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Sullivan and Rutland Townships, Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project

85,000 ancestors and descendants of the early pioneers of

Sullivan and Rutland Townships, Tioga County, Pennsylvania Including overlaps in the surrounding townships. {Jackson, Columbia, Richmond/Mansfield, Covington, Troy, etc.}

Joyce M. Tice 

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Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project focuses on the ancestors and descendants of the early nineteenth century pioneers who migrated to Tioga and Bradford County, Pennsylvania, primarily from Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont. Our PURPOSE is to preserve the history of that area, and the knowledge of those pioneers and the thousands of living people descended from them. While the center of our geographic focus is Sullivan Township and Rutland Township on the eastern boundary of Tioga County and its neighbor Bradford County, our database extends throughout eastern Tioga and western Bradford counties in Pennsylvania and Chemung County in New York. E-Mail Joyce M Tice ( Please be aware that the success of this project has relied on the willingness of many other people to share their information with our central repository. Our objective is to share with you, but we hope that it will be a reciprocal relationship. Please do not ask us to go to the time and expense of sending you information on your ancestors unless you are willing to send us all you have on the descendants of the Sullivan-Rutland populations. This is strictly a privately funded, and expensive, project and our only payment is a thank you and more information that we can share with others.

Access to the SRGP files can only be gained through communication with Joyce M. Tice. SRGP is a local population study, and it operates on RECIPROCITY. It is not available to any who are not willing to exchange their updates on present generations from the early pioneer lines of the area included in this work. I can only give you my information on your ancestors if you are part of  the SRGP database so that your links to the study population are recorded. This is the only way to gain access to the work that has resulted from the many years that Joyce has invested in studying this population, its ancestors and descendants. Work from SRGP may NOT be published in public databases elsewhere on the Internet without written permission from Joyce. All use of SRGP material must include source citations that refer others back to Joyce and SRGP..

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As of this writing, 25,000 of our 83,000 identified subjects are alive today and living in every state of the country. One of our goals is to track even the descendants of the western migrants. We have succeeded well beyond what we at first thought possible, but it is just a drop in the bucket of what remains to be done.
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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 15 AUG 1997
By Joyce M. Tice
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These Family Histories are brought to you from the database of  Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. If you are descended from thhese families, SRGP wants to know about you and yours. It is expected that all who use this freely available information compiled by and given by JMT are also willing to repay that by sending in any additional information including updates to the PRESENT day on any of these Sullivan Township lines. By using any of this material in your own family research, you are participating in a cooperative two-way exchange. Please pay your dues.