfred H. 1924 1974    
Kemp Jane Gustin 1920     On stone w/Wilfred
Eves Eleanor Gustin 1919 1977    
Eves Carl S. Jun.6.1915 Apr.2.1998    
Ward Clifford J. Dec.28.1924     Married June 18, 1950
Ward Audrey L. Nov.8.1929     On stone w/Clifford
Loomis Lucien E. 1903 1974    
Loomis Helene W. 1907 2000   On stone w/Lucien
Barrett Warren "Bill" 1911 1977    
Barrett Beulah Freelove 1913 1985   On stone w/Warren
Robbins Ralph S. 1886 1974    
Robbins Jesse A. 1895 1983   On stone w/Ralph
Warner Victor A. Mar.13.1905 Feb.5.1962   NY Penn Fireman's Assn. Marker
Warner Beatrice H. May16.1904 Oct.15.1994   Troy Firemans Aux. Flag & Marker

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/10/2001
By Joyce M. Tice