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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
04 JULY 2000

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Name of Cemetery:    Glenwood Cemetery
Read By:  Pat Raymond
Date Read:   May 19. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Off  Rte. 6 in Troy, PA, Bradford County
Other comments: Section 5 All Veterans had Flags and Markers
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Dewey Ellen Thompson Sep.24.1918     Back of stone: Our Children-Charles Jr. 1943, Richard K. 1947, Kit T. 1954, Chris C. 1956
Dewey Charles E. Apr.17.1917 Feb.26.1980   Lt. Col. US Army Air Corps WW 2 - Married June 30. 1940 (Same stone w/Ellen)
Ogden Raymond R. May 17.1909 Apr.29.1993   Cpl. US Army WW 2
Ogden Freida B. Jul.7.1919     Married Dec. 24. 1941 Same stone w/Raymond
Evans Lenor N. Jul.18.1915      
Evans Edna Marlene Dec.6.1915 Sep.1.1995   Same stone w/Lenor
Garrison Russell R. (Rut) 1921     Same stone w/Betty
Garrison Betty J. McCutcheon 1921     Married July 4. 1942
Keith Gigi Katherine Aug.12.1961 Aug.18.1994    
Smith Leidy R. 1933 1922    
Smith Jean V. 1925     Same stone w/Leidy
Haven Seth Edson 1905 1991    
Haven Iona Jenks 1909     Same stone w/Seth
Husband Ronald W. Aug.20.1924 Jul.25.1996   PFC US Army WW 2
Husband Carol A. Feb.27.1925     Same stone w/Ronald
Spencer Philip R. May 2. 1922     Same stone w/Ermel
Spencer Ermel W. Jul.8.1923 Aug.25.1994   Married June 3. 1944
Sherman J. Ross Oct.28.1910 Aug.7.1990    
Sherman Viola M. Jun.2.1911     Same stone w/J. Ross
Andre David C. Sep.8.1935 Nov.29.1986   PFC US Army Korea
May Galen E. Aug.15.1927     Same stone w/Virginia
May Virginia D. Mar.10.1932     Married June 13. 1952
Putnam Jana L. Jun.20.1974 Feb.15.1994   Our Beloved Daughter & Sister--On Back-My Brothers and Sister - Bob, Terry, Wayne, Melba, Allen, Howard, Barry
Tedesco Emile A. Nov.29.1939      
Tedesco Sharon R. Jul.15.1946 Nov.21.1989   Same stone w/Emile
Morgan Pamela A. Dec.28.1947     Daughter
Morgan Rosanne A. Aug.8.1928     Mother
Morgan Roland E. Aug.18.1922 May 6.1994   Father Same stone w/Pamela & Rosanne
Beardslee Frank W. Jan.23.1919 May 20.1994   On Back: Loving Mother and Father of Wayne C. 1939, Martha J. 1944, Dennis F. 1950
Beardslee Mollie Coleman Sep.27.1915 Jun.12.1994   Married Aug. 5, 1938 Same stone w/Frank
Rockwell Carl E. May 19.1910 May 23.1998    
Rockwell Doris L. Sep.3.1910     Same stone w/Carl
Burns Phyllis I. Mar.12.1927 Mar.4.2000    
Alloy Eleanor E. Aug.15.1929 Oct.12.1994   "Ellie" She devoted her life to nurturing seeds, souls and spirits
Inman Lyman B. Oct.4.1927      
Inman Jo Ann P.  Jul.30.1930     Same stone w/Lyman
Fleming Elwin E. Nov.24.1935     Same stone w/Kathryn
Fleming Kathryn Furman Oct.5.1930 Mar.16.1992   Married Sept. 10, 1966
Eddy Donald E. Sep.29.1954     Same stone w/Viola
Eddy Viola M. Jan.26.1952 Dec.11.1989   Married Oct. 7. 1972
Kampel Sidney Nov.2.1922     Married Sept. 17, 1960
Kampel Jeannette Baxter Oct.3.1907 Mar.7.1995   Same stone w/Sidney
Joralemon Irene J. Squires Miles Jan.20.1921      
Elsbree Bertha S. Walcheski Jan.21.1921 Nov.23.1988    
Collum Charles A. Mar.3.1923 Mar.24.1991   S. Sgt. US Army WW 2 Purple Heart
Collum Velma R. Mar.27.1925     Married June 25, 1965 Same stone w/Charles
Van Noy Jacob R. Dec.2.1913      
Van Noy Doris V. Feb.21.1922     Same stone w/Jacob
Matuszewski Walter J. Oct.14.1921 Apr.13.1997   S. Sgt. US Army WW 2
Matuszewski Florence  Apr.30.1926     Same stone w/Walter
Hoose Maxwell D. Sep.25.1924 Sep.19.1995   Same stone w/Dorando
Hoose Dorando M. Dec.4.1927     Married Apr.6. 1946
Streeter Charles F. Jul.29.1932     On Back--Our Children: Denis Maurice 1953, Michael Dean 1954, Irene Dawn 1956, Brian Ross 1957, Todd Randall 1960, Marchelle Ann 1963, Scot Eric 1968
Streeter Marcene M. Mar.13.1936     Married July 10, 1952 Same stone w/Charles
Wright Carroll Robert Sept. 5, 1925 Jul.2, 1991   QMCM US Navy WW 2, Korea, Viet Nam
Wright Janice Duart 1936     Same stone w/Carroll
Morrison May 1855 1936   This marker is under a tree away from others
Bruce Norman Keith May 24.1956 May 7.1992   My Beloved Husband a Brave and Gentle Man whose Kindness and Friendship has touched to lives of many.
Crane Melvin S., Jr. "Shorty" Jul.3. 1932 May 15.1992   Dad and Grandpa We'll Always Remember and Love You -Marker Korea & Flag
Worden Arnold C. Dec.29.1930 May 19.1996    
Worden Doris L. May 20.1930     Same stone w/Arnold
Mc Clure Dee Jay Oct.6.1975 Sept. 7. 1996    
Crandell James W. 1933 1999   Marker Korea & Flag No Stone-Funeral Home Marker
Crandell Pat 1936 2000   No Stone-Funeral Home Marker
Garrison Harold "Lefty" Jul.14.1939 Sept.3.1999   SP4 US Army - VietNam Marker & NY Penn. Fireman's Assn. Marker
Garrison Sandra S. Sep.22, 1942     Married Nov. 2, 1963 Same stone w/Harold
Phillips Chester W. 1918      
Phillips Blanche A. 1915 1994   Same stone w/Chester
Stermer Gloria Fleming Sep.9.1964 Dec.4.1996    
Fluke David W. Jun.27.1934 Oct.27.2000    
Fluke Juliet B. Apr.12.1939     Same stone w/David
Freeh Charles E. Nov.29.1927 Nov.16.1997   TEC 5, US Army WW 2
Freeh Anita L. Jan.10.1941     Married June 20, 1987 Same stone w/Charles
Porter Edward L. Jun.18.1921 Jul.29.1993   NY Penn Fireman's Assn. Marker
Porter Marjorie C. Jun.7.1926 Jan.4.1998   Married June 30, 1944 Same stone w/Edward
Young Dakota M. Mar.14.1995    
Spencer Barbara Jane Jan.4.1952 Jan.14.2000   Our Beloved Daughter and Sister
Allen George E.       No Dates - Plaque only no stone
Saxton Robert Earl May 2.1926      
Saxton Janice Monro Dec.6.1927     Same stone w/Robert
Barrett John C. 1966 1994    
Young Richmond B. Dec.10.1932     Our Children: Gail R. 1950, Infant son (dec.)1953, Deborah L. 1954, Dean R. 1955, Dixie L. 1959, Daniel W. 1965
Young Janice T. Jul.18.1932     Married Feb. 18, 1950 Same stone w/Richmond
Holdren Artie M. 1921     Same stone w/Martha
Holdren Martha L. 1926 1992   Married Aug. 20, 1954
Furman Walter P., Jr. May 14.1939      Same stone w/Cleota
Furman Cleota M. Sep.27.1929 May 22. 1998   Married Oct. 1, 1977
Kiser Alda V. Dec.18.1930      
Kiser Robert B. Sep. 15.1930 Oct. 28.1996   Same stone w/Alda
Harkness Betty L. Jul.26.1927 Feb.15.1994   Same stone w/Gerald
Harkness Gerald R. Oct.18.1919 Mar.11.1987   "Frosty" - Sgt. US Army WW 2

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06/08/2001
By Joyce M. Tice