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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
04 JULY 2000

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Name of Cemetery: Glenwood Cemetery
Read By: Ken & Kevin Chapman, Pat MOTT Gobea, Connie SIMS Petris
Date Read: started May 12, 2001
Typed By: Connie SIMS Petris
Location: Troy Township, Bradford County
Other comments: Section 1 A and B
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS SRGP ID
Oldroyd Grace   Dec.17.1921    
Luckey Vernon J Aug.13.1914 June.18.1998    
Luckey Dora Helen Nov.3.1917 Jan.10.2000   (same stone as Vernon J)
Luckey Effie K 1864 1944    
Luckey Charles W 1863 1946   (same stone as Charles W)
Luckey Rosina F 1867 1937    
Luckey George W 1861 1943   (same stone as Rosina F)
Oldroyd Edward M July.5.1849 Feb.8.1902    
Oldroyd Mary E Dec.9.1853 Nov.22.1912   (same stone as Edward M)
Luckey John B Jan.23.1818 Jan.18.1905    
Luckey Abbie Kennedy Mar.22.1835     his wife (same stone as John B Luckey)
Luckey Mabel A 1898 1979    
Luckey Fred F 1888 1972   (same stone as Mabel A)
Luckey Dora E Mar.8.1863 Sept.27.1890   wife of Nelson Luckey
Luckey Nelson M June.27.1851 July.27.1921   (same stone as Dora E)
Carnwright George C 1898 1960   father
Carnwright Lillian P 1905 1939   mother - On stone w/George C.
Carnwright Doris Jean 03/02/1934 08/02/1986   (wooden cross with MOM)
Christian John   Sept.13.1879    
        Trojan Lodge No. 306 
Bentley Louis   Jan.20.1881 28y10m17d wife of E V Bentley
Luckey Mary B 1854 1934    
Luckey John H 1847 1939    
Rockwell Willard H 1870 1947    
Rockwell Minnie F 1867 1934   On stone w/Willard
Johnson Charles F 1900 1952    
Johnson Margaret C 1900 1978    
Johnson Mary Edna   May.19.1882 3y6m27d dau of Alfred R & Amy S Johnson
Johnson Amy S 1857 1942    
Johnson Alfred R 1853 1926    
Barrett Samuel P May.10.1888 Aug.1.1977   Pvt. US Army WW I
Barrett Ida Mae 1883 1953    
Barrett Lewis Sept.15.1814 June.14.1891    
Barrett Mary E   Mar.28.1888 61y7mos (back of Lewis Barrett stone)
          foot stones Mother/Father erected by Amy V Barrett
Case Andrew Aug.18.1879 June.4.1881   son of Chas. R & Monema Case
Case Caleb Lee April.24.1877 March.9.1880   son of Chas. R & Monema Case
Klinger Perry D   1984    
Klinger Mary B   1956   (same stone as Perry D)
Inman Philip L 1884 1951    
Inman Gladys S 1898 1983   (same stone as Philip L)
Smith Carroll R 1906 1977    
Smith Florence M Clark 1907 1998   (same stone as Carroll R and Arlene L)
Smith Arlene L 1948 1976   (same stone as Carroll R and Florence M)
Smith Ray I 1877 1954    
Smith Mary E 1878 1959   (same stone as Ray I)
Winder Charles 1884 1956    
Winder Mary 1887 1955   (same stone as Charles)
Morgan Howard W June.3.1919 Oct.26.1994   (back of stone Tec 4 US Army WW II 
Morgan Thalia C Sept.20.1926     married Oct 13, 1945 (on stone w/ Howard W)
Morgan Henry E 1893 1955    
Morgan Ethel S 1898 1961   (same stone as Henry E)
Wilcox W Eugene 1855 1917   On stone w/Frank W. Brenchley
Wilcox M Delaphine 1860 1937   On stone w/Frank W. Brenchley
Brenchley Frank W 1875     (old stone/has newer one)
Brenchley Ella L 1880     (old stone/has newer one)
Brenchley Ella L 1880 1955   (new stone/has older one)
Brenchley Frank W 1875 1966   (new stone/has older one)
Wilcox Charles S July.11.1825 Feb.13.1889   16th Cav Civil War GAR marker and flag (New stone/has older one)
Wilcox Charles S July.11.1826 Feb.13.1889   (old stone/has newer one with different birth year)
Wilcox Thankful Feb.7.1828 June.2.1913   wife of C S Wilcox
Wilcox William Dec.17.1852 May.8.1925    
Wilcox Kate June.11.1853 May.19.1940   his wife
Wilcox Herman Dec.18.1871 Oct.7.1878    
Wilcox infant son Dec.9.1873 Dec.9.1873   "c/o Wm. & K. Wilcox"
Wilcox Ashley April.24.1885 Sept.18.1887   "c/o Wm. & K. Wilcox" (All 8 Wilcox's Same Stone)
Haight Merle L 1913 1983   NY PA Fireman's Assoc marker
Haight Edith Rogers 1915 2000   his wife married Sept 1, 1933 -on stone w/Merle L
Monroe Homer B 1867 1951     7279
Monroe Minnie M 1875 1945   (same stone as Homer B) [Minnie Wilcox] 39471
  Florence 1917 1919    
  Doris Mae 1920 1920    
  Marian 1922 1927    
Letts Harold C 1895 1953    
Letts Kittie M 1896 1958   (same stone as Harold C)
Guthrie Wesley June.1.1927 June.12.1927   son of W T & Ida
Ayers Emory F 1889 1966   VFW flag
Ayers Ida W 1905 1989    
Watkins Edward E 1876 1948    
Watkins Lizzie A 1880 1961   (same stone as Edward E)
Watkins Robert E 1919 1948    
Watkins Harold J 1896 1952   IOOF marker
Wolfe Ethel R 1893 1948    
Garrison Herman D 1871 1950    
Garrison Anna L 1874 1960   FLT marker (same stone as Herman D)
Garrison Foster W 1896 1978    
Garrison Ruth K 1895 1981   (same stone as Foster W)
Christopher Drummond 1883 1954    
Christopher Lulu M 1887 1957   (same stone as Drummond)
Garrison Dewey A 1923 1954   IOOF marker
Lewis Helen M 1909 1989    
MacDonald Paul Hoeflich Mar.7.1905 July.19.1973    
Chapin Carrie R 1858 1927    
MacDonald Ida May 1885 1920    
Bailey Helen Naylor 1906 1957   mother
Bailey Perry D Aug.1.1925 Aug.26.1997   S Sgt US Army Air Corps WW II
Lee Sybil E 1926 1927    
Lee Katie L 1895 1957   (same stone as Sybil E and Ona A)
Lee Ona A 1885 1959   (same stone as Sybil E and Katie L)
Lee Ola N 1885 1961    
Lee Helen E 1887 1982   (same stone as Ola N and Rexford A)
Lee Rexford A 1912 1915   (same stone as Ola N and Helen E)
Phillips Oliver C 1850 1928    
Phillips Olive Irene 1849 1922   (same stone as Oliver C)
Dawson Florence 1849 1928    
Albert Charley   Sept.1.1881 10 m 13 d son of John and Carrie
Johnson Harry A Sept.1.1888 May.11.1937    
Johnson Jessie M Thompson Nov.24.1888 Aug.14.1913   his wife (same stone as Harry A)
Johnson Florence M Walters Nov.10.1888 May.22.1940   his wife (same stone as Harry A)
Heebner Ralph E Mar.22.1907 June.29.1959   New York Sgt US Army WW II
Brown William H 1859 1930    
Brown Melissa E 1853 1936   (same stone as William H & Frederick)
Brown Frederick 1886 1916   (same stone as William H & Melissa E)
Albert John W May.4.1857 Aug.9.1927    
Albert Carrie Jan.30.1863 June.22.1901   his wife (on stone w/John W and Charley M)
Albert Charley M Oct.18.1880 Sept.1.1881   their son (same stone as John W and Carrie)
Seeley Adlebert E 1875 1966   (back of Albert stone)
Seeley Matilda M 1884 1936   his wife (back of Albert stone)
Smith G Manley 1846 1917    
Smith Matilda S 1843 1893   (same stone as G Manley Smith)
Smith G Adlebert 1869 1932   (back of G Manley & Matilda Smith stone)
Smith Mary A 1869 1950   (back of G Manley & Matilda Smith stone)
Bailey Hervey 1883 1954    
Bailey Nellie S 1888 1964   Rebecca's and VFW Ladies Auxiliary holder (same stone as Hervey Bailey)
Dunbar Clifford Lee 1902 1974   Mason symbol
Dunbar Carrie Seeley 1902 1985   Eastern Star symbol (on stone w/Clifford Lee)
Vail Anna W May.9.1879 Oct.19.1968    
Avery Millie W May.13.1874 Nov.16.1957    
Wright Walter S 1873      
Wright Grace L Rumsey 1876 1923   his wife (on stone w/Walter S. and R. Watson)
Wright R Watson 1904 1923   their son (same stone as Walter S and Grace L)
Boyce J C Aug.26.1847 March.1.1900   Co E 11th PA Cav GAR marker and flag
Boyce Sarah E 1851 1936   his wife (same stone as J C Boyce)
Boyce Eva Dec.2.189 Nov.28.1871   (same stone as J C Boyce)
Boyce Hattie A May.17.1871 May.3.1872   (same stone as J C Boyce)
Boyce Frankie Aug.16.1878 Aug.23.1884   (same stone as J C Boyce)
Boyce Gussie       infant son
Scribner Clara 1899 1968    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06/08/2001
By Joyce M. Tice