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Bradford County PA Birth Records 1901-1905
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Dwight Warren NASH (1910 - 1986) 
Maud Eugenia NASH (1911 - 1937)
Children of Helena MORGAN and Leon NASH 
of Armenia Township
Buried Our Lady... and Glenwood
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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd. Surname First Name Sex Color Name of Father Name of Mother Residence Occ. Of Father Date of Birth Place of Birth
12/7/1903 Keene Raymond M W Miles Keen Minnie Keen N. Towanda Farmer 8/10/1903 N. Towanda
10/17/1903 Ketchum James M W Martin Ketchum Carrie Ketchum Canton, Pa. Mechanic 9/13/1903 Canton, Pa
5/5/1904 Kinner Edith F W Luicon? Kinner Lillan Kinner Rummerfield Laborer 3/8/1904 Standing Stone
5/13/1904 Killgore Clinton M W Judd Killgore Mae Killgore Wells Farmer 2/13/1904 Wells
6/22/1904 Kirwan Lewis P. M W T. J. Kirwan Bridget Kirwan Towanda Farmer 1/12/1904 Towanda
5/20/1904 Knolles Chas. F. M W Chas. Knolles Anna Knolles Albany Farmer 7/12/1903 Wilmot Twp.
  Kilmer Percy T. M W Jas. D. Kilmer Bessie Kilmer Towner? Farmer 1/11/1904 Rome
  Kennedy Helen Mary F W Wm. M. Kennedy Louise B. Kennedy Sayre Clerk 1/12/1904 Sayre, Pa
  Keller Walter W. M W Wm. H. Keller Flora Keller Sayre Conductor 2/21/1904 Sayre, Pa
9/6/1904 Kitchen Harmon F W Arthur Kitchen Amy Kitchen S. Waverly Carpenter 6/25/1904 S. Waverly
  Kingsley Alton Mason F W Harry O. Kingsley Mertia Kingsley Smithfield Physician 3/28/1904 Cincinati, O
Kundson Christian Gerould   F W Peter Kundson Berdie G. Kundson No. Dakota Farmer 5/26/1904 Smithfield
Sept.1904 Keller Mary F W David Keller Mary L. Keller Sayre Tin Smith 8/19/1904 Sayre, Pa
Sept.1904 Krotzer Arline E. F W Milford Krotzer Minnie Krotzer Sayre Fireman 12/24/1903 Sayre, Pa
8/12/1904 Kettle Irene F W Fred Kettle Mertie Kettle S. Waverly Carpenter 5/18/1904 S. Waverly
5/12/1904 Kelley DeWitt M W John W. Kelley Mary E. Kelley LeRoy Farmer 12/16/1903 LeRoy, Pa.
5/18/1904 Keir Lawrence D. M W Rob't. Kier Linolee Kier Leona Farmer 5/17/1904 Leona
5/13/1904 Kirwin Catherine F W Jas. Kirwin Lessie Kirwin Towanda Livery 12/26/1903 Towanda
5/3/1904 King Carol F W Morgan King Bertha Berger Towanda Laborer 9/24/1903 Towanda
10/26/1904 Kelly Harry M W Edward Kelly Lucy Kelly Carbon Run Laborer 1/5/1904 Carbon Run
  Kenner? Leon M W Ernest Kenner Bertha Kenner Powell Laborer 9/25/1904 Powell, Pa.
12/5/1904 Kellogg Harald M W Levi A. Kellogg Emma Kellogg Smithfield Laborer 9/27/1904 Smithfield
11/1/1904 Kelley David M W Dan'l Kelley Ellen Kelley Overton Farmer 8/29/1904 Overton
  Kremer Edwin A. M W A. P. Kremer Carry M. Kremer Sayre Clerk 10/13/1904 Sayre, Pa
12/12/1904 Krisp Mary F W Joseph Krisp Mary Krisp LeRoy Laborer 7/25/12904 LeRoy, Pa.
12/15/1904 Kump Frank M W George Kump ? Johanna Kump LeRoy Laborer 8/24/1904 LeRoy, Pa.
12/8/1904 Kilmer Blanch Ellen F W Floyd Kilmer Hattie Kilmer Col.X Rds Laborer 6/20/1904 Col.X Rds
11/16/1904 Kiff Leland M W Chas. Kiff May Kiff Albany Twp. Farmer 5/20/1904 Albany Twp.
Dec.1904 Kellogg Geo. Leon M W Floyd Kellogg Frances Kellogg Sheshequin Farmer 2/5/1904 Sheshequin
12/19/1904 Kelley Rubie M. F W Chas. C. Kelley Hattie Kelley Tuscarora Laborer 5/18/1904 Tuscarora
12/19/1904 Krom Baby F W Chas. Krom Mary Krom Sayre Brakeman 12/12/1904 Sayre, Pa
12/15/1904 Kerrick John M W James G. Kerrick Emma L. Kerrick French Town Laborer 10/9/1903 French Town
12/15/1904 Kilmer Bernice A. F W Dan'l W. Kilmer Allie A. Kilmer Ellis Hill Laborer 5/8/1903 Ellis Hill
12/27/1904 Keller Elsie Marie F W F. D. Keller Helen Keller Athens Boro Brakeman 11/4/1904 Athens
  Kohler Chas. R. M W Chas. Kohler Jennie Kohler Laquin Laborer 11/7/1904 Laquin
  Kain Ernest L. M W Ernest Kain Minnie Kain Laquin Laborer 2/14/1905 Laquin
5/2/1905 Kreamer John N. Jr. M W John N. Kreamer Lottie J. Kreamer 107 W. Cooper St.      
5/10/1905 Kane Wm. H. M W W. H. Kane Hattie Kennedy William St. Supervisor 9/2/1904 Towanda, Pa.
5/10/1905 Kessler Mable F W Raymond Kessler Mabel Brooks William St. Superintendent 7/8/1904 Brandt Summit ?
5/23/1905 Kinch Karl L. M W Thos. Kinch Rhoda Bell Kinch Armenia Farmer 5/31/1904 Armenia
9/6/1905 Kithcart Grace F W John Kithcart Jane Kithcart Merryall Laborer 4/23/1905 Merryall
5/2/1905 Kirkland Margaret F W James Kirkland Bertha Kirkland Sayre Laborer 1/13/1905 Sayre, Pa
5/2/1905 Krom Frederick M W Charles Krom Margaret Krom Sayre Brakeman 12/10/1904 Sayre, Pa
5/2/1905 Kevill Unice L. F W Wm. Kevill Caroline Kevill Sayre Paper Hanger 4/15/1905 Sayre, Pa
5/9/1905 Kirwin Mary F W Thos. Kirwin Mary Kirwin No.Fourth St. Merchant 2/2/1905 Towanda
May.1905 Kinney Franklin M. M W Alburt J. Kinney Alda Kinney Sayre Laborer 3/22/1905 Sayre, Pa
  Kendall Austin C. M W Cola A. Kendall Mertie Kendall Canton Laborer 2/25/1905 Canton
  King Myron E. M W Emerson King Sarah King Canton Farmer 5/11/1904 Canton, Pa
5/12/1905 Kingston Thomas C. M W John J. Kingston Margaret C. Kingston Sayre Deliveryman 10/29/1904 Elmira, NY
5/20/1905 Kintner Irun?? M W Floyds Kintner Eva Kintner Sugar Run Farmer 4/16/1905 Wilmot Twp.
11/20/1905 Kamperman Earl Hugo M W Fred Kamperman Annie Kamperman Athens Boro Silk Weaver 7/22/1905 Athens Boro
  Kain Ernest L. M W Ernest Kain Minnie Kain Laquin Laborer 2/14/1905 Laquin
  Kapp George M W Geo. Kapp Elizabeth Kapp Laquin Foreman 5/30/1905 Laquin
12/10/1905 Kline   M W J. B. Kline Ruth Kline Sayre Boro Laborer 10/11/1905 Sayre, Pa
11/7/1905 Kester Delmer R. M W Lloyd Kester Elizabeth Kester Overton Laborer 10/12/1905 Overton
11/9/1905 Knapp Lewis M W Dell Knapp Alice Knapp Wells, Pa. Laborer 6/21/1905 Wells
Dec.1905 Knapp Clifford L. M W H. L. Knapp Eva L. Knapp Creek St. Laborer 7/9/1905 Orwell, Pa.
Dec.1905 Kennedy Ruth F W Fred Kennedy Ida Kennedy Granville Farmer 7/1/1905 Granville
12/1/1905 Kinney Lester R. M W Rob't Kinney Alice Kinney Smithfield Laborer 8/3/1905 Smithfield
  Kelly Pauline Estella F W Arthur Kelley Allice Kelley Leroy, Pa Laborer 11/26/1905 LeRoy, Pa.
12/21/1905 Kline   F W Q. A. Kline Sara E. Kline 2nd & Elizabeth Bottler 12/9/1905 Towanda
12/18/1905 Keene Ruth F W A. E. Keen Laura Keen Standing Stone Farmer 6/5/1905 Keen Summitt
12/4/1905 Kennedy Wm. Henry Harrison M W W. H. Kennedy Edna Kennedy E. Athens Carpenter 11/2/1905 E. Athens
12/14/1905 King Annis M W Joseph King Alice King Sylvania Farmer 9/29/1905 Sylvania
6/3/1905 Kaufman Ruth F W Harry Kaufman Fannie Kaufman Athens Merchant 4/20/1905 Athens
Dec.1905 Krotzer John Keneth M W Milford Krotzer M??? Krotzer Sayre Fireman 8/29/1905 Sayre, Pa
Dec.1905 Kirk Charles F. M W Fred G. Kirk Anna M. Kirk Sayre Laborer 8/30/1905 Sayre, Pa
Dec.1905 Knight Fred H. M W Chas. Knight Maria? Knights Sayre Laborer 4/20/1905 Sayre, Pa
  Keltz Volney W. M W Eugene H. Keltz Margetta Keltz Canton Farmer 6/17/1905 Canton
  Kellogg Chas. J. M W Charles Allie L. Canton Laborer 2/19/1905 Canton
12/16/1905 Kintner Leda Bernice? F W Joseph Kintner Martha Hunsinger Kintner Towanda Pa. Farmer 9/16/1905 Towanda
6/5/1947 Kane Arthur J. M W Francis Kane Anna Kane 441 Fulton St.,Waverly,NY Engineer    
6/24/1954 Kilmer Frank J. McKee M W            
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