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Bradford County PA
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This library honors our neighbors lost in time. They live among us as long as we remember them.
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Note February 18, 2001- I have added some  searches using the Pico search engine at the top of the page.  Since the Tri-Counties site is very large and covers several directories that link back and forth from one to the other, it was necessary to buy the Premium Plan from PICO which allows a full search. 

Many Thanks to the site guests who have chipped in to cover the costs of this search engiine. We will start our 2004 contract with search capacity of 12, 000 pages and increase in increments of 1000 as the year and added pages progress. Your donations are needed to cover this cost which is now well over $1200 per year. I can't do it FOR YOU without your help.  Donor Listing & Directions

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Note - I have just found out that some of you have not helped with this very large cost because you were under the impression that PICO is free. That is true on accounts up to 250 pages, but it does not apply to our massive site. It is NOT free and the cost goes up with every 1,000 pages I add. At the present rate of growth, by the time 2007 is finished we'll have over 17,000 pages on the site at an annual (and rising) cost of nearly $1400. That is just one cost of many  necessary to continue to maintain and develop the site.
Important - ANY search engine will miss variant or misspellings of the item you are looking for, so don't rely ONLY on the search engine to locate what you need. Those who browse the site inevitably stumble on valuable material they never expected and would never find with a search engine. They also report that they enjoy the browsing immensely and learn more about the area we are working with. 
Because people are stil bypassing the What's New pages,which are my only tool for passing on critical information to you, I have relocated the search engine so that you can only access it from the bottom of the CURRENT What's New Page
You can just press the search button in the left sidebar of a What's New page to go directly. OR you can reach it directly from the first day entry of any given month when I reindex it and link it. There are just too many unusual and valuable elements on the site, that you would never think to ask the search engine for, that I am redirecting you to the What's New pages as a service to you. I can't help you make the most of the site and its resources  if you will not take the time to read important messages from me. But PLEASE take a look at new additions and notes I have left for you.

I just made the message Bigger because at least one of you could not see the Message about the Move. :)

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