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Photo by Joyce M. Tice
04 JULY 2000

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Name of Cemetery: Glenwood Cemetery
Read By: Ken & Kevin Chapman, Pat MOTT Gobea, Connie SIMS Petris
Date Read: started May 12, 2001
Typed By: Connie SIMS Petris
Location: Troy Township, Bradford County
Other comments: Section 1 A and B
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death AGE Inscription/RELATIONSHIP/COMMENTS
Schulhof Theodore 1896 1936   Brother
Borgeson Ida M 1892 1968    
Borgeson Noel N 1898 1935   USA Marine Corps US WW I marker and flag
Perry Doc 1906 1932   Funeral Home Marker Only
Perry Marilyn   April.16.1951   Funeral Home Marker Only
MacKay Cleo Plelps 1909 1961    
Clement Robert 1876 1930    
Bronson Phoebe 1853 1940    
Bronson Charley 1844 1930   (same stone as Phoebe)
Rathbun Lena C 1890 1927    
Rathbun Wayne A 1887 1941   (same stone as Lena C)
Rathbun Raymond F   1941    
Gilmour George F 1856 1925    
Greenough Jennie Wickes 1859 1935    
Wickes Mildred Lisle 1890 1971   (same stone as Jennie Wickes Greenough)
Childs CA       wife of George N Childs
Childs George N 1866 1918   husband
Boughton Mary E 1861 1925    
Boughton W.H. 1853 1933    
Comfort Clarence T 1882 1959    
Comfort Daisy D 1883 1966   (same stone as Clarence T)
Belknap Sarah 1851 1925    
Scott Stella C 1867 1951    
Scott William D 1866 1942   (same stone as Stella C)
Scott Grace W 1892 1973    
Scott Edwin J 1892 1949   (same stone as Grace W)
Scott Marion Rexford 1895 1924    
Bronson Edward 1880 1939    
Bronson Lena 1891 1973   (same stone as Edward)
Kempfer Gertrude H 1875 1939   Mother
Kempfer Arthur S 1870 1950   Father (same stone as Gertrude H)
Wood Seba 1868 1938    
Wood Daisy 1876 1944   (same stone as Seba)
Essenwine Lena R 1898 1982    
Essenwine Paul F 1894 1974   US World War 1917-1918 marker and flag
Valuch Dorothy D 1911 1977    
Valuch Paul 1914 1984   (same stone as Dorothy D)
Wood Grace Everitt 1880 1926   Mother - wife of Wallace S Wood
Wood Wallace S 1884 1959   Father
Campbell Lawrence W 1910 1935    
Campbell Helen L. 1900 1918   wife of Frank V Hunsinger
Hunsinger Helen L.. Campbell 1900 1918   w/o Frank V. Hunsinger
Campbell Dora T 1896 1918   wife of George L Beach
Beach Dora T. Campbell 1896 1918   w/o George L. Beach
Campbell Barbara May       (stone tipped over)
Carpenter Rose Marie 1932     sister
Carpenter Charles A 1930 1956   Korea 1950-1955 marker and flag
  Hattie Eliza   Sept.24.1889 3 mos Surname probably Carpenter-Same type stone
  Lewis Lerrand   Apr.18.1887 19 mo Surname probably Carpenter-Same type stone
Longo Corporal Alfred 1907 1940   GAR 1861-1865 marker and flag
Borgeson Harold E 1924 1940    
Borgeson Lettie M Luckey 1891 1970    
Borgeson Edward W 1897 1931    
Lathrop Dee W 1895 1969   Pvt US Army WW1 Marker and flag
Lathrop Elsie H 1895 1950   (same stone as Dee W)
Whittmore Frank 1863 1928    
Whittmore Mary 1875 1927   (same stone as Frank)
Lathrop Luella P 1864 1921   wife of Fred C Lathrop
Lathrop Fred C 1862 1955    
Hooker Harold V July.24.1890 Oct.28.1920    
Lammy Leonard T 1913 1914    
Tomlinson Martha` 1845 1918   mother
Bourne     1934   daughter of WS and EW
Smith Shirley   Jan.28.1939   daughter of Carroll and Florence Smith
Whitteker Thelma Jean   1941    
Goodenough Alice Marie   1942    
Clark Charles L Mar.22.1938 Sept.8.1942    
Clark William A July.1.1942 July.29.1942   (same stone as Charles L)
Williams Robert Frank Feb.4.1921 Mar.24.1951   World War 1941-1945 marker and flag
Williams Dorothy L 1919 1938    
Stone Charles A 1889 1938    
Stone Grace T 1888 1967   (same stone as Charles A)
Johnson Mary B 1885 1979    
Johnson Willis A 1880 1940    
Woodward Eldon Borgeson 1912 1978   US Navy
Perry Oliver H 1864 1941    
Perry Etta M 1883 1982   (same stone as Oliver H)
Shultz William T 1872 1943    
Borgeson Anna E 1872 1921    
Borgeson Nels 1863 1948   (same stone as Anna E)
Borgeson Ernest Allen Jan.23.1893 Oct.23.1918   335 Field Artillery - died Hospital 9 France American Legion marker and flag
Richmond Ruel 1853 1919    
Richmond Lynn J May.15.1890 April.2.1964   New York PFC 6 Co 153 Depot Brigade WW 1
Richmond Pauline 1903 1976    
Wheeler Scott S Mar.17.1906 Mar.9.1985   CMAM US Navy World War II
Wheeler Lucy H 1865 1936    
Wheeler Wm. I 1856 1916    
Collins Lemuel W 1863 1917    
Collins Harriet I 1864 1924    
Lammy R Warren May.20.1893 Oct.19.1955    
Lammy Mildred E Mar.21.1910 June.22.1998   (same stone as R Warren and Allen L)
Lammy Allen L April.18.1946 Nov.26.1949   (same stone as R Warren and Mildred E)
Wheeler David P       Co E 52 PA Inf GAR 1861-1865 marker & flag
Greenough Merton E 1856 1935    
Greenough Mary E 1862 1916   his wife (same stone as Merton E)
Packard Nettie Scott 1870 1904    
Scott Edwin W Mar.7.1837 June.28.1910   Footstone-COB 76 PA Inf. - Marker & Flag
Scott Sarah E July.3.1841 Nov.16.1922   (same stone as Edwin W)
Calkins T Weller 1877 1963    
Calkins S Blanche 1877 1938   OES (same stone as T Weller)
Calkins Theodore W Jr 1913      
Calkins Pauline Wilber 1915     (same stone as Theodore W Jr)

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 06/08/2001
By Joyce M. Tice