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Bradford County Place Names Index

contributed by John HOFF of Oklahoma (Revised April 1998)
Location of Towns, Villages, Rivers, Creeks, and Ponds in Bradford Co, PA. Taken from the work of the Rev. Edward Coolbaugh Hoagland and from current maps of the county.
Location  Township Notes
Ackla Pond Asylum  
Alba Canton  
Allens Lake or Pond Wysox Early name for Lake Wysauking
Allis Hollow Orwell  
Apex Wysox  
Armenia Mountain Armenia  
Asylum Asylum Early called Azilum
Athens Athens Orig. Tioga or Tioga Point
Atwoods Pond Pike  
Austinville Columbia  
Azilum Asylum Early name for Asylum 
Babcock Run Warren  
Bailey Corners Granville  
Baillets Pond Terry  
Baldwinton Ridgebury  
Barclay Franklin  
Bayards Pond Rome  
Beaver Run Albany  
Beckwith Creek Wells  
Beech Flat Creek Canton  
Beech Flats Canton  
Bennett Creek Asylum  
Bennett Hill Ridgebury  
Benson Knob Columbia  
Bentley Creek Ridgebury  
Berrytown Springfield  
Big Pond (Village) Springfield  
Billings Creek Wyalusing  
Bixby Corner Windham  
Black Sheshequin  
Black Creek Overton  
Blacks Lake Sheshequin  
Blue Swan Airport Athens  
Bourne West Burlington  
Bowman Creek Albany  
Braces Creek Springfield  
Brink Hill Litchfield  
Brockton Monroe  
Brown & Ives Tract Wyalusing  
Browns Creek Burlington   
Browns Run Litchfield  
Browntown Wyalusing  
Browntown Mountain Wyalusing, Tuscarora  
Brushville Pike  
Bucks Creek Smithfield & Ulster  & S. Creek & Ridgebury
Bullard Creek Rome & Litchfield & Armenia  
Bumpville Rome  
Burlington Burlington   
Cabin Run LeRoy  
Cabot Hollow Columbia  
Cadis Warren  
Camp Creek Wyalusing  
Camps Pond Herrick  
Camptown Wyalusing  
Canaan Run South Creek  
Canton Canton  
Carbon Run Overton  
Cash Creek Ulster  
Cedar Ledge Canton  
Centerville Pike or Ridgebury  
Chaffee Corners Pike  
Chaffee Run Warren  
Checkerville South Creek  
Chemung River Athens  
Chemung Valley Airport Athens  
Cold Brook Run Windham  
Columbia Cross Roads Columbia  
Coolbaugh Hill Granville  
Coryland Wells  
Cotton Hollow Litchfield  
Cottons Corners Litchfield  
Country Home West Burlington  
Covert Armenia  
Cowley Sta.  Granville  
Cumiskey Wilmot  
Deer Lick Creek Sheshequin  
Dodgetown Terrytown, Terry Twp.   
Dotty Hill South Creek  
Dry Run Wysox  
Dundrum Sheshequin  
Dunning Station South Creek  
Durell Asylum  
Durell Center Asylum  
Durell Creek Asylum  
East Athens Athens  
East Canton Canton  
East Herrick Herrick  
East Smithfield Smithfield  
East Spring Hill  Tuscarora  
East Towanda Wysox Formerly called Franklin Flats
East Troy Troy  
Echo Beach Macedonia, Asylum Twp.  
Edinger Hill Tuscarora  
Eilenberger Springs Albany  
Ellis Hill Asylum & Monroe  
Ellistown Sayre-East Waverly, Athens  
Ellwell Wilmot  
Evergreen Albany  
Exchange Hotel Ulster, Ulster Twp.   
Fairbanks Wyalusing Old name for Lower pt of Homets Ferry
Fall Brook Armenia  
Fall Creek Ridgebury  
Fall Run Wysox  
Fargo Creek Tuscarora  
Fassett South Creek  
Foot of Plane Barclay  
Forbes Creek Armenia  
Foster Branch Wilmot  
Fowler Hill ?  
Fowlertown Monroe  
Franklin Franklin  
Franklin Flats Wysox Early name for East Towanda
Franklindale Franklin  
French Azilum Asylum, Alylum Twp. Originally Shufelts Flats
French Creek Albany  
French Mills Wells  
French Run Monroe  
Frenchtown  Asylum  
Frenchtown Mountain Asylum  
Ghent Sheshequin  
Gillett South Creek  
Gillett Pond/ Creek Canton  
Gilletts Bridge Rome & Wysox Formerly Wickizer
Gorsline Hill Wysox & Rome  
Granby Columbia  
Granger Hill North Towanda  
Grant Hill Wilmot  
Granville Center Granville  
Granville Summit Granville  
Graver Creek Canton  
Greens Landing Athens  
Greenwood Monroe Old name for Powell
Grover Canton  
Guilfoyle Hollow Burlington   
Gulf Brook LeRoy  
Gulf Pond Orwell  
Hammond Creek Wells  
Harkness Springfield  
Harmony Hill Orwell, Rome, Wysox  
Hatch Hill Albany  
Hawkins Spring Armenia  
Hemlock Run North Towanda & Ulster  
Herrick/Herrickville Herrick  
Hicks Creek Rome  
Highland Burlington   
Highland Lake Warren  
Hoblet Smithfield   
Hollenbach Wilmot  
Hollon Hill Monroe Old name for Liberty Corners & Valley Hill
Hollow Run  Wysox  
Homet Island Susq. River, Asylum  
Homets Ferry Wyalusing Formerly Fairbanks & Porterville
Hornbrook Sheshequin Also called Lower Sheshequin
Hortons Corners Terry  
Indian Hill Tuscarora  
Indian Meadows Wyalusing  
Inghamtown/Inghamville Wilmot Old name for Sugar Run
Jeromes Creek Orwell  
Johnson Creek Rome & Orwell  
Johnson Hill Wysox & Rome  
Justice Creek Ridgebury  
Keene Summit Standing Stone  
Kellog Mountain Monroe  
Kellogg Monroe  
Kendall Hill Burlington   
Kent Run Monroe  
King Creek Standing Stone  
Kirby Hill Rummerfield, Stand. Stone  
Ladds Creek  Albany  
Laddsburg Albany  
Lake Nephawin Canton  
Lake of Meadows Warren  
Lake Ondawa Springfield  
Lake Wesauking Wysox Also known as Lake Wysauking
Lake Wysauking Wysox Formerly Allens Lake/Pond
Lambs Lookout Armenia  
Laning Creek Wysox & Sheshequin Formerly Little Wysox & Hinman Creeks
Laquin Franklin  
Leona Springfield  
Leonards Creek Springfield  
LeRaysville Pike  
LeRoy LeRoy  
Level Branch Creek Overton  
Liberty Corners Monroe Formerly Hollon Hill & Valley Hill
Lime Hill Wyalusing Also called Vaughn Hill
Litchfield Litchfield  
Little Falls Creek Windham  
Little Pond Wilmot  
Little Tuscarora Creek Tuscarora  
Little Wappasening Creek Windham  
Little Wysox Creek Wysox & Sheshequin Early name for Laning Creek
Lix Rome & Windham  
Long Island Between Wysox & Asylum  
Long Valley Station Overton  
Lower Sheshequin Sheshequin Now called Hornbrook
Luthers Mills Burlington   
Lycoming Creek Canton  
Mac Burlington   
Macedonia Asylum  
Malorys Creek Athens  
Masontown Monroeton, Monroe Twp.  
Masseys Corners Herrick  
Meansville Towanda Early name for Towanda
Mercur Wysox  
Merryall Wyalusing  
Middletown Ridgebury  
Milan Ulster   
Miller Creek Ridgebury  
Millers Run Ridgebury  
Millstone Creek Monroe & Overton  
Milltown/Mill Town Sayre, Athens Twp. Original name of Sayre
Minden Orwell  Original name for Orwell Twp.
Minnequa Canton  
Misciscum Meadows Wyalusing Original name of Homets Ferry
Monroe  Monroe  
Monroeton Monroe  
Moores Hill Ulster  
Morgan Hollow/Creek Columbia  
Morley Hill Rome  
Mosherville Wells  
Mount Pisgah Springfield  
Mountain Lake Burlington   
Moxie Terrytown, Terry Twp.   
Mud Creek Troy  
Murry Creek Athens  
Myersburg Wysox  
Nates Run Overton  
Neath Pike  
New Albany Albany  
New Era Terry   
New Sheshequin Sheshequin Early name for Sheshequin
North Orwell Orwell  
North Rome Rome  
North Spring Hill Tuscarora  
North Towanda North Towanda  
North Warren Warren  
Norway Bridge Terry  
Oak Hill Wilmot  
Old Sheshequin Ulster Original name for Ulster
Orcutts Creek Athens Now Wilawana
Orwell Orwell  
Overshot Towanda  
Overton Overton  
Owens Glen Wysox  
Owl Hollow Windham  
Pail Factory North Towanda  
Painter Lick Armenia  
Pantherlick Creek Wilmot  
Parks Creek Rome & Windham  
Patton Block Towanda  
Phalanx LeRaysville, Pike Twp.  
Pigeon Hill South Creek  
Plank road Towanda  
Pond Hill Wysox Old name for Lane Wysauking
Pond Run Burlington   
Porter Creek/Road Troy  
Portersville Wyalusing Old name for upper pt. Of Homets Ferry
Pottersville/Potterville Orwell  
Powder Springs North Rome, Rome Twp.   
Powell Monroe Formerly called Greenwood
Prattville Pike  
Preacher Brook Franklin  
Prince Hollow Run  Warren  
Quarry Glen Sheshequin  
Quicks Bend Wilmot  
Quigley Wysox & Rome  
Ransoms Corners Orwell  
Rathbone Creek Armenia  
Red Rocks Wysox  
Ridgebury Ridgebury  
Ridgeway Hollow Monroe  
Rienzi Terry  
Riggs Smithfield  
Roaring Run South Creek  
Rob Wood Mountain Asylum & Monroe & Albany  
Rock Cabin Run  Wilmot  
Roll-Way Wysox  
Rome Rome  
Rome Springs Rome  
Ross Creek Stevens  
Rummerfield Standing Stone  
Rummerfield Creek Standing Stone & Herrick  
Rummerfield Mountain Wyalusing  
Rundall Creek Armenia  
Russell Run Windham  
Sackett Run Litchfield  
Saco Ulster  
Satterlee Creek Athens & Litchfield  
Satterlee Run Monroe  
Sayees Corners Granville  
Sayre Athens  
Schrader Br. Towanda Cr. Overton & LeRoy  
Schufelt Flats Asylum Original name for Frenchtown
Sciota/Sciotavale Wilmot  
Seeley Creek Ridgebury & Wells  
Seeley Hill Asylum  
Shepard Spring Armenia  
Sherman Creek Armenia  
Sheshequin Sheshequin  
Shores Hill Wysox & Sheshequin  
Sills Hill Rummerfield, Stand. Stone  
Silvara Tuscarora  
Slater Hollow  Burlington   
Snedekerville Columbia  
Snyder Creek Sheshequin  
Soper Hollow Columbia  
South Branch Monroe  
South Creek South Creek  
South Fork Sugar Creek Troy  
South Herrick Herrick  
South Hill Orwell  
South Towanda Towanda  
South Warren Warren  
South Waverly Athens  
Spanish Hill South Waverly, Athens Twp.  
Spaulding Creek Litchfield & Sheshequin  
Spring Corners Sayre & Athens  
Spring Creek Columbia  
Spring Hill Tuscarora  
Spring Lake Asylum & Terry  
Springfield Springfield  
Staffords Creek Wyalusing  
Stahls Pond Wilmot  
Standing Stone Standing Stone  
Steam Mill Creek Tuscarora  
Stevenson Albany  
Stevensville Stevens  
Stone Lick Ridgebury  
Stone Lick Creek  Athens  
Stowell Wilmot  
Straw Hill Rome  
Sugar Creek N. Tw.,Bur, W Bur, Troy  
Sugar Hill Wilmot  
Sugar Run Wilmot Formerly called Inghamton/Inghamville
Sunfish Pond LeRoy  
Sylvania Columbia  
Tamarack Swamp Armenia  
Tamarack Pond Standing Stone  
Taylers Creek Rome  
Taylorville Wyalusing  
Terry/Terrytown Terry  
Terrytown Creek  Terry  
Terwiliger Creek Ridgebury  
Thompson Creek Armenia  
Three Falls Creek Ridgebury  
Threefall Run Ridgebury  
Tidd Hotel Towanda  
Tioga River Armenia  
Tioga/Tioga Point Athens Original name of Athens
Tomjack Creek West Burlington  & Smithfield
Totem Lake Herrick  
Towanda Towanda Formerly called Meansville
Towanda Airport Towanda  
Towanda Creek Tow, Monr, Frank, LeR,Can  
Towner Hill Rome  
Towner Run Rome  
Trinket Sheshequin  
Trout Brook Windham  
Trout Creek Ridgebury  
Trout Stream Orwell  
Troy Troy  
Troy Reservoir Troy  
Tuscarora Creek Tuscarora  
Tutelow Creek Athens  
Tuttle Hill Standing stone  
Ulster Ulster  
Union Valley Rome  
Valley Hill Monroe & Asylum Old name for Hollow Hill
Vaughan Hill Wyalusing Also called Lime Hill
Vawter Litchfield  
Velarde Standing Stone Now Liberty Corners
Viall Hill Terry  
Virtus Columbia  
Vought Creek Standing Stone  
Vought Hollow Rome Same as Union Valley
Vroman Hill West Burlington   
Wallace Brook LeRoy  
Wallace Run Burlington & Smithfield  
Wappasening Creek Warren & Windham  
Ward House Towanda  
Warren Center Warren  
Warrenham Warren  
Watertown Rome Original name for Rome
Weiber Creek Armenia  
Wells Hollow Orwell  
Wesauking (Lake) Wysox Same as Lake Wysauking
West Branch Parks Creek Windham  
West Burlington West Burlington  
West Franklin Franklin  
West LeRoy LeRoy  
West Terry Terry  
West Valley Standing Stone  
West Warren Warren  
Weston Monroe  
Wickizer Rome & Wysox Old name for Gilletts Bridge
Wigton Spring Wyalusing  
Wilawana Athens  
Wilmot Wilmot  
Windfall Granville  
Windham Windham  
Windham Center Windham  
Windham Summit Windham  
Wolcott Creek Athens  
Wolfe Creek Columbia  
Woodland Standing Stone  
Woodruff Corner LeRoy  
Wyalusing Wyalusing  
Wysauking Wysox Old name for Wysox
Wysox Wysox  
Wysox Creek Wysox & Rome & Orwell  
Wysox Creek Windham & Orwell & Rome & Sheshequin
York Narrows Wysox & Standing Stone  
Youngs Corners Rome Boro, Rome Twp.  

The History Center on Main Street, 83 N. Main Street, Mansfield PA 16933
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 4/27/98
By Joyce M. Tice & John Hoff III
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