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James L. LAY 1897 - 1904
Buried Gray Valley Cemetery
of Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Son of Emily Charlotte SQUIRES and Orin E. LAY
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
3/31/1898 Striman (?), Leon  M W Striman (?), William A Striman (?) Hellen South Waverly Brakman 12/13/1897 South Waverly
6/1/1898 Springer, Marion F W Springer, Adelbert Springer, Mary South Waverly Carpenter 5/2/1898 South Waverly
5/20/1898 Sinsebaugh, Francis Leon M W Sinsebaugh, Charles Sinsebaugh, Mary South Waverly Laborer 5/20/1898 South Waverly
5/4/1898 Stephenson, Harry A. M W Stephenson, Madison Stephenson, Bessie Sheshequin Farmer 11/26/1897 Sheshequin
5/4/1898 Sheeler, Martha F W Sheeler, Walter Sheeler, Lucy Sheshequin Laborer 10/23/1897 Sheshequin
5/4/1898 Sackett, Lillian Mae F W Sackett, Spencer Sackett, Lucy Sheshequin Farmer 5/14/1898 Sheshequin
5/4/1898 Schoonover, Rodney M W Schoonover, A. P. Schoonover, Jenett Valarde (?) Farmer 1/16/1898 Valarde (?)
9/8/1898 Stevens, Asa Hilbert M W Stevens, O. J. Stevens, Georgia Standing Stone Laborer 4/1/1898 Standing Stone
6/21/1898 Spear, Alvin Ross M W Spear, Frank Spear, Nellie Morley Greens Landing Laborer 5/24/1898 Greens Landing
7/7/1898 Stroud, Franklin L. M W Stroud, Benjamin Stroud, Laura Athens Laborer 3/2/1898 Athens
7/10/1898 Smith, Melvin C. M W Smith, F. D. Smith, Mary I. Main St. Engineer 5/16/1898 Athens Boro
5/19/1898 Slater, Grace Belle F W Slater, Daniel S. Slater, Clara Burlington Twp Farmer 4/2/1898 Burlington Twp
5/2/1898 Not Named F W Sturdevant, W. E. Sturdevant, Amy L. Silvara Farmer 4/6/1898 Silvara
5/2/1898 Sterling, Romen M W Sterling, W. M. Sterling, Libbie Silvara Quarryman 3/13/1898 Silvara
5/7/1898 Shaw, Tommy M W Shaw, Geo. Shaw, Emma Tuscarora Twp Laborer 1/4/1898 Tuscarora Twp
5/2/1898 Stevens, Gladys F W Stevens, Charles G. Stevens, Margaret Stevensville Farmer 1/31/1898 Stevensville
5/9/1898 Scott, Paul F. M W Scott, James Scott, Rose Myersburg Farmer 3/21/1898 Myersburg
5/2/1898 Searfass, Ruth F W Searfass, Elmer Searfass, Matilda Lockhart St. Brakeman 3/19/1898 Sayre
5/9/1898 Smith, Mary E. F W Smith, John Smith, Carry Cayuta St. Laborer 4/23/1898 Sayre
5/20/1898 Stuart, Marion Elizabeth F W Stuart, John W. Stuart, Mary Elizabeth Sayre Milk Dlr. 12/15/1897 Sayre
5/3/1898 Shumway, Harold L. M W Shumway M. M. Shumway, Gertrude Pearl St. Carpenter 3/25/1898 Wyalusing Boro
5/11/1898 Strange, Martha F W Strange, Joseph Strange, Jane Springfield Farmer 1/31/1898 Springfield
5/14/1898 Smith, Winnie F W Smith, Nathan Smith, Esther Springfield Farmer 3/24/1898 Springfield
5/17/1898 Schneider, Harry Malven M W Schneider, Clyde Schneider, Nellie Windham Farmer 5/5/1898 Windham
11/26/1898 Spicer, Roy M W Spicer, Isaac Spicer, Gertie Windham Farmer 6/10/1898 Windham
12/6/1898 Shults, Mary Clare F W Shults, Henry G. Shults, Jessie May Monroe Twp Laborer 10/25/1898 Monroe Twp
12/8/1898 Stranger, Kittie Marie F W Stranger, George  Stranger, Mary Ann Monroe Twp Laborer 6/10/1898 Monroe Twp
12/8/1898 Saphar (?),Eunice Beatrice F W Saphar, Jno. E. Saphar, Flora H. Sayre Brakeman 1028/1898 Sayre
12/9/1898 Sawtelle M W Sawtelle, Martin H. Sawtelle, Jennette L. Sayre Cashier 9/21/1898 Sayre
12/14/1898 Sanford, George B. M W Sanford, Chas. H. Sanford, Catharine A. Sayre Engineer 7/1/1898 Waverly, NY
11/16/1898 Shoop, Addie F W Shoop, Harry Shoop, Carrie Sayre Fireman 8/2/1898 Sayre
11/16/1898 Straub, Leola M. F W Straub, Albert Straub, Nellie River St. Bil.mkr 10/27/1898 Sayre
11/16/1898 Shelp, Howard H. M W Shelp, Dennis Shelp, Edith Second St. Laborer 5/20/1898 Waverly, NY
12/2/1898 Smith, Helena Viola F W Smith, Adelbert L. Smith, Ida S. Waverly Carpenter 6/1/1898 S. Waverly
12/2/1898 Sinsebaugh, Thomas M W Sinsebaugh, Louis Sinsebaugh, Mary S. Waverly Laborer 8/10/1898 S. Waverly
12/2/1898 Shannon, Marjory F W Shannon, Patrick J. Shannon, Carrie Athens Clerk 8/15/1898 Athens
11/14/1898 Springer, Harold D. M W Springer, John Springer, Mary Athens Boro Laborer 2/3/1898 Athens Boro
12/9/1898 Scrivins, Jennie E. F W Scrivens, Isaac Scrivens, Stella Spruce St. Laborer 10/30/1898 Athens Boro
12/7/1898 Smyth, Katie F W Smyth, James Smyth, Annie Troy Twp. Stage Driver 12/2/1898 Troy Twp
11/22/1898 Not Named F W Sheehan, Stephen Sheehan, Anna Bridge St. Dealer 11/20/1898 Towanda
12/10/1898 Sullivan, Paul M W Sullivan, Corneilus J. Oneil, Eliza 4 Second St. Drayman 11/2/1898 Towanda
12/6/1898 Sherwood, Albert W. M W Sherwood, Wm. A. Cous (?) Lizzie 315 Poplar ??? 7/26/1898 Towanda
12/6/1898 Shores F W Shores, Harry   Wm. St. Clerk Dec. 1898 Towanda
12/12/1898 Sherman, Elizabeth F W Sherman, Edward Sherman, Jennie Albany Twp Farmer 7/23/1898 Albany
12/8/1898 Silvara, Margarete Ray F W Silvara, J. K. Silvara, Ruth M. New Albany Merchant 10/28/1898 New Albany
12/14/1898 Stalford  F W Stalford, Wm. Stalford, Amelia Taylorville Sawyer 12/7/1898 Taylorville
5/17/1898 Sascon, Samuel M W Sascon, Samuel Sascon, Stella Foot of Plane Laborer 5/17/1898 Foot of Plane
11/19/1898 Smith, Mable M. F W Smith, Emanuel Smith, Sarah Terrytown Laborer 11/4/1898 Terrytown
12/16/1898 Stephens, Hazel V. F W Stephens, W. J. Stephens, Julia Warren Laborer 8/13/1896 Apalachin, NY
11/28/1898 Sleeper, Viva L. F W Sleeper, Silas Sleeper, Annette Warren Centre Farmer 6/22/1898 Warren Center
12/16/1898 Summer, Esther P. F W Summer, Arthur Summer, Daisy Cadis Laborer 7/1/1898 Cadis
12/21/1898 Sibley, Caroline F W Sibley, Fred A. Sibley, Bertha A. Orwell Farmer 10/5/1898 Orwell
11/18/1898 Seafuse, Jennie L. F W Seafuse, Samuel Seafuse, Cora South Creek Doctor 8/2/1898 South Creek
11/15/1898 Strong, Bessie F W Strong, G. W. Strong, Mary South Creek Farmer 2/20/1898 Fassetts
11/15/1898 Strong, Jessie M W Strong, G. W. Strong, Mary South Creek Farmer 2/20/1898 Fassetts
12/17/1898 Sickles, George M W Unknown Johnson, Sarah Wilmot Laborer 6/15/1898 Wilmot
12/7/1898 Snyder, Arme (?) E. F W Snyder, John Snyder, Hanna M. Elwell Farmer 5/28/1898 Elwell
12/6/1898 Sink, Viola E F W Unknown Sink, Gertrude Quick Bend Unknown 6/16/1898 Quick Bend
12/10/1898 Stevens, Mary F W Stevens, Joseph Stevens, Mary Asylum Farmer 5/31/1898 Asylum
12/10/1898 Schoonover, Lizey Aneta F W Schoonover, Albert Schoonover, Flora Rummerfield Farmer 4/23/1898 Rummerfield
12/10/1898 Stevens, Robert Neiley M W Stevens, J. G. Stevens, Jennie Standing Stone Farmer 7/4/1898 Standing Stone
12/6/1898 Strickland, Dorothy F W Strickland, C. B. Strickland, Ethel Wysox Farmer 10/19/1898 Wysox
12/21/1898 Stephens, Mercur M W Stephens, Wm. M. Stephens, Blanche Mercur Laborer 12/20/1898 Wysox
12/9/1898 Smiley, Anna E. F W Smiley, Jay Smiley, Blanch Franklin Farmer 6/9/1898 Franklin
12/17/1898 Scott, Florence I F W Scott, Alvin A. Scott, Eva  Canton  Farmer 9/14/1897 Canton
12/17/1898 Schaumbacker, Charles W F W Schaumbacker, A. F. Schaumbacker, Abbie Grover Farmer 9/19/1897 Grover
12/6/1898 Smith, Ora Imo(?) F W Smith, M. D. Thomas, Clarice Ridgebury Farmer 11/3/1898 Ridgebury
11/1898 Storch, Walter M W Storch, J. P. Storch, Carrie M. Springfield Farmer 8/10/1898 Springfield
11/1898 Seymour, John H. M W Seymour, John Seymour, Emma A Sheshequin Laborer 8/31/1898 Sheshequin
11/1898 Smith, Aldean M W Smith, Dart Smith, Hellen Sheshequin Laborer 11/18/1898 Sheshequin
11/1898 Snyder, Hazel A F W Snyder, Wm. M. Snyder, Jennie Sheshequin Farmer 5/16/1898 Sheshequin
11/1898 Shores, Marion F W Shores, Wallace Shores, Margaret Sheshequin Farmer 11/26/1898 Sheshequin
11/23/1898 Spencer, Katharine F W Sjpencer, Dewitt Spencer, Carrie D W. Burlington Twp Farmer 9/4/1898 W. Burlington
11/23/1898 Slater, Earl Dewey M W Slater, George C. Slater, Belle W. Burlington Twp Farmer 10/4/1898 W. Burlington
11/23/1898 Schaffer, Lena Estella F W Schaffer, Isaiah Schaffer, Hannah W. Burlington Twp Farmer 10/18/1898 W. Burlington
11/29/1898 Slater, Leon F M W Slater, Roa (?) E. Slater, Anna W. Burlington Twp Farmer 6/23/1898 W. Burlington
12/1/1898 Not Named M W Spencer, Homer H. Spencer, Minnie A W. Burlington Twp Farmer 10/15/1898 W. Burlington
12/2/1898 Strope, Levi H. M W Strope, Alfred Strope, Matilda W. Burlington Twp Laborer 8/8/1898 W. Burlington
12/2/1898 Schrader, Eula Pearle F W Schrader, Glenn D. Schrader, Bertha M. W. Burlington Twp Laborer 11/20/1898 W. Burlington
5/3/1899 Simmons, Mattie F W Simons, Charley Lynox, Emma Myersburg, Pa Farmer 1/9/1899 Myersburg
5/6/1898 Snell, Darwin L. M W Snell, L. K. Snell, Hattie Camptown Laborer 12/20/1898 Camptown
5/5/1898 Stone, Ethel Irene F W Stone, Leslie H. Stone, Pearl Greenwood Laborer 1/4/1899 Greenwood
5/5/1899 Sharts, Timothy E M W Sharts, Chas. Sharts, Mary Indian Hill Farmer 1/5/1899 Indian Hill
5/13/1899 Smith, Pansy L. F W Smith, Maynard Vargason, Debbie Terrytown Farmer 2/11/1898 Terrytown
5/4/1899 Shepard, Anna E F W Shepard, Ira Shepard, Mary Terrytown Farmer 12/27/1898 Terrytown
5/3/1899 Infant Daughter F W Stewart, E. Stewart, Minnie Liberty Corners Painter 4/22/1899 Liberty Corners
5/15/1899 Smith, Florance F W Smith, James Smith, Essie Smithfield Laborer 5/21/1898 Smithfield
5/15/1899 Scott, Lean (?) M W Scott, Emmett Scott, Martha Smithfield Farmer 4/22/1899 Smithfield
5/8/1899 Smith, Eva F W Smith, Edson Smith, Elvira Wells Farmer 7/18/1899 Wells
5/31/1899 Slocum, James M W Slocum, Eugene Slocum, Mary B. Wells Farmer 3/4/1899 Wells
5/9/1899 Shaylor, Hattie Rosett F W Shaylor, E. R. Shaylor, Minnie W. Burlington Twp Farmer 2/16/1899 W. Burlington
6/5/1899 Spring, Jessie Lynn M W Spring, G. E.   Albany Twp Minister 3/3/1899 Alba 
5/10/1899 Snyder, Louis Nelson M W Snyder, Henry White, Carrie Wysox Laborer 7/8/1898 R.H.Laning Place
5/10/1899 Shelton, Florence May F W Shelton, James Jr.   E. Towanda Laborer 12/15/1898 E. Towanda
5/13/1899 Sleeper, Iva (?) F W Sleeper, Roy Bessie Warren Farmer 5/11/1899 Warren 
5/13/1899 Schoonover, H. Fay (?) M W Schoonover, Sylvester Stella Warren Center Farmer 4/15/1899 Warren Center
5/3/1899 Shores, Elizabeth Hazel F W Shores, Harry Shores, Ola Towanda Express Agt. 11/18/1898 Towanda
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