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Following the war, many Civil War soldiers joined the G.A.R., Grand Army of the Republic organization. You will find many G.A.R markers, in a vast variety of designs, in cemeteries.
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Information from Civil War pictures located at BCHA/Farm Museum Troy, Pa.Submitted by Janet PETERS Ordway

DAVID ALLEN Enlisted February 19, 1864 for three years in the U.S. service as private in Capt S.J. Elliott’s Co F 108th Regt known as the 44th Pa Vol. Cavalry. Recruited at Troy, Pa. and commanded by Col. S. P. Spear. Was assigned to Spear’s Brigade, Kautz’s Div, of the Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac and he with his regiment participated in the following battles:

Jarretts Station, Va. May 7, 1864, City Point, Va. May 7, 64, Petersburg, Va. June 9, 64, Fair Oaks, Va. September 29, 64, Ream’s Station, Va. June 29, 64, Darbytown Road, Va. Oct 7, 64, Richmond, Va. Oct 30, 64, New Market, Va. Dec 10, 64, Guerrillas, Va. February 55, 1865, Five Forks, Va. April 1865. At the battle of Malvern Hill, Va. He was wounded by his horse being shot from under him and was badly ruptured on the left side. He was mustered out of the U.S. service and honorably discharged at Phila, Pa Aug 13, 65.

This picture of the Easel Shaped Monument bearing his personal and regimental Army record of David Allen was presented by him Nov 30, 94 to his family.

Military Register

Company "F"

11th Regiment Penna. Vol. Cavalry

2d Brigade, Kautz’s Cavalry Division, Army of the James

Commanding U.S. Armies,

Lieut Gen’l U.S. Grant

Commanding Army of the James,

Major-Gen’l E.O. C. Ord

Commanding Cavalry Division,

Brig and Brev’t Major-General August V Kautz

Regimental, Field and Staff Officers

Commanding 2d Cavalry Brigade,

Colonel, Samuel P Spear

Commanding Regiment,

Lieut. Colonel, Franklin A Stratton

(three wounds received in action)

Major, James A Skelly

Major, John C Cassells

Major, Samuel N Titus (wounded)

Surgeon, Heister M Nagle

Asst Surgeon, A Rox Nebbinger

Adjutant, John C Sample

Q Master, Charles A Sherman

Commissary, Thomas C Wilson

Non-Commissioned Staff

Sergt. Major, Ridgeway Stratton

G.M. Sergeant, Russell J Ross

Com. Sergeant, James H Clover

Chief Bugler, Peter Happle

Hosp. Steward, Jas. T. Harnett-Pris of war

Hosp. Seward, Seth Emery

Saddler, Francis Myers

Vet Surgeon, George Thomas

Motto: "Lean Liberty preferred to Fat Slavery’

Before Richmond Jan 1865

Mustered Into The

United States Service

August 31, 1861 at Troy, Pa.


*Captain, Thomas Elliott-Appointed Sept 24, 1864

*lst Lieut., Wm S Spaulding-Appointed Sept 24, 1864

*2d Lieut., John Pickering-Appointed Sept 24, 1864

*lst Sergeant, Nelson N Davenport

*Q.M Sergeant, Jerome B Chapman-Wounded

*Com. Sergeant, Charles G Sayles

*Sergeant, Solomon Saxton-Wounded and prisoner of war

*Sergeant, Richard M Ross

*Sergeant, Morris D Bailey

*Sergeant, James Vanbuskirk

*Corporal, Jacob VanNoy-wounded 

*Corporal, Willard Ackley

*Corporal, Chester W Fenton-wounded

Corporal, Charles T Austin

*Corporal, John Gratton

*Corporal, Hiram Bellinger

*Corporal, Louis Canada

*Corporal, Chauncy Garabrant

Bugler, James Young

Bugler, George H Murray

*Blacksmith, George A Roberts

Farrier, Ephraim C Westbrook

*Saddler, Hiram W Carpenter


Sergeant, Victor A Elliott-Capt 101st Pa. Vol March 1, 62

Sergeant, N P Aspinwall-Capt and QM USA June 3, 63

Sergeant, Russell J Ross-Reg’t QM Sergt (NCS) Oct 1, 64

Corporal, Henry C Palmer-2d Lieut, 2d USCC Nov 2, 64

Blacksmith, H P Whiteman-Co D Nov 6. 63

Alexander H Taylor-Vet R C Sept 1, 63

Sol W Phillips-Vet R C Sept 1, 63

Jacob H Colestock-Vet R C Sept 17, 63

Allen H Perry –Vet R C Aug 30, 62


Captain Newberry E Calkins-Fortress Monroe March 1, 62

Capt Benj B Mitchell-Before Richmond, Sept 24, 64 ex.of ser.

2d Lieut,. Philip A Palmer-Jones Landing, Va. July 24, 64

Sargeant, De W C Crandall-Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Sargeant, Morris Cummings- Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Sargeant, Orrin P Ward-Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Sargeant, Oliver P Barden, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Sargeant, James M Mitchell, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Sargeant, George Porter, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Sargeant, Chauncy C Ackley, Suffolk, Va. Dec 13, 62

Corporal, Eben W Lilley, Norfolk, Apr 18, 63

Corporal, Jacob C Impson, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Corporal, Burton Saxton, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Corporal, Alvin H Ingalls, Annapolis, (paroled pris ) Oct 1, 64

Bugler, John W Fuller, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Farrier, Simeon McElwaine, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

James McMann, Portsmouth, VA. Oct 3, 63

Alexander Murray, Suffolk, Va. Sept 28, 62

Charles M Pitts, Fortress Monroe, Mar 31, 62

Charles O Palmer, Washington DC, Sept 16, 61

Joel Allen, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Irvin Arnot, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Myron H Annabal, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Philip Andress, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Andrew J Brown, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64-wounded

Lyman D Cole, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Walter W Cole, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64 

James Gratton, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64-wounded

William Kirkendall, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Eben F Lilley, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

William M Miles, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

William B Porter, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Ephraim L Styles, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Delevan P Simley, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Geroge W Tooker, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Charles N Walker, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

James W Yarnes, Jones Landing, Aug 26, 64

Paul Rimple, Varina, Va. Oct 14, 64-wounded


Allynn , Milton A

*Butler, Loren W

*Benson, James G

Burgess, James 

Barber, Charles

Cady, James J

*Clark, Charles

Clark, Ira B

Churchell, Wilbur

Case, Samuel

Carr, Albert I

Depui, Thomas E

*Frederick, John H

Fleck, Alex Ander

Furey, Charles

Goodrich, John M

Gleason, Martin

Gaton, William

*Hampton, William M

How, John B

Hawthorne, James –wounded

Hawthorne, John

Haliday, Thomas

*Hill, Franklin A-wounded

Hill, Jabez R

Ives, Velorious G

*Inscho, Darius

Jones, John D

Jewell, Calvin P

*Keenney, Adelbert

Keenney, Sleeman

Kelly, John S

Kendall, Joseph-wounded

Lament, James

Lamb, Daniel A

Lamb, Hamlin

Lytle, William C

McElwaine, Andrew

Murray, Edson D

Nelson, Caleb

Osborne, John

Oberson, Peter

O’Neil, John

Punt, Daniel

Porter, Albert Z

Palmer, Joseph

*Putnam, John

Rogers, Theo

*Spencer, Francis M

Sanders, Roland

Strayer, Daniel 

Saxton, Frank

Saxton, Solan J

Towner, Benj F

Tompson, William

*Tompkins, Wm-Prisoner of War-wounded

Turner, David L

VanBuskirk, David

VanNoy, Jefferson

West, Luther A

*Williams, Ira V-wounded

*Westbrook, Benj T

*Weeks, Ritner-wounded 5 times

Walters, James C

Watkins, Henry

Whitcomb, Owen

Willey, Granville C 

Wood, Allen H 



Sargeant, Henry E Wheeler, Alba, Pa. June 11, 62

Corporal, Heman Inscho, Williamsburgh, Va., Aug 12, 62

Henry W Armstrong, Fortress Monroe, Dec 3, 61

Ira O Mudge, Fortress Monroe, Dec 4, 61

Charles W Fellows, Fortress Monroe, June 2, 62

Alvin W Thomas, Fortress Monroe, Apr 29, 62

Nicholas Smith, Baltimore, Sept 26, 62

George W Rorabaugh, Portsmouth, Va. July 29, 63

Egbert W Lament, Williamsburg, Va. Feb 24, 64

Oliver Dunbar, Jones Landing, Va. Aug 8, 64

Andrew Decker, Jones Landing, Va. Sept 3, 64

Frank Morgan, Andersonville, Ga. (of starvation) 

Alfred Toles, Point of Rocks, Dec 14, 6?

Lyman Dewitt, Point of Rocks, Jan 9, 6?

Eliphalett Boyce, Andersonville, Ga. (of starvation) 


Sargeant, Hiram H Foster, Reams Station, June 30, 64

Sargeant, Andrew Klock, Reams Station, June 64

Bishop B Bordon, Reams Station, June 64

Wilson Cole, Reams Station, June 64

Orin M Fletcher, Reams Station, June 64

Horatio U Kendall, Reams Station, June 64-wounded

Clint D Robinson, Reams Station, June 64

Luman, Murray, Reams Station, June 64

John Robinson, Reams Station, June 64 

Andrew H Williams, before Richmond Oct 7, 1864

Peter Fuller before Richmond Oct 7, 64


1st Lieut,. David O Tears, Reams Station, June 29, 64

1st Sargeant, William C Lamb, Petersburg, June 9, 64

Vincent W Swimlar, Staunton River Bridge, June 25, 64

William Roddy, Reams Station, (2d battle) Aug 25, 64

John Morgan, before Richmond, Oct 7, 64

Leander Sherman, before Richmond, Oct 7, 64


Sylvester R Woodin, Fortress Monroe, Dec 26, 61

Sylvanus J Nelson, Fortress Monroe, Feb 1, 62

Elihu C Palmer, White House, June 26, 62

John Driscall, White House, July 8, 63

Michael Sullivan, Portsmouth, Va., Nov 30, 63

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