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Subj:  Goff-Dimock-Braund-Stine Family Bible
Date:  5/28/2002 12:30:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  CyndieRM
To:  JoyceTice

Images of this bible were received from Jess Estes, Kansas, who is descended from Sarah Goff, a sister of William.  The bible has been in his family for four generations.  I have been unable to determine Harriet Stine's birth name and hence the relationship to the Stine family. They do show up in the 1850 Wyalusing census and their daughter Emma is buried in Asylum.

Page 1

Wm Goff was born Aug. 31 1787
Delia Goff was born Apr 4th 1791
These two Wm. Goff & Delia Fox were married Oct 24th 1808

Wm M. Goff was born Aug 11th 1811
James Goff was born Aug. 12th 1813
Lucinda M. Goff born June 25th 1817
Hiram M. H. Goff born Nov 13th 1822
George J. Goff was born June 7th 1825
Warren W. Goff born Oct 28th 1827

Anna Decker wife of Wm M. Goff
Mariah Decker wife of James Goff
Lucinda M. Goff wife of Eli Granteer
Ellen Coolbaugh wife of Harry Goff
Catherine Horton wife of Hiram Goff
Angeline Kellog wife of George J. Goff
Roxy White wife of Warren W. Goff

Page 2

Humphrey Goff was born July the 16th 1785
[Humphrey was married to Eunice Wilcox, but this information is not entered in the bible.]
Welles G. Goff was born April the 23rd 1817
Mary A. Goff was born August the 23, 1825 [Wife of Welles]
Roselpha A. Goff was born December the 21st 1848
Alice A. Goff was born August the 1st 1850

Page 3

Orlando D. Goff was born February the 24th 1853
Arthur N. Goff was born April the 3rd 1858
Adelaide E. Goff was born April the 27th 1860

Page 4

Harry G. Goff born July the 8th 1815
Ellen Coolbaugh born Dec. 23rd 1824
Orrin W. Goff born May the 15th 1844 [Wilmot]
Edward W. Goff born May the 29th 1846
Effie M. Goff born Jan the 16th 1849
Henry W. Goff born April the 3rd 1851
Delia M. Goff born June 15th 1853
George W. Goff born Sept the 28th 1855
Frank D. Goff born July the 8th 1860

Harry G. Goff & Ellen Coolbaugh were married Dec the 24th 1840

Address Monroeton, Bradford Co., Penn.

Page 5

H. M. Goff born Nov 13th 1822 [Hiram]
C. M. Goff born March 3 1822 [Catherine]
C. G. Goff born May 5th 1845 [Clarence]
A. E. Goff born Sept 19 1846 [Aretta]
A. E. Goff died Jan 27 1863
A. B. Goff born Mar 21 1859
M. D. Goff born Mar 21 1856
H. P. Goff born April 20 1858
H. P. Goff died Feb 16 1863
G. M. Goff born Sept 8 1862
[1850 census lists a Mary Jane, 3 months old; not listed here]

"Of Aretta we can say truly those who knew her best loved her most."

"Alas how oft we are called to part
With those we love so well
The anguish of a broken heart
There's none both God can heal."
                              H. M. Goff

Page 6

Samuel Dimock born Oct 17 1806
Christina F. Goff Sept 10 1809
Asa W. Dimock born July 27 1828
Lucinda E. Dimock born June 26 1830
Loyd M. Dimock born Feb 12 1832
Elizabeth R. Dimock born Nov 11 1834
William L. Dimock born Jan 22 1836
Arloa C. Dimock born May 4 1839
Eliza Jane Dimock born March 8 1841
Charles C. Dimock born July 8 1844

Page 7

John Braund was born in England May 10th 1822
Adelia D. Goff was born July 20 1822
Joh M. Braund was born May 22, 1849
Thomas Reed Braund was born July the 19th 1854

Address Asylum, Bradford Co., Pa

Mrs.[?] Roxey Goff born Aug the 3rd 1830

Page 8

George Stine born July 16th 1814
Harriet Stine born Feb 13 1821
Edward Stine born 12th        1839
Orrila Stine born Feb 18th 1842
Frances Stine born Jan 6th 1844
Charles Stine born April 6th 1846
George Stine born Nov 18th 1849
Emma C. Stine Dec 7th 1851
Mathias W. Stine born Feb 20th 1855
Albert E. Stine born Sept 1st 1859
Marcus S. Stine born Jun 15th 1859

Address Burlington, Bradford Co, Pa.

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