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Photos from Suzanne Congdon July 2003
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Bailey Cemetery--No. 115  Located on T 547 north off Route 6, about on the Township line between North Towanda and Burlington-- on a steep hill on the North side of the road.  It is accessible only on foot, and on private property so permission should be obtained.  The cemetery is fenced.  Quite a few stones are believed to be flattened and overgrown.  Copied by Ellen R. Glueck in 1976.  (retyped for Tri-Counties by Reva Wagner)

RUNDEL  Austin Rundel died July 24, 1877 aged 77 yrs----21 days.  This stone is flat and broken in two.
BAILEY   Joshua Bailey died Feb., 24, 1861 aged 91 years and 9 mos
               Susan  Bailey  w/o Josuha Bailey d. 16 June 1854  67y 3 m 2 d
BAILEY   This next stone is a tall square one with the inscriptions on two sides
               John Bailey born April 3, 1853 died May 5, 1863
               Joseph Bailey born September 12, 1859 died May 7, 1863

               own sisters and brothers
               Jeremiah Bailey born March 2, 1851 died December 18, 1857
               Charles W. Bailey born February 25, 1852 died April 13, 1863
               Susan Bailey born July 26, 1849 died May 3, 1863
               (note four of these children died within about three weeks)
Bailey      Thomas J. Bailey born August 6, 1844 died March 17, 1928
Bailey      Lydia A. His wife born August 6, 1844 died March 17, 1928 (See Note Below about these dates)
Bailey      Margaret   born July 17, 1872  died January 28, 1873
Bailey      Zella  A.   born October 23, 1869  died June 20, 1889
Bailey      Willaim P.  born June 14, 1866  died January 21, 1891

               stone fallen on face counld not be lifted to read
               small stone
                "        "       Francis
                "        "       Mother
                "        "       A. R.
                "        "       J. B.


I saw you just added the Bailey Burial Ground reading to the website.  I wanted to share these photos taken in July 2003 of some of the stones in this cemetary.

Dennis Carter now owns the old Bailey farm.  He was gracious enough to accompany me up the hill to the cemetery during my research trip to Bradford County.  He helped me pull back the weeds covering some of these stones.  One of these pics is of the grand oak tree that stands over the cemetery.

Please note there is a photo of Electa Baldwin Bailey's stone, b. 1822 d. 14 Sep. 1881.  She is the wife of Jeremiah Bailey b. 19 Nov 1817 d. 1891.  Electa is not listed in this reading; but since this stone is there, I would think it safe to assume she is there as well.  The stone is hard to read unless you zoom in on the photo.

Also shown on the photo of Thomas J. Bailey and Lydia, his wife, Lydia's dates are given as follows...b. 22 Nov 1844 d. 8 Jan 1873.  The reading gives her dates as identical to Thomas'.

Suzanne Congdon

Joshua Bailey Electa Baldwin "Bailey"
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