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Photo: Railroad Station -Columbia Cross Roads PA
Township: Columbia Township, Bradford County PA
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Photo submitted by Paul Newell
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I found a Troy newspaper clipping and photo of the railroad station at Columbia Cross Roads, taken in 1898. The newspaper clipping is not dated but it's probably an article from the Troy Gazette-Register, circa 1979, because it's surrounded by others of that era in the scrapbook. Paul Newell 
The Pennsylvania Railroad Station at Columbia Cross Roads as it looked in 1898. At that time, it was a busy passenger and freight station. As services dwindled, the passenger stop was eliminated and in 1961 the freight station closed. Even though the station closed, the Judsons, who own it, painted it red and trimmed it with white so it retains its identity as an old railroad station. Judson’s Inc. uses it for storage. 
Note from Joyce - I believe that this has since been torn down, but I'll check next time I drive by Judsons and photograph whatever remains - if anything. 
Vickery & Henry  Purina Chows Farm Supplies 
    Columbia Cross Roads/Austinville Road. 
    No date but before the 1972 Flood hit the train tracks 

This is now Judson's Farm Supply. The train station, shown at top of photo,  has been absorbed by the expanded business buildings. The tracks were taken up some time ago. 

Photo from the F. Marshall Case collection

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 16 AUG 2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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