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Lawrenceville, Tioga County, PA
Copy provided to Tri-Counties by Tioga County Historical Society
Donated by Bessie Spencer

Butts - House Family Bible

Erastus Butts and Sophronia House were married April 16, 1835 at East Painted Post  by the Rev. E.D. Wells

Births Date Location
Erastus Butts May 24, 1806 Canterbury, Conn.
Sophronia House July 31, 1813 Coventry, Conn.
Eunice Bradford Butts Tuesday, August 16, 1836 Lawrenceville, Tioga County, PA
Clarissa Ann Butts Tuesday, May 28, 1839 Lawrenceville, Tioga County, PA
Susan Emily Butts Thursday, June 16, 1842 Lawrenceville, Tioga County, PA
Elizabeth Sophia Butts Thursday, September 16, 1845 Lawrenceville, Tioga County, PA
Mary Buckingham Butts Sunday, July 9, 1848 Lawrenceville, Tioga County, PA
Archibald Greene Spencer & Elizabeth Butts September 13, 1870  
William Smart & Elizabeth Vickers April 22, 1869  
Ernest Butts Spencer & Margaret Smart December 23, 1893  
James Wells Lain & May Clara Spencer April 25, 1900  
Earl Francis Spencer & Emma Whitteker November 14, 1910  
Archibald Greene Spencer November 15, 1843  
Elizabeth Butts Spencer September 16, 1845  
William Smart (no month or day) 1841  
Elizabeth Vickers Smart December 29, 1844  
Ernest Butts Spencer October 16, 1871  
May Clara Spencer August 7, 1878  
Cyrus Jewell Spencer August 4, 1883  
Earl Francis Spencer March 19, 1885  
Margaret Smart October 10, 1870  
Bessie Emily spencer November 17, 1894  
Archibald William Spencer January 17, 1897  
Bernice Ernestine Spencer September 9, 1905  
Clarissa Ann Butts March 7, 1841 Lawrenceville, Tioga County, PA
Elizabeth Vickers Smart February 4, 1872  
William Smart February 7, 1872  
Archibald Greene Spencer May 28, 1895  
Bernice Ernestine Spencer April 18, 1906  
Elizabeth Butts Spencer August 23, 1918 Jackson Summit, Tioga County, PA
Clara Butts Baker Saturday, July 22, 1922 Washington, D.C.
Margaret Smart Spencer December 7, 1948  
Ernest Butts Spencer November 14, 1960  
Earl Francis Spencer (no date)  

Lawrence Township
Bible belonging to Galusha Grow Close & Julia Ruie Weeks handed down to Ernest V. Close & Crystal Edna Howland
Presented to Tioga County Historical Society 18 Nov 1989 by Crystal Edna (Howland) Close of Lawrenceville, Pa.
Transcribesd from photocopies of actual Bible pages.

Close - Weeks Bible

This is to certify that G. Grow Close of Chatham, Pa & J. Ruie Weeks of Troupsburg, NY were united in holy matrimony on 5th March 1885 In the presence of C. D. Northrop.
Marriage Date Location
Nathan Burdett West & Phylura Lent 6 March 1871 Stokesdale
Nathan Burdett West 26 Sept. 1843  
Phylura A. Lent 7 Sept. 1848  
Benjamin Burdett West 21 Mar. 1867  
Charles Edward West 25 Dec. 1871  
Georgia West 20 Sept 1873  
Raymond C. West 15 Feb. 1876  
Aurilla West 21 March 1878  
Joseph West 15 June 1880  
Vance West 11 Nov. 1888  
Marriages (no spouses given)    
Benjamin B. West 6 June 1887  
Charles E. West 7 April 1892  
Georgia West 14 Dec. 1894  
Nathan Burdett West 22 June 1917  
Phylura A. Lent West 26 June 1925  
Carrie A. West 5 March 1935  

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