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Section Six
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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
09 JUNE 2001

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Name of Cemetery:    Glenwood Cemetery - Section Six
Read By:  Ken Chapman, Susan Wittie, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   May 19. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Off Rte. 6, Troy, PA, Bradford County
Other comments: Section 6 All Veterans Had Markers & Flags
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS SRGP ID
Tillotson Stanley A. Oct.5.1919 Dec.23.1991   Flag & Holder-a Star & US
Tillotson Janet H. Aug.1.1926     Same stone w/Stanley
Crandle Gerald R. Oct.27.1926 Dec.19.1983   MAM 3 US Navy WW II
Rhodes Russell H. Jan.25.1921     Husband - Same stone w/Margaret
Rhodes Margaret J. Apr. 1.1933     Wife -Married July 11, 1964
Yard Keith Arthur Oct. 4.1944 Sep.21.1980   SP 4 US Army Vietnam
Roby Gary L. Oct.17.1959 Jun.22.1995   S. Sgt. US Marine Corps (Persian Gulf)
Roby Paul Revere Jun.13.1931     Flag & Marker Korea
Roby Cora Allen Dec.23.1924     Married Apr. 20, 1959 -Same stone w/Paul
Roby June M. Jul.9.1962     Double Heart Stone
Van Noy Howard J. 1898 1990    
Van Noy Gertrude D. 1908 1988   Same stone w/Howard
Barrett Seymour B. 1914 1997   PFC US Army WW II - NY Penn Fireman Assn.Marker
Barrett Wanita L. 1921     Same stone w/Seymour
Hubbard Griffin B. Mar.25.1916 May 19.1991   WW II Marker & Flag
Hubbard Margaret R. Jul. 4.1919     Same stone w/Griffin
Sims Theodore J. Feb.2.1915      
Sims Wilma F. Nov.6.1913 Dec.20.1992   Same stone w/Theodore
Smith Robert Leon Apr.18.1923 Aug.25.1984   EM3 US Navy WW II - Married June 12, 1948
Smith Eltheda Klingaman Sep.28.1925     Our Sons--Dayne Richard - Doug Eugene
Stone Harland M. June.25.1924 Feb.7.1992   PVT. US Army WW II
Stone Evelyn P. Nov.12.1921     Married Dec.10, 1956 - Same stone w/Harland
Watkins Lester L. May 14.1915 Mar.28.1992    
Watkins Lillian L. Sep.3.1920 Feb.10.1984   Same stone w/Lester
Scott J. Fredrick Dec.7.1909 Mar.30.1995   Married June 20, 1932
Scott Evelyn R. Jan. 7.1912 Sep.2.1998   Same stone w/J. Fredrick
Scott Ernest W. Sr. 1916 2001    
Scott Violet E. 1918 1997   Same stone w/Ernest
Scott John H. 1888 1975    
Scott Helen L. 1891 1982   Same stone w/John
Van Noy Earl R. 1893 1985    
Van Noy Ora Howland 1898 1979   Same stone w/Earl
Harvey John J. 1895 1974    
Harvey Elizabeth M. 1903 1990   Same stone w/John
Hooker Cecil C. Feb.23.1883 Jan.13.1969   New York Sgt. US Army WW I
Hooker Mary Vogle Apr.17.1894 Nov.7.1985    
Doak Rev. Lawrence R. 1890 1966    
Doak Gaynell Lawson 1895 1971   Same stone w/Rev. Lawrence
Lawson Nathan G. Nov.13.1921     Married June 30, 1942
Lawson Marva M. Oct.12.1925 Aug.2.1995   Same stone w/Nathan
Cooke Arland B. Oct.14.1911 Jun.30.1984    
Cooke Dorothy B. Dec.15.1914     Same stone w/Arland
Dewey J. Walter May 4.1887 Dec.16.1976    
Dewey Lucy A. May 16.1887 Jul.19.1967   Same stone w/J. Walter
Leonard Macey Jean Mar.29.2000   "Jesus chose to keep me"
Brown Carl  Jun.18.1904 Aug.24.1985   Pvt. US Army WW II
Benson Lawrence G. Aug.14.1917 Jan.30.1993   FATHER NY Penn. Fireman's Assn.Marker
Benson Hazel B. May 2.1922     MOTHER Married May 10, 1942
Benson Roger L. Apr.4.1956     SON (On same stone w/Lawrence & Hazel)
Tower Charles Albert Apr.15.1934 Feb.15.1976   Korea Marker & Flag
Morris Barbara S. "Babs" Jul.20.1946     Married Aug.20.1966 -Back: Our Children: Kelly Elizabeth, Robert Scott, Meredith Melinda
Morris Harold W. "Huck" Nov.16.1944 Jan.27.1997   Same stone w/Barbara
Lammy Harry J. Sr. 1914 1995   Burial Marker-No stone
Lee Susie Irene Apr.3.1965 Aug.13.1981    
Jennings Baby    Sep.9.1981    
Lee Ruth M. Apr.28.1934     Married Jan.26.1952
Lee William B. Mar.15.1928 Jul.17.1999   Same stone w/Ruth
MacDonald Wilma B. 1924 1999   Burial Marker-No Stone
Brace Lewis N. May 6.1901 Mar.23.1983    
Brace Leah M. Jan.3.1902      
Reedy Edward L. Aug.30.1919 Feb.14.1981   Pvt. US Army WW II
Chappell Erik Todd Jan.12.1965 Sep.21.1976   BSA Symbol--Baseball & Bat
Thistlewaite Ralph 1898 1977  
Thistlewaite Helen  1905 1975    
Worden Lillian B. Aug.13.1907 Mar.22.1992    
Worden Leonard A. 1910 1999    
Worden Helen M. 1909 1975   Same stone w/Leonard
          Wooden Cross & Flowers-No Inscription
Saxton Charles E. Jul.16.1924     Married Oct.8.1949
Saxton Doris M. May15.1931     On stone w/Charles
Nichols James Kenyon Sep.23.1982 Jul.8.1983    
Kenyon Ralph L. Oct.13.1949 Sep.22.1988    
Kenyon Carol A. May 20.1950     On stone w/Ralph
Ripley Gerald R. Apr.6.1930     Married Dec.26.1965
Ripley Gloria Bailey Aug.8.1940     On stone w/Gerald
Bates Patricia Bailey Jul.15.1942 Mar.10.1982    
Hassen Thomas Edward Nov.18.1919 Jan.22.1986   WW II Marker & Flag
Hassen Leona Atwell May20.1922 Sep.13.1994   On stone w/Thomas
Hite Frances C. Feb.24.1934     Married Mar. 22. 1953
Hite Kenneth S. Jun.1.1929 Dec.23.1983   On stone w/Frances
Hite Stanley D. 1957 1974    
Schucker Annette F. 1928       77389
Schucker Mark A. Jr. 1922 1973   On stone w/Annette 52713
Freelander Barbara Apr.22.1932 Mar.25.1969    
Ward Louise W. 1904 1970    
Ward H. Burton 1907 1990   On stone w/Louise
Frick Helen J. 1891 1985    
Frick Lee W. 1887 1968   On stone w/Helen
Reedy Ruby Naylor 1900 1974    
Reedy Harold E. 1896 1968   On stone w/Ruby
Bryan Wilda E. 1921      
Bryan Britton L. 1920 1991   NY Penn. Firemans' Assn.Marker
Bryan Twin Baby Boys   1957   Same stone w/Wilda & Britton
Crandle James C. 1913 1967    
Crandle Fannie E. 1908 1996   Same stone w/James
Brown Thomas W. Dec.10.1893 Feb.15.1981   Pvt. US Army WW I
Brown Grace E. 1886 1967   Same stone w/Thomas
Brown Thomas W. Jr. Jun.2.1930      
Bailey Ruth B. Feb.7.1893 Feb.20.1989    
Sine Paula 1968 1984    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/10/2001
By Joyce M. Tice