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Liberty High School, Liberty Borough, Tioga County PA  1913-1983
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Liberty High School Graduates 1913 - 1983
Submitted by Esther MAYS Harer.
Page 1913 1934 1943 1951 1957 1964 1969 1974 1977 1982
Class of 1977      
Address Graduate Spouse Death
Liberty, Pa Kathy Andrews    
Williamsport, Pa Bambi Barner    
Trout Run, Pa Bonnie Bashore     
Liberty, Pa Karen Bohart Duane Huffman  
Liberty, Pa Susan Bonnell Turner    
Liberty, Pa JoEllen Brion    
Troy, Pa Sheri Broughton    
Trout Run, Pa Raine Buck    
Liberty, Pa Laurie Castle    
Trout Run, Pa Sandy Cohick    
Trout Run, Pa Betty Edler    
Trout Run, Pa Pamela Fischer    
Trout Run, Pa Susan Gardner    
Morris, Pa Susan Gotschall    
Morris, Pa Susan Heyler    
Liberty, Pa Regina Hopkins Ray Wheeland  
Covington, Pa Dorothy Jelliff    
Roaring Branch, Pa Marsha Kehres    
Liberty, Pa Edyth Kriner Dennis Black  
Liberty, Pa Darla Krotzer Terr Loudenslager/Mitstifer  
Trout Run, Pa Tammy Litzelman    
Liberty, Pa Mona Mitstifer    
Trout Run, Pa Romy Mitstifer    
Liberty, Pa Lon Oakley    
Liberty, Pa Deborah Persun    
Liberty, Pa Melanie Plank    
Liberty, Pa Kathleen Pryslak Lynn Broughton  
Roaring Branch, Pa Carol Reed    
Roaring Branch, Pa Teresia Route Gerald Grover  
Liberty, Pa Sherry Sampsel Oakley    
Liberty, Pa Donna Schmouder Scott Ostrom  
Liberty, Pa Janet schmouder    
Roaring Branch, Pa Christine Shellenberger    
Williamsport, Pa Linda Sindlinger    
Trout Run, Pa Bonnie Underwood    
Trout Run, Pa Bonny Waltz    
Morris, Pa Lynda Weiner    
Morris, Pa Valerie Williams    
Arnot, Pa Lydia Yeager    
Trout Run, Pa Victor Agoni    
Liberty, Pa James Beeley    
Morris, Pa Kurtis Blackwell     
Morris, Pa Thomas Blackwell    
Liberty, Pa LaRue Brion    
Canton, Pa Lester Brion, Jr.    
Liberty, Pa Greg Campbell    
Liberty, Pa Larry Connolly    
Morris, Pa Terry Davis    
Liberty, Pa Karl Ebel    
Liberty, Pa Kenneth Hebe    
Roaring Branch, Pa Paul Hemling    
Liberty, Pa James Hetzel    
Trout Run, Pa Glen Hicks    
Trout Run, Pa Douglas Stopple    
Morris, Pa Donald Jackson    
Liberty, Pa Wade Jones    
Liberty, Pa Daryl Krotzer    
Trout Run, Pa David Martz    
Roaring Branch, Pa Joseph Massaro    
Covington, Pa Cliffton Mays    
Morris, Pa Richard Messner    
Liberty, Pa Scott Miller    
Liberty, Pa Clyde Mitstifer    
Liberty, Pa Steven Mitstifer    
Morris, Pa James Monte    
Morris, Pa Alan Osborn    
Trout Run, Pa Lester Pittenger, Jr.    
Liberty, Pa Jack Reed    
Arnot, Pa JohnStaron    
Trout Run, Pa Terry Taylor    
Liberty, Pa Greg Turner    
Class of 1978      
RD, Liberty Jan Bailey    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Barbara Bashore    
RD, Liberty, Pa Craig Beck    
RD, Liberty, Pa Lucille Black    
RD, Morris, Pa Gregory Blackwell    
RD, Morris, Pa Jay Blackwell    
RD, Morris, Pa Marlene Blackwell    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Catherine Blair    
RD, Trout Run, Pa K. Randy Blair    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Debra Bower    
RD, Liberty, Pa Dale Brion    
RD, Liberty, Pa Donna Brown    
Liberty, Pa Karen Bubb    
Morris, Pa Terry Butters    
RD, Liberty, Pa Melody Cleveland    
RD, Liberty, Pa Lori Connolly    
RD, Liberty, Pa Tanya Cuda    
RD, Covington, Pa Jeanette Frost    
San Antonio, Tx Stephen Fry    
RD Roaring Branch, Pa Steven Gamber    
RD, Trout Run, Pa David Gardner    
RD, Liberty, Pa Tammy Griffen    
RD, Liberty, Pa Daniel Grinnell    
  Virginia Grinnell    
RD, Morris, Pa Treana Heatley    
Morris Run, Pa Michael Holley    
RD, Trout Run, Pa James Horner    
RD, Liberty, Pa George Jessup    
RD, Liberty, Pa Micky Jones    
Liberty, Pa Steven Kreger    
Arnot, Pa Lena Kriner    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Nadine Kuntz    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Anthony Massaro    
RD, Liberty, Pa H. Curtis Matthews    
RD, Morris, Pa Marie Mekos Roger Mitschele  
Roaring Branch, Pa Charlene Messner    
RD, Liberty, Pa Dean Miller    
RD, Liberty, Pa Patricia Miller    
RD, Liberty, Pa Judy Mitstifer    
Cobleskill, NY Lynne Muller    
Blossburg, Pa Debra Nellis    
Morris, Pa Jeffrey Otis    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Kathy Patterson    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Beth Persun    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Deborah Page    
RD, Liberty, Pa Donn Reid    
Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa James Richmond    
RD, Morris, Pa Kimberly Rood    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Richard Ross    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Audrey Roupp Confair  
Liberty, Pa Robin Sampsell Dean Miller  
  Joan Staron Willammee    
Roaring Branch, Pa Laura Tripp    
RD, Liberty, Pa Terry Turner    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Lori Underwood    
Morris, Pa Steven Warner    
RD, Morris, Pa Kathy Wetzel    
RD, Morris, Pa Penny Wetzel    
Morris, Pa Gary Williams    
Class of 1979      
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Jonna Barner    
RD, Liberty, Pa Allison Campbell    
RD, Liberty, Pa Pamela Nickerson    
RD, Liberty, Pa Pamera Nickerson    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Fraulein Crooks Joe Massaro  
RD, Trout Run, Pa Frausteen Crooks Perry Repard  
Liberty, Pa Margarete Ebel    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Laurie Gardner    
Roaring Branch, Pa Patricia Harer    
Liberty, Pa Lisa Hebe Frank Geyer  
Liberty, Pa Wendy Heyd    
Morris, Pa Donna Heyler    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Debra Houseknecht    
Morris, Pa Shirley Mekos    
Liberty, Pa Suzanne Miller    
Trout Run, Pa Myrna Moyer Paul Knowldon  
Liberty, Pa Sandy Pequignot    
Liberty, Pa Sue Ellen Raker    
Wellsboro, Pa Lou Ann Starkweather    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Maria Swisher    
Liberty, Pa Cynthia Tompkins    
Liberty, Pa Lisa Wojick    
Morris, Pa Donald Blackwell II    
Liberty, Pa Joseph Brion    
Liberty, Pa Kim Brion    
Liberty, Pa Matt Brion    
Liberty, Pa Todd Brion    
Morris, Pa Douglas Cohick    
Liberty, Pa Royal Fulkerson    
Liberty, Pa David Hilfiger    
Blossburg, Pa Ward Jones    
Morris, Pa Max Kimble, Jr    
Liberty, Pa Richard Kimble, Jr    
Schuykill Haven, Pa Gerald Krupa    
Trout Run, Pa Wm. Martz    
Liberty, Pa Perry Repoard Fausteern Crook  
Trout Run, Pa Calvin Ross    
Liberty, Pa Britt Stock    
Covington, Poa Wayde Woodward    
Class of 1980      
Blossburg, Pa Anna Black    
Morris, Pa Karen Blackwell    
Morris, Pa Ellen Bohart Crist    
Morris, Pa Donna Bohnert    
Liberty, Pa Jenny Brion    
Liberty, Pa Sherry Brion    
Liberty, Pa Janet Brion    
Morris, Pa Annette Heatley    
Covington, Pa Karen Hoar    
Morris Run, Pa Kathy Holly    
Liberty, Pa Lori Kimble    
Liberty, Pa Christine Kreger    
  Julie Landon    
Liberty, Pa Penny Litzleman    
Morris, Pa Susan Mitschele    
Liberty, Pa Gail Mitstifer    
Liberty, Pa Lynn Mitstifer    
Liberty, Pa Natalie Nienhueser    
Morris, Pa Virginia Sheperd    
Liberty, Pa Sally Stock    
Liberty, Pa Myra Sullivan    
Liberty, Pa Nancy Watkins    
Liberty, Pa Terry Winters    
Trout Run, Pa Tony Agnoni    
Liberty, Pa Jeffery Beck    
Trout Run, Pa John Bower    
Trout Run, Pa Thomas Bower    
Liberty, Pa Lynn Brion    
Morris, Pa Robert Davis    
Trout Run, Pa David French    
Morris, Pa Frank Geyer    
Liberty, Pa Robert Graham    
Morris, Pa Scott Heatley    
Liberty, Pa Donald Hetzel    
Trout Run, Pa Stuart Hopkins    
Trout Run, Pa Arnold Houseknecht    
Roaring Branch, Pa Kevin Kehres    
Liberty, Pa Jeff Kephart    
Liberty, Pa Scott Matthews    
Liberty, Pa James Miller    
Liberty, Pa Randy Miller    
Liberty, Pa Stephen Patterson    
Class of 1981      
RD, Trout Run, Pa Ralph Agoni    
RD, Liberty, Pa Jeffery Alexander    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Michael Allen    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Brenda Bashore    
RD, Liberty, Pa Charles Black    
RD, Liberty, Pa Mark Black    
RD, Liberty, Pa Timothy Bohart    
RD, Morris, Pa Patti Bohnert    
RD, Liberty, Pa Christopher Booth    
RD, Morris, Pa Katherine Bowman    
RD, Liberty, Pa Danny Brion    
RD, Liberty, Pa Sheila Brion    
RD, Liberty, Pa Timothy Brion    
RD, Morris, Pa Holli Broughton    
RD, Morris, Pa Glen Butters    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Stacey Crooks    
Morris, Pa Donna Emmick    
Oregon Hill, Pa Barbara Erb John Johnson  
Upper Glacvk Eddy, Pa Stephen Erb    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Cheri Farnsworth    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Scott Gamber    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Tammie Gardner    
RD, Liberty, Pa Trudy Heyd    
RD, Morris, Pa Linda Heyler    
RD, Morris, Pa Margie Heyler    
RD, Liberty, Pa Dale Hilfiger    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Jeffery Hopkins    
RD, Morris, Pa Lonnie House    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Vannetta Houseknecht    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Wade Hughes    
RD, Morris, Pa Dale Jackson    
RD, Trout Run, Pa William Kane    
RD, Morris, Pa Jmes Kreger    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Peggy Kreider    
RD, Liberty, Pa Susan Krupa    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Sharon Kuntz    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Darcy Litzelman    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Shelley Lowe    
RD, Morris, Pa Karen McCarthy    
RD, Morris, Pa Linda Mekos    
RD, Liberty, Pa Duane Miller    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa John Mines    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Michele Mitchell    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Laurie Moyer    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Leigh Neinheuser    
RD, Liberty, Pa Susan Norman    
Morris Run, Pa Robert Pecynski    
RD, Liberty, Pa Scott Pequignot    
RD, Morris, Pa Daryl Phillips    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Michael Pittenger    
RD, Liberty, Pa Debra Plank    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Patricia Quimby    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Tina Reed    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Chris Robinson    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Sue Ross    
RD, Liberty, Pa Frederick Roupp    
RD, Liberty, Pa Bryan Tipton    
RD, Liberty, Pa Tammy Urban    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Amy Waltz    
RD, Morris, Pa Kevin Williams    
RD, Liberty, Pa Barbara Winters    
RD, Liberty, Pa John Zeafla    
In a message dated 12/21/2007 1:56:18 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
I found the web site by total accident and was having a great time checking out the graduating classes, finding my parents, aunts, and uncles etc... I continued on to when my class graduated.
I graduated from Liberty High School in 1980 but my name is not listed with my graduating class. Do you have any idea why that may be?
Julie Faivre
Published on Tri-Counties Site on 12/10/2005
By Joyce