Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Abbreviations Key

Brown Jeremiah B., laborer, h 151 Lake

Brown Jefferson, white washer, h 400 Perry

Brown Johanna, waitress 235 Lake

Brown John, laborer, h 705 E Fifth

Brown John, sup Elmira Silver mining Co, h 219 W Church

Brown John, carpenter, h 713 Railroad av

Brown John C., carpenter Erie shops, h 556 E Third

Brown John H., machinist, h 517 W First

Brown Joseph H., shoemaker, h 313 W Fourth

Brown Katie, clerk, bds 751 E Washington av

Brown Kittie, dressmaker, bds 407 DeWitt

Brown Rettie I., widow Everett, h 214 College av

Brown Lafayette D., carpenter, h 363 Division

Brown Lena G., bds 422 Church

Brown Lervy, shipper Plumb & Sheldons, bds 504 1-2 E Church

Brown LeRoy H., asst yard master D L & W R R, h 338 Diven av

Brown Lida, bds 125 Judson

Brown Louise C., music teacher, h 217 W Church

Brown M. Alice, bds 1213 Hall

Brown Maggie, laundress Arnot-Ogden hospital

Brown Mahlon M., (A.G. & M. M. ), physician and surgeon 239 W Water, h 365 W Clinton

Brown Margaret, bookkeeper 323 E Water, bds 110 S Second

Brown Margaret, widow Thomas, h E Miller

Brown Martha, widow John, h 217 W Church

Brown Martha J., widow James, h 663 Dickinson

Brown Mary, widow Thomas, h 110 S Second

Brown Mary, domestic 756 E Water

Brown Mary, domestic 206 William

Brown Mary A., seamstress, bds 110 S Second

Brown Mary A., widow J. Lewis, h 422 W Church

Brown Mary E., teacher, h 601 West Hill

Brown Mary E. Mrs., seamstress, bds 312 Orchard

Brown Mary G., student, h 365 W Fourth

Brown Mary J., dressmaker, bds 705 E Fifth

Brown Marvin J., steward Rathburn house, h E Market

Brown Michael, peddler, h 751 E Washington av

Brown Minerva, widow Alden, h 957 Lake

Brown Mrs., widow David P., h 122 E Water

Brown Nicholas, laborer, h 612 Baldwin

Brown Olie, sashmaker Fitch & Aldrich, bds 613 E Second

Brown Oscar, bathman sanitarium 1019 East av, bds do

Brown Oscar M., nurse, h 805 Johnson

Brown Reuben L., painter, h 151 Lake

Brown Robert D., painter, 112 E Water

Brown Samuel, clerk, h 110 Columbia

Brown Samuel, shoemaker Richardson & Co, bds 556 E Third

Brown Thomas, moulder, bds 202 E Gray

Brown Thurber A., ( Thurber A. Brown & Co. ), bds 305 E Church

Brown Thurber A. & Co., wholesale tobacconists 153 Lake

Brown Ward B., artist 159 Baldwin, bds 365 W Clinton

Brown Walter, bds 663 Dickinson

Brown Walter R., machinist LaFrance shops, h LaFrance n Erie

Brown William, laborer, h 656 Baldwin

Brown William, emp Payne shops, bds 211 W Miller

Brown William A., emp Turners planning mill, h 655 College av

Brown William H., engineer, h 312 College av

Brown William J., framemaker 327 E Water, bds 426 W First

Brown William L., coachman, h 107 W Fifth

Brown William N., brakeman D L & W R R, h 911 Benton

Brown William P., tobacconist, bds 407 DeWitt

Brown William S., foreman Reformatory, h 351 1-2 Columbia

Brown William W., bookkeeper, N C R R, bds 839 E Second

Browne Cora C., stenographer J. Richardson & Co., h 516 William

Browne Hattie L., cashier Telegram, bds 312 College av

Browne William H., h 312 College av

Brownell Elias J., engineer N C R R, h 205 W Miller

Brownley Charles, bookkeeper, bds 155 Madison av

Brownlow James, carriage manuf and blacksmith William cor E Church, h 458 E Church

Brownyard William H., shoemaker, h 218 Brand

Brucklier Mary, widow John, bds 608 S Main

Bruen John H. ( Elmira Roofing Co.), h 369 W Fourth

Brumburg Isaac, peddler, h 123 Harriet

Brundage Amanda A., widow David, boarding house, 159 Madison av

Brundage George C., carpenter, h 316 Penna av

Brundage Nelson J., musician, bds 159 Madison av

Brundage Silas H., fireman N C R R, h 370 Baty

Brunner Melvin D., laborer, h 316 Orchard

Brunners Gaoser, tailoress, bds 212 W Hudson

Bruno Domenico, confectionery, fruit, tobacco and cigars, 311 Railroad av, h do

Bruns Jennie, bds 869 E Water

Brush George A., lawyer, bds 409 Baldwin

Brusso Stephen, currier Sheely tannery, h 856 E Market

Bryan A. Belle, bds 653 Park pl

Bryan Alice L., teacher sch No. 3, bds 404 S Main

Bryan Claude F., military instructor Reformatory, bds do

Bryan C. R., widow Ward, h 801 W. Church

Bryan David W., blacksmith LaFrance shops, h LaFrance n South

Bryan Hamblin S., student, bds 653 Park pl

Bryan Hiram R. ( Bryan & Baldwin ), h 404 S Main

Bryan Mable, widow Allen B., bds 225 Franklin

Bryan Platt V., sec’y Elmira Gas and Illuminating Co., h 653 Park pl

Bryan Ward, carpenter, h 108 State

Bryan Willard, carpenter, h 404 S Main

Bryan Willard C., carpenter, bds 404 S Main

Buch Arthur R., laborer, h 406 W Sixth

Buchanan Andrew, bridge contractor, h 1019 College av

Buchanan E. Everett, engineer Elmira Bridge Co., bds 406 William

Buchannan Frank D., billing clerk 318 and 320 E Market, h 310 Elm

Buchanan George N., salesman h 415 Elm

Buchanan James F., machinist, h 415 Elm

Buchanan John, marble cutter, h 262 W Clinton

Bucher Mary C., Home for Aged

Buchole Frank, laborer, h 708 Sulliavan

Bucholz John, laborer, 851 E Church

Buck Abner, carpenter,h 126 W Henry

Buck Annette, student, bds 421 Columbia

Buck George W., lawyer, 102 Lake, h 707 Main

Buck Joseph, laborer, bds 370 S Main

Buck William C., div frt agt Erie R R, h 412 W Clinton

Buck Willis H., carpenter, h 909 Benton

Buckbee Alanson, prop Buckbee House, 412 W Clinton

Buckbee Eli, clerk 432 E Market, h 907 Benton

Buckbee House ( A. Buckbee, prop.), 429 and 431 E Water

Buckbee Johnm wall paper and window shades, 433 E Water, h do

Buckbee Joseph M., h 158 Exchange pl

Buckbee Palmer, bds Buckbee House

Buckley Anna M., dressmaker, bds 857 Magee

Buckley Catharine T., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 200 Harmon

Buckley Julia C., milliner 108 Main, bds 200 Harmon

Buckley Julia E., widow Patrickmh 200 Harmon

Buckley Katie T., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 200 Harmon

Buckley Mary Mrs., bds 316 Lake

Buckley Mary A., domestic 316 Lake

Buckley Nellie Z., bookkeeper 126 W Water, bds 200 Harmon

Budd Clayton A., clerk 458 Mt Zoar bds do

Budd Clayton B., grocer 458 Mt Zoar, h do

Budd David M., peddler, h 603 E Church

Budd Elijah, carpenter 119 E Church, h 809 do

Budd Emma M., bds 809 E Church

Budd Helon, farmer, h Southport corners

Budd Helen D., printer, bds 458 Mt Zoar

Budd Oscar H., house and sign painter, paper hanger, ect., 103 E Water , h Southport corners

Budgikowski John, shoemaker 354 Railroad av, h 266 W Huson

Budgikowski Michael, shoemaker 354 Railroad av, h 266 W Hudson

Buel Judson, laborer, bds 407 Locust

Buford Mary, domestic Maple av n Miller

Bulkhead hotel, Bulkhead, rd S limits

Bull Charles, shoemaker J. Richardson & Co., h 112 Sullivan

Bull John jr., ( Robertson, Smith & Bull) h 368 W Fourth

Bull Libbie, book agent, bds 532 Penna av

Bull William Y., bds 309 W Second

Bullard A. B. & C. F., leather and findings, 103 W Water

Bullard Abraham B., ( A B & C F Bullard) h 501 W Water

Bullard Almon M., bds 501 W Water

Bullard Augustus D.m machinist, h 383 Penna av

Bullard Charles, foreman Jones & Doane, bds 107 Partridge

Bullard Charles A., shipping clerk Doane & Jones, bds 304 S Main

Bullard Charles F., ( A B & C F Bullard) bds 501 W Water

Bullard David L., bds 383 Penna av

Bullard Edwin A., laborer,h W First n limits

Bullard Elida E., dressmaker, bds 383 Penna av

Bullard Frank C., barber 359 Railroad av., h Main cor Third

Bullard George A., ( O M Bullard & Co ) h 531 W Water

Bullard G.W.&Co.,(GWB and SA Manwaring) wholesale & retail leather & findings, 147 W Water

Bullard George W., G W Bullard & Co) h 531 W Water

Bullard O M & Co., ( dry and fancy goods and crockery, 107 W Water

Bullard Mary E., artist h 501 W Water

Bullard Daniel S., carriage maker, h 509 Park pl

Bullard Egbert, teamster, h 1003 Oak

Bullock Helen L., pres. Anchorage 955 College av, h College av

Bump Alida, bds 509 N Main

Bump Willis H., carpenter, h 909 Benton

Bundy Alice H., h 267 Baldwin

Bundy Bert, clerk, bds 267 Baldwin

Bundy Brothers, ( O.F. and J.A. Bundy) grocers 125,127 Lake

Bundy Frank E., sec board of trade Robinson bldg 159,163 Lake,h 408 William

Bundy Fred C., clerk 125, 127 Lake, bds 267 Baldwin

Bundy Jabin A., ( Bundy Bros.,) h 269 Baldwin

Bundy Louis, h 267 Baldwin

Bundy Lottie E., h 269 Baldwin

Bundy Maud C., 267 Baldwin

Bundy Oscar F., ( Bundy Bros.) h 267 Baldwin

Bundy Oscar F., blacksmith Gipsy Lane cor Grand Central av, h N s Gipsy Lane n D L & W R R

Bunn Allison B., machinist, h 515 Herrick

Bunnell Cora M., teacher school No 1, h 512 John

Bunnell David C., watchman, h 512 John

Bunting Nelson W., machinist, bds 258 South av

Bunto Albert, upholsterer, bds 214 Sullivan

Bunto Almira C., widow Aaron K., h 214 Sullivan

Bunto Charles B., apprentice 205 E Church bds 214 Sullivan

Bunto Harrison N., teamster, bds 214 Sullivan

Bunto John T., stock buyer, 604 E Water

Burbage Edward, tinsmith, h 258 W Hudson

Burbage Elizabethm widow Joseph, h 385 W Water

Burage Johnm shoemaker Lewis cor South av, h do

Burbage Robert L., machinist h 212 Vine

Burch Mary, domestic 501 E Market

Burch Mary C., bds 310 DeWitt

Burchard Marion, h 306 W Third

Burchell Arthur, farmer,h S s Esty n river

Burchell Julia A., bds S s Esty n river

Burchell Mary, millinery 111 Baldwin, h Esty bel Robinson

Burchell Richard D., marble cutter, h 106 W Second

Burd Isaac, porter, h 505 Madison av

Burdick Amos A., sash and blind maker, h 317 DeWitt

Burdick Henry R., carpenter, h 422 Fulton

Burdick Mary E., widow William P., h 210 W Miller

Burdick Myra J., dressmaker, bds 317 DeWitt

Burdick Uriah, drawer maker, h 914 Pratt

Bure Fred G., fireman D L & W R R , bds 1319 Maxwell av

Burgess Benjamin S., h 221 Brand

Burgess Charles H., machinist LaFrance shops, bds 221 Brand

Burgess Frederic S., tinsmith 212 Penna av, h 457 Spaulding

Burgess James H., cashier Tompkins, Fassett & Crocker, bds 407 W Gray

Burgess Millard F., bricklayer, h 102 Ferris

Burgess Rebecca, bds 508 Spaulding

Burgess William C., bookkeeper 131 and 133 W Water, h 407 W Gray

Burgett Lillie, widow Alvin R., h 401 Sullivan cor Second

Burgher Fred H., cutter 111 and 113 E Water, bds 410 N Main

Burk Eli S., carpenter, h 365 Thurston

Burk Herman L., clerk 126 Lake, bds 365 Thurston

Burk Leonard F., fireman D L & W R R, bds 365 Thurston

Burke Alice, domestic 114 W Gray

Burke Horace G., printer Evening Star, bds S Lake av n LaFrance

Burke John, fireman N C R R, h 216 South av

Burke John F., tailor, bds Pattison house

Burke William, city express, h 316 Washington

Burkless Albert F., mason, h N s Gipsey Lane n E C & N R R

Burleigh John H., conductor Erie R R, h 421 W Fourth

Burleigh M., guard Reformatory, bds do

Burley Levi, farmer, h 602 W Huson

Burlingame Charles W., brakeman D L & W R R, h 1410 Benton

Burlingame Edgar, gate tender, bds 656 Lake

Burlingame Francis O., widow Velorous C., h 1004 Platt

Burnette Charles R., printer Advertiser, h 126 Penna av

Burnett Samuel L., moulder, h 709 Giltanan

Burnett Thomas, mason, h 457 High

Burnett Willard W., physican 118 W Water, h do

Burnham Kinney, coachman N C R R, h 519 Fulton

Burnham Mary D., domestic 508 Jefferson

Burns Andrew, laborer, h 118 W Hudson

Burns Ann, widow James, h 457 W Third

Burns Bernard, barber, bds 501 Penna av

Burns Bridget, bds 501 Penna av

Burns Daniel, saloon 1400 Baldwin h do

Burns Dennis, emp J Richardson & Co., h 823 Hatch

Burns Ella, domestic 209 College av

Burns Ellen, burler Elmira woolen mill, bds 507 High

Burns Felix, laborer, bds 964 Magee

Burns Henry, teamster, h 501 Penna av

Burns James, laborer, bds 501 Penna av

Burns John F., baggage master D L & W R R depot, h 213 Lormore

Burns Joseph, grocer and saloon 500 S Main, bds 501 Penna av

Burns Margaret, widow Dennis,h 833 Hatch

Burns Mary, burler Elmira woolen mill, bds 507 High

Burns Michael, laborer, h 507 High

Burns Michael, newsboy Erie R R, bds 322 Logan

Burns Michael, engineer, h 728 S Main

Burns Patrick, emp E C & N R R, h 322 Logan

Burns Patrick, shoemaker, bds 833 Hatch

Burns Thomas, laborer, bds 320 Webber pl

Burns Thomas, fireman D L & W R R, bds 1319 Benton

Burns Thomas M., grocer 400 S Main, h do

Burr Charles H., emp Erie Express Co., h 314 W Third

Burr Esther, seamstress, 303 N Main

Burr Frank E., compositor Telegram, h 161 Washington

Burr Mary, widow Edosn S., h 314 W Third

Burr Sarah E., dressmaker, 314 W Third

Burr William E., wagon maker, h 53 1st av

Burrell Fred, trav salesman J. Richardson & Co., res Canisteo

Burrell M. M., trav salesman J. Richardson & Co., res Canisteo

Burrows Alice Mrs., h 706 Spaulding

Burrows Charles H., conductor N C R R, h 706 Spaulding

Burrows Jennie, bds 129 W Water

Burrows Jabes T., barber 217 W Water, h 216 W Water

Burrus Henry, mason, h 718 Benjamin

Burt Anna H., widow George, jr., h 119 Penna av

Burt Blanch, 2 Main Street bridge

Burt Charles H., student, bds 105 N Main

Burt Frances E., compositor Clarion, bds 624 Windsor av

Burt Frank, laborer, h 415 S Broadway

Burt Henry J., conductor N C R R, h 622 Pennsylvania av

Burt Isaac N., conductor N C R R, h E s Penna av bey limits

Burt James D., h 412 Main

Burt Jane E., widow Caleb S., bds 356 W Fifth

Burt John W., farmer, h 614 Park pl

Burt Lora, bds 382 W Water

Burt Mary, compositor, bds 105 N Main

Burt Randolph, dispatcher N C depot, h 803 Davis

Burt Susan M., widow Marcus, dressmaker 505 Magee,h do

Burt William, laborer, bds 731 Casey

Burtof William, blacksmith, bds 709 Kinyon

Burton Elmer, guard reformatory, bds do

Burton Nellie, widow L. W., h 218 E Water

Bush Anna, domestic 214 Washington

Bush Charles W., engineer N C R R, h 215 Pine

Bush Cornelia J., widow Thomas, h N s E Gorman

Bush Daniel B., carpenter, h 112 Orchard

Bush Emmett M., clerk 301 and 303 E Water, bds 551 do

Bush Hattie, domestic 128 W Henry

Bush H. Foster, cashier reformatory, h 413 Walnut

Bush Jennie, domestic 558 E Church

Bush John J., cashier Elmira National bank & treasurer Elmira savings bank, h 815 College av

Bush Julia S., h 756 Park pl

Bush Robert B. Hon, (Elmira Drug Co.) also physician, office and res. Horseheads

Bush Robert W., h 756 Park pl

Bush Sarah, widow William, bds 213 Orxhard

Bush Thomas W., carpenter, h 226 O’Gorman

Bush Wolf, h 705 W Water

Buss Peter, cigarmaker 853 Lake,h 897 Oak

Bushisker George, laborer, bds 620 Baldwin

Butcher Alfred R., bookkeeper, h 459 Spaulding

Butcher Edward, ins. steamship & domestic sewing machine agency, 108 1-2 Main, bds Palace Dining rooms

Butcher George, tailor 206 DeWitt, h do

Butcher Kittie, operator tel ex, bds 206 DeWitt

Butcher Sarah, h 206 DeWitt

Butler Anna Mrs., h 621 Baldwin

Butler Anna Mrs., domestic 409 N Main

Butler Bridget, domestic 358 Main

Butler Edward, h 359 W fifth

Butler Edward, switchman N C R R, h 611 S Main

Butler Ellen, dressmaker, bds 314 W Fourth

Butler Emanuel, lunch room 614 Dickinson, h do

Butler Franklin M., cartman, h 609 William

Butler James, puddler, h 926 Maxwell av

Butler James J., clerk 116 and 118 E Water, bds 926 Maxwell av

Butler John, laborer, bds 726 S Main

Butler John, laborer, bds 103 S Second

Butler Katie, dressmaker, bds 314 W Fourth

Butler Lizzie, dressmaker, bds 314 W Fourth

Butler Mary, widow Patrick, h 311 Divion

Butler Mary, widow John, h 314 W Fourth

Butler Mary, waitress Wycoff house

Butler MaryE., widow Hezekiah, h 616 Dickinson

Butler Patrick J., fireman D L & W R R, bds 311 E Washington av

Butler Rebecca, widow James, 617 Lake

Butler Susan, domestic 267 Baldwin

Butler Theresa, dressmaker, h 334 W Fourth

Butler William, boarding house, 617 Lake

Butman Abraham L., finisher, h 205 Brand

Butman George W., shoemaker, h 511 S Elm

Butman William H., shoemaker, h 511 S Elm

Butman William J., shoemaker, h 511 S Elm

Butterfuss Jacob, cutter Plumb & Sheldon, h 715 E Oak

Butters Elsworth, mason, h 404 High

Butters Fred T., plumber, bds Washington cor Church

Butters Isaac, laborer, h driving park, Grand Central av

Butters Lewis H., insurance agent, h 655 E Church

Butters W A., farmer, h 616 1-2 Lake

Butters William, laborer, h driving park, Grand Central av

Button Minnie, domestic 716 Oak

Byrne Anna F., teacher school No. 2, bds 113 W Gray

Byrns Ann, widow Martin, h 964 Magee

Byrns Felix, laborer, bds 964 Magee

Byrne Theodore, machinist, State cor Church

Byrne John F., clerk Reformatory, h 856 John

Byrns Martin, wiper D L & W R R round house, bds 964 Magee

Byrne Mary A C. Mrs., teacher No. 4, h 754 Jay

Byrne Sarah, widow John, h 113 Gray

Byrne Thomas G., horseshoer 413 E Market, h 856 John

Caback John, laborer, 968 E Clinton

Cable Belle M., domestic 108 E Henry

Cable Harry, bartender 661 Lake, h do

Cable Walter B., laborer, h 116 Washington

Cabuck Frank, laborer, h 603 Tuttle av

Cady David, shoemaker, h 805 E Market

Cadek Frank, laborer, h 964 E Clinton

Cadigan John, laborer, h 449 W Hudson

Cadoo James H., contractor and builder 312 South av., h do

Cadigan Margaret, widow Patrick, h 913 Stowell

Cadigan Patrick, puddler, h 913 Stowell

Cadigan Thomas, puddler, 916 Stowell

Cahaley Daniel, h 376 W First

Cahill Alonzo B., prop Miller house, 321 S Main

Cahill Annie, cook 115 N Main

Cahill Ann, widow Michael, h 918 Benton

Cahill Edward, switchman Erie car shops, h 425 W Fourth

Cahill Edward J., tinsmith, h 425 W Fourth

Cahill Ellen, widow John, h 502 College av

Cahill Eugene, carpenter D L & W R R, bds 311 E Washington av

Cahill James, heater, h 466 W Hudson

Cahill James, tinner for E R R, h 753 Walnut

Cahill James, tinsmith Erie car shop, h Walnut n Logan

Cahill John T., h 425 W Fourth

Cahill Kate T., milliner 201 E Water, bds 502 College av

Cahill Lena, student, bds 818 Walnut

Cahill Lucy, domestic 464 W Church

Cahill Maggie, dressmaker, h 660 Columbia

Cahill Mary, bds 425 W Fourth

Cahill Mary F., tailoress, bds 502 College av

Cahill Thomas, puddler, bds 918 Benton

Cahill Thomas, emp Spaulding’s planning mill, h 425 W Fourth

Cahill W. Henry, bookkeeper W U Tel Co., bds 502 College av

Cain Ann C., widow Dennis, h 661 Columbia

Cain Cornelius, laborer, h 518 S Broadway

Cain Daniel, laborer, h 520 S Broadway

Cain James C., asst pastor S S Peter and Pauls R C church, h W Clinton cor Park pl

Cain James L., teamster, bds 209 Washington

Cain John T., finisher, bds 209 Washington

Cain Jo Mrs., cook 157 Baldwin, h 313 W Hudson

Cain Margaret, widow Patrick, h 313 W Hudson

Cain Mary, domestic 109 Chemung pl

Cain Michael T., grocer 68 Penna av, h do

Cain Nora, helper 157 Baldwin, h 313 W Hudson

Cain Patrick, blacksmith, h 209 Washington

Cain Patrick, machinist, h 313 W Hudson

Caldwell Dan C., electric lineman, h 373 W Fifth

Caldwell David jr., carpenter, h 205 Harmon

Calkin Annie J., bds 416 W Fifth

Caldwell Louis D., letter carrier, h 301 E Market

Caldwell Luther ( Chief bond div P O dept ) Washington DC, h 227 Lormore

Caldwell Luther S., fire dept, h 227 Lormore

Caldwell Maude, bds 205 Harmon

Cale John, clerk N C freight office, h 606 E Second

Calkins Edwin B., trav salesman Barker, Rose & Gray, h 400 1-2 Sullivan

Calkins George N., foreman, h r 1311 Hall

Calkins Grace E., bds 359 College

Calkins Henry D., conductor, Fall Brook R R, h 416 W Fifth

Calkins John W. D., bookkeeper, bds 359 College av

Calkins Nathan S., clerk, h 359 College av

Calkins Sarah A., bds 359 College av

Calkins Walter V., train dispatcher Tioga div N Y L E & W R R, h 308 W Fifth

Call Puriton B., carriage trimmer, h 458 E Church

Callahan Cornelius, gardener, h S s Jones bel Robinson

Callahan Harry J., tinsmith, bds S s Jones bel Robinson

Callahan James H., journalist, h S s Jones bel Robinson

Callahan John, merchant tailor, hatter, furnishings, furs and cloaks 106 W Water h 109 Franklin

Callahan Kate, bookkeeper 106 W Water, h 109 Franklin

Callahan Lizzie M., bds S s Jones bel Robinson

Callahan Mary A., milliner, bds S s Jones bel Robinson

Callbaugh A. Delmer, postal clerk N C R R, h 374 W Fourth

Calligan Kate, h 112 Walnut

Calligan Lida E., teacher, h 112 Walnut

Calligan Patrick, laborer, h 459 Powell

Camp Charles F., shoemaker, h 391 W Water

Camp Ellen, bds 306 1-2 W Water

Campbell Anna W., clerk, bds 118 W Chemung pl

Campbell Agnes R., bds 105 E Washington av

Campbell Barney, laborer, h 957 Main

Campbell Bridget, widow Michael, h 903 Stowell

Campbell Charles C., painter, bds 321 W Washington

Campbell Charles S., carpenter, h 706 Columbia

Campbell David, hostler 308 W Clinton

Campbell Daniel J., stenographer Advertiser, h 919 Davis

Campbell Dell, widow Charles, h 1210 Maxwell av

Campbell DeWitt, clerk E Second cor State, bds 321 Washington av

Campbell Edgar D., blacksmith, h 117 S Second

Campbell Elizabeth, bds 957 Main

Campbell Eudell, dressmaker, bds 412 Pleasant

Campbell Francis, laborer, r 560 E Clinton

Campbell Fred, laborer, bds 1125 Davis

Campbell George H., plumber, bds 313 Roe av

Campbell Henry J., carpenter, h 321 W Washington

Campbell Henry L., machinist Erie shop, h 414 E Washington av

Campbell Horace, hostler, 246 Lake, bds do

Campbell James, puddler, bds 903 Stowell

Campbell James A., plumber and gas fitter 325 Carroll, h 717 W Water

Campbell James J., shoemaker Richardsons, bds 107 Sullivan

Campbell James E., farmer 605 E Second

Campbell John H., laborer, h 324 Webber pl

Campbell John J., musician, bds 103 E Washington av

Campbell John M., clerk 137 W Water, bds do

Campbell John F., com trav, h 313 Roe av

Campbell Joseph A., chief engineer fire dept, h 611 William

Campbell Josie, domestic 107 Sullivan

Campbell Katie, dressmaker 107 Sullivan, bds do

Campbell LaFayette, freight handler, h 414 E Washington av

Cameske Marcus, peddler, h John cor Sullivan

Campbell Maggie, dressmaker, bds 218 Mt Zoar

Campbell Mary J. Mrs., carpet weaver, 605 E Second, h do

Campbell Mary, domestic Rathbun house

Campbell Maurice, pressman Gazette, bds 624 W Gray

Campbell Minnie Mrs., Domestic Laundry Co., h 144 W Water

Campbell Minnie, finisher Elmira woolen mill, bds 107 Sulliavn

Campbell Nellie, dressmaker, bds 103 E Washington av

Campbell Patrick, shoemaker 114 W Fifth, h 107 Sullivan

Campbell Patrick J., shoemaker Richardsons, h 500 Grove

Campbell Rose, widow John, h 103 E Washington av

Campbell Sarah, cook Wyckoff house

Campbell William, coachman 312 Lake, h 507 Clinton pl

Campbell William E., fireman N C R R, h 218 Mt Zoar

Campbell William, h 507 Clinton pl

Campbell William H., mason, Tuttle av n glue factory

Campbell William T., clerk, bds 109 College av

Campbell Z. Orson, laborer, bds 103 W Miller

Canadian Lumber Co., L. A. Turner manager 1004 Maxwell av

Canary Bridget, widow Matthew, h 419 W Fifth

Canary Patrick J., saloon 151 S Second, h 265 W Henry

Canaven Michael, gardener, h Mt Zoar bey limits

Canfield Alfred A., insurance agent, h 361 E Fifth

Cannan John, contractor, h 265 W Henry

Canney Mary, domestic Rathun house

Cannovan William, saloon W Hudson cor Fulton, h do

Canpaugh Lena, tailoress, h 147 W Water

Cantlin Michael, engineer D L & W R R, bds 902 Lake

Cantlin Richard, engineer D L & W R R, h 355 Division

Caple George W., coachman, h 1114 Walnut

Caple Leonard, tanner, h 204 Chestnut

Card Harry, sawyer, h E s College av n Reformatory av

Card Orphia, bds E s College av n Reformatory av

Carey Daniel J., 301 and 303 E Water, bds 105 Main

Carey Ellen, waitress American hotel, bds do

Carey Frank H., painter, h 607 Howard

Carey George R., printer, h 127 W Water

Carey Kate, student 326 E Water, bds 363 W Third

Carey Kate, Domestic 112 W Church

Carey Matthew J., h 418 E Washington av

Carey Michael, iron worker, bds 363 W third

Carey Reuben C., printer, bds 303 Penna av

Carey S. C., h 669 Park pl

Carey Wesley M., restaurant 412 E Water, bds do

Carey William R., painter 410 E Market, h 468 E Church

Carey William F., engineer D L & W R R, h 321 Division