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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
09 JUNE 2001

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Name of Cemetery:    Glenwood Cemetery - Section 3
Read By:  Pat Raymond
Date Read:   May 26. 2001
Typed By:   Pat Raymond
Location:  Off Rte 6, Troy, PA, Bradford County
Other comments: This cemetery is beautifully kept, clean and neat
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS SRGP ID
Ross Mae W. 1889 1946    
Ross Dean 1881 1961   On stone w/Mae
Kuykendall Emma Ross 1916 1965    
Smith Sevelon "Bucky" Apr.12.1905 Feb.18.1993   NY Penn Firemans Assn.Marker
Smith Nellie G. Nov.23.1903 Dec.20.1968    
Smith Mildred M. Jul.23.1908 Mar.21.1959    
Smith Francis F. Nov.15.1910 Oct.16.1967    
Avery Greg Paul Jun.25.1950 Apr.15.1972   Sgt. 1001 Fld Maint. SO AF Vietnam
Avery Creasie 1888 1980   On stone w/Elmer
Avery Elmer 1893 1971   WW I Marker & Flag
Avery Donald G. Jun.3.1918      
Avery Bruce K. Nov.22.1917 Feb.23.1999   On stone w/Donald G.
Smith Floyd  1902 1962    
Smith Clara V 1906 1950   On stone w/Floyd
Smith Louise Sep.22.1928 Nov.29.1991    
Smith Ervin S. Jan.28.1926     On stone w/Louise
Barrett Walter L. 1906 1963    
Barrett Carrie G. 1916 1966   On stone w/Walter
Barrett Gerald W. 1939 1996   On stone w/Walter
Barrett Reuben Jul.1912 Apr.4.1960   Funeral Marker only
Barrett Lloyd S. Sr. Nov.8.1913 Jun.7.1986   S Sgt. US Army WW II
Barrett Florence F. Aug.9.1913 Sep.25.1990    
Knights Debra Lou Barnes Sep.15.1957 Feb.8.1979  
Knights Lynn Eugene Sep.19.1952     HUSBAND - On stone w/Debra
Knights Angela Lynn Jul.19.1977     DAUGHTER - On stone w/Debra
Knights Andrea Michele Dec.27.1978     DAUGHTER - On stone w/Debra
Knights A. Larue 1918 1999   Funeral Marker
Barrett Fred C. 1873 1943    
Barrett Janie  1879 1950   On stone w/Fred
Barrett Ruth 1905 1992   Next to Barrett-No last name on stone
Garrison Rex Mudge 1899 1988    
Garrison Ellen Smith 1906 1981   On stone w/Rex
Knights S. Marguerite  May26.1893 Aug.7.1966    
Knights Meade Clark Apr.17.1891 Oct.11.1978   On stone w/S. Marguerite Henderson
Knights Freida Virginia Jun.16.1930 Mar.13.1931    
Kennedy Lee M. 1901 1957    
Kennedy Lucille S. Wilson 1904 1986   w/o Lee M. - Same stone
Garrison Herbert H. 1899 1969    
Garrison Helen E. Wilson 1903 1984   w/o Herbert - Same stone
Wilson Albert B. 1874 1958    
Wilson Dimmis E. Soper 1877 1963   w/o Albert - Same stone
Grace Harland S. 1896 1974    
Grace Lula F. Wilson 1896 1986   w/o Harland - Same stone
Grace Albert Wilson 1918 1948   NY Penn Firemans Assn. Marker
Jansen Frank 1859 1953    
Jansen Ella N. 1868 1954   On stone w/Frank
Card Wendall T. 1895 1985   WW I Marker & Flag
Card Frances J. 1894 1992   On stone w/Wendall
Jansen Carlton B. 1900 1981    
Jansen Margaret Klindworth 1898 1988   On stone w/Carlton
Grace Russell H.   1945    
Rockwell Orlando W. 1899 1978    
Rockwell Louise N. 1898 1976   On stone w/Orlando
Hartsock Eugene Jr. 1932 1950   SON
Hartsock Eugene N. Sr. 1909      
Hartsock Emogene M. 1913 1977   On stone w/Eugene Sr.
Bailey Richmond W. Jul.15.1910 Mar.2.1971   PA Tec. 4 60 Finance DISB SEC WW II
Bailey Betty J. Nov.26.1922     On stone w/Richmond
Beal Grace Calkins 1889 1975   DAR Marker
Beal Charles S. 1874 1947    
Dewey Zerlita C. 1886 1965   Ladies Aux. VFW Marker & Flag
Dewey Clyde L. 1883 1963   On stone w/Zerlita
Corzette Augusta 1865 1950    
Ballard Marion Parmenter Nov.20.1913      
Ballard Leon Benjamin Mar.10.1912 Apr.3.1983   On stone w/Marion
Hulslander Linda Ballard Aug.23.1947 Aug.13.1981    
Hulslander Donald Lee May 17.1948     On stone w/Linda
Hulslander Baby Boy   Oct.9.1978   On stone w/Linda
Holcombe H. Lamarr Nov.6.1893 Feb.10.1980    
Holcombe Mabel J. Apr.23.1898 Jan.22.1985   On stone w/H. Lamarr
Cornell Rosalind Hill 1897 1986    
Cornell Harold Talbot 1892 1981    
Hill May Parker 1868 1955    
Cornell Thomas Hill 1928 1950    
Dunbar Curtis F. 1935 1951    
Dunbar Stuart Larue 1909 1992   WW II Marker & Flag
Dunbar Lila Packard 1914 1994   On stone w/Stuart
Patterson Isabelle J. 1923 1952    
Patterson Berdena E. 1895 1977    
Patterson James C. 1897 1972    
Patterson Ona Lou Congdon Oct.5.1941     Married Feb. 14, 1965
Patterson John E. Jan.23.1931 Oct.26.1987   On stone w/Ona
Patterson Lester S. Dec.26.1921      
Patterson Lois B. Nov.14.1926     On stone w/Lester
Tate Charles H. Nov.14.1886 Jan.24.1968    
Tate Irene B. Mar.30.1890 Dec.10.1979   On stone w/Charles
Monroe Howard L. 1913 1990     34391
Monroe Rena J. 1912 1970   On stone w/Howard [Rena Joralemon] 27429
Dunbar John M. 1882 1953    
Dunbar Hilda G. 1895 1972   On stone w/John
Meeker Hazel G. 1928      
Meeker Donald M. 1917 1978   On stone w/Hazel
Meeker Harland E.   1953    
Maynard Carl E. 1879 1950    
Maynard Grace M. 1882 1950   On stone w/Carl
Secules Madeline 1922     Married Aug. 30.1941

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/17/2001
By Joyce M. Tice