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Holly School District # 14, Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
School: Holly School, District No. 14
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
School Souvenir Booklet
Year: 1905
Submitted by Joyce M. Tice
Other Holly School Memorabilia
1903 1905 1908 1910

Map is from the 1875 Tioga County Atlas
The Holly School District was in the north east corner of Sullivan Township, bordering Rutland Township in Tioga County and Columbia Township in Bradford County. Directly south of it was the Hulslander District. The Holly District was on the hill and the Hulslander District was parallel to it and in the valley.

Sullivan Township
School Districts
Red School
Elk Run School
Holly School
Scouten Hill School
Hulslander School
Mainesburg School
Rumsey Hill School
Doud School
Robbins Hill School
Gray Valley School
Bakerburg School
King Hill School
State Road School
Clark School
Gafford School
Teacher, Mildred Spalding (23154)
Marie Smith 3038 Althea Holly 2384
Emma Holly 5645 Helena Smith 3036
Marian Holly 5644 Margaret Holly 5646
Harold Watkins 9598 Harry Tice 175
Lee Tice 7 Philip Tice 180

Lee D. Tice Report Card 1905

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