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A Short History of Asylum by Ingham
Bradford County PA
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A Short History of Asylum

by J. W. Ingham, 1916

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Retyped for Tri-Counties by Anne PRATT Slatin (Joyce's Third Cousin)
and Formatted by Joyce M. Tice

Many thanks to the Tri-Counties guest who sent this book to Joyce and who wishes to remain anonymous.



The following description of one of the houses at Asylum no doubt describes most of the others. It was No. 416-417 and belonged to Miss Seybert. It was a "log house 30x18 feet, covered with nailed-on shingles. The house is divided into two lower rooms and two in the upper story. The lower ones are papered. On both sides of the house stand two small buildings of the same kind; one is used for a kitchen, the other being papered, is commonly called the dining room. Both these buildings have good fire places, and are one and a half stories high. Three rooms in the biggest house have fire places. The two side buildings and the other are joined together by a piazza. There is a good cellar under the dining room. The yard is enclosed by paling fence, the palings nailed on. The garden has a like fence with a good double gate. A constant stream of water runs through the garden. Over the spring, a spring house has been erected which is divided into two rooms, one of them being floored. The garden is decorated by a considerable number of fruit trees, young Lombardy poplars and Weeping Willows. The garden also contains a latticed summer house. Next to the garden is a nursery of about 900 apple trees. The lower part of the lot forms a piece of meadow of about eight acres enclosed by a post, and rail fence. On the same lot stands a horse grist mill, which is 40 feet long and 34 feet wide. Part of the lower story is contrived into a stable for the mill horses and a cow stable. Part of the upper story is used to keep fodder. The mill is double geared, and in complete order, being furnished with a good pair of stones, good bolting cloth, and in one corner stands a good fire place. Above the mill runs a never failing spring which waters a great part of the meadow."
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