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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
09 JUNE 2001

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Name of Cemetery:    Glenwood Cemetery - Section Six
Read By:  Ken Chapman, Susan Wittie, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   May 19. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Off Rte. 6, Troy, PA, Bradford County
Other comments: Section 6 All Veterans Had Markers & Flags
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS SRGP ID
Darrow Lloyd D. Dec.11.1911 May 3.1965    
Dorsett Nellie S. 1891 1977    
Dorsett Howard E. 1891 1969   Same stone w/Nellie
Barrett Rev. Owen C. 1890 1976    
Barrett Flora Briggs 1891 1966   Same stone w/Rev. Owen
Crout Geraldine M. Nov.1.1928     Same stone w/Clayton
Crout Clayton A. Jr. Nov.4.1929     Cpl. HQ Co. 41st A1B
Schucker Mark A. 1893 1965     31220
Schucker Mary K. 1894 1986   Same stone w/Mark 11097
Newbaur Alphonse Dec.21.1898 Feb.17.1970    
Clark Frank E. 1888 1963    
Clark Jennie M. 1886 1967   Same stone w/Frank
Joralemon Lee W. 1883 1974   Grange Marker
Joralemon Florence W. 1893 1975   Same stone w/Lee
Wolfe Hallock C. 1886 1962    
Wolfe Anna F. 1886 1957   Same stone w/Hallock
Wolfe Alta M. 1915 1963    
Wolfe Merle F. Jan.24.1913 Apr.25.1985   US Army WW II
Wolfe Stanley H. May 16.1928 Jun.5.1984   Cpt. US Army Korea
Spalding Willis Wright May 6.1917 Aug.15.1995   Tec 4 US Army WW II
Spalding Naomi M. Andrus Nov.13.1917 Dec.28.1978   Same stone w/Willis
Spalding Curtis Ellwyn 1920      
Spalding Marian Greenough 1921     Same stone w/Curtis
Bronson Jeff Jul.12.1910 Dec.20.1991    
Bronson Cora Aug.23.1909 Apr.1.1991   Married Apr.12, 1943--Same stone w/Jeff
Spalding William A. 1894 1971    
Spalding Lola P. 1892 1971   Same stone w/William
Spalding James W. Feb.22.1947 Dec.23.1965   Florida-PFC US Marine Corps--s/o Willis & Naomi
Sherman Frank A. 1875 1960    
Sherman Ada B. 1882 1974   Same stone w/Frank
Robert Clarence B. 1926 1957   Sgt. HQ Co. 37th Inf.
Schweighart Lloyde J. Aug.30.1942 Feb.15.1994   Married May 6, 1961
Schweighart Judith J. Nov.5.1942     On stone w/Lloyde
Robbins Howard E. 1892 1956   Masons
Robbins Lisle L. 1899 1984   Same stone w/Howard
Robbins Ray Howard Sep.13.1918   Veteran WW II
Robbins Edith Watkins May 5.1914 Dec.6.1994   Married Apr.1, 1950--Same stone w/Ray
Colton Sharlene A. Jul.24.1935      
Van Noy Alfred J 1897 1956   F L T
Van Noy Gertrude C. 1913     Same stone w/Alfred
Wood Ernest L. 1878 1957    
Wood Reubin A. 1899 1971   WW I Marker & Flag
Wood Gertrude W. 1903 1989   Same stone w/Reubin
Hager Burton 1905 1987    
Hager Marguerite 1905 2000   Same stone w/Burton
Browning C. Roy 1881 1962   Mason
Browning Anna J. 1883 1957   Same stone w/C. Roy
Flanagan John 1889 1965   Veteran WW I - Marker & Flag
Flanagan Alice M. 1895 1970   Same stone w/John
Burnham Arthur D. 1874 1959    
Burnham Alice C. 1898 1981  
Dexter Rodney G. 1877 1957    
Dexter Gertrude S. 1884 1966   Same stone w/Rodney
Johns LuAnn   1956    
Johns Suzanne   1963   Same stone w/LuAnn
Johns Myrtle V. Sep.17.1906 Apr.25.1993    
Johns Lawrence E. Mar.30.1907      
Johns Goldie R. Nov.20.1908 Apr.24.1973    
Slingerland Lynn A. 1887 1970    
Slingerland Florence M. 1889 1986   Same stone w/Lynn
Reynolds Richard Lee 1943 1955    
Reynolds Paul E. Jan.22.1922 Aug.27.1993    
Reynolds Betty S. Oct.7.1919     Same stone w/Paul
Dickerson Gerald L. 1939 1963    
Dickerson E. Laverne 1902 1962    
Dickerson Nellie R. 1906     On stone w/E. Laverne
Tubbs Alfred M. Mar.26.1896 Nov.30.1968   US Army WW I - Flag & Marker
Tubbs Myra M. Nov.16.1895 Mar.18.1981   On stone w/Alfred
Bohlayer John F. 1909 1982    
Bohlayer Florence Loomis 1917     On stone w/John
Loomis David John Sr. Jul.23.1938 Oct.2.1995    
Loomis Eleanor Layton Mar.20.1937     On stone w/David John Sr.
Loomis Baby Son   Apr.11.1968   s/o David J. & Eleanor
Loomis Arthur E. 1910 1992    
Loomis Dorothy Bohlayer 1912     On stone w/Arthur
Hager Beatrice Dunbar 1923 1953    
Dunbar Gerald Carlton Oct.17.1902 Sep.26.1985    
Dunbar Martha LaFrance Jun.20.1907 Sep.19.1984   On stone w/Gerald
Cowl Russel J. 1905 1992   NY Penn Fireman's Marker
Cowl Cecile B. 1909 1999   Troy Firemans Aux. Marker-On stone w/Russel
Vickery Donald J. 1894 1962    
Vickery Laura R. 1894 1979   On stone w/Donald
Rumsey Emery E. Jr. 1937 1959    
Rumsey Emery E.  1914 1989   WW II Marker & Flag
Rumsey Marjorie H. 1913 1999   On stone w/Emery
Barrett Glenn S. 1896 1984    
Barrett Pearl W. 1890 1975   On stone w/Glenn
Grinnell Russell W. 1910 1961    
Grinnell R. Genevieve 1915     On stone w/Russell
Newell Lester M. 1899 1967   WW 1 Marker & Flag
Newell Norma E. 1898 1985   On stone w/Lester
Wiggins Fred S. 1913 1974   WW I Marker & Flag - Seems to be on wrong grave
Wiggins Charles I. 1891 1959    
Wiggins M. Ethel 1890 1972   On stone w/Charles
Manley L. Paul 1895 1975    
Manley Eleanor K. 1894 1961   On stone w/L. Paul
Estep Robert Francis Aug.4.1915 May 11.1997    
Estep Helen Manley Aug.17.1923     On stone w/Robert
Larcom Archie D. 1892 1970    
Larcom Ruth C. 1891 1974   On stone w/Archie

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/10/2001
By Joyce M. Tice