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12 - Troy Gazette Register, Troy, PA. Thursday, Jan. 19, 1978

Troy’s Railroad Station

Photo No. 12 in last week’s Troy Gazette was of the old railroad station in Troy. It was the Depot and Freight office.
It contained a waiting room with built in benches along the sides and a big pot-bellied coal stove. To the left of the waiting room was the ticket window and office. Beyond that may have been the freight station.
This building was torn down some time ago and the freight station remained the only facility.
The railroad was built from Williamsport to Ralston in 1832 but was not finished to Elmira until 1853-54. There were several depots on the railroad. Among them were Trout Run, Ralston, Canton, Cowley, Troy, Snedekerville, Gillett and State Line.
In the memory of several people there were eight passenger trains a day. Going North were the 4 a.m., 9 a.m., 5 p.m., and 9 p.m. Going South were 8:15 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 5 p.m. and the midnight.
Leila Foote remembers taking Brown’s Taxi to the Troy Fair and then catching the train at the Fairgrounds to return to Troy. Walking from the station to her home was nearly the same distance as from the Fair, “but the train ride was fun,” she said.
James Peckham, who lived in Columbia Cross Roads, and attended Troy High School, rode the train down and back to get to school. He also recalls taking the 9 a.m. train to Elmira. He would shop, visit some aunts for the day and come back to Cross Roads on the midnight. Many people took advantage of passenger trains.
A resident of Snedekerville often told that he could flag down a freight train and ride with the engineer to any destination he chose, along the way.
During World War II many troop trains used the railroad but other passenger trains were soon discontinued. The freight trains continued hauling coal, cars, machinery, etc. until the 1972 Agnes Flood. The flood so destroyed the tracks and bridges, already in a state of disrepair, that no trains have passed through Troy since.
In the background of the picture can be seen the top of Buttermilk Row. When it burned, some of the tenants took refuge from the cold in the Depot. The paint on the Depot blistered and the heat from the fire made the large windows facing the fire like large heaters.
The old Depot and its services added a lot to the wealth and happiness of Troy.

Troy Gazette Register article transcribed for Tri-Counties by Paul Newell.

Caption - top of picture: "The news Below Is Taken from the Files of the Star-Gazette of 30 Year Ago"

Below: "Gone...Not Forgotten - It was the Northern Central Railroad then, back around 1910, when this passenger train pulled into the station at Troy.  Later it became the Pennsylvania, which also took on and disgorged dozens of passengers daily at this station.  Now the Pennsy still runs through Troy - on north through Elmira and Watkins Glen - but ti handles only freight, mostly coal.  The last passenger train on the division was  discontinued this year."

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 01 AUG 2001
By Joyce M. Tice
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