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Merrill Augustus WELCH "Gus"
Son of Ella SMITH and Elmer WELCH was
Born Sullivan Township 1896, Died 1978
Buried Watson Cemetery in Roseville
Photo from Norma WELCH Jamison 
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Name of Child Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occupation/Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
5/8/1895 French, Edna F W French, Sidney French, Lucinda Monroe Twp Laborer 10/22/1894 Monroe Twp
5/7/1895 Frantz M W Frantz, Ed F. Woodruff, Della Stevensville Farmer 1/18/1895 Stevensville
5/81895 Fletcher  M W Fletcher, Jno. F. Fletcher, Lillie (?) Sayre Baker 4/29/1895 Sayre
5/18/1895 Fallett, Ellen M. F W Fallett, Grant R. Fallett, Lena M. Sayre Merchant 4/1/1895 Waverly, N.Y.
5/15/1895 Fairchild, Hattie F W Fairchild, Alva R. Fairchild, Nellie H. Sayre Conductor 4/3/1895 Sayre
5/13/1895 Farley, Mildred F W Farley, M. H. Farley, Allie (?) Orchard St. Laborer 1/14/1895 Athens
5/9/1895 Fedora, Ada F W Fedora, Frank Fedora, Martha Ulster Farmer 9/26/1895 Ulster
5/9/1895 Fox, Harry T. M W Fox, Ervin A. Fox, Hannah E. Wysox 2nd D. Farmer 1/2/1895 Wysox Twp.
9/6/1895 Fawcett, Lois F W Fawcett, A. L. Fawcett, Hattie New Albany Jeweler 2/9/1895 New Albany
12/3/1895 Fay, Louise F W Fay, Chas. A. Fay, Anna Athens Twp Laborer 6/15/1895 Athens
11/21/1895 France, Nellie G. F W France France, Nora County House unknown 7/1/1895 County House
12/9/1895 Fitzwater, Estella M W Fitzwater, Milard F. Fitzwater, Addie Canton Farmer 10/11/1895 Canton
12/5/1895 Fitzwater, Theron C. M W Fitzwater, Levi Fitzwater, Jennie Cedar Ledge Laborer 9/8/1895 Cedar Ledge
12/14/1895 Fitch, Florence E. P. F W Fitch, F. E. Fitch, Mary Parmetor Granville Farmer 8/11/1895 Granville
12/11/1895 Fowler, Howard E. M W Fowler, Charles A. Fowler, Jennie Monroe Twp Farmer 10/8/1895 Monroe Twp
12/3/1895 Foster, John F. M W Foster, John H. Foster, Sophronia Monroe Twp Farmer 8/17/1895 Monroe Twp
12/6/1895 Forbes, Cresta Pauline F W Forbes, Elisha Forbes, Mary Elizabeth W. Bridge St. Laborer 8/22/1895 Rome Boro
12/9/1895 Fegely, Byron S. M W Fegely, Wm. O. Fegely, Mame Sayre Minister 7/5/1895 Sayre
12/9/1895 Forbes, Correl F. M W Forbes, Wm. Forbes, Maud Second St. Fireman 11/18/1895 Sayre
12/18/1895 Felter, Esther, Jane F W Felter, James E. Felter, Julia N. Elmira, N.Y. Laborer 11/11/1895 South Creek Twp
12/4/1895 Frantz, Margarite F W Frantz, Charles Frantz, Margarite Peel St. Car Inspector 6/13/1895 S. Waverly
12/12/1895 Freeman, Lawrence M W Freeman, Horace Fellows, Annie Troy Twp. Dist. 1 Farmer 8/16/1895 Troy Twp
12/12/1895 Freeman, Pearl F. F W Freeman, George Kiff, Clara Troy Twp. Dist. 1 Farmer Dec. 7 Troy Twp
12/3/1895 Fargo, Bertha M. F W Fargo, George Fargo, Delphine Homets Ferry L.V.R.R. 6/11/1895 Homets Ferry
5/3/1896 Frutchey, Emma F W Frutchey, Geo. Frutchey, Maggie Asylum Farmer 4/11/1896 Asylum
5/10/1896 Fulmer, Wm. M W Fulmer, John Fulmer, Belle Asylum Farmer 1/31/1896 Asylum
5/16/1896 Ferriton, Carrie F W Ferriton, Stephen Ferriton, Lillie Asylum Farmer 5/30/1895 Rummerfield
9/1/1896 Flood, John Burnard M W Flood, John Flood, Ellen Elmira St.. Laborer 8/8/1896 Elmira St.
9/1/1896 Flood, Mary L. F W Flood, John Flood, Ellen Elmira St. Laborer 8/8/1896 Elmira St.
5/16/1896 Freeman, Ernest B. M W Freeman, Walter Freeman, Cora Athens Boro Laborer 5/6/1896 Athens
9/1/1896 Fredenburg, Harold H. M W Fredenburg, John Fredenburg, Adda M. Athens Boro Tent maker 8/2/1896 Athens
2/24/1896 Freeman, Robert M W Freeman, Paul Freeman, Nancy Sullivan St. Laborer 2/18/1896 Canton Boro
5/13/1896 Freeman, Elloise Isibell F W Freeman, Perry Dwight Freeman, Hellen Canton Farmer 2/27/1896 Canton
5/20/1896 Fitzwater, Alice Irene F W Fitzwater, Claton Morell Fitzwater, Emma Gertrude Canton Farmer 8/4/1895 Canton
5/8/1896 Fleming, Harry E. M W Fleming, Burdette S. Fleming, Marion B. Windfall Farmer 9/23/1895 Windfall
5/4/1896 Frisbie, Leslie M W Frisbie, Aaron Frisbie, Matilda Herrick Twp. Laborer 4/11/1896 Ballibay
5/15/1896 Fitzgerald, Catherine Loreta F W Fitzgerald, Wm. J. Fitzgerald, Ellen Herrick Twp. Farmer 2/19/1896 Herrick 
5/6/1896 Foster, Harry M W Foster, Marvin Foster, Ella Monroe Twp Laborer 3/30/1896 Monroe Twp
5/19/1896 Fay, Howard E. M W Fay, Fred Miller,Eva Ridgebury Farmer 2/4/1896 Ridgebury
5/7/1896 French, Raymond M W French, Melvin Franch, Annie Sheshequin Farmer 3/22/1896 Sheshequin
5/6/1896 Fletcher, Pratt M W Fletcher, U. G. Fletcher, Grace Smithfield Farmer 2/1/1896 Smithfield
5/1/1896 Frisby, Jac Martin M W Frisby, William Frisby, Ida Jane Standing Stone Laborer 3/11/1896 Standing Stone
5/11/1896 Fleschutt, Leida Henrietta F W Fleschutt, Fred Fleschutt, Hattie Main St. Laborer 5/30/1896 Sayre
5/12/1896 Furman, Leon E. M W Furman, Leon Furman, Hannah S. Fourth St. Farmer 3/13/1896 Towanda
5/15/1896 Fowler, Paul W. M W Fowler, Fred Fowler, Ida Western Ave. Laborer 1/16/1896 Towanda
5/9/1896 Not Named M W Ford, Burt Ford, Mary Tuscarora Laborer 4/8/1896 Tuscarora
5/18/1896 Farley, Patrick M W Farley, Patrick Farley, Ella Cumminiskey Farmer 5/5/1896 Cumminisky
5/25/1896 Floyd, Perley B. M W Floyd, William Floyd, Anna Cadis Laborer 2/22/1896  
5/6/1895 Furman, Harry L. M W Furman, Dayton Furman, Nancy Sugar Run Carpenter 5/7/1896 Browntown
12/3/1896 Fletcher, Ruby Christina F W Fletcher, O. M. Fletcher, Alice J. Armenia Twp Farmer 4/17/1896 Armenia Twp
12/8/1896 Flanagan, Leona A. F W Flanigan, James Flanigan, Mary Athens Laborer 9/22/1896 Athens 
11/24/1896 Francisco, Archie M W Monroe, George Francisco, Emma W. Burlington Farmer 4/10/1896 W. Burlington
11/30/1896 Foulks, J. Wesley M W Foulke, Phillip A. Phillips, Julia L. W. Burlington Farmer 6/9/1896 W. Burlington
  Fitzwater, Margery D. F W Fitzwater, Levi Fitzwater, Jennie N. Center St. Laborer 12/20/1896 Canton Boro
12/3/1896 Furgason, Herman M W Furgason, Grant Furgason, Edna Columbia Laborer 9/25/1896 Columbia
12/3/1896 Furgason, Herbert M W Furgason, Grant Furgason, Edna Columbia Laborer 9/25/1896 Columbia
12/9/1896 Frank, John M. M W Frank, Horace Frank, Lena Franklin Farmer 8/10/1896 Franklin
12/16/1896 Fowler, Erma F W Fowler, Burton Fowler, Alice LeRaysville Laborer 11/15/1896 LeRaysville
12/9/1896 Foster, Ethel F W Foster, Grant Foster, Anna Monroe Twp Laborer 11/18/1896 Monroe Twp
12/9/1896 Ford, Claud W. M W Ford, I. W. Ford, Martha R. Orwell Farmer 9/28/1896 Orwell
12/9/1896 Frawley, Mary F W Frawley, Timothy Frawley, Mary Overton Farmer 6/11/1896 Overton
12/4/1896 Ford, Iva P. F W Coolbaugh, Walter Ford, Addie Pike Laborer 6/3/1896 Pike Bastard
12/8/1896 Franty M W Franty, E. F. Franty, Della Stevensville Farmer 11/25/1896 Stevenswville
12/7/1896 Forbes, Martin Bruce M W Forbes, Elisha Forbes, Mary E. RomeBoro Farmer 11/30/1896 Rome Boro
  Flynn, Eleanor C. F W Flynn, M. J. Flynn, Elizabeth F. Sayre Engineer 5/24/1896 Sayre
  Fitler, Leona Maria F W Fitler, Burton A. Fitler, Estelle E. Sayre Mechanic 11/23/1896 Sayre
  Frost, Maud F W Frost, George Frost, Emma Orchard St. Engineer 3/17/1895 Sayre
  Finney, Mary Louise F W Finney, Claude M. Finney, Grace Sheshequin Merchant 5/29/1896 Sheshequin
  Fuller, Sarah M. F W Fuller, Wilson Fuller, Emma Sheshequin Laborer 10/3/1896 Sheshequin
12/7/1896 Frawley, Paul A. M W Frawley, Patrick Maloney, Annie Notero Bridge Carpenter 9/10/1896 Towanda
12/8/1896 Fausey, Mable F W Fansey, Charles L. Heinstran, Ella 310 State St. Cigar Maker 5/12/1896 Towanda
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