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Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Table of Contents 1917 Directory
Home Made
FOR 1917
Kuryla, Irene, stenogr E W L & R.R.Co. res. 166 Horseheads Boulevard, Elmira Heights

Kusper, Albert meat market 707 Lake, h. 705 do

Kustard, Fred H. bar clerk Hotel Henry, bds do

Kuster, Frederick H. foreman Goff Way & Brand h. 730 Maple Ave.

Kuster, George, emp. Goff Way & Brand res. 730 Maple Ave.

Kuster, John meat cutter 164 Lake res. 857 John

Kuster, John emp. Consolidated Brick Co. h. 769 Linden place

Kuster, Julia milliner 102 E. Water, res. 730 Maple Ave.

Kuster, Walter, clerk Chemung Canal Trust Co. res. 730 Maple Ave.

Kyle, Andrew J. carp h. 255W. Hudson

Kyle, Melvin J. clerk P R R genl offices bds. 255 W Hudson

Labaro, Peter, emp. P R R freight h. 862 Magee

LaBarr, Emmett G. barber 218 Market, h. 557 ½ E. Church

LaBarr, George emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 622 Yale

LaBarr Louise, removed to Corning, NY

LaBarron, Rush emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 622 Yale

Labore, Frank machinist Willys-Morrow Co. res. 321 Broadway

LaBurt Harry A. collector Sheehan Dean & Co. res. 108 W. First

LaBurt Jarana A. teacher res. 523 Union place

LaBurt John H. opr W U Tel Co. res. 108 W. First

LaBurt Josephine Mrs. H. 108 W. First

Lacey Glenn H. emp. A L F E Co. h.608 Beecher

Lacey William carp A L F E Co. h. 608 Beecher

Lacey William C. jr. clerk L A MacNevin res. 608 Beecher

LaCoste Francis S. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. res. 102 W. Hudson

LaCreque Orlando W. engr P R R 313 Mt. Zoar

LaDaux Teresa emp. W I Booth res. 159 Judson

Ladd Allen E. trainman D L & W R R h. 1320 Hall

Ladd Archie W machinist A L F E Co. h. 513 Broadway

LaDue Beatrice C. emp. Campbell Knitting Mill rms. 505 Sullivan

LaDue Edward W. teamster, h. 960 Sullivan

LaDue Emma res. 839 E. Second

LaDue Floyd F. Rev. removed to Towanda, Pa

LaDue James F. cooper h. 505 Sullivan

LaFevre Albert draftsman A.L.F.E.Co. rms. 450 Maple Ave

LaFevre Sophia Mrs. H. 149 W. Water

Lafferty Edward chair caner h. 403 Union place

Lafferty Isabell W. teleph opr res. 403 Union place

Lafferty Kathryn G. clerk Tepper Bros. res 403 Union place

Lafferty Lenora G. emp. W I Booth res. 403 Union place

Lafferty Mable, removed to Detroit, Mich

LaFrance A Bert emp. American Bridge Co. h. 305 Lorenzo place

LaFRANCE A WARD , pres LaFrance Garage Co. h. 305 Lorenzo place

LaFrance Asa W. retired h. 116 Caldwell ave

LaFRANCE COLEMAN T. vice-pres LaFrance Garage Co. h. 317 Madison ave

LaFRANCE FLORIST (Mrs. C atherine E Jackson) cut flowers, plants and floral designs 100 E. Water

LaFRANCE GARAGE CO. A Ward LaFrance pres Coleman T LaFrance vice-pres, John T Osowski sec-treas, automobiles, garage and repairs E Church cor Baldwin

LaFrance Harriet A. h. 512 Falck

LaFrance Roy S. emp. A L F E Co. h. 513 Perry

LaFrance Willard T clerk Willys-Morrow Co. res. 320 Irvine place

LaFriel James barber h. 353 W. Clinton

Lagonegro Alfred emp. Willys-Morrow Co. res. 861 Magee

Lagonegro Anthony apprentice, res. 108 W. First

Lagonegro Edward clerk 157 Lake res. 663 Magee

LAGONEGRO HARRY J wholesale and retail cigars and tobacco, also shoe polishing 157 Lake, res 368 W. Clinton

Lagonegro Henry emp. Erie R R station, h. 108 W First

Lagonegro Joseph clerk Erie R R res. 108 W. First

LAGONEGRO JULIUS shoemaker 148 W. Clinton h. 663 Magee

Lagonegro Julius apprentice 519 Railroad ave. res 108 W. First

Lagonegro Michael lab Willys-Morrow Co. res. 108 W. First

Lagonegro Ralph D. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. res. 663 Magee

Lagonegro Ralph L. pressman res. 108 W. First

Lagonegro Rose M. res. 663 Magee

LaGrange Edward R. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 122 Lormore

Lahm Ervin H. emp. 460 E. Market, res William

Lahr Fred E. emp. A Wyckoff & Son Co. bds. 505 ½ Erie

Laidlaw Flora J. nurse res. 697 Broadway

Laidlaw John h. 697 Broadway

Lain Elvira wid. David B. res. 513 W. Fourth

Lain Frank C. clerk Barker Rose & Clinton Co. h. 558 Riverside ave

Lain George D. student res. 513 W. Fourth

Lain John D. janitor school No.2 h. 513 W. Fourth

Lain see Lane

Laing Eugene Mrs. res. 110 E. Henry

Laing Lawrence emp. P R R bds. 506 Jefferson

Lake Charles D. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 364 W. Fifth

Lake Judson N. died January 1917

Lake Luminie, res. 728 W. Gray

Lake Mary emp. J N Streans & Co. res. 359 ½ Roe ave

Lake Melissa L wid Judson N. res. 728 W. Gray

Lake Michael emp. P R R h. 666 Magee

Lake Raymond E. draftsman res. 728 W Gray

LAKE STREET PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. R Lew Williams D.D. pastor 309 Lake cor E Church

Lake View Hotel (Daniel Ryan) 1412 Baldwin

Lalla Patsy tailor Fred S Fish bds. 106 W Fifth

Lalaunde Philomina Mrs. res. 862 Hoffman

Lamb Archie W inspr A L F E Co. h. 400 ½ Jefferson

Lamb D Hadley retired h. 510 Lake

Lamb Frederick switchman Erie R R rms. 505 Magee

Lamb John emp. Willys-Morrow Co. bds. 214 Lormore

Lamberson Carrie B wid William h. 327 Railroad ave

Lamberson James A lab res. 327 Railroad ave

Lamberson William chauffeur res. 327 Railroad ave

Lambert Belle W Mrs. (The Little Embroidery Shop) 250 W. Water h. 1166 do

Lambert Clarence H carrier P>O> res. 402 Union place

Lamen Fred emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 209 Mt. Zoar

Lamkin Bayard pension examiner U.S.Government h. 312 William

LAMOKA LUMBER CO. (W H Ralyea and J Monroe Ayers) 207-209 Baldwin

Lamoreaux Andrew B toolmaker h. 519 Jefferson

Lamoreaux Andrew T bds. 519 Jefferson

Lamoreaux Anna H. grocery 1106 Lake

Lamoreaux George F. res. 1106 Lake

Lamoreaux Lucie wid Albert h.412 Elm

Lamoreaux Marie P. res. 1106 Lake

Lamoreaux Ross C. com tray h. 1106 Lake

Lamoreaux Vernon E. toolmaker Willys-Morrow Co. h. 534 Lyon

Lamouree Leslie E. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. res. West Hill st

Lamouree Jemeriah J. farmer h. West Hill st

Lamphere Alice M. Mrs. emp. A S B Co. h. 415 N. Main

Lamphier Helen J. emp. W H Raylea & Co. res. 968 Magee

Lamphier Margaret Mrs. h.968 Magee

Lamphier Mary T. emp. W H Rayles & Co. res. 968 Magee

Lamphier Mervil W. millwright Willys-Morrow Co. h. 650 Maple ave

Lampman Albert L. emp. Record Brewing Co. h. 713 German

Lampros Theodore removed to Washington, DC

Landback William printer A S B Co. res. 615 Columbia

Lande Abraham physician and surgeon 456 E. Church, h. 315 Madison ave

Lande Herman student bds. 315 Madison ave

Lande William M. (Freudenheim, Levy & Lande Inc) 118 Lake res. 315 Madison ave

Landon Bion W. draftsman A L F E Co. h. 614 Beecher

Landon C Herbert draftsman Kertscher & Co. res 719 W. Church

Landon Cecelia E. wid Warren h. 465 Franklin

Landon Eldaah H. accountant S F Iszard Co. h. 719 W. Church

Landon Elsie J. teacher school No. 1 res. 465 Franklin

Landon Frank carp h. Underwood ave

Landon Freeman L. Mrs. h. 606 W. Gray

Landon Louis clerk 310 E. Miller res. Do

Landon Melville draftsman A L F E Co. res. 614 Beecher

Landon Paul E. clerk Chemung Canal Trust Co. res 719 W. Church

Landon Stewart P. student res. 719 W. Church

Landon Vera emp. 326 E. Water res. 460 Spaulding

Landon Ward A. sign painter res. 606 W. Gray

Landon William R. emp. Willys-Morrpw Co. h. 316 Soper

Landrus Fred C salesman bds. 102 E Henry

Landrus Henry P. lab Erie R R bds. 102 Henry

Lane Anna teleph opr D L & W R R res. 317 Hathaway

Lane Charles E. emp. A L F E Co. h. 310 W. Hudson

Lane Claude H. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 228 E. Miller

Lane Edward J. bagagemaster D L & W R R res. 317 Hathaway

Lane Francis emp. A L F E Co. rms. 514 W. Hudson

Lane Francis L. trainman D L & W R R res 317 Hathaway

Lane James P. emp. D L & W R R res. 317 Hathaway

Lane Katherine T. wid Patrick h. 317 Hathaway

Lane Letha student res. 514 Fitch

Lane Mary E. 507 ½ Madison ave

Lane Melville gate tender D L & W R R h. 721 German

Lane Melvin F. Fireman D L & W R R res. 751 ½ E Washington ave

Lane Michael D. building contr 507 ½ Madison ave, h. do

Lane Thomas emp. E W L & R R Co. h. 356 E Fourth

Lane Thomas H. contractor and builder h. 362 ½ Norton

Lane see Lain

Langdon Charles H. propr Electric Garage 200 E. Gray h. 414 E. Third

Langdon Charles J. died November 1916

Langdon Ida A. res. 303 N. Main

LANGDON J & CO. (Jervis Langdon and Orlie Jayne) wholesale coal and agricultural lime 110 Baldwin

LANGDON JERVIS J. (J Langdon & Co. and Chemung Coal Co.) 110 Baldwin h. 311 W. Church

Langeland J C mgr Victor dept M Doyle Marks Co. h. 206 ½ W. Hudson

Langford Mira rms. 212 W. Chemung place

Langley William emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 209 Fulton

Langstine Alice wid Jacob C. res. 726 W First

Langstine Charles H. emp. A Wyckoff & Son Co. bds. 736 W. First

Langstine Thomas emp. American Bridge Co. h. 704 W. First

Lank Oscar farmer Maple ave bey limits res do

Lannon John J condr D L & W R R res. 861 Lake

Lannon see Lennon

Lanterman Daniel P. watchman Willys-Morrow Co. h. 326 Soper

Lanterman Frank C. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 708 Kinyon

Lanterman George W. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 120 Cleveland ave

Lanternman Harry L. emp Willys-Morrow Co. res 708 Kinyon

Lanterman Lela clerk Heyman Bros. res 700 Kinyon

Lanterman Ola practical nurse bds. 326 Soper

Lantz E. Belle bkkpr 301 State res. 615 W. Water

Lapazia Peter emp. PRR bds. 301 E. Fifth

Lapi Roland orderly St. Joseph Hospital, res. 555 E. Market

Lappe Eloise res. 526 Lake

Larcom Marie B. res. 308 Harmon

Larcom Otis U. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 308 Harmon

Lariew John E. trainman D L & W R R h. 355 E. Center

LARIEW JOHN R. mnfr of mattresses, spring beds and cots, feather renovating and upholstering 1026 Lake h. 1024 do

LARIEW MATTRESS FACTORY (John R. Lariew) 1026 lake

Larison Harold emp. Willys-Morrow C o. rms. 212 W. Chemung place

Larkin Alice emp. Dept of public relief City Hall res. 319 William

Larkin Catherine nurse St. Joseph Hospital, res. 378 E. Center

Larkin Edmund toolmaker A L F E Co. res. 378 E. Center

LARKIN JOHN E. treas Elmira Mechanics Society 323 Carroll, h. 319 William

Larkin Margaret R. stenogr Fred D. Herrick res. 378 E. Center

Larkin Mary T. clerk Rosenbaum’s res. 378 E. Center

Larkins Silas emp. A L F E Co. h. 49 Powell

Larnard Seward clerk Willys-Morrow Co. res. 415 ½ W. Third

Larnard Theodore R. removed to Pontiac Mich

Laroza Albert P. sec Y M C A rms. 370 370 W. Church

Larrend William emp. Willys-Morrow Co. bds. 815 E. Church

Larrison Edward emp. A L F E Co. res. Railroad ave

Larrison Francis H. emp. D L & W R R h. 515 Union place

Larrison Frank C. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. res. 532 Penna ave

Larrison Harold D. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 212 W. Chemung place

Larrison Juliet wid John H. h. 532 Penna ave

Larrison Levi emp. U S navy yard Washington D C h. 511 Harper

Larrison Oscar emp. A L F E Co. bds. 523 Penna ave

Larrison Ruth E. res. 532 Penna ave

Larson Aaron emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 52 Franklin

Larson Abel carp 206 Home h. 503 McDowell place

Larson Anna M Mrs. h. 207 Chestnut

Larson Augusta maid 114 W. gray res. Do

Larson Augusta cook Strathmont Hoffman res do

Larson Bird removed to New York City

Larson Carl emp. Willys-Morrow Co. bds. 451 South ave

Larson Frederick emp. Willys-Morrow Co. bds. 52 Franklin

Larson Hilda V. res. 52 Franklin

Larson Oscar A. machinist Willys-Morrow Co. h. 631 Penna ave

LaRue Augustus H. h. 376 Home

LaRue Elmer J. emp. 428 W. Fourth h. 753 Grove

Larugan Thomas retired rms 110 W. Market

Laseur Anna bkkpr Southern Tier Motor Co. res. Maple ave bey limits

Lasher Charles D. engr D L & W R R h. 360 E. Fifth

LASKARIS LOUIS L. confectionery and ice cream 131 E. Water h. 317 William

Laskaris Walter L. clerk 131 E. Water res 317 William

Laskoski Joseph T. emp. J N Stearns & Co. h. 221 Grant

Laskowski Adam F. foreman Read & Lovatt h. 210 W. Center

Laskowski Jacob lab h. 1103 Magee

Laskowski Katherine weaver Read & Lovatt bds. 1103 Magee

Laskowski Pauline weaver Read & Lovatt bds 1103 Magee

Latham Charles machinist 102 W. Fourth res. 304 W. Clinton

LATHAM NORMAN F. asst dist traffic chief N Y Tel Co. h. 730 W. Church

Lathrop D. Walter chauffeur rms. 220 W. Gray

Lathrop Manley B. bkkpr G L Curtis & Co. h. 453 Franklin

Laterell Ernest C. mason h. 165 Tuttle ave

Lateral Frank lab h. 115 High

Latterell Jesse painter res. 407 Railroad ave

Latterel Lucy Mrs. res. 407 Railroad ave

Latterman Catherine M. Mrs. h. 420 W. Third

Lattimer John air inspr D L & W R R h. 425 Standish

Lattimer Sarah L. teacher res. 425 Standish

Lattimer Thomas H. car repairer D L & W R R h. 425 Standish

Lattin Charles S. h. 514 W. First

Lattin Elizabeth S. res. 514 W. First

Lattin Fannie res. 916 Grand Central ave

Lattin James farmer h. 916 Grand Central ave.

Lattin May asst supt Helen L Bullock Training School 955 College ave res. Do

Latumski Rosa maid 313 Columbia bds. Do

Laubach Isaac S. retired h. 136 E. Chemung place

Lauer James emp. James Mfg. Co. h. 521 Union place

Laughead Ella M. clerk F W Woolworth Co. res. 126 W. Henry

Laughlin Bridget res. 716 Johnson

Laughlin Frank emp. Willys-Morrow Co. rms. 505 E. Water

Laughlin John C. guard N Y S Reformatory h. 905 Lincoln

Laughlin Joseph F. guard N Y S Reformatory h. 1004 Johnson

Laughlin Thomas H. emp. A L F E Co. h. 618 Howard

Laughlin Vincent emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 604 Sullivan

Laughlin William res. 604 Sullivan

Laundoski Sophia maid 659 N. Main res do

LaValley Charles carp h. 373 W. Clinton

LaValley Stewart emp LaFrance Garage Co. res. 373 W. Clinton

Lavay DeForest instr Vocational School res. 909 Walnut

Lavelle Joseph emp Willys-Morrow Co. bds 221 W. Miller

Lawes Clarence E. bar clerk 600 Baldwin res do

Lawes George W. gardener Strathmont h. 479 Wells

Lawes Harry L. detective police dept h. 474 South ave

Lawes Harry L. foreman 461 E. Clinton h. 1051 Lincoln

Lawes John died December 1916

Lawes John L. janitor Arnot Ogden Hospital res. 218 James

Lawes John L. jr. emp. A L F E Co. h. 218 James

Lawes Lucy V. student res. 479 Welles

Lawes Seddie Mrs. maid arnot-Ogden Hospital res. 1051 Lincoln

Lawler Frances M. res. 600 W. Clinton

Lawler Thomas H. com trav h. 600 W. Clinton

Lawler see Lawlor

LAWLESS & BALLOU CO (INC) John B. Lawless pres. Ransom R Ballou vice-pres and gen’l mgr home furnishing 156 Baldwin

LAWLESS JOHN B. pres Lawless & Ballou Co. (Inc) 156 Baldwin, h. 710 W Water

Lawlor Catherine wid. Bartholomew h. 408 Dewitt ave

Lawlor May dressmaker 324 E. Water res. 408 Dewitt ave

Lawlor Michael J. died June 1917

Lawlor see Lawler

Lawrence A. Norman student res. 519 W. Fourth

Lawrence Blanch W. stenogr Barker, Rose & Clinton Co. res. 604 Park place

Lawrence Charles W. emp Willys-Morrow Co. h. 311 W. Hudson

Lawrence Edward R. painter bds. American House

Lawrence Emmett shipping clerk W I Booth res. 220 High

Lawrence Emmett S. emp. W I Booth res. 220 High

Lawrence Fred M. baggagemaster D L & W R R h. 604 Park place

Lawrence F.R. machinist res. 445 E. Water

Lawrence George rms. 105 N. Main

Lawrence Harry emp. Stone Lumber C o. h. 759 E. Fifth

Lawrence James F. repairman C W Bishop res. Horseheads

Lawrence Leroy A. com tray h. 519 W Fourth

Lawrence Phoebe E. wid Eugene B. nurse res. 128 W.Henry

Lawrence Stelia M. teacher school No. 4 h. 328 Irvine place

Lawson Frances wid William h. 352 N. Main

Lawson Grant N. mgr. Eldridge Park h. 1361 College ave

Lawton Carrie C. bds 109 Washington

Lawton Nellie M. Mrs. dressmaker 373 Penna ave res do

Lawton Ralph M. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 373 Penna ave

Lay Charles G. draftsman American Bridge Co. h. 357 Grove

Lay Frank emp. Willys-Morrow Co. res. 310 Soper

Layton Charles emp. Powers Sales Stables res Hotel Smith

Layton Edward W. clerk 151 Lake res. 609 Lewis

Layton Harry engr Erie R R h. 404 W. Third

Layton Roscoe F. machinist P R R h. 609 Lewis

Lazarus Bertha res. 200 High

LAZARUS ELIJAH (Terminal Café) 106 Lake h. 200 High

Lazarus Jacob chairman city engr’s office re. 200 High

Leach Bernard emp. A L F E Co. h. 216 Orchard

Leach Winifred res. 220 Orchard

Leader John R. polisher A L F E Co. h. 206 Rathbun

Leahy Edward F.. propr Buckbee House 429 E. Water h do

Leahy Edward J. emp. J J O’Connor (Inc) res. 560 ½ E. Church

Leahy Frank R. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 709 Magee

LEAHY MICHAEL A. sec Elmira Savings Bank 212 E. Water rms. 310 ½ W. First

Leahy Norma L. emp. Sheehan Dean & Co. res. 100 Penna ave

Leahy Patrick L. (Leahy & Spurgeon) 62 Pennaq ave h. 100 do

Leahy & Spurgeon (Patrick L. Leahy and Samuel S. Spurgeon) barbers 62 Penna ave

Leahy William B. clerk city city division P.O. h 218 ½ W. Third

Learn Newton H. trainman D L & W R R bds. 421 W. Third

Learned Norman J. salesman 215-217 E. Church res. 719 W. Water

Leary Abbie student res. 705 S. Main

Leary Allen emp. Willys-Morrow Co. res. 232 W. Miller

Leary Arthur café 120 Penna ave h. 221 do

Leary Catherine L. teacher school No.2 res. 232 W. Miller

Leary Charles A. trainman D L & W R R res. 221 Penna ave

Leary Dennis engr P R h. 633 Penna ave

Leary Francis emp. Star-Gazette res 703 Jay

Leary Florence J. stenogr 115 WS. Water res. 221 Penna ave

Leary John res. 703 Jay

Leary Julia clerk A S B Co. res. 862 N. Main

Leary Katherine wid Patrick h. 703 Jay

Leary Lauretta forelady W I Booth res. 703 Jay

Leary Michael J. h. 424 W Fourth

Leary Minnie F. (Mrs. William F.) rooming house 218 William h do

Leary Murt emp. Willys-Morrow Co. bds 312 Sutton

Leary Neil emp. 118 N. Main res 862 do

Leary Theresa M. emp. Crayton’s res 703 Jay

Leary Thomas linotype opr Herald h. 427 Railroad ave

Leary Thomas J. café 362 Davis h do

Leary William F. machinist K V Co. h. 218 William

Leary see O’Leary

Leavitt Charles emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 212 Lormore

Leavitt Dorothy D. student res. 650 Euclid ave

Leavitt Dudley W. clerk Lowman Construction Co. res. 650 Euclid ave

Leavitt Jeanette T. teacher res. 615 Euclid ave

Leavitt Laura Mrs. h. 560 Euclid ave

Leavitt Marion H. student res. 432 Pleasant

Leavitt Martha wid Milton res. 615 Euclid ave

Leavitt Mary B. bkkpr 116 Baldwin h. 408 E. Church

LEAVITT ROBERT M. florist 116 Baldwin h. 408 E. Church

Leavy Fred emp. Willys-Morrow Co. rms. 239 Mt. Zoar

Leavy see Levy

LeBarto Valentine lab h. 858 Magee

LaBlanc Theodore emp. Elmira Foundry Co. res. 349 W. Clinton

Lederman William emp. 310 E. Miller res. 514 Perine

Ledoux Alexander emp. K V Co. h. 159 Judson

Ledoux Cyril toolmaker Willys-Morrow Co. res. 159 Judson

Ledoux Nellie M. student res. 159 Judson

Ledoux Sylvester res. 159 Judson

Ledoux Teresa emp. W I Booth res. 159 Judson

Ledoux see LaDue

Lee Ada emp. Goff, Way & Brnd res. 215 Gregg

Lee Alice E. emp. 501 Walnut res do

Lee Clark teamster h. 805 Canal

Lee Clyde emp. Elmira Foundry Co. bds. 127 W. Hudson

Lee Frank emp. Willys-Morrow Co. res 406 W. Sixth

Lee Frank A. (Lee & Cunningham) cor Penna and South aves h. 213 Lormore

Lee Harry E. lab h. 215 Gregg

Lee Helen wid John h. 1025 Penna ave

Lee James carp h. 623 Franklin

Lee John C. lab bds. 623 Franklin

LEE JOHN J. REV pastor SS Peter and Paul R C Church h. 168 High

Lee Laura S. student Elmira College res do

Lee Lorenzo lab h. 614 Dickinson

Lee Lorin G. meat market 226 S.Main h. 1025 Penna ave

Lee Mary C. Mrs. clerk E W L & R R Co. bds 108 Harmon

Lee Percy T. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. bds 103 W. LaFrance

Lee Rose h. 158 Exchange place

Lee Roy E. draftsman A L F E Co. res. 450 Maple ave

Lee Roy G. emp. Mozart Theatre h. 501 John

Lee Ruth res 623 Franklin

Lee Sam laundry worker 204 Baldwin res do

Lee Sam laundry 665 Lake h do

Lee Sarah M. wid Russell h. 370 S. Main

Lee William lab h.r 705 ½ Dickinson

Lee William E. foreman h. 963 Davis

Lee William H. lab h. 52 Monroe

Leeper William J. turnkey county jail res do

Leese Ambrose J. retired h. 655 Robinson

Leese Harriette bkkpr Second National Bank res. 655 Robinson

Leese Henry A. gateman D L & W R R h. 373 Diven ave

Leese Josephine T. clerk Sheehan, Dean & Co. res.. 655 Robinson

Leese Martha A. clerk A L F E Co. res. 655 Robinson

LeFevre A. T. draftsman A L F E Co. res. 450 Maple ave

LeFevre Emma C. physician 310 E. church h do, office e hours 2 to 3 and 7 to 8 p.m.

LeFevre see LaFever

Lefler Will D. painter and paperhanger h. 708 Tuttle ave

LEGG ALBERT ERNEST REV minister Hedding M E Church, h.424 W Church

Legg Florence E. student res. 397 W. Water

Legg George M. asst supt public works h. 397 W Water

Legg Mary E. Mrs. dressmaker 397 W. Water, res do

Leggett Anna L. B.S. prof of home economics Elmira College, res do

LeGro Catherine student res. 724 Penna ave

LeGro Miner D. car inspr P R R h. 724 Penna ave

Lehigh Valley Coal Co. (C A Petrie) 191 E. Washington ave


Lehmann Harry P. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. W. Church bey limits

Lehmann John L. building contractor h. 730 Harper

Lehmann John L. jr student res. 730 Harper

Lehmann Louis C. emp. Barker, Rose & Clinton Co. res. W Church bey limits

Lehmann William P. carp bds 330 Soper

Lehmann see Lyman

Leight George emp. Eureka Moulding Co. res. 673 Lake

Leishear F. Myron salesman h. 917 Farnham

Leishear Frank N. mason h. 315 Baty

Leishear Helen S. emp Chauncey S. Carey res. 320 Penna ave

Leisner Edward lab h. 953 Sullivan

Leisner Otto emp A L F E Co. res 953 Sullivan

Leisring Ida maid Elmira Country Club res do

Leisring Willard emp. Willys-Morrow Co. res 509 Partridge

Leitch Prince lab rms.214 W. Water

Leljedal Charles lab h. 912 Grand Central ave

Leljedal John fireman D L & W R R h. 1016 Lake

LeMay William J. emp. Willys-Morrow Co. h. 309 E Washington ave

Lemmon Anna Mrs. clerk 129 W. Water res. 511 Union place

Lemmon Charles A. salesman h. 708 ½ W. Clinton

Lemoncella Joseph emp. P R R h. 725 Casey

Lemone James emp. P R R freight res. 709 Railroad ave.

LeMunyan Amasa K. clerk res. 826 W Church

LeMunyan Edith emp. F M Howell & Co. res. 610 Coburn

LeMunyan Edward F. emp. Elmira Wholesale Grocery Co. h. 405 Columbia

LeMunyan Edwin N. clerk P R R res. 405 Columbia

LeMunyan Emma wid Arthur cook 108 E. Market h. 610 Coburn

LeMunyan Ethel M. typist A S B Co. res. 405 Columbia

LeMunyan Hester clerk Read & Lovatt res. 826 W Church

LeMunyan Jay H. motorman E W L & R R Co. rms. 505 Pleasant

LeMunyan Katherine emp. Advertiser bindery res. 401 Columbia

LeMunyan Philip J emp. Eclipse Machine Co. res 610 Coburn

LeMunyan Ralph student res. 405 Columbia

LeMunyan Ralph, chauffeur Empire Produce Co. res. 410 Columbia

Lenhart George D. h. 553 ½ E Second

Lennan Patrick J foreman Willys-Morrow Co. bds American House

Lennon Catherine wid Thomas h. 431 Broadway

Lennon Frank B. machinist P R R h. 615 Maple ave

Lennon Harry emp. Willys-Morrow Co. res. 511 Penna ave

Lennon James T. boiler inspr D L & W R R res. 431 Broadway

Lennon John emp. Willys-Morrow Co. bds. 356 W Fourth

Lennon John machinist A L F E Co. h. 255 Lyon

Lennon John F. emp. P R R res. 431 Broadway

Lennon Sarah C. h. 511 Penna ave

Lennon Vincent tel opr P R R bds. 208 Mt. Zoar

Lennon William H. condr E W L & R R Co res. 431 Broadway

Ennon see Lannon

Lenox LaMonte W. asst storekeeper N Y Tel Co h. 409 Pleasant

Lentz Clara emp Campbell Knitting Mill bds. 861 East ave

Lentz Fred C. retired h. 861 East ave

Lentz Fred C. jr emp Losie Bros bds 861 East ave

Lentz John A. repairman LaFrance Garage Co. h. 708 Benjamin

Lentz William A. emp P R R h 666 Prospect

Leon Michael barber 367 Railroad ave h do

Leodore Alexander emp Bennett Incinerating Co. h. 720 Hatch

Leonard Alemay stenogr K V Co. bds 364 W. Gray

Leonard Alfred M. agent Prudential Ins. Co h. 108 Phoenix ave

Leonard Anna maid 407 W Church res do

Leonard Carrie Mrs. cook Park Hotel h. 937 ½ E Church

Leonard Charles F died March 1917

Leonard Celia Mrs. res. 1102 Walnut

Leonard Earl carp h 377 E Warren

Leonard Elmer mason h 1314 Lackawanna ave

Leonard E Leroy emp. Doane & Jones Lbr Co bds 713 German

Leonard Esther student res 723 College ave

Leonard Frank E. piano tuner M Doyle Marks Co h 369 W Clinton

Leonard Frank S lather res 658 Baldwin

Leonard Frederick trainman D L & W R R h 758 Carpenter

Leonard Harry A purchasing agt K V Co res 305 E Church

Leonard Ida L com tray h 321 W Second

LEONARD JAMES propr Park Hotel 418 E Market h do

Leonard James H painter h 514 Ivy

Leonard John C real estate h. 313 Woodlawn ave

Leonard Lloyd A carp h 224 E Miller

Leonard Loretta stenogr A L F E Co. res 364 W Gray

Leonard Loron W student res 723 College ave

Leonard Lydia A wid Albert res 552 E Church

Leonard Mabel R Mrs clerk 114 N Main res 324 Broadway

Leonard Margaret nurse St Joseph Hospital res 205 High

LEONARD OTIS A county clerk Lake near E Market h 552 E Church

Leonard Ross fireman P R R res 210 W Miller

Leonard Ruth W teacher res 723 College ave

Leonard Soloman S salesman h 723 College ave

Leonard William H lab h 658 Baldwin

Leonard Willis B com tray h 514 W Third

Leonard Wilmot B blacksmith A L F E CO. H 308 West ave

Leonardi Charles printer Star-Gazette rms 105 Columbia

Leone Charles h 656 Dickinson

Leone Joseph res 656 Dickinson

Lepa Isadore emp Willys-Morrow Co. h 219 E Seventh

Lepe Frank emp Willys-Morrow Co. h 907 Stowell

Lepkowski Anthony fireman E F D res 918 Johnson

Lepkowski Frank lab res 918 Johnson

Lepkowski John messgr W U Tel Co res 873 Magee

Lepkowski Leon S cabinetmaker Kertscher & Co h 928 Lincoln

Lepkowski Martin lab res 918 Johnson

Lepkowski Peter lab res 918 Johnson

Lepkowski Richard F. emp Willys-Morrow Co. h 873 Magee

Lepkowski Stanley messr W U Tel Co res 870 Magee

Lepkowski Thomas J cabinetmaker Kertscher & Co h 928 Lincoln

Lepkowski Walter A foreman 102 W Fourth h 870 Magee

Lepkowski Walter F lab h 870 Magee

LePresto Joseph grocer 369 Railroad ave h do

Leseur Anna bkkpr Southern Tier Motor Co. res lower Maple ave

Leshick John emp American Bridge Co h 1102 N Main

Leshick Martin B emp Willys-Morrow Co h 1116 N Main

Leshick Nicholas J café 671 Baldwin h 669 do

Lesring James E machinist h 302 E Clinton

Lester Katherine A clerk 127 W Water rms Colonial Inn

Lester Loren N shop foreman LaFrance Garage Co h 610 N Main

Letchi James res r 825 Canal

Letchi Louis h r 825 Canal

Leupelt Gustave S photo engraver F M Howell & Co. h 125 Sly

Leupelt Gustave s jr emp Willys-Morrow Co res 201 Penna ave

LeValley A McLeod price clerk 215-217 E Church res 216 W Gray

LE VALLEY FREDvice-pres LeValley-McLeod-Kinkaid Co (Inc) 215-217 E Church also pres Elmira Foundry Co. h. 216 w Gray

LE VALLEY-McLEOD-KINKAID CO (INC) Arthur B McLeod pres, Fred LeValley vice-pres Herbert P kinkaid sec H B Stinsontreas wholesale dealers in pipe fixtures solder plumbers and steamfitters supplies 215-217 E Church ( See ad side lines)

Levanduski Frank emp Willys-Morrow Co rms 461 Powell

Levanduski Gafei removed to Pennsylvania

Levanduski John emp Willys-Morrow Co. bds 1008 Johnson

Levanduski Peter P emp Willys-Morrow Co res 458 E Church

Levanduski Stanley emp Willys-Morrow Co h 1010 Johnson

Levegood Kenneth emp Sheehan Dean & Co res 101 Fairfield ave

Levegood Melva G emp A L F E Co. h 101 Fairfield ave

Levelle James lab h 209 South ave

Levelle Joseph emp Willys-Morrow Co res 209 South ave

Leventhal Morris L grocer 107 Sullivan h do

Leverich Clara o bkkpr E M Roberts res 1189 Maple ave

Leverich Ida wid E Miller h 1189 Maple ave

Leverich Lucy D teacher E F A res 1189 Maple ave

LEVERING HAROLD K mgr Elmira Automobile Supply Co 112-118 State rms 112 College ave

Levetan Samuel saloon 450 E Market rms 197 Harriet

Levette Eloise student Elmira College res do

Levindofski Frank machinist bds 703 S Main

Levine Barney res 859 John

Levine Dora res 711 John

Levine Fanny wid Barney h 711 John

LEVINE HARRIS (Elmira Iron and Metal Co) 911 John h 859 do

Levine Hyman clerk 147 W Water res 711 John

Levine Ida stenogr 911 John res 859 do

Levine Ida bds 911 John

LEVINE JACOB mgr Elmira Iron and Metal co 911 John h do

Levine Max collector 156 Baldwin h 763 ½ E Water

Levine Philip clerk G R Kinney & Co rms 310 W First

Levine Rose stenogr Tepper Bros res 859 John

LEVINE SAMUEL (Elmira Iron and Metal Co) 911 John h 612 do

Levy A & J (Alex and John) cigar mnfrs 70-72 Penna ave

Levy Alexander (A and J Levy) 70-72 Penna ave h 462 E Church

LEVY BENJAMIN F. lawyer 305-311 Realty bldg h 454 W Water

Levy Florence res 462 E Church

Levy John (A and J Levy) 70-72 Penna ave h 106 do

Levy John jr student res. 106 Penna ave

Levy M Edwin bkkpr A L F E Co. res 106 Penna ave

Levy Marks G (Freudenheim Levy & Lande Inc) res New York City

Levy see Leavy

Lewis Abraham B clerk Gosper-Kelly Co h 428 E Water

Lewis Alexander retired h 521 Penna ave

Lewis Alfred emp. Stone Lbr Co h 950 Sullivan

Lewis Alfred emp Stone Lbr Co h 964 Sullivan

Lewis Alice A teacher res 210 ½ W Hudson

Lewis Alice M emp F V Ensign res 411 Balsam

Lewis Arthur A foreman 157 Falck h 402 Jefferson

Lewis Arthur E foreman A S B Co h 467 W Fifth

Lewis Azuba Mrs res 212 Gregg

Lewis-Brownlow Co. (Inc) E D Lewis mgr mnfrs of portable crematories 1204 Lackawanna ave

Lewis Burr D clerk 400 Broadway res 502 Franklin

Lewis California F janitor school No 9 h 411 Balsam

Lewis Charles H janitor Arnot Ogden Hospital h 916 Walnut

Lewis David E carp E W L & R R Co. h 233 ½ Kingsbury ave

Lewis David W retired h 600 Maple ave

Lewis D & Co. Isadore Ruden mgr clothing 416 E Water

Lewis Edna m res 964 Sullivan

Lewis Edward L machinist D L & W R R h 713 Walnut

Lewis Elizabeth A student Elmira College res do

Lewis Elizabeth A Mrs. sec-treas Chemung Grocery Co. h. 210 ½ W Hudson

Lewis Elmer emp Willys-Morrow Co. bds 914 Penna ave

Lewis Elsie wid George H h 616 Winsor ave

Lewis Elsie M clerk S S Kresge Co res 411 ½ Balsam

Lewis Emma maid 1060 W Water res do

LEWIS F C CO (INC) B E Sweet sec-treas Edward Sweet pres and mgr, paints, oils varnishes and glass 121 N Main

Lewis Florence student Elmira college res do

Lewis Florence E res 600 Maple ave

Lewis Frank clerk Barker, Rose & Clinton Co. res R F D No 4

Lewis Frank a trainman P R R h 502 franklin

Lewis Frank H jeweler res 666 Walnut

Lewis Fred emp J C Williamson h 521 ½ Harper

Lewis Fred salesman 231 W Water h 307 William

Lewis Fred H watchmaker and engraver 323 Carroll res 666 Walnut

Lewis Frederick B agent Prudential Ins Co res 417 Balsam

Lewis Gladys G student res 713 Walnut

Lewis Guy bar clerk Buckee House res do

Lewis Harry emp Willys-Morrow Co res 1204 Lackawanna ave

Lewis Hattie E practical nurse bds 1558 Pratt

Lewis Horace S contractor h 950 Sullivan

Lewis Horace S jr teamster h 952 Sullivan

Lewis Howard clerk George W Peck Co. res 114 N Main

Lewis Jennie E res 950 Sullivan

Lewis James F teamster res 964 Sullivan

Lewis Jesse h emp Willys-Morrow Co. h 411 ½ Balsam

Lewis John D wholesale jeweler and jewelers’ supplies 323 Carroll h 666 Walnut

Lewis Joseph H student res 412 W Clinton

Lewis Kathleen M student res 412 W Clinton

Lewis Kenneth res 417 Partridge

Lewis Laura emp 103 W Church res 1000 Sullivan

Lewis Lorenzo D carp h 509 W Third

Lewis Louise emp J N Stearns & Co rms 125 W Water

Lewis Marguerite asst Dr. H A Moore res 438 W Clinton

Lewis Mary bds Home for Aged

Lewis Mary C wid Andrew rms 1010 Penna ave

Lewis Mary E Mrs h 417 Partridge

Lewis Mary J Mrs steam dye works 428 E Water, h do

Lewis May res 713 Walnut

Lewis Matye nurse res 923 Lake

Lewis Mildred M emp L M Bridgman Co res 411 ½ Balsam

Lewis Nelson O driver Crystal Ice Co res 964 Sullivan

Lewis Nora wid Kelsey B h 417 Balsam

Lewis Orlando H blacksmith A L F E Co. h 221 ½ E Miller

LEWIS RANSOME T gen’l mgr American Bridge Co. Elmira Heights h 412 W Clinton

Lewis Raymond B machinist Willys-Morrow Co h 624 Reynolds

Lewis Ruth res 713 Walnut

Lewis Salvor Co (Inc) E D Lewis mgr 1204 Lackawanna ave

Lewis T Eugene florist 509 W Third, res do

Lewis William teamster res 950 Sullivan

Lewis William E emp P R R res 502 Franklin

Lewis Wyatt C emp Willys-Morrow Co h 302 E Miller

Lewnish George emp R R round house h 351 E Fifth

Leyden Geraldine student res Railroad ave

Leyden Michael retired h 317 W Washington ave

Leyden Patrick J hostler P R R h 965 Railroad ave

Leyden Raymond emp F M Blystone res 965 Railroad ave

Leyden Sarah n urse St Joseph Hospital res 211 ½ High

Leyden Thomas J agent Prudential Ins Co res 317 W Washington avw

Leyden see Lyden

Leznem A K agent Elmira Portrait Co 114 Baldwin

Libby Ransom I instr vocational school h 131 W Henry

Libby Walter A machinist Willys-Morrow Co res 509 W Third

Liberatore Emildo R clerk Hotel Liberatore res do

Liberatore Frank K café 107 E Washington ave h 866 N Main

Liberatore Louis bar clerk 107 E Washington avs res 866 N Main

Liberatore Louise res 866 N Main

LIBERATORE NICHOLAS V (Hotel Liberatore) 701 Railroad ave h do

Liberatore Phillip res 866 N Main

Liberatore Phillip barber res 866 N Main

Libolt Abram M retired res 100 Glen ave

Libolt Charles H carp h 957 E Clinton

Libolt Emma wid William res 263 Partridge

Libolt George H emp Walsh & Reagan h 263 Partridge

Libolt Helen M opr N Y Tel Co. res 263 Partridge

Liddy Agnes C stenogr Record Brewing Co res 421 E Washington ave

Liddy Esther L emp F M Howell & Co res 752 Carpenter

Liddy J Frank carp h 308 Baty

Liddy Katherine wid Michael h 214 Fulton

Liddy Katherine D emp L M Bridgman Co res 214 Fulton

Liddy Leo plumber Gridley, Fuhrman & Martin Co 214 S Main res 724 do

Liddy Marie E res 458 Franklin

Liddy Martin J emp Willys-Morrow Co h 515 Perine

Liddy Martin M fireman D L & W R R res 752 Carpenter

Liddy Mary M wid Micheal J h 421 E Washington ave

Liddy Ruth M wid John h 752 Carpenter

Liddy Tomothy h 458 Franklin

Liebeck Loraine nurse St. Joseph Hospital res 205 High

Liebovitz Lena wid Morris h 702 John

Liguori Eugene emp Willys-Morrow Co res 917 N Main

Liguori Louise emp J N Stearns & Co res 917 N Main

Liguori Paul emp J N Stearns & Co res 917 N Main

Liguori Thomas lab Erie R R h 917 N Main

LIKE-NU SHOE REPAIRING SHOP Frank Hardi propr 163 Baldwin

Lilley Bernard clerk 410 N Main res 352 Stephens place

LILLEY CHARLES F propr Empire Spring Bed Works h 206 W Fifth

Lilley Charles S foreman P R R h 548 S Main

Lilley Edgar emp Fold Easy Mfg Co h 352 Stephens place

Lilley Ernest A engr P R R h 406 Baty

Lilley Glen emp Eclipse Machine Co res 653 Robinson

Lilley Leonard E emp State Highway Dept bds 406 Baty

Lillibridge John C painter h 720 Winsor ave

Lillis Stephen F res 803 Magee

Lillo William emp Willys-Morrow Co h 123 Sullivan

Limner Edward emp Willys-Morrow Co h 524 William

Limner James M fireman D L & W R R res 524 William

Limner Ona dressmaker h 1201 Grand Central ave

Limoncelli John shoemaker 217 W Water h 215 do

Limoncelli Patrick emp Willys-Morrow Co also grocery 203 Railroad ave h do

Linberger Ernestine wid Adolph res 105 Harmon

LINBERGER FRED A meat market 412 N Main h 135 Fourteenth Elmira Heights

Linberger Margaret bkkpr 421 N Main res 135 Fourteenth Elmira Heights

Lindenburg Paul steward Hotel Langwell res do

Lindenberry Frances wid Charles A h 559 E Third

Linderberry Fred emp Willys-Morrow Co res 559 E Third

Linderman Ella M wid James M res 409 Hoffman

Linderman Frances wid Alvin K res 455 W Water

Linderman J Allen clerk Hudson Shoe Co res 317 E Water

Lindley Harry l emp A LF E Co. h 1219 W Church

Lindley Paul bar clerk rms 160 Baldwin

Lindner Lillian Mrs. rooming house 153 Madison ave h do

Lindner Otto chef New England Kitchen h 153 Madison ave

Lindsley John D engr bds 1134 Lake

Lindsley Lina emp 308 S Main h 310 do

Lindsley Jessie emp 308 S Main res 310 do

Lindsley Robert carp bds 219 Sullivan

Linehan Mary C student Elmira College res do

Lingle Helen L clerk A L F E Co. res 259 Lyon

Linker Albert ladies cloaks and suits 308 E Water h 203 Dewitt ave

Linker Bertha emp 308 E Water res 203 Dewitt ave

Linker Ella res 203 Dewitt ave

Linnaberry Floyd E bkkpr Willys-Morrow Co res 830 W Church

Linneen B J machinist Erie R R res 356 W Fourth

Linneen Katherine L teacher school No 2 res 439 W Fourth

Linneen Margaret A stenogr Supreme Court res 439 W Fourth

Linneen Mary teacher school No 5 res 439 W Fourth

Linneen Michael mason bds 360 W Fifth

LINNEEN MICHAEL F mason contractor 439 W Fourth h do

Linneen Susan L teacher res 439 W Fourth

Linster Helen clerk rms 408 Baldwin

Lipcot Frances S emp F M Howell & Co res 119 ½ Caldwell ave

Lipcot Fred L draftsman A L F E Co res 119 ½ Caldwell ave

Lipcot Joseph R emp A L F E Co res 119 ½ Caldwell ave

LIPCOT LUDWIG R shoe repairer 129 Penna ave h 119 ½ Caldwell ave

Lipcot Robert E emp Willys-Morrow Co res 119 ½ Caldwell ave

Lippencott Charles T condr D L & W R R h 410 Linden place

Lipps Emma maid 103 S Main res do

Liscum Mary D wid Col Emerson H h Willowbrook farm Lake nr limits

Liseek Michael emp Thatcher Mfg Co res 912 Grand Central ave

Lisi Caesar em p J N Stearns & Co res 709 Railroad ave

Lisi Ernest weaver J N Stearns & Co h 908 N Main

Lisi Joseph bds 908 N Main

Lisi Michael emp P R R freight bds 908 N Main