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Section Six
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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
09 JUNE 2001

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Name of Cemetery:    Glenwood Cemetery - Section Six
Read By:  Ken Chapman, Susan Wittie, Pat Raymond
Date Read:   May 19. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Off Rte. 6, Troy, PA, Bradford County
Other comments: Section 6 All Veterans Had Markers & Flags
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Bown Sanford D. Apr.19.1960 May14.1978    
Schlueter Evelyn E. Jul.7.1923 Nov.9.1997   Tec. 5 US Army WW 2 - Troy Firemans Assn. Marker
McClelland Halene Dec.3.1905      
McClelland Don W. Aug.9.1903 Feb.8.1992   On stone w/Halene
Whittemore Margaret Nov.17.1917 Mar.9.1997    
Whittemore Ossie Aug.11.1911 Oct.11.1986   On stone w/Margaret
Fields James L. 1906 1970    
Fields Stella C. 1908 1999   On stone w/James
Hartsock John L. Apr.18.1917      
Hartsock Edna P. Nov.18.1918     On stone w/John
Tower Burton E. 1903 1973    
Tower Jessie E. 1903 1989   On stone w/Burton
Mosier Helen I. Jul.15.1917 Nov.7.1993    
Tower Maru J. 1925     Married June 15.1950 -On stone w/Herbert
Tower Herbert W. Aug.21.1926 Jul.1.1987   Pvt. US Army WW 2Tractor Trailer w/Tayntons on Trailer
Kirk Patricia M. Jun.15.1923      
Henshaw Dorothy 1923 1977   Martha Lloyd Sorority and Friend
Adams Aleah M. Nov.6.1936 Nov.5.1997   "Friend"
Young Claire B. Jan.24.1931 Dec.1.1986    
Cooke Patricia Ann Fish Feb.22.1939 Jan.20.1984   Smile God Loves You
Prentice Leon W. Dec.13.1907 Jan.26.1996    
Prentice Katherine B. Jan.15.1914 Sep.3.1991   On stone w/Leon
Herrington Howard F. Jun.15.1904 Apr.11.1985    
Herrington Dorothy P. Aug.15.1911      
Edwards Lillian M. Sep.3.1902 Oct.3.1979    
Yerks Tracey Carole Jan.23.1960 Jan.7.1979   She is Just Away
Wilber Madolin Ward Apr.27.1939 May19.1989    
Wilber Lewis Alfred Aug.4.1939 Feb.23.1977   On stone w/Madolin
Overrein Beverly M. Hakes 1934      
Overrein Joseph Harold 1922 1975   On stone w/Beverly
Seeley Keith D. 1949 1990   Engraved picture of man bowling
Hunt Carrie Mae Apr.21.1890 Apr.6.1980    
Seymour Edna M. Sep.6.1916 Feb.25.1974    
Perry Coley 1902 1995    
Perry Elsie R. 1909 1973    
Clark Clementine D. Jul.16.1904 Oct.8.1978    
Clark Lawrence A. Nov.26.1901 May22.1977    
Bailey Orson Andrew 1909 1974   Flag & Holder NY-Penn. Firemans Assn.
Bailey Agnes Hassen 1908 1985   On stone w/Orson
Brown Margaret Martz Jul.25.1928 Jul.18.1983   MOTHER
Brian George H. 1916 1968    
Brian Ruthadele 1923     On stone w/George
Morgan Infant   Dec.1959   Baby son of W. L. & S. A. Morgan
Morgan Wilbur Lee 1929      
Morgan Shirley Ann 1935     On stone w/Wilbur
Christopher Robert Burns 1911 1976   NY Penn. Firemans Assn.Marker
Christopher Katherine Miller 1915 1977   Troy Firemans Assn.-On stone w/Robert
Losey Charles H. 1904 1967    
Losey Sarah J. 1929     On stone w/Charles
Bruhl Arthur H. 1900 1967    
Bruhl Beulah 1908 1985   On stone w/Arthur
Hooker Carol Virginia Mar.19.1928 Feb.24.1986   d/o Cecil C. & Mary V. Hooker
Gallicchio Rose 1897 1971    
Teribury Earl Elra 1903 1978   Married Feb.6.1926 -On stone w/Mae
Teribury Mae Dunbar 1908 1990   Back of Stone - B. Of L. E. & F.
Wolfe Howard E. 1920      
Wolfe Alwilda B. 1920 1970   On stone w/Howard
Crandell Henry Fay 1901 1968    
Crandell Minnie Ailene 1908     On stone w/Henry
Cronk Wilber W. Sr. 1914 1970   On stone w/Elizabeth
Cronk Elizabeth E. 1916 1970   Flag & holder Eastern Star
Hite Kenneth S. Jun.1.1929 Dec.23.1983   Cp. US Army Korea
Van Noy Leslie Donald Apr.12.1904 Oct.19.1987    
Van Noy Faye Dewey May23.1909 Mar.20.1981   On stone w/Leslie
Weaver Beverly J. VanNoy May25.1930     Back of Stone - Our Children Leslee R. 1958, Bradley D. 1960
Weaver Theodore L. Oct.17.1931     Back of Stone - Married Nov.24. 1955
Van Noy F. Duane Jan.7.1929 Jan.4.1985   Attorney-At-Law US Army Korea Marker & Flag
Haight Floyd H. Apr. 18.1915      
Haight Marceil K. Sep.10.1929 Apr.14.1999   Same stone w/Floyd
Bristol Robert Franklin Nov.2.1928 Jul.5.1999   On Back--SSGT US Air Force Korea
Richards Karen Bristol Sep.25.1959 Oct.15.1977    
Maxfield Howard J. 1912 1998   Same stone w/Doris
Maxfield Doris 1923 1999   On Top Right Corner - Doris Margaret Bowman 1948-1996
Johns Lawrence D. Mar.3.1927 Jan.20.1995   US Merchant Marine WW 2 -NY Penn Fireman Assn.Marker
Johns Phillis A. 1929     Same stone w/Lawrence
Perry Dee Jul.24.1924 Apr.12.1994    
Perry Betty L. Nov.11.1927     Same stone w/Dee
Hurlburt Dennis Vern Oct.29.1924 Oct.3.1997   BM3 US Navy WW II
Hurlburt Beatrice Foster May23.1921     Married March 9. 1946
Hurlburt Baby Girl   Mar.24.1955    
Rogers Robert A. Jun.25.1924 Mar.5.1986   Tec 5 US Army WW II
Harper James L. Aug.21.1952 Feb.7.1994   Vietnam Marker & Flag
Harper Frank G. Jul.6.1921 Jul.17.1993   NY Penn. Fireman's Assn.
Harper Vera L. Jul.25.1923     Same stone w/Frank
Darrow Carl K. Dec.4.1927 Oct.6.1992    
Darrow Winona M. Apr.26.1925     Married June 6, 1969
Darrow Leon L. Jan.14.1925     Same stone w/Winona
Watson Jay C. Aug.17.1906 Jan.10.1998    
Hewitt Merle L. Apr.6.1922 Feb.6.1983    
Hewitt Alberta M. May 7.1925     Same stone w/Merle
Leonard King E. Apr.5.1901 Jun.16.1995    
Leonard Beatrice S. Jul.25.1902 Aug.25.1992   Same stone w/King
Tuton Edmund W. Dec.16.1907 Jan.17.1990   Lt. Cmdr. US Navy WW II
Tuton E. Virginia Oct.5.1912 Sep.9.1998    
Tuton John C. 1880 1952    
Tuton Gertrude W. 1883 1961    
Lenker Irvin Feb.23.1906 Mar.4.1980    
Lenker Sarah J. May 2.1908 Jun.23.1986   Same stone w/Irvin
Ayres Richard W. 1931      
Ayres Marlene R. 1935     Same stone w/Richard
Ayres Ramon F.   1971   Infant son

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/10/2001
By Joyce M. Tice