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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
09 JUNE 2001

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Name of Cemetery:    Glenwood Cemetery - Section Six
Read By:  Ken Chapman, Susan Wittie, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   May 19. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Off Rte. 6, Troy, PA, Bradford County
Other comments: Section 6 All Veterans Had Markers & Flags
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Kilmer Joseph S. 1930      
Kilmer Geraldine R. 1930     Same stone w/Joseph
Higbee Sophia  Sep.29.1937 May 9.1986   L.P.N.
Sweeney Robert Lynn Apr.5.1939 Nov.7.1984   Vietnam Marker & Flag
Terry Chad M. Aug.8.1986 Aug.9.1986    
Chrzan William J. Jun.3.1931 Apr.21.1994   Korea Marker & Flag
Chrzan Martha Allen Aug.12.1938     Same stone w/William
Bruce William R. Jan.17.1941 Feb.6.1990   SR US Navy - Vietnam Marker & Flag
Bruce George C. Sep.4.1918      
Bruce Vera K. Oct. 5.1919     Same stone w/Bruce
Hewitt Clara B. 1904 1997    
Hewitt Willard  1900 1981   Same stone w/Clara
Hewitt Margaret L. 1925     Same stone w/Clara
Staudt William B. 1912 1988    
Staudt Corlinda W. 1912 1988   Same stone w/William
Simcoe Charles Faye 1929 1975    
Simcoe Eleanor Roy 1930     Same stone w/Charles
Baxter C. Oliver Oct.6.1923     Married Aug.25.1949
Baxter S. Lucile Mar.17.1931     Same stone w/C. Oliver
Tongue Edith L. Dec.6.1923 Jul.10.1983    
Tongue Fred Sr. Sept.1.1910 Feb.12.1991   Same stone w/Edith
Kendall Clifford J. Nov.7.1924 Feb.18.1994   Cpl. US Marine Corps WW II
Kendall Ruth P. Aug. 1.1927     Same stone w/Clifford -Married Aug.24, 1946
Elsbree George  1918     Back of Kenyon Stone
Elsbree Frances  1921 1972   Back of Kenyon Stone
Kenyon Ruby  1911 1992   Same stone w/Elsbree's
Kenyon James W. 1910 2000   Same stone w/Elsbree's
Kenyon Baby Girl   1938   Same stone w/Elsbree's
Carnwright E. Phillip Aug.11.1926 May14.1992   Married Mar. 28, 1947
Carnwright Zilpha K. Jun.8.1926     Same stone w/E. Phillip
Austin Robert Freeman 1909 1974   Married Nov. 28, 1931
Austin Hilda Seeley 1912 1973   Same stone w/Robert
Seeley Alma Stone 1918     Back of Austin Stone
Seeley Dean Kendall 1915     Back of Austin Stone - Married Dec. 24, 1935
Carnwright Lloyd A. May 7.1893 Apr.14.1968    
Carnwright Christene L. Jan.15.1899 Apr.28.1982   Same stone w/Lloyd
Raub Mark C. 1914 1968   WW II Marker & Flag
Raub Ruth M. 1921 1996   Same stone w/Mark
Clark Jane L. 1943 1986    
Johnson Florence M. 1899 1968   MOTHER
Johnson Robert L. 1939 1994   SON - Same stone w/Florence
Flanagan James David Jun.21.1972 Aapr.29.1992    
Ward James W. 1902 1982    
Terry George F. 1894 1979    
Terry Esther M. 1899 1975   Same stone w/George
Cote George A. Sep.20.1914 Dec.31.1996   Lt. Col. US Army WW II - Korea Married Jul.21.1946
Cote Wilmadine G.  Oct.27.1921 Mar.3.1997   "Penny" 1st Lt. US Army WW II - Same stone w/George
McClure Philip Orin 1926     Married Jun.22.1946 - Same stone w/Marie
McClure Marie Teribury 1928     Our Children: Philip Orin Jr. 1947, Marilyn Mae 1950, Susan Ann 1952, Julie Marie 1958
Leonard Rondalyn Ann 1952 1968    
Lewis Geraldine Case 1938      
Lewis Stephen Wallace 1938 1975   Same stone w/Geraldine
Tuton Mary D. 1916     Same stone w/Fowler
Tuton Fowler L. 1909 1978   World War II Marker & Flag
Jones Joel Kurt   Jul.9.1974    
Dear George A. III Jun.4.1954 Jul.8.1980   A1C US Air Force - Vietnam Marker & Flag
Bower Scott W. Apr.29.1963 May 4.1979    
Blessing Dale Nelson Oct.20.1940 Jun.14.1999   Cpl. US Marine Corps - Flat Ground Stone in Front of Bower
Warner Allen V. Feb.4.1925 Nov.24.1993   Fraternal Order of Police & NY Penn. Fireman's Assn. Marker
Warner Doris L. Jun.2.1924     Married Aug.11.1944 -Same stone w/Allen
Starkey Mark Monroe May 27.1957 Oct.8.1976    
Loomis George Lucien 1913 1989    
Loomis Pearl Hubler 1914 2001   Same stone w/George
Stanton Edmund Eugene Dec.2.1927 Jun.20.1986   WW II Marker & Flag - Married Feb.28, 1952
Stanton Annabelle Chrzan Sept.17.1933      
Pick Allyson Marie Sep.1.1988 Jan12.1989    
Morgan Harold E. Mar.3.1924 Jan.5.1990    
Morgan Irma Raub Apr.17.1930     Same stone w/Harold
Blair Lorton Nov.8.1922 Nov.27.1995   WW II Marker & Flag
Blair Hilda  Jun.7.1923     Same stone w/Lorton
Blair James Dec.29.1946     Same stone w/Lorton
York Robert B. Feb.27.1921     USMCR Married Mar.31, 1951
York Betty J. Blackburn Oct.31.1930     Same stone w/Robert
Blackburn Edward Earl 1903 1983    
Blackburn Ruth Haun 1909 1987   Same stone w/Edward
Williams Vincent C. 1927 1971   WW II Marker & Flag
Williams Betty M. 1930     Same stone w/Vincent
Watkins Leslie B. Feb.23.1962 Jan.7.1994   s/o Lester Jr. And Sylvia Watkins
Watkins S. Burdett 1914 1970    
Lyon Homer R. 1929      
Lyon Majorie R. 1931     Same stone w/Homer
Brown David E. 1953 1993   Orville
Lyon J. Raymond 1904 1969    
Lyon Gladys C. 1910 2000   On stone w/J. Raymond
Ellenberger J. Victor 1907 1969    
Ellenberger Vera B. 1909     Same stone w/J. Victor
Manley Lawrence A. 1942 1967    
Manley Hazel C. 1942     Same stone w/Lawrence
Reed  Charles Robert 1900 1987    
Reed Mary Chamberlin 1894 1967   Same stone w/Charles
Mitchell S. Pomeroy 1918 1986   WW II Marker & Flag 77156
Mitchell Esther English 1918 1996   Same stone w/S. Pomeroy 77235
Hillyer Robert M. 1910 1966    
Hillyer Katherine B. 1913 1991   Same stone w/Robert
Kaupp Genevieve E. 1914 1964   Rest in Peace Dear Sister
Schade Mary 1908 1968    
Judson Dixie Lea Mar.4.1948 May22.1998    
Van Noy Bono G. Mar.22.1905 Aug.31.1990    
Van Noy Orpha M. Jun.25.1911     Same stone w/Bono
Van Noy Marilyn A. Aug.1.1934 Dec.11.1957   Same stone w/Bono

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/10/2001
By Joyce M. Tice