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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
09 JUNE 2001

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Name of Cemetery:   Glenwood Cemetery Section 4
Read By: Connie SIMS Petris
Date Read:  May 24, 2001
Typed By:  Connie SIMS Petris
Location: Route 6 across from Junction with Rte 14, Troy PA
Other comments: Section 4
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Budd Loudon 1840 1914    
Budd Catherine 1844 1930    
Whaley Sophia L 1852 1926    
Whaley Merle Z 1856      
Smith Gordon H Apr.22.1898 Aug.31.1963   New York Cm 3 US Navy WW 1
Smith Laura B 1865 1941    
Smith William B 1884 1929    
Ballard Gordon M Mar.9.1830 Dec.13.1911    
Ballard Angeline M July.10.1830 Feb.7.1905   his wife (same stone as Gordon and Mary)
Ballard Mary A Sept.21.1855 July.8.1935   their daughter (same stone as Gordon and Angeline)
Dewitt Isadore Nov.3.1905 Feb.3.1999    
Cunningham Earl S "Bud" Mar.5.1920 Dec.9.1982   On back of stone Earl S Cunningham 2nd Lt US Army WWII Mar 5, 1920 Dec 9, 1982
Cunningham K Jean May.16.1943     (same stone as Earl S)
Rockwell Wayne Samuel July..8.1925      
Rockwell Ruth J Paterson Aug.27.1928 Mar.22.1983   married Aug 26, 1950 (same stone as Wayne Samuel)
Peterson Nils P 1943     Back: Our daughters Nanette R. 1966, Amy L. 1971
Peterson Maureen H 1943     (same stone as Nils P)
Haven Raymond L 1908     Back: Our daughters Maureen H. 1943, Marilyn H. 1948
Haven Eloise S 1913 2000   (same stone as Raymond L)
Kinch Marilyn H 1948      
Kinch Ernest L 1943     (same stone as Marilyn H)
Inman Glenn W Jan.29.1919 Jun.12.1992   WW marker and flag 1941-1945 
Inman A Virginia July.12.1918 Oct.7.1996   Back of stone "our children Nancy L 1945, Dale R 1947, Scott A 1955"
Raplee Clifford L Apr.29.1914 July 27,1997   S Sgt. US Army WW II
Raplee Gladys B Dec.11.1917     (same stone as Clifford L)
Noble Lavere W Sept.9.1917 Mar.30.1995    
Noble Frances M June.17.1913 Jan.25.2000   married July 23, 1934 (same stone as Lavere W)
Whitlock Gerald S Sept.6.1924      
Whitlock Mary Belle Sept.28.1922     (same stone as Gerald S)
Whitlock Daniel S April.26.1957 Aug.3.1980    
Drake Floyd H July.9.1914      
Drake Velma L Aug.13.1920 Mar.7.1985   (same stone as Floyd H)
Packard Lois W Feb.13.1923 Dec.11.1982    
Hyde John Harold 1900 1980    
Hyde Charlotte Bennett 1902 1970   (same stone as John Harold)
Hyde John Harold Jr Mar.11.1922 Aug.29.1998   Back: TM3 US Navy WWII 
Hyde Marcella May Nov.6.1927     (same stone as John Harold Jr)
McClure Fred Wood 1901 1989    
McClure Ruth Benson 1904 1987   (same stone as Fred)
Rathbun John A Sept.4.1914 Oct.31.2000    
Rathbun Louise Lathrop Aug.2.1918     (same stone as John A)
Merritt James W 1909 1997    
Merritt Lucille R 1915     (same stone as James, James Jr, Nancy)
Merritt James W Jr 1937     (same stone as James, Lucille, Nancy)
Merritt Nancy H 1936     (same stone as James, Lucille, James Jr)
Kennedy Roy W 1920 1993    
Kennedy Minnie H 1918     (same stone as Roy W)
Crandell H Dewaine "Tink" June.24.1929 Jan.19.2000   on back of stone Cpl. US Army Korea
Crandell Lois VanNess "Tucker" Feb.1.1935     married Aug 23, 1953 (same stone as H Dewaine) also on back of stone "our sons D. Kim 1954, Roger 1955, Brian 1957, Chris 1959
Meikle Thomas H MD Aug.11.1899 May.28.1970    
Meikle Louise MacMorran July.12.1903 Mar.1.1972    
VanNess William Victor Dec.31.1932 Aug.2.1984   Korea 1950-1955 marker and flag
VanNess Linda Reynard June.16.1943     married Sept 5, 1970
Biddle Jennie S 1936      
Biddle William T Jr 1928 1993    
LaMont Ralph C Mar.1.1908 Aug.4.1985    
LaMont Verna E Jan.30.1909 June.2.1988   (same stone as Ralph C)
Case Franklin Marshall Sep.19.1917      
Case Jean Rishell Feb.15.1917 Mar.26.2000   (same stone as Franklin Marshall)
Case George F 1888 1963    
Case Anna B 1879 1969    
Jaquish Orin W 1882 1963    
Swan Donna 1879 1932   DAR marker -Next to Orin Jaquish-In front of large Jaquish Marker
Anewalt     Apr.30.1946   infant son of E.F. & L.P
Phillips John Wesley MD July.2.1874 Mar.12.1925    
Phillips Laura VanDyne Dec.22.1871 Feb.8.1962   DAR Marker
Phillips Eleanor Laurinda July.31.1908 Mar.11.1923    
Case Rodman C 1895 1973    
Case Maude N 1901 1977   (same stone as Rodman C)
Case A Eugene 1917 1998   WW 1941-1945 marker and flag
Case Eleanore K 1918 1998    
Krise Robert A 1884 1973    
Krise Alice K 1884 1962    
Porter Rexford A 1917 1951   son
Porter Eliza B 1888 1960   mother
Porter Carson C 1885 1953   father
Benson Lewis Edward 1907 1978   FLT marker
Benson Sara Scott 1908 1983   married June 21, 1941 FLT marker (same stone as Lewis Edward)
Johnson Maxwell Edgerton Oct.20.1896 Aug.27.1985    
Johnson Lucinda Scott June.10.1899 Apr.23.1990   married June 24, 1922 (same stone as Maxwell Edgerton)
Johnson Andrew S. Nov.20.1938      
Canedy Samuel M Jr 1901 1960    
Canedy Marie A 1913     (same stone as Samuel M Jr)
Biddle William T June.27.1904 Aug.12.1990    
Biddle Esther H Mar.17.1908 Nov.24.1995   (same stone as William T)
Summers Leonard L 1906 1969    
Summers Grace S 1908 1995   (same stone as Leonard L and Phyllis J)
Summers Phyllis J 1936     (same stone as Leonard L and Grace S)

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/10/2001
By Joyce M. Tice