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This Bible was originally owned by Charles L Brown and his wife Mary Sophia Morehouse Brown. The Bible was published in 1886, it must have been a gift or purchased after their marriage since Charles and Mary were wed in 1868.

The following were listed on the actual pages in the center of the bible, the second set of marriages, births & deaths were recorded on separate sheets of paper that were kept in the bible.


Charles L Brown of Mt. Lake and Mary Sophia Morehouse of Burlington were married at Luthers Mills on August 20, 1868 by Elick Lane

Nora M Brown and Fred Boyce November 24, 1887

Hannah E Brown and Emery Michales February 18, 1891

Helen E Brown and Willis G Mills February 13, 1896

Charles L Brown Jr. and Gertie A Braund October 20, 1898

Harry W Brown and Rena I Rockwell January 19, 1916


Charles L Brown June 6, 1846

Mary S Brown September 21, 1848

Nora May Brown June 1, 1869

Hannah Eveline Brown May 5, 1871

Helen Elizabeth Brown May 22, 1873

Charles Lamont Brown, Jr. September 24, 1876

Daisy Bell Brown April 27, 1884

Harry William Brown December 27, 1888


Mary S Brown March 8, 1909

Charles L Brown August 26, 1928

Nora May Brown Boyce February 26, 1942

Hannah Eveline Michales May 5, 1926

Helen Elizabeth Brown Mills no date recorded

Charles L Brown, Jr. March 26, 1928

Gertie Braund Brown March 13, 1928

Harry W Brown August 28, 1935

Daisy Bell Brown June 11, 1948

Second set:

These are an a sheet I call the Morehouse list

Joseph P Morehouse born February 5, 1826 died July 7, 1873

Married Hannah E. Kellogg December 1, 1847

Married Minerva Vosburgh October 24, 1860

Minerva Vosburgh September 11, 1825 (birth date, I assume)

Lillie M Morehouse April 8, 1868 (birth date, I assume)

After Joseph’s death Minerva married Henery Schosetein (not sure of the spelling, handwriting is difficult to read) on July 1, 1875 and latter married Jacob Emery.

Linen sheet (looks like linen paper)


Charles Brown was born June 6, 1846

Mary Sophia his wafe was born September 21, 1846

Nora May born June 1, 1869

Hanna Eveline May 5, 1871

Helen Elizabeth May 22, 1873

Charles Lamont Jr. September 24, 1876

Daisy Bell April 27, 1884

Harry William December 27, 1888


Mary Sophia March 1, 1909

C L Brown married Hariet L Henson (second marriage) May 31, 1911 she died August 13, 1926

Charles Lamont died August 26, 1928

Daisy Bell died June 11, 1948

H. Evaline May 5, 1926

Charles Jr. March 26, 1928

Gertrude his wife March 13, 1928

Nora Brown Boyce died February 26, 1942

Harry Brown died August 28, 1935 was killed by a Mark Bus

The Braund sheet

Gertie Arlene Braund (Brown) October 14, 1877

Burleigh Thompson Braund April 19, 1880

Leah May (Lewis) June 15, 1882

Ethelbert Kymer Braund October 23, 1885

Clinton Elliott Braund December 9, 1891

Edward Slathiel Braund March 22, 1891

(children of Charles Lamont Brown, Jr. and Gertie Arlene Braund Brown)

(James) Lamont Brown August 1, 1899

Ralph W. Brown November 2, 1901

Margaret A. Brown June 30, 1911

The James Lamont Brown sheet

James L & Rowena A. McIntyre married July 9, 1921

Their children:

Jack E born June 23, 1926

Arlena L born August 3, 1928

Marjorie E born March 15, 1930

Charles A born July 31, 1933

James Jr. born November 22, 1934

Robert L. born September 9, 1936

Roberta L. born September 9, 1936

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