Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Dunbar, Fred E., laborer, h 751 E. Second cor Oak

Dunbar, Merton E., laborer, Lillie’s spring bed fac, bds 754 ½ E Fifth

Dunbar Rose E., dressmaker, bds 754 ½ E Fifth

Dunbar Willard H., brakeman N C R R h 109 South ave

Duncan George carpenter, bds Second cor Columbia

Duncan George, barber Davis, h 372 W Clinton

Duncan Mary L., domestic 202 W Washington ave.

DUNDAS THOMAS A., physician and surgeon, hours 8 to 9 a.m., 1 to 3 and 6 to 8 p.m. 257 Baldwin h., do.

Dunfee Ellen, dressmaker, bds 418 Perry

Dunfee Josephine, teacher, bds 418 Perry

Dunfee Thomas, h 418 Perry

Dunham Cornelia R., widow Horatio, bds 360 Franklin

Dunham Marshall, hides and tallow 103 W Water, h 360 Franklin

Dunham Nelson, brakeman N C R R , h 428 Pleasant

Dunham Roger, laborer, bds 653 Baldwin

Dunham Thurston, com trav, h 430 Herrick

Dunkel Henry, laborer, bds 514 High

Dunkle Henry H., paver, bds 459 Lake ave

Dunn Addie M., bds 762 E Second

Dunn Anna T., milliner, bds 214 Franklin


Dunn Bernard, machinist, h 653 Davis

Dunn Charles M., machinist, bds 762 E Second

Dunn Clarence J. bds 319 Sullivan

Dunn Daniel laborer h 425 W Fifth

Dunn Daniel P., plumber, gas and steam fitter, h 428 Penna ave

Dunn Edward J., bookkeeper Chemung Canal bank, h 507 E. Second

Dunn Helen, domestic, 413 N. Main

Dunn James, machinist, h 762 E Second

Dunn Jerry, moulder, bds 702 S. Main

Dunn Jerry, moulder, bds 202 E Gray

Dunn John, mineral waters and ginger ales h, 319 Sullivan

Dunn Lizzie A., dressmaker, bds 214 Franklin

Dunn Maggie C., bds 908 Magee

Dunn Margaret, widow John, h 908 Magee

Dunn Mercy, domestic 214 First

Dunn Mary A. bds 507 E Second

Dunn Mary A., widow Patrick h 214 Franklin

Dunn Neilie, domestic 502 W Church

Dunn Owen shearer, bds 706 E Second

Dunn Patrick, h 507 E Second

Dunn Theresa, domestic, 360 W Church

Dunn Thomas B., foreman cigar packer 91-95 Penna ave., h 118 Lormore

Dunn Thomas F., cigarmaker 91-95 Penna ave., bds 1 Home cor Spaulding

Dunn John J., carpenter N C R R shops, h 207 ½ W Miller

Dunning Amanda M., widow Abraham, h 460 Franklin

Dunning Ebin, bds 460 Franklin

Dunning Sarah E., widow Herman H., bds 408 W Second

Dunning William N., iron working N C shops, h 427 S Elm

Dunovan Edward, teamster, bds 600 W Hudson

Dupra Fred, h 218 E Market

Dupra Lettie, h 218 E Market

DURANT & PHILLIPS, liverymen (T. J. Durant and H. Phillips) 405 S. Main and 409 Penna ave

Durant Thomas J. (Durant and Phillips), h. 407 S. Main

Durant Thomas, engineer E C & N R R , h 407 S. Main

Durbon Augusta A., teacher school No. 2, h 360 Columbia

Durbon Julia C., bookkeeper 126 Lake, bds 360 Columbia

Durfey Erastus G. h 449 W Fifth

Durfey Harry L., carpenter, bds 449 W Fifth

Durfey James G., builder, h 108 Lormore

Durfey John L., flagman N C R R , h 412 Pleasant

Durham Cady B., machinist, bds 217 Vine

Durham Ella M., 217 Vine

H. O. SMITH, Architect, 108 Lake St.

Durham Thomas M., blacksmith, h 217 Vine

Durkin Michael sawyer, h 458 High

Durland Daniel T. (Durland & Pratt) h 628 W Church

Durland Emma, stenographer, bds 154 W Fourth

Durland Frederick L., law student, bds 628 W Church

Durland grace e., student, bds 371 W Church

DURLAND & PRATT, (D F D & T S P) dry goods and carpets 102 and 104 W Water

Durland Sarah E., widow Charles O., bds 371 W Church

Durling Emma, typewriter, h 154 W Fourth

Dusrynsthi Wajeiech, laborer, h 950 Johnson

Duruz Augusta, domestic 623 Mt Zoar

Duryea Emeline, widow Virgil, h 410 Fulton

Duryea Mills T., emp Telegram, h 410 Fulton

Duryea V. Y. Mrs. h 410 Fulton

Duryea Walter J., clerk 323 E Water, h 306 Penna ave

Dutot Cicero, brakeman D L & W R R bds 928 Maxwell ave

Dutton C Jay, teamster Reformatory, h do

Dutton Dora, bds 204 Dewitt ave

Dutton Elwin S., conductor N C R R h 456 Spaulding

Dwight Cornelia P., teacher Elmira college bds do

Dwyer John, engineer D L & W R R h 355 E Center

Dykeman Arthur E., teamster, h 419 S. Broadway

DYER ADA MRS., bakery and ice cream also home made bread and cake 107 College ave, h 459 W Third

Dyna Sine, widow Christian, bds 115 High

Dynan Martin, laborer, h 955 Oak

Dyott John C., foreman N C R R shops, h 701 Kinyon

Dyott John C Jr., bds 701 Kinyon

Eacker Charles O., clerk Market cor William, bds 911 E Church

Eacker David G., clerk Market cor William, h 911 E Church

Eacker Louie J., bds 911 E Church

Eagan Bridget domestic 553 E Second

Eagan Bridget widow Patrick h 154 High

Eagan Lizzie, domestic, 262 W Fourth

Eagle Bottling Works, E B Gardner manager 420 and 422 Carroll

Eagan Kate, dressmaker 154 High, bds do

EAGLE PRINTING HOUSE T. C. Fraley prop 120 E Water

Eagleson John, laborer bds 322 W Seventh

Eames Warren J. laborer h Luce n Robinson

Earl Clara, helper 157 Baldwin bds do

Earl Sarah A Mrs., boarding 156 W Third

HOSMER BILLINGS, Bookseller, Stationer and Newsdealer, 112 Baldwin Street

Earl William, bookkeeper, bds 122 W Hudson

Earl William D. mason, bds College av n Reformatory

EARLE BORDMAN B., liquor and cigar store 204 W Water h 308 College ave

Earle Frank, mason h 100 Pattinson

Earle Frederica Mrs., dep. Col U.S. int rev Opera house blk room 3 h 122 W Hudson

Earle George, boxmaker Howell & Aldrich, bds 212 Dewitt

Earle William M. clerk N C R shops, h 122 W Hudson

Earley Charlie W., painter Fifth cor Madison av

EASTABROOK WILLIAM N., general manager N Y & Pa telegraph and telephone co. h 713 Main

Easterday Kate, widow h 617 Baldwin

Eastman Eliab F., stove mounter 126 W Water h 851 Oak cor Standish

Eastman Hattie, boxmaker Listman’s bds 851 Oak

Easton Albert J., h 503 ½ Sullivan

Easton James D., physician and surgeon, 1006 Lake h do

Eaton Abel, h 657 E Market

Eaton Alice bds 151 Franklin

Eaton Alice bds 513 Herrick

Eaton Carroll, shoemaker bds 151 Franklin

Eaton Lyman B gardner h 221 Giltanan

Eaton Mary H., stenographer U S Marshall’s office, bds 320 E Water

Eaton Nathan P., com trav bds 700 E Market cor Washington

Eaton Pamelia widow Nathaniel, h 514 Herrick

Eaton Samuel H., coachman, bds 353 Maple ave

Eberle Mary, domestic, 713 Park pl

Eckert Frank, laborer, h 219 Penna ave

Eckenberger Haman, miller h 516 Penna ave

Eckersley J.M. salesman 311 E Water h 500 E Water cor Lake

Ecenberger Mamie, bds 516 Penna ave

Ecenberger Sarah, widow Charles A., h 518 Penna ave

Eckenberger William H., h 556 Coburn

Eckhart Charles, upholster, bds Maple av n limits

Eddie Edith K., stenographer 118 Lake, bds 374 W Gray

Eddy Catherine W., widow Nathan, h 500 William

Eddy Charles, foreman bds 318 Washington av

EDDY ERMINA C., physician and surgeon 500 William, h do

Eddy Lavina, domestic 429 W Clinton

Eddy S. G. Mrs. bds 204 Madison av

Eddy Sula S., teacher, bds 500 William

Eddy William bds 318 Washington av

Edgerly Marie M., music teacher h 518 W First

Edgerly William h 518 W First

Edgerton Morton L., carpenter, h 100 S Elm

ARCHITECT, J. Q. INGHAM, 8 Opera Block, 154 Lake St. 17 years continuous practice in Elmira

Edgerton Therow S., emp N C R R shops, h 115 S Second

Edgett Martin L., watch repairer 618 S Main h do

Edgett Phillip trav salesman 115 E Water, bds 616 S Main

Edgett Philo N., clerk bds 616 S Main

Edminister George W (Wilcox & Edminister) bds 307 William

Edson Charles H. bookkeeper Fitch & Aldrich, h 421 W First

Edson Holland M., nurse bds 501 W Water

Edson William B., asst bookkeeper Elmira Nat bank, bds 421 W First

Edwards Ernest C., bookkeeper S H Laney, h 412 W Fourth

Edwards G.F. bds 156 W Third

Edwards Jerry E., teamster, h. W s Robinson n Esty

Edwards John C., manager E Gately & Co., h 825 E Second

Edwards Joseph armorer state armory, h 1215 Benton

Edwards Lynne clerk 112 W Water bds 357 W Gray

Edwards Thomas K., carpenter, h 412 W Fourth

Edwards Thomas P., cabinet maker Lake av, h 412 W Fourth

EDWARDS WILLIAM H. supt farmer, h Maple av cor Horner

Egan Amelia bds 154 High

Egan Frank, drum major 205 E Market

EGAN PATRICK J. steam dyeing and cleaning works 205 E Market, h do

Egbert Almira widow William M., h 358 Columbia

Egbert Fred G., student, bds 215 E Gray

Eggert George tobacco sorter h 58 First av

Eichholz Hannah domestic 730 Maple av

Eighmey Harriett N Mrs., boarding 371 W Church

Eighmey Thomas, shoemaker 148 W Water, h 371 W Church

Eisenacher Augustus, machinist h 605 E Water

Ekelman Fred laborer h r 355 Maple av

Ekelman Libbie Mrs., grocer 228 Harriett, h do

Ekelman Rudulf, teamster, h 228 Harriett

Elder Harry, clerk 309 Lake bds 918 College av

Elder John S., sash and blind maker h 918 College av

Elder J.S.Mrs., dressmaker 918 College av, bds do

Eldred John E., physician, surgeon and druggist 208 S Main, h 210 do

Eldredge Lee, laborer bds 523 Penna av

Eldred Levi R., car repairer, h 523 Penna av

Eldred Mary laundress sanitarium1019 East av, bds do

Ellett William Y., supt fire alarm h 523 William

Elliott Charles E., machinist h 517 Penna av

Elliott Edward painter h 315 E Church

Elliott E.G. dressmaker h 315 E Church

Elliott Frank O., student bds 407 W Fourth

Elliott Fred W., clerk E Market, h 859 do

Elliott George, laborer, bds 120 W Miller

Elliott George E., painter, h 315 E Church

Elliott George W., shipping clerk 354-356 State, h 407 W Fourth

Elliott James, carriage painter Erie cor LaFrance, h 216 Lormore

Elliott James A., clerk 204 W Water, bds Lake cor Water

Elliott James E., clerk, 312 E Market, h do

Elliott Warren, milkman, bds 314 Penna av

Ellis Anna, housekeeper 116 Horner

Ellis Alonzo, car repairer D L & W R R h 214 Vine

Ellis Carrie H., dressmaker, 112 S Main, bds 214 Vine

Ellis Daniel J., brakeman D L & W R R h 606 Jay

Ellis Fenwick, bookkeeper Second National bank, bds 212 Sullivan

Ellis Harry W., machinist, bds 214 Vine

Ellis Lottie H. stenographer 354 and 356 State, bds 212 Sullivan

Ellis Miles A., engineer D L & W R R h 203 W Third

Ellis Peter B., painter N C R R h 119 Horner

Ellis Rhoda (Tanner & Ellis) h 308 W Church

Ellis Willis S., h 721 Erie

Ellis Thomas, car driver, 913 Benton

Ellis Allen, steam fitter h 618 W Gray

Ellis Cornelia, C., bds 358 Grove

Ells Cornelius, shoemaker Richardson’s h Home

Ells George, tinsmith 601 Baldwin, h 425 Standish

Ells James B., machinist, h 425 Standish

Ells Lizzie, domestic 110 Columbia

Ells William W., carpenter, h 358 Grove

Elston Edwin J., brakeman bds 554 S Main

Elmendorf Bertha, bds 1210 Hall

Elmendorf Charles L., h 410 ½ W Gray

ELMENDORF GEORGE painter and paper hanger 320 Carroll, h Riverside av cor Caldwell av

Elmendorf Gertrude E., clerk 320 Carroll, h 709 W Water

Elmendorf Mariette bds 607 W Church

Elmendorf Milton M., (M M & V Elmendorf) h 709 W Water

ELMENDORF MILTON M. & V. wall paper, window shades, paints, oils, etc., 320 Carroll, Stancliff block

Elmendorf Oliver, conductor D L & W R R , h 1210 Hall

Elmendorf Vitruvius (M M & V Elmendorf) h 711 W Water

Elmendorf William M., baggagemaster D L & W R R , h 504 Sullivan

Elmer George W., engineer h 315 E Church

Elmira Advertiser Book Bindery, Advertiser blk E Market

ELMIRA BEEF CO., F. L. Esmond manager, commission merchants Chicago dressed beef, Railroad Av n Erie depot

ELMIRA BRIDGE COMPANY (limited) engineers, manfs of bridges, etc, office and works E Miller cor Erie R R

Elmira Business College, A J Warner prin., E Water cor Lake

Elmira City Hospital, n court house

Elmira City Morgue, n court house

Elmira Coal company, office E C & N depot.

ELMIRA, CORTLAND & NORTHERN RAILWAY CO., pass and freight dept E Fifth cor Baldwin

ELMIRA COLLEGE Rev. C. VanNorden, D.D., pres., Main cor Washington av

Elmira Crockery store (Alfred Gregory manager) 200 E Water

Elmira Coupling Manfg. Co., works at Horseheads, office Masonic Temple

ELMIRA DAILY AND WEEKLY ADVERTISER, Elmira Advertiser association publishers, Advertiser Buildg, E. Market

ELMIRA DAILY AND WEEKLY GAZETTE The Gazette Company publishers, 104 and 106 Lake

Elmira Detective agency, H B Batterson mgr., Carroll cor Lake

ELMIRA DRUG CO., (Drs Bush, Maroney & Park) W L Hylen manager 333 E Water

Elmira Farmers club hall, Hoffman n limits

Elmira Fire Brick and Stoneware works 900 E Church

Elmira & Horseheads Street R R , waiting room and barns, Lake

Elmira Gas and Illuminating Co., office Chemung Canal bank bldg. E Water n Lake

Elmira & Horseheads Street Railway Co., Robinson building 161 Lake

ELMIRA HOUSE Joseph Causer prop 105 and 107 Railroad av

ELMIRA ICE CO.,(limited) Louis Duhl manager, 149 West Lake

ELMIRA ILLUMINATING CO., (The) Ph Fred Kobbi pres., F A Cheney, sec.treas and general manager 210-228 Railroad av

ELMIRA INCUBATOR CO., E W Andrews, manager 107 E Market

Elmira Iron and Steel Rolling Mill company, H W Rathbone, pres., James B. Rathbone, vice-pres., Jesse L. Cooley secretary and treasurer. Manf of merchants bar and pig iron., office 722 Hatch

ELMIRA MEDICAL AND SURICAL INSTITUTE, Drs. Annabel and Williamson props, 111 and 115 W Hudson

ELMIRA MESSENGER SERVICE W H Owen manager, Baldwin cor Carroll

ELMIRA MILLS Chase, Hibbard Milling Co., 301-307 W Water

Ink and Mucilage Billings "Popular" Bookstore at 112 Baldwin St.

ELMIRA NATIONAL BANK J J Bush cashier, Robinson bldg. 159 Lake

Elmira Oil Co., J Monroe Shoemaker manager, office Masonic Temple

ELMIRA PORTRAIT CO., (Herbert M. Daggett, Samuel C. Woodside and A O Adams) 156 Baldwin

Elmira Savings Bank, Robinson building, 159 Lake

ELMIRA SCHOOL OF COMMERCE and shorthand institute 165,167 Lake

ELMIRA STEAM DYE WORKS Nathan Abrahamson propr., 231 W Water, h 814 John

ELMIRA SEWER PIPE AND FIRE BRICK CO., C M Lee, propr, 161 Railroad av

ELMIRA SHORTHAND COLLEGE John W Roberts pres 156 Lake Opera House block

ELMIRA SIGN WORKS Joseph Densmore propr 140 S Main

Elmira Silver Mining Co., John Brown propr, Masonic Temple

Elmira Steam Carpet Cleaner, (Severon & Davis) 709 Baldwin

ELMIRA STEAM MILLS Leon H Drake propr., 652 Railroad av

ELMIRA STEAM GENERATOR CO., E S Fitch pres., C F Carrier treas and gen mgr, manuf of steam generators 110 E Church

Elmira Steam Tin Works, George E Palmer, propr 601 Baldwin cor Clinton

ELMIRA STOVE STORE A Hurth prop 116 Lake

ELMIRA WATER WORKS CO., John M Diven sec 212 E Water

Elmira Water Works Pumping Station, ft Hoffman, John M Diven supt 212 E Water

Elmira Wooden Carpet Co., Doane & Jones prop, Henry cor Harmon

Elmira Woolen Mill, Stitt Clark, agt., East av n Sullivan

ELMIRA WOVEN WIRE SPRING BED CO., (C F Lilley and P G Newell) propr, manuf spring 650 State

Elmore Mary E., h 707 Park pl

Elmore Orville D., grocer, 1055 Walnut, h do

Elmore Thaddeus O., clerk 1055 Walnut, h 707 Park pl.

Elmore Thad P., student, bds 109 W Chemung pl.

ELMORE THADDEUS W., china, crockery and glassware, 131 E Water, h 109 W Chemung pl

Elston Charles C., carpenter, 505 Spaulding, h do

Elston D Wallace, laborer, h 554 E Second

Elston Elijah B. , clerk 214 W Water, bds 529 W Water

Elston Elizabeth A., variety store 324 E Water, bds 117 Caldwell av

Elston Elva A., teacher school No. 1 bds 762 Jay

Elston Emma, clerk, bds 104 W Hudson

Elston Eugene, carpenter, n 456 Oak

Elston Freeman A., butcher, h 762 Jay

Elston George W., painter, bds 762 Jay

Elston James C., teamster, h 104 W Hudson

Elston Jane V., h 456 Oak

Elston Jasper M., clerk State cor Market, h 215 ½ Franklin

Elston Joseph, fireman Fitch & Aldrich, bds 515 High

Elston Libbie, clerk 134 W Water bds 116 Caldwell av

Elston Marenus S., creamery 214 W Water, h 529 W Water

Elston Mamie, bds 529 W Water

Elston Mary, domestic, bds 104 W Hudson

Elston Mary E., h 456 Oak

Elsworth Joseph W., barber, h 218 Sullivan

Elwood Martin V.B>, painter 164 Jones pl

Ely Stephen V.R>, fruit stand 167 Lake h 703 Columbia

Emblen William J., carpenter, h 357 Norton

Emerich John H., stove burnisher, h 105 College av

Emerson Charles, engineer N C R R , h 105 College av

Emerson Frederick, bds 122 W Henry

Emery Belle, bds 1003 Pratt

Emery Lydia M., widow George W., h 1003 Pratt

Emery May, cook Sanitarum 1019 East av, bds do

Emery William, bds 1003 Pratt

Emhoff Ada, bds 907 Lake

Emhoff Susan, widow Michael J., boarding house 907 Lake

Emmett Charles, laborer, h 606 William

Empire House, Thomas Donahue propr 377 Railroad av cor Second

EMPIRE LAUNDRY CO.,(M Barnum and S J Peirson) 110 W Water

Empire Printing House, John B Wentworth propr 125 W Water

Enck Augustus A., carpenter, 214 Harmon

Engell Otto, engineer bridge works, bds 107 Sly

Englebreck John, harness maker 204 E Water, bds 105 N Main

Enleman Clinton C., postal clerk L V R R , bds Blyley house

Engler Nathan L., machinist, h 412 Powell

English Joseph, candy maker 321 Carroll, bds 723 W First

English Judson B., foreman Elmira Bridge Co., h 555 S Main

English Libbie, operator tel ex., bds 555 S Main

English William. Machinist, h 316 South av

English William J., emp Payne shops, h 207 W Miller

Ennis Belle, widow C.C. h 304 E Clinton

Ennis Benjamin W., laborer, h 119 W Miller

Ennis James H., plumber h 310 Harmon

Ennis John, farmer, New cor Reformatory

Ennis John J., painter, h 1018 College av

Ennis Lewis, stenographer, h 314 Madison av

Ennis Lewis L., bookkeeper 110 E Church, bds 216 Madison av

Ennis Lucy C., widow Charles, domestic, 321 Washington

Ennis Oscar, laborer, bds 110 W Miller

Ennis William, laborer, h 212 Sullivan

Ennis William, bds 119 W Miller

Enright Jackson, fireman D L & W R R bds 308 Washington av

Enright James, painter, h 258 ½ W Hudson

Enright James, gardner, h 544 S Main

Enright James C., finisher, h 258 ½ W Hudson

Enright James J. Jr., painter, h 717 Erie

Enright Jett, domestic, 308 Washington av

Enright Maggie, widow Michael, bds 705 E Second

Enright Michael, laborer, bds 308 Washington av

Enright Michael, h 208 Washington av

Enright Patrick, tel office, bds 308 Washington av

Enright Patrick H., telegraph operator D L & W R R depot, h 308 E Washington av

Enright Richard E., telegraph operator D L & W R R depot, h 308 E Washington av

Enright William, laborer h 308 Washington av

Ensign Helen W., Mrs. bds 209 W Third

Ensign Martin, laborer, h 308 Fifth

Ensworth Arthur R., emp Gazette office, bds 2 Main street bridge

Ensworth George B., bookkeeper 119 Lake , bds 502 E Church

Ensworth Hariph A., fireman N C R R h 516 Balsam

Ensworth Joseph W., hackman 502 E Church, h do

Enright Michael, laborer, bds Sherman house

Enright Michael, bartender, bds 604 Magee

Eppler Oscar, bartender, h 703 Railroad av

Epstein George (J & G Epstein) h E Buffalo

Epstein Jacob (J & G Epstein) h 413 High

EPSTEIN J. & G., watches diamonds and jewelry 303 Division

EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY William S. Drew gen. agt. 107 W Water


Erlich Barney (B Erlich & Son) h 753 E Church

ERLICH B & SON (Jacob) dry goods and millinery 305 East Water

Erlich Jacob (B Erlich & Son) h New York City

Erlich Kate B., bookkeeper B Erlich & Son 303 E Water, bds 753 E Church

Erlich Lilian, cashier 305 E Church, bds 753 E Church

Erlich Rachel, bds 753 E Church

Ensinacher Augustus, machinist N C railway shops, h 605 E Water

Ersly Aurilla, widow Warren, h 567 Coburn

Ersly Charles M., painter, bds 567 Coburn

Ersly Elmer, machinist, bds 567 Coburn

Ersly Fred, boilermaker, bds 567 Coburn

Ervay Alice, millinery and hair goods, 111 W Water, h do

Ervay S Mrs., millinery and hair goods, 111 W Water, h do

Ervin Bridget, widow Robert, h 419 Walnut

Ervin John, butcher 409 Railroad av., h 419 Walnut

Ervin John jr., bds 729 S Main

Ervin Patrick, laborer, h 729 S Main

Erwin Arthur, fireman D L & W R R , h 1014 Oak

Erwin Eliza, domestic 453 Maple av

Eschenburg Frederick, cabinetmaker, h 709 Lake

Eschenburg Frederick jr., bookkeeper LaFrance, h 706 E Market

Eschenburg Henry T., painter and paper hanger, bds 709 Lake

Escott Oliver, pressman Advertiser, bds William

Esmond Frank L., manager Elmira Beef Co., Railroad ave n Erie depot, h 704 N Main

Espey Clarence, clerk R.G. Dunn & Co., bds 657 Lake

Espey David C., clerk R.G. Dunn & Co., bds 657 Lake

Espey Eliza, widow Daniel, h 558 E Clinton

Espey John H., fireman E F D, h 218 Gregg

Espey John M., plumber, bds 657 Lake

Espey John N. plumber 325 Carroll, bds 657 Lake

Espey Lizzie, domestic 465 W Church

Espey Mary, bds 657 Lake

Espey Thomas, heater, h 657 Lake

Espey William J., weaver Elmira woolen mill, bds 558 E Clinton

Espey William T., plumber 325 Carroll, bds 657 Lake

Esselstine Alvira, widow Benj., h 739 Dickinson

Esselsteen Esther N., widow Levi, dressmaker, 361 S Main, bds do

Estabrook Ella, 713 N Main

Estabrook Fred D., piano tuner and music teacher, h 519 W Gray

Estabrook Sarah J., widow Reuben, bds 715 W Water

Estey Clarence J., stenographer 114 Baldwin, bds 408 Spaulding

Estey Sherman C., teacher Elmira School of Commerce, h 408 Spaulding

Esterson Lottie, widow Joseph, h 118 Harriet

Ettelson Asher, laborer, bds 159 Madison av

Ettelson Dora, stenographer, bds 502 E Clinton

Ettelson Isaac, bds 502 E Clinton

Ettelson Louis, junkman, h 502 E Clinton

Ettenberger Frank jr., moulder, h 754 Day

Ettenberger George L., moulder, h 1000 ½ Sullivan

ETTENBERGER JOHN iron and brass foundry 314 State, h 1004 Sullivan

Ettenberger Louise, dressmaker 722 Lake, h 1004 Sullivan

Ettenberger Rose, dressmaker 727 Lake, h 1004 Sullivan

Etts Cornelius, shoemaker, h 6 Home

Etts Cornell, shoemaker, h 6 Home

Etts Hattie, bds 6 Home

Etz Abbie E., widow Alfred E., h 309 W Clinton

EUSTACE ALEXANDER C., lawyer 334 E Water, also State civil service com., h 401 Maple av

Eustace Christopher, cutter, h 401 Maple av

EUSTACE JOSEPH P., lawyer, 334 E Water, bds 401 Maple av

Eustace Mark S., bank examiner, bds 401 Maple av

Evans Clarence H., moulder, h 553 Franklin

Evans Clark, brakeman D L & W R R , h 1314 Maxwell av

Evans Columbus, engineer D L & W R R , bds 1219 Hall

Evans C.P., carpenter, bds 432 Pleasant

Evans Evangeline J., bds 919 Stowell

Evans Ezra J., laborer at bridge works, h 513 Erie

Evans Frank (Fowler & Evans) h 432 Pleasant

Evans George, collar maker Plumb & Sheldon, bds 402 E Washington av

Evans George D., carriage wood worker 450 E Water, h 111 Catherine

Evans Henry C., manager M I S T Co., 172 Lake

Evans James, puddler, h 919 Stowell

Evans Jennie, asst teacher Elmira shorthand College, bds 401 Columbia

Evans John H., engineer D L & W R R h 1317 Benton

Evans Lloyd B., painter 452 E Water, h 154 Dewitt

Evans Martha, widow, h 104 W Second

Evans Mary Mrs., cigarmaker, bds 774 S Main

Evans Newton, sash and blind maker, bds 919 Stowell

Evans Thomas A., switchman N C R R , h 758 S Main

Evans Villas, fireman D L & W R R , bds 1505 Lake

EVENING STAR (Copeland and Woodford, props) Nicks cor Exchange

EVENS JACOB C.,furniture 206 W Water, h 361 W Gray

Everard Mary, bds 551 Grove

Everard Sarah L., widow William, h 551 Grove

Everett Abram P., carpenter, h 708 Giltanan

Everett Charles E., milk peddler, h 158 S Elm

Everett George , clerk 305 E Water

Everett John B., farmer, h 708 Giltanan

Everett Michael, laborer Sheely tannery, h 567 E Water

Everett Stephen H., brakeman D L & W R R h. 361 Norton

Everetts Charles, laborer, 605 E Second

Everetts Joseph J., foreman Fitch & Aldrich, h 404 High

Everetts William, carpenter, h 622 W Gray

EVERETTS WILL A., insurance agt and collector, room 4 Opera House block, bds 409 High

Everetts Willett, teamster Fitch & Aldrich, h 503 Oak

Everhart Aurela, domestic 452 W First