Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Hamilton William J., foreman 900 E Church, bds 222 Harriet

Hamilton William, clerk Blight & Worrall, bds 301 E Church

Hamlin Lydia T., widow John, h 411 W Water

Hamm William H., saloon 217 S Broadway

Hamman Hiram, laborer, bds 268 W Hudson

Hammond A. DeWitt, carpenter, h 455 South av

Hammond Della B., bds 503 S Broadway

Hammond Edmund E., carpenter, h 457 South av

Hammond Fred, hack driver, bds Patterson house

Hammond Glen W., blacksmith, h 305 South av

Hammond Jason, carpenter, bds 361 S Main

Hammond John, farmer, h 217 Washington

Hammond Mary A., bookkeeper 138 W Water, bds 217 Washington

Hammond M. S., 505 S Broadway

Hammond Uriah S., laborer, h 503 S Broadway

Hammond Werden F., engineer, bds 807 Lake

Hammond Walter C., laborer, bds 503 S Broadway

Hammond William, tinsmith, h 223 Franklin

Hammond William R., U S guager, h n Chemung

Hampson William B., clerk Erie freight office bds Church

Hansy James, laborer, h 708 McDonald

Hanasy Martin, jr., laborer, h 708 McDonald

Hanasy Mary, widow Martin, h 708 McDonald

Hand Harry, plumber 334 E Water, bds 120 Horner

Handrahan Charles, gate tender D L & W Sullivan and Clinton crossing, bds 713 Sullivan

Handrahan John, h 513 Sullivan

Handrahan John, engineer, h 154 W Sixth

Handrahan John, teamster, h 761 Jay

Handly Mary, h 109 Catherine

Handy Charles L., printer, 310 S Main

Handy Francis, contractor and builder 310 S Main, h do

Hanford H. Clay, engineer Reformatory, bds do

Hanley Dennis, laborer, h 806 S Main

Hanley John, shoemaker, bds 608 Jay

Hanley Kate, dressmaker, bds 806 S Main

Hanley Mary, dressmaker, bds 806 S Main

Hanley Thomas B., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 324 E Center

Hanley William J., brakeman D L & W R R. h 1217 Maxwell av

Hanlon James, collar maker Plumb & Sheldon, bds 851 Lake

Hanlon John F., com trav, bds Rathbun house

Hanly Mary Mrs., h 109 Catherine

Hanly Michael, moulder, h 754 S Main

Hanimore Luzerne, laborer, h 107 E Second

Hannahs Benjamin C., junk dealer, h 918 Maxwell av

Hannan Bridget, widow Michael, saloon 809 Railroad av

Hannan Sarah, bds 809 Railroad av

Hanni Mary, domestic 603 Hoffman

Hannifen Jermiah, stonemason, 310 E Washington

Hannifen John, bds 306 Washington av

Hannifen Jah, mason, bds 306 Washington av

Hannifen John, saloon 306 Washington av

Hannifen Margaret, stenographer 326 E Water, bds 310 E Washington av

Hannifen Michael, laborer, bds 306 E Washington av

Hannifen Nora, bds 306 E Washington av

Hannifen Timothy, mason h 422 Standish

Hanrahan Charles, brakeman DL & W R R, h 915 Magee

Hanrahan Charles, gate tender D L & W R R Sullivan and Clinton h 513 Sullivan

Hanrahan James, saloon 751 S Main, h do

Hanrahan James, emp N C R R shops, bds 549 S Main

Hanrahan John, laborer, h 761 Jay

Hanrahan John, bds 513 Sullivan

Hanrahan Johh, jr., baggemaster D L & W R R, h Jay n Sullivan

Hanrahan John L., engineer D L & W R R, h 963 Main

Hanrahan Julia, widow Patrick, bds Logan cor Grove

Hanrahan Kate, domestic 109 W Market

Hanrahan Kate, bds 221 Park

Hanrahan Maggie M., domestic 703 S Main

Hanrahan Maggie, domestic 316 Baldwin

Hanrahan Mary, dressmaker, bds 549 S Main

Hanrahan Michael, laborer, h 808 S Main

Hanrahan Michael, laborer, h 221 Park

Hanrahan Michael, laborer, h 807 East av

Hanrahan Michael, laborer, h 811 East av

Hanrahan Nellie, domestic 126 Penna av

Hanrahan Rady, emp Elmira bridge works, h 726 S Main

Hanrahan William, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 908 Michigan av

Hanyen Cornelius S., meat, fish and fruit peddler, h 663 Lake

Hanyen Jennie R., boarding 663 Lake

Hapeman Helen, dressmaker, bds 104 E Henry

Hapeman Nelson, carpenter, h 104 E Henry

Haradon Anita, bds 375 E Center

Haradon Mary A., widow Isaac C., h 375 E Center

Harbeck August, laborer, h 815 East av

Hardeman Samuel M., slater, bds 468 E Water

Harden Hosea, clerk 200-202 W Water, bds 129 W Market

Harenbrook William, helper D L & W R R, h 915 Lake

Hardenstine Jennie E., widow John L., domestic 206 Brand

Hardie Alexander, laborer, bds 503 1-2 Sullivan

Hardie George, bds 503 1-2 Sullivan

Harding Edward S., dispatcher N C R R, h 457 E Second

Harding Robert E., moulder, h 509 ½ Fulton

Hardy James H., lawyer and justice of the peace 308 E Water, h 305 Hine

Harer Charles, student, bds 858 N Main

Harley Jesse, laborer Home for the Aged, bds do

Harley Harvey, draftsmen, 57 S Main

Harlow Bertha J., grocer 438 E Water, h do

Harlow Eva L, clerk 438 E Water, bds do

Harlow David S., polisher, h 438 E Water

Harmon Peter, conductor L V R R, bds Frasier house

Harold James, printer bds Pattison house

Haron Patrick, laborer, bds 129 W Henry

Haper Charles C., engineer N C R R, h 515 Jefferson

Harper Frank C., fireman N C R R, h 382 Baty

Harper Henry M., clerk N C R R depot, h 661 Davis

Harper H. Van F., clerk N C R R, depot, bds 661 Davis

Harper Sarah, widow John, domestic 600 Penna av

Harrington Benson C., furniture packer, h 224 W Water

Harrington Charles, night watchman reformatory, bds do

Harrington Daniel H., laborer Elmira woolen mills, bds 511 High

Harrington Elizabeth G., domestic 452 W Water

Harrington Fred, janitor, h 411 Standish

Harrington George, clerk 355 E Washington av, bds Patterson

Harrington George, clerk, h 224 W Water

Harrington Jennie, waitress Rathbun house

Harrington John H., barber, bds 512 College av

Harrington John P., printer Telegram, bds 511 High

Harrington John V., laborer, h 503 Coburn

Harrington Julia, waitress Rathbun house

Harrington LaFayette, clerk 115 E Water, h 106 Elm

Harrington Lilly, modiste 367 W Water

Harrington Maggie, domestic 425 Railroad av

Harrington Maggie L., domestic 511 High

Harrington Michael, blacksmith, h 515 Fulton

Harrington Patrick J., tel operator N Y L E & W R R, bds 110 W Market

Harrington Peter, laborer, bds 756 S Main

Harrington Phena, stenographer, bds 367 W Water

Harrington Thomas B., laborer, h 921 E Church

Harrington William C., clerk 116-118 W Water, h 224 W Water

Harrington William M., janitor, h 808 E Market

Harris Abraham, (J. Hrris & Son), h College av cor W Gray

Harris Baney, machinist, N C R R shops, h S s Soper n S Main

Harris Charles, laborer, h 656 Baldwin

Harris Charles A., bookkeeper 611 Railroad av, h 966 Johnson

Harris Ella E., teacher school No. 5, bds 528 First

Harris Frank B., clerk 320 E Water, bds 528 W First

Harris Franklin W., laborer, bds 123 Partridge

Harris George E., feed store 109 E Market, h 601 Hart

Harris George W., mason, h 225 Mt Zoar

Harris Gertrude Mrs., (D. A. Atwater & Co), h 601 Hart

Harris Giles M., h 528 W First

Harris Harvey R., clerk 146 W Water, bds 528 W First

Harris Henry, mason, h 260 W Henry

Harris Inda M., bds 506 Penna av

Harris Jonas, farmer, bds 225 Mt Zoar

Harris J. Henry, mason, bds 123 Partridge

Harris Joseph (J Harris & Sons) h Hornellsville

Harris J. & Sons, (Solomon and Abraham) Dry goods 331 E Water

Harris Justus H (Harris & McHenry) h Penna av cor E Hudson

Harris Max, trav salesman, h 219 High

Harris & Mc Henry, (J H Harris and A McHenry) manufacturers and dealers in Lumber Penna av, cor Erie

Harris Samuel F., carpenter, h 506 Penna av

Harris Solomon, J Harris & Son), h College av cor W Gray

Harris William, painter, h 301 S Broadway

Harris William H., laborer, h 468 E Water

Harris W., laborer, bds 604 Baldwin

Harrison Charles, hack driver, 238 W Water

Harrison Charles J., printer, bds 363 Roe av

Harrison Frederick C., driver, bds 702 E Market

Harrison Hugh P., conductor D L & W R R, h 305 Diven av

Harrison John, printer, bds 363 Roe av

Harrison John, lumber Davis cor W Fifth, h do

Harrison J. Harlan, (Watrous Thill Co) 317 E Clinton

Harrison Michael, brakeman D L & W, bds 902 Lake

Harrison Sarah, nurse Southern Tier Orpahns’ Home, bds do

Harrison Thomas, mason, 363 Roe av

Harrison William H., lineman Telephone Co, bds Elmira house

Harrison William, grocer 700 Oak

Hart Abraham P., photographer 306 E Water, h r 959 East av

Hart Amos D., contractor and builder 225 Franklin, h do

Hart Barbara D., teacher school No. 4, bds 1116 Lake

Hart Carl W., bookkeeper 409 Railroad av, bds 4459 E Market

Hart Charles, saloon 405 E Water, h 459 E Market

Hart Charles F., cigarmaker, bds 853 Lake

Hawkins Daniel, clerk 133 E Water, h 306 Madison av

Hawkins Effie A., bds 604 Baldwin

Hawkins Joseph L., laborer, h 604 Baldwin

Hawver Walter J., laborer, h 111 W Chemung pl

Hawley Hattie A., h 507 Columbia

Hawley Henry J., carpenter, h 628 Winsor av

Hay Mary, h 358 W Third

Haycook Anna, dressmaker, bds 456 E Water

Haycook Kate, widow John, h 456 E Water

Haycook Mary E., dressmaker, bds 102 W Gray

Hayden John T., clerk reformatory, bds do

Hayes Edwin L., message boy Meads office, bds 210 W Third

Hayes Floyd J., mason, bds 720 W gray

Hayes Fred J., printer Gazette, bds 121 Brand

Hayes Harriett N., widow John, bds 720 W Gray

Hayes Henry O., (Holmes & Hayes) mason and contractor, h 720 W Gray

Hayes Hugh, laborer, h 711 Gray

Hayes James C., engineer, h 210 W third

Hayes John, emp N C R R shops, h 206 Giltanan

Hayes Michael, plumber, h 717 Davis

Hayes Patrick, laborer, h 254 W Hudson

Hayes Thomas M., carpenter, h 311 Norton

Hayes William J., bartender 507 Railroad av bds do

Haylett Anna, compositor, h Hoffman near Carrs Corners

Haynes Addie S., dressmaker, h 311 DeWitt

Haynes Claude S., clerk N C R R, bds 203 W Hudson

Haynes Martin M., conductor D L & W R R h 1130 Hall

Haynes Sanford D., upholster, h 203 W Hudson

Hays Daniel S., meat market 227 S Main, h 419 Jefferson

Jayat Charles D., bds Rathbun house

Hayt George, bds 117 Madison av

Jayt Hugh C., prop Rathbun house 211 E Water, see p 3

Hayt see also Haight

Haythorn Charles B., bds West End hotel

Hayward T A., clerk N Y L E & W R R, h 323 Washington

Hazard Charles, (Telegram Co.,) h 217 W first

Hazard James E., agent Wells Fargo & Co’s express, h 217 W First

Hazard Josiah, clerk rolling mills, h 214 E Water

Hazen Oliver, teamster, h 706 E Fifth

Head Lydia, clerk, 237 W Water

Healey Edith M., 707 1-2 Magee

Healy Frank, bds 507 Magee

Healy James A., train dispatcher Erie depot, h 707 1-2 Magee

Healy Thomas, bds 510 Perine

Healy Thomas, laborer, h 113 W Miller

Heart Michael, shoemaker, h 105 S Walnut

Heater James H., clerk, 411 S Main

Heath Julia, domestic, 122 N Main

Heath Seanora, widow Jay M., bds 502 E Water

Heaxt George W. machinist, bds 562 Coburn

Heaxt John, bds 419 S Broadway

Heaxt Mary, domestic, 419 S Broadway

Heaxt Mary Mrs., h 419 S Broadway

Hebbe Julius, laborer, h 1303 Sullivan

Hebdon Lizzie Y., domestic, 423 W Church

Hebe Frank, engineer N Y L E & W R R, h 217 W Third

Hedden John W., (Hedden & Westlake) Queen city sanitarium, 1219 Lake

Hedden & Westlake, (J W Hedden and J A Westlake) Queen city medical and surgical sanitarium 1219 Lake

Hedges Emmett, helper, 157 Baldwin

Hedges Frank L., boilermaker, h 316 South av

Hedges Phineas, policemen, h 336 E Water

Herny James, mason, j 312 Washington av

Heffernan Delia, bds 114 W First

Heffernan Patrick, h 206 Madison av

Heher Martha M., domestic, 115 1-2 Horner

Heher Simon, clerk, 509 E Water bds do

Heine Anna, bds 808 John

Heine George, clerk, 165 Baldwin bds do

Heine Hermon A., teamster, h 808 John

Heine Johanna, widow, h 165 Baldwin

Heine William C., restaurant and saloon 165 Baldwin, h do

Heller Carrie Mrs., domestic, 351 N Main

Heller Charles, farmer h Bancroft road

Heller Daniel N., clerk surrogate’s office, bds Bancroft road n Carrs Corners

Heller George A., train dispatcher N Y L E & W R R h 351 W Clinton

Heller Horatio, mason, h 619 W Gray

Heller Israel C., carpenter, h 616 Lewis

Heller Michael B., clerk 119 W Eater, bds Bancroaft road n Carrs Corners

Hellen William, blacksmith I B Coleman, h 426 W Fourth

Hellen William E. jr., artist, bds 426 W Fourth

Helloran James, fireman and saloon, h 424 E Washington av

Helm George, bookkeeper 116 Partridge, h 227 Brand

Helm Willis B., sash and blind maker Fitch & Aldrich h 213 DeWitt

Helm Phineas, gardener, bds 213 DeWitt

Helme Harvey S., brakeman, h 711 Kinyon

Helmes Wm O., h 1123 N Elm

Hemingway Andrew J., emp Erie depot, h 403 W First

Hemstead Edard W., train dispatcher Erie R R, h 309 Elm

Hemenway George W., confectionery 220 W Water, h 503 Matthew

Hemmingway Judd C., clerk Duhl Bros. E Church bds 801 E Market

Hemmingway Mark S., tobacconist, bds 801 E Market

Hemmingway Martha E., widow Andrew J, h 403 W First

Hemmingway Sarah M., widow Charles O., h 801 E Market

Hemmingway Seth, pump maker 708 E Clinton, h do

Hemstraught William, conductor D L & W R R, bds 302 Divan av

Hendershott Cora V., bds 412 Matthews

Hendershott William A., conductor D L & W bds 412 Matthews

Henderson Benjamin, rope and rustic stand manuf 209 W Water, bds Pattison house

Hendrick Belle, widow Orva, h 523 W Clinton

Hendrick Charles H., clerk 125 S Main, h 523 W Clinton

Hendricks William E., news editor Advertiser h 438 W Clinton

Hendy Jud, (Hendy & Metzger) h 56 Penna av

Hendy Mandane, widow Charles, bds 107 W Hudson

Hendy & Metzger, (Jud Hendy and Charles Metzger) imported cigars and liquors, 143 E Water

Henmore Luzern, teamster, h 107 E Second

Hennegar William A., blacksmith Elmira bridge works, h 156 DeWitt

Hennessy Bridget, domestic 115 E Chemung pl

Hennessy Bridget, domestic 664 Park pl

Hennessy Edward, laborer, h 371 W Second

Hennessy Eliza Mrs., bds 361 Railroad av

Hennessy Ellen, widow William, bds 359 Grove

Hennessy James, laborer, bds 708 McDonald

Hennessy John, emp Barker, Rose & Gray, bds 722 Columbia

Hennessy Martin, laborer, bds McDonald

Hennessy Mary, widow, h 708 McDonald

Hennessy Michael, bds 708 McDonald

Hennigan James, mason, h 732 Harper

Hennigan Partick, bricklayer, 418 Walnut

Henrington Sivilian, pump maker, h 102 Pattinson

Henry Cora Mrs., domestic 808 Magee

Henry John B., watchman, h 507 E Church

Henry Marcalius, h 223 W Water

Henry Matilda, h 360 E Fifth

Henry Mary K., domestic 208 E Church

Henry William T. Rev. D. D., pastor 1st Baptist church, h 114 W Gray

Hepburn A. H., clerk Frasier house, h 106 W Second

Her Amelia, dressmaker, h 1413 Benton

Her Mary A., dressmaking 1413 Benton, h do

Herbert Catharine, widow Bartholomew, h 609 Davis

Herbert James J., butcher, bds 609 Davis

Herbert john B., clerk, bds 609 Davis

Herchisken Florance, laborer, h 914 Johnson

Herchiskel Frank, tailor, bds 914 Johnson

Herendeen Edward G., lawyer Robinson bldng 159 to 163 Lake bds 374 W Church

Herlihan Mary A., domestic 512 w Clinton

Herman Bennie (Herman & Co,) bds 419 Harriet

Herman Charles, shoemaker, h 363 W Fifth

Herman & Co., (B and R Herman) jewelry and pianos 140 Lake

Herman Hattie, bds 312 S Main

Herman Mary, nurse, h 312 S Main

Herman Ralphiel, (Herman & Co,) h 114 Lake

Hermans Carie A. bds 703 W Water

Hermans Eliza, widow James, h 703 W Water

Hermans E. J. Rev., presiding elder Elmira M. E. church, Elmira dist, h 703 W Water

Hermans Mary A., bds 703 W Water

Herold Catherine, bds 414 Madison av

Herold John, laborer, bds 414 Madison av

Herrick Fred W. (Thomas Perry & Co.), bds 110 Baldwin

Herrick Ray, bookkeeper, bds 525 William

Herrick William H., blacksmith, h 239 Mt Zoar

Herrick Whiting M., machinist, h 518 Balsam

Herrington Beakes, shoemaker, bds r 124 E Chemung pl

Herrington Betsey A., widow Horace P., h 205 Caldwell av

Herrington Charles M., shoemaker, bds r 124 E Chemung pl

Herrington Emma B. Mrs., h r 124 E Chemung pl

Herrington George F., clerk Chapman’s grocery Washington av bds 102 Pattison

Herrington Hattie P., bds 205 Caldwell av

Herrington Harry E., bds 205 Calswell av

Herrington Henry J., switchman D L & W R R, bds 102 Pattison

Herrington Newell J., clerk Lewis house, h 412 E Water

Herrington Phena, stenographer W Water

Hersch Benjamin, clerk, bds 112 Madison av

Hersh Berth, clerk 201 E Water, h 112 Madison av

Hersey George, trav agt, h 466 W First

Hersey Harry C., h 125 Madison av

Hertel James, brakeman, bds 415 Pleasant

Hervey Bros. ( W W H and M S H), dry goods and notions 226 S Main

Hervey Mark S. (Hervey Bros.), res Coudersport, Pa

Hervey William. (Hervey Bros.), h 206 Henry

Hess Allice W., bds 1122 Caldwell av

Hess Carrie B., bds 413 S Elm

Hess Charles H., laborer, h 321 S Broadway

Hess Charles I., teamster, h 426 Balsam

Hess Charles I., teamster, h 114 W Seventh

Hess John, teamster Reformatory, bds do

Hess John H., laborer, h 450 Reformatory

Hess Oscar E., night watch Harris & McHenry, h 413 S Elm

Hesselsohn Bernard, grocer 775 John, bds 767 John

Hesener Carlton K., clerk 314 E Water, bds 465 do

Hevener Fred D., flagman E Market St crossing, h 519 Fulton

Hevener Jacob, grocer 314 E Water, h 465 do

Hewitt Melvin H., bookkeeper 350 and 352 state, bds 2 Main St Bridge

Hewitt Michael J., ball tender D L & W and E C & N R R, h 1404 Baldwin

Hewett Thomas B., conductor N C R R, h 555 Franklin

Hewitt Thomas H., switchman D L & W R R, bds 1404 Baldwin

Hibbard Alice, bds 315 W Fourth

Hibbard Alonzo J., emp Jones & Doane, h 315 W fourth

Hibbard Cassius A. (Mrs. P. Inscho & Son), h 105 Elm

Hibbard Cora, bds 615 Park pl

Hibbard Gardner C., h 212 W Chemung

Hibbard Milan (Chase Hibbard Milling Co.), h 660 Park pl

Hibbard Rachael, widow Joseph, bds 719 Columbia

Hibbard Willis E., clerk A C. Spaulding, bds 615 Park pl

Hickey Anna S., teacher primary school, bds 217 DeWitt

Hicks David B., hostler 812 W Water

Hicks David J., delivery clerk 114 W Water, bds 812 W Water

Hicks John, delivery clerk, bds 106 W Gray

Hickey Hannah, widow Martin, h 103 W Henry

Hickey Johanna, h 217 DeWitt

Hickey John J. (Hickey & Skelly), h 110 Lake

Hickey Matthew W., emp Telegram, h 653 N Main

Hickey & Skelly (J J H and J S), props Arbour hotel and restaurant 110 Lake

Hiester William A., civil engineer, h 515 William

Higgins Anna, tailoress 215 Orchard, bds do

Higgins Anna, dressmaker 337 W Seventh, bds do

Higgins Eliza H., Teacher No. 2, bds 422 W Gray

Higgins James, laborer, h 718 Baldwin

Higgins James, jr., bds 718 Baldwin

Higgins James E., trav salesman, h 404 W Clinton

Higgins Julia, dressmaker, bds 718 Baldwin

Higgins Lucy, bds 404 W Church

Higgins Kate, domestic 528 W Water

Higgins Maggie, dressmaker, bds 718 Balsam

Higgins Martin M., tailor, bds 215 Orchard

Higgins Mary, tailoress 215 Orchard, bds do

Higgins Minnie, housekeeper 337 W Seventh

Higgins Norman L, h 317 W First

Higgins Patrick, tailor, h 215 Orchard

Higgins Philip H., teamster, h E s College av cor Park entrance

Higgins Susie, 337 W Seventh, bds do

Higgins William J., clerk, bds 215 Orchard

Higgins Caroline, widow George, bds 555 Coburn

Higgs Ellen, dressmaker, bds 115 Harmon

Higgs William J., clerk 254 and 256 State, h 555 Coburn

Hildebrant Emmet, blacksmith instruction Reformatory, bds do

Hildreth Casper D., h 10 Home

Hildreth Frank, farmer, bds 2 Home

Hildreth George M., brakeman Erie R R, bds 512 Erie

Hildreth Hattie E., 2 Home

Hildreth Isaac, locomotive engineer Erie R R, h 512 Erie

Hildreth Judd F., farm laborer, bds 2 Home

Hildreth Lanson H., h 406 E Water

Hildreth Smith H., tobacco tyer, h 2 Home

Hildreth Theresa, teacher, bds 2 Home

Hill Alphonzo, carpenter, h 1050 Walnut

Hill Charles T., brakeman D L & W R R, bds 1108 1-2 Lake

Hill Clara Mrs., dressmaker 508 Main, h do

Hill Cora, domestic 1211 Hall

Hill David B. Hon., governor, bds 503 Lake

Hill Dora B., dressmaker, bds 511 Fulton

Hill Ella D., bds 515 W Second

Hill Franc, widow Jerome, h 309 1-2 Hine

Hill Frank G., clerk, bds 705 E Church

Hill Frank M., engineer, h 604 W Clinton

Hill Freeman R., salesman, h 511 Fulton

Hill George, telegraph operator, bds 604 W Clinton

Hill Gerog W., shoemaker 434 Penna av, bds do

Hill Henry, Southport corners

Hill James W., grocer 563 E Church, h do

Hill John, teamster, h 1108 1-2 W Gray

Hill John T., trav salesman, h 806 1-2 W Gray

Hill Joseph W., carpenter, h 467 Powell

Hill J. Stewart, physician 151 Lake, h 121 E Hudson

Hill Julius, fireman, h 1000 Sullivan

Hill Kingston, laborer, h 636 Baldwin

Hart Charles L., teller Chemung Canal bank, h 325 W Clinton

Hart Eliza, widow Erastus P., h 395 W Water

Hart Esther N., teacher, bds 306 E Church

Hart Fred C., bookkeeper 139 E Water, bds 459 E Market

Hart Frank B., grocer 413 Railroad ave, h 308 W Church

Hart Harriet, widow Erastus L., h 325 W Clinton

Hart Henry, shoemaker 1118 Lake, h 1116 Lake

Hart Ira F., physician and surgeon 306 E Church, h do

Hart Jacob, shoemaker, 314 E Washington av, h 853 Lake

Hart James, machinist, h S S Baty n Herrick

Hart Kate, bds 853 Lake

Hart Louise B, bds 459 E Market

Hart Lydia M., bds 459 E Market

Hart Mary, domestic 306 W Gray

Hart Michael, shoemaker, h 105 S Walnut

Hart Solomon, baker, h 107 College av

Hart William H., cigar manfr 853 Lake, h do

Hart William C., train agt N C R R, h 217 W Gray

Hart Will E., bookkeeper, h 352 Maple av

Hart William E., h 217 W Gray

Harter Lewis, laborer, h 404 Thurston

Hartigan Patrick, captain police force, h 409 Powell

Hartman Caroline, bds 716 Baldwin

Hartman Catharine, h 716 Baldwin

Hartman Charles, polisher, h 716 Baldwin

Hartman John H, butcher 529 Lake, bds 119 S Main

Hartman Peter, teamster, h 809 E Market

Hartnett Benjamin, h 313 Division

Hartnett Benjamin F., engineer D L & W R R. h 313 Division

Hartnett Daniel, brakeman D L & W R R, bds 313 Division

Hartnet John, harnessmaker, bds 656 Lake

Hartnett John, car driver, bds 100 Park

Hartnett Mary E., widow Andres, h 808 N Main

Hartnett Timothy, engineer D L & W R R, bds 313 Division

Hartnett William, fireman, D L & W R R, bds 313 Division

Hartwell George, clerk Market cor William, h 913 E Church

Hartwell William, G., bookkeeper 306 W Water

Harvy Sara M., bds 528 W First

Haskell Myron C., (Thurston & Haskell), h Carrs Corners

Haskett Thomas, machinist, bds 305 South ave

Haskin Frank B., h 380 W Gray

Haskin F. B. Mrs., dressmaker 380 W Gray

Haskins Osman, h 1007 Lincoln

Hasrick Lewis, machinist, bds 703 S Main

Hasseler John F., machinist, 430 Standish

Hassett Patrick, beer bottler 809 Magee, h 812 N Main

Hassett Thomas, machinist, bds 301 S Main

Hastings George P, ins agt, h 516 Euclid pl

Hastings Hubert S., student, bds 516 Euclid pl

Hastings Sophia D., bds 131 Lormore

Hatch C. B. Mrs., bds 397 W Water

Hatch William B., upholsterer, h 700 E Market

Hatch William N., h 365 W Second

Hatchett Richard Rev., pastor Shiloh Baptist church, h 708 Baldwin

Hathaway George, emp J H Clarks stock farm

Hathaway Helen M., widow Thomas S., h 210 W First

Hathaway William, canvasser, bds 415 E Market

Hathaway William D., carpenter, h 404 Locust

Hathorn Andrew, h 708 Park

Hathorn James P., real estate, h 711 College av

Hathorn John, clerk L V R R frt office, h 356 W Sixth

Hathorn John W., farmer, h 1333 College

Hauenstein Charles a., fireman, h 217 Lormore

Hauenstein Sophia, widow Henry, h 6 Lemon

Hauenstein Werner, cartman LaFrance shops, h 231 LaFrance

Haupt Andrew, tailor 109 DeWitt, h do

Haupt Charles A., drug clerk 208 S Main, h 112 E Chemung pl

Haupt Ernestine, widow Matthew, h 556 John

Haupt Henry A., tailor 109 DeWitt, h do

Haupt Ida, bds 109 DeWitt

Haupt Nellie, dressmaker, bds 109 DeWitt

Haupt William, painter, Carroll cor Lake, bds 109 DeWitt

Hautin George, florist, bds 309 Carroll

Hauver Charles W., engineer N C R R, h 361 Elm

Hauver Frank E., clerk 131-133 W Water, bds 361 Elm

Hauver John H., fireman N C R R, bds 361 Elm

Haven Edward A., carpenter, h 206 DeWitt

Haven Sarah H. Mrs., bds 119 Penna av

Havens Edward, teamster, bds 522 W Hudson

Havens Edwards J., sawyer, bds 522 W Hudson

Havens Harry G., clerk, bds 119 Penna av

Havens Robert C., laborer, h 522 W Hudson

Havens Robert W., plumber, bds 522 W Hudson

Haviland Addison T., bds 116 Caldwell av

Haviland Harry L., laborer, h 626 W Gray

Haviland John W., machinist, h 533 Grove

Hawk Halda, domestic 303 W Clinton

Hawkes Carlton H., (J. Richardson & Co.), h 317 W Gray

Hawkes Fritz E., student, bds 317 W Gray

Hawks Nicholas, h 380 Fulton